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oh, i a western nations push a green agenda out the un climate summit in egypt, while much of africa suffers from energy, poverty, unable to meet the needs of its population. we report and i pushed back to that on the continent. discovery with the u. s. ambassador to israel say's washington will fight the jewish states, attempts to annex the west. but at the same time, american plans to erect a new embassy compound in continued despite the mass i was going on with
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you. why did you tell rest the thought? why do you think that people are also coming up on the program? the 1st amendment work, validate how a former us national security advisor responded to the detention removal of journalists to press them with questions of us work fine for parking spoke with russia. there is the biggest threat to our democracy. so really, he's just trying to go over what he did in iraq again and again. and again, you want to turn ukraine in the new afghanistan with
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the, from moscow to the world. this is our t grit that have your company today. my name's you. don't know. the you in climate so much any jap task now entered a 2nd week, and u. s. president joe biden has made an appearance. he pin the blame for global issues directly on russia and demanded about the world take steps to cut fossil fuel usage is more urgent than ever that we doubled down on our climate commitments . rushes were only enhances the urgency of the need to transition the world office dependence on fossil fuels. the science is devastatingly clear. we have to make vital progress by the end of this decade. and that's why the united states is rally in the world around climate game. changes my friends, i came to the presidency, determined to be try and make the transfer form of transfer for rational changes
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that are needed. now that american needs to make, however, african representatives noted that the west green agenda doesn't address their own countries need. hundreds of millions of people on the continent have no electricity or must burn fossil fuels for heat and cooking. while protesters feed help, 27 summer chanted that job biden, most quote, payoff for africa, climate change related loss of life. reminding the president of the u. s. has the highest historical greenhouse gas emission rates in the world. kenyon reporter it done can poorer on for some additional perspective on apart from criticism about africa not receiving a fair deal. many delegates from africa also christian, the finance mothers discussed here at compton 7, as well as the road map to add a couple nice wild they west and thou rather the i is the gay and meet us of these
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say am i to know status at ticking africa for can under we are seeing them developing a lot of appetite for forcing when in africa. really, this is not the spirit under which we should be operating with at cop call, should really look up to do much in our last people who got people are dying in my own community. now, by 1400000 people are dismiss. all indications are that african leaders and delegates are united behind the principle of just energy, meaning people enough re, candace time the need to implement climate change policies. but it's going not to be at the will of the west or at the expense of africa, people and economies over the past 50 years. well, while western nations continue to preach the green agenda to africa, the imported oil and gas leaving the continent unable to meet its own energy needs, and african representatives are increasingly emphasizing the priority of their own
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populations. well being. now's ortiz carnival lit, utter reports as thousands of delegates enjoy luxury resort town of sam. i'll shake a busy discussing climate change in energy transition. the reality on the ground is . * far removed from the high level discussions that claim to represent them. what do you know about cryptogenic? nothing. a river. good and i do it. that is cooked on what? called $27.00. do you know what it it? oh no, no, aaron, or anything about cop 27? i just know about climate change that it's a serious thing and we need to start changing our attitude towards the atmosphere. so yeah, that's my take, this is alexander, as those throw away from africa's richest square mile. it is also in the heart of the largest industrial city on the continent. but this place is also a microcosm of africa's energy poverty. here in sub saharan africa,
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over 600000000 people live without access to electricity and 900000000 cook using traditional fossil fuels. these people are resilient, and every day is a fight for their lives and live lewis. let alone climate change. do you care about leveraging timothy? how worried are you about climate change? i think it's, it's a matter that very ski i, i think personally we've experience very highs and very lowes. so it's something that is concerning, but i don't think anything in our lifetime. south africa is the most industrialized country on the continent, but the country itself has been going through electricity blackouts, meaning people are forced to check their phones at work, study and light homes with candlelight. do you care where the electricity is generated from coal or from renewable energy sources? notice i don't know,
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i don't care and i'm not worried at all. i'm just worried that if you and it's just, you know, like taking this or i could see we could look at the later on. but we need to change like on the real, like all this is to say is developing nations are rightfully agree. that western nations have develop very quantities on carbon emissions, and they still continue to do so. the united states for 5 percent of the world's population still uses 25 percent of the world's resources. you're out source production to china, and then you say china is the carbon polluter. china's producing a buckets, china's producing a nuts and bolts, china's producing your fornes, tried to produce it in your own countries, and so your carbon emissions rise. you love like joining us because you have a colonial mentality. 2.7000000000 people can't eat now and you're telling people to reduce your consumption. how does this sound to a child who hasn't eaten in days? meanwhile, thanks here for people on the ground. it also seems the very same western emitters
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a delay developing countries, the opportunity to do what they did for st. you and that is develop that i will if, as a philosophy in jain, is very good. another of our headline stories today, us ambassador to israel, how stressed that his country will fight to any attempt by the jewish state to a next palestinian territories in the west bank. it comes amid transport, hence from benjamin netanyahu party members set to return to power in the country about a possible return of annexation to their agenda. our position is quite clear. we do not support annexation. we will fight any attempt to do so. we have to stand up for the things we believe in. we are a very strong ally, but there will be times we articulate our differences. well, so striking statements against allocation by the american ambassador,
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you may recall, contradict agreements reached earlier with israel last year. washington and israel presented a plan to build a complex for the u. s. embassy building in east jerusalem, which palestinians vehemently oppose. the descendants of the original landowners there insists on a whole to any development were jerusalem based author on commentator alex libo told r t no one is listening to their demands the americans buy them. so i just find that change of the status, which is as it's a city, it's just like it does not make the say what to do and the concert or something, just the concept of ownership, which is talking over. and then you have to bid the
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embassy on that time is mission and and already on just that this has a 15 year blockade by israel and egypt struck more than 2000000 people in the palestinian territories. numerous conflicts with its really settlers have resulted in debts and the tax on private property. according to the un this year. more than $100.00 palestinians, something field, including $27.00 children, elect libo again expanded on the situation there right now. actually where the land belongs to my family for the past few 130 years it turn it down, lunch and because there was not meet juice, we had a question and then i made an axis.
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so we cannot watch it. we cannot teach it. we can set it cannot we cannot use it. we, but this is, this isn't it from all of them. after 967 years gone by, this is spent and that's treated as enemies as an edge and their own homeland mode is not justice and accountability. that's what the family of the old jesse were. a reporter, sharina clay, have called for 6 months after the palestinian american journalist was killed. it comes as a week long united nations hearing on a legit human rights violations in the palestinian territories. wrapped up on friday,
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un human rights console commission of inquiry heard testimony from both sharin, at least niece and her colleagues, one of whom was wounded in the same network. they accuses really, forces of deliberately targeting journalists. i'm stressed that israel did not conduct anonymous criminal investigation into miss of a workplace killing. their further demanding a pro, be conducted by the un itself in order to get real answers. and just this for surely. let's really authorities have refused to cooperate with the u. n. body choosing it's of pursuing, quote, anti israel agendas. in september, the countries armed forces did admit the fatal shot was put likely taken by an israeli soldier. but said the killing of the journalist was not intentional. our initial finding is, it's very hard to conclude from which fire mis actually was killed, but there was
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a possibility quite a high possibility that she was shot by mistake fire that was shot by mistake, by an idea of soldier. some background, 51 year old serene bow actually a palestinian american elgin's the richard list was fatally shot in may. this year while covering clashes between us really troops analysed indians, a refugee camp in the west bank. her death was followed by widespread protests in palestine and her funeral ended up in turmoil. as israeli police intervened in the procession. while we can cross live now to the deceased journalist, brother anton abu clay, you're most welcome to the program and on. first of all, please accept our sincerest condolences over the death of your sister, no. 6 months, so on enough half a year. anton,
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how close do you feel to getting just this for sure. range killing, run as, as a, as a family, as a brothers, i think it's very important for us to pursue every venue for justice. you can just just run the accountability for her assassination. we might still a long way from achieving this, but we will definitely go on or proceed with with as b as we can get justice for israel has essentially accepted up the fatal gun. fire in d did come from israeli forces, but said it was not intentional. do you think they will allow a you an investigation to come in and do a full investigation so that the truth can be uncovered? we haven't put any your way or another
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during honda, somebody run since you were changing that or not. it is changing their story, trying to force instruments and we didn't put any weight on this. there were several reports. credible reports based on tags, on witnesses from different media. it's from the united nation, from human rights organizations who provided evidence that she was intention to buy and it's friday night. and we also want to read your tapes which are taken from the place she was killed and chose more than 60 and it's high, it's on her shifting hand on the journal. steam would run without stopping the volleys or start off from sharps fire. even when you are done, you've been ones deeper, we're trying to help us and they were still firing on about the chairs just never
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had numbers and this again, those are they targeted and all that again, that it was a mistake is not acceptable as i think it should be noted as well. that's on that day mayor, left and serene, was wearing a bright blue press vest as well listen shake. when do you? absolutely. she was informed press use you have that. hadn't that she had her on my best. it's an on in press on both sides, and she was wanting to find her son. she identified her stamps to her, and her soldiers so they won't shoot. and instead they talk to her by a sniper or went jane sniper, who came. so even with all the predictions she had on israel say's that palestinian gunmen were behind sharina in some way. but you think that sherwin was deliberately targeted?
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absolutely. we didn't see a single militant or a gunman, but a single gunman in bed. several days several videotapes were showed ran. there was not a single month sent or not a single on person in that area. just need your walking down the seeds. when they started targeting, shooting, i'm very sorry, some movie was also injured badly and she didn't go to talk to you, you know, unfortunately, assess, you need to come by a sniper shot. can i returned to the prob until the u. n. commission of inquiry has said it's been blocked from conducting certain aspects of the investigation, including viewing the crime scene. where you shocked by that this has been the same policy or van occupation for 4 years. i'm sure they are not willing to cooperate with any seeing. they are not willing to
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initiate a year, a just throw in the getting we saw what statement they came up with on september 5th, claiming that she was unintentional to state. even this, even if it was a mistake, there should be someone who come to vote and i think for the a c o i is a historic and important to have this full range of brawl in isn't even in visiting it should they shouldn't be able to visit her jeanene where she was kids is i was doing everything to why course this or what's happened to i course as a nation and to prevent anyone from any snipers who shots or from being brought to justice. i think it's worth reminding the audience as well that initially the really authorities claim serene was killed by palestinian gunmen at. do you think
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that if there wasn't such international scrutiny about this pace, israel, which would perhaps never have admitted that the gunfire, as they say, likely, came from his really military forces. well i don't if you this was brought up by your parents when he came to and so she was struck by here and militant and soon after that you remove the read your from from his social media and the former prime minister or the email. yes. yeah, exactly. so it never lies and why keeps on going and ongoing and nobody knows where the one who can search anything he's trying to do is do the rain investigation which should bring someone to accountability under justice. that's what they are trying to do every day. there are several of the senior sauce judicial giving and nobody is holding onto that. and that's the reason why us
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law, because i mean, we are trying to train someone's accounting in a legal court or around the legal avenue to prevent these incidents from happening again to other. but as you know, some of these, i don't even your families or any of a family who has a journalist working in defeats. that's a very pertinent point because a palestinian journalist association has accused israel of killing other local journalists. but israel denies that those claims are starting to come out more and more will they be listened to even investigated no long as we are pursuing justice for shooting zuniga channels. i'm sure this will be brought up and we will hear more about it in the near future. several, even one week after our shooting was in a journalist was one of the check forms playing. she doesn't, she didn't many and then started happening and nobody from the army is being held
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accountable for just random is a big one for everyone. how can you be safe in some ways where it is really, our classes are happening every day. and they are dreaming that they are fighting terrorism, which is the observed from the side. there does appear to be a cloak of secrecy by israel, over the details of what occurred that day. and subsequently do you think that your sister's death is being, is being treated differently by israel. they don't want as much information to perhaps get out there because of her prominence because of how much she was loved and much attention is being brought to this case. well, unfortunately they didn't do anything. they didn't even justify this or they didn't even speak to the family at all. they were trying to push this child been dropped and that is very you know,
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this is unacceptable to us. a rich also gives us more strength in 1st human justice. they can live course, they can high and they can change their stories and none of these every time. but we will not stop from justice. and we, like i said, we don't have much often this justice at all. but you have determination. it is clear for what you're saying on tone. can i also bring up one other point when the funeral was being held? there's really, authorities conducted a raid on the procession. i would imagine you remember that day clearly, can you tell us what happened? well that was it, but he said directing, searching to see what's happening does it draws right to the 2nd assessing ation of she him, you are not at her desk. they are soon after her to, to prevent her from her being put late to move to that just a we were surprised. we met at the hospital or st. joseph hospital in jerusalem.
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and we wanted to take a shady ang from the, along all the way to roman catholic church in dalton city of jerusalem. and we were over the mediately walked out to the moon. we were attacked by her is that i did it wrong me for no reason. you were just marching onto the horror of the minutes. i still talked of them on getting her casket. you are attacked for no reason. nobody at that brush military. nobody even said the word to them. they started attacking guns. they started beating on board builders with baton shooting her. her son grenades gaz her. her mom's and they were even a house which we were supposed to put in their gas content to take to the church. and this continued, you know, people were not even even able to reach the church on day. or it was
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a tragic incident to pause, not accept them as soon as ladies didn't express any they get for what happens, which shows that against they have and they have no respect or dignity for human. not for this, your grief must have been absolutely compounded by what happened. it was said to be the biggest funeral in over 20 years as well for serene. it there in jerusalem. and your sister on ton was an american citizen. hum, the us authorities have be adequately reacted to her death. it in your opinion, have or should they have conducted an investigation to run no real. we were hoping that would be an investigation. but unfortunately, there wasn't really hoping that guys us
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administration would be able to put some scrutiny on the actions and start that switch to this is right in the system, which is my sisters all these funding get to such a system, such occupation getting german students civilians, this shouldn't come to an end until again, we wish you are full condolences on this day, 6 months on from the tragic death of your sister, sharina abu ackley, the palestinian american journalist, killed during this really rayden may. we've been speaking to anton black, the anton, thank you so much for coming in today. into the case some more news to bring you this southern a former us national security advisor. john bolton was less struggling for words this week after being ambushed about his record. during his time at the pentagon,
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independent journalist taylor hudson confronted the official with some uncomfortable questions of the public event. the reporter was cookie removed from the bo and how do you like us to trust when you write about weapons of mass destruction in iraq, essentially, genocide, the iraqi people you why did you tell the rest the julian is gone? why do you think that's acceptable or if you're celebrating war, congress why? why, why another person or the well, we spoke with taylor himself, trying to get to the bottom of frustration. he says john bolton wants to turn the ukrainian conflict into a new dentist on how to listen. i actually stood up, i reached out to his team prior and tried to have a more formal meeting with them. so i could discuss these questions in private and
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get it on camera any more formal and quantum or professional way. but then they of course didn't respond because they're not willing to answer any of these questions or the tough question. so that's when i book 2 tickets to demand one for me and one for my camera man. and i stood up and interrupted him while he was giving a speech on actually ukraine and russia. the conflict that's currently going on. and you know, his speech was about how we should continuously be funding ukraine. and he, you know, quote and said the russia bear is the biggest threat to our democracy. so really, he's just trying to go over what he did in iraq again. and then again, you want to turn ukraine into the new afghanistan splitting continuously longer money. so that's why i confronted him. i was temporarily detained for about 20 minutes and then they released me. they brought me to the parking garage where i was parked, and they cited me with a trespassing ticket. they all clapped on q as i was removed and he made the joke
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about the 1st amendment. i mean, this guy doesn't care about the 1st and then he only cares about speech that is convenient to him and is neil con war hoc narratives. john bolton was national security advisor and donald trump's administration and advocated for us intervention in iraq, afghanistan, syria, venezuela and even russian. last month he told the wife of wiki leaks funder julian assault, that he hoped the whistleblower gets at least 176 years in jail for publishing evidence of war crimes. johnson again said one day washington officials will have to pay for their actions. are in the process of actually trying to extra digest on so they can essentially sentence him to death. here in america, you know, i am optimistic that you know one day the right people will take charge again in america and make these people pay. but i'm not thinking that it's going to be within their lifetime, considering all these people seem to kind of be on their death bed already. i mean,
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they're already dropping like flies from old age, but i'm really more worried right now about the new kind of neo con establishment movement that's rising up. you know, the ones that they want to infinitely fun ukraine. they mean they're essentially turning ukraine in the new version of afghan. it's dan and julian assigned. i talked about, you know, the real reason behind afghanistan. i mean, it's essentially just one huge infinite war to say literally just so they can longer money and enrich themselves with american blood and you know, on someone else's soil, but i think that's exactly what's going on. but i really am optimistic, but i think it's going to take quite a while for any nice people to face any real repercussions. a quite extraordinary story. total next, john daily annex that neo nazi skinhead fled from the u. s. to israel in the 19 like he's after his own gang attempted to murder him for being our documentary team exploits his life since then an escape from
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blue. ah, no. when i was shown seemed wrong when all through. just don't hold any rules that you have to save out. disdain becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, there was a place in ocala, florida called baseball, which was.


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