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tv   News  RT  November 12, 2022 6:00am-6:31am EST

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obama, you a a a brush and position without teams. and now i'm at work in the military conflict and ukraine continues and artsy crew joins russian troops on the front line directly taking on. it's also ad on the program today. the family of a palestinian american journalist fatally shot by is really trips in may, demand justice of the un, using israel up deliberately targeting the report her r k, spoke to the brother of the late sharina. actually, even when she was gone, once people have signed the home and they were still hiring on above,
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but just just a western nations push a green agenda at the u. n. climate summit in egypt coming while much of africa suffers from energy, poverty, unable to meet the needs of its population. we report and high push back to that on the continent is gathering with live from our international new center in moscow. this is our team, great to have your company today. my name's unit and we begin on the battlefield in the done yet republic where russian forces continue to advance attacking ukrainian positions in a village there. according to the ministry of the fence. this is some fudge. we've received all russian tanks, owls the engage you premium forces. now the area in question has strict teja, important, significant want that, that, that reportedly used by key forces as
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a base to target the city of done. yet from meanwhile, in the loo, ganske republic, the neighboring republic, russian forces repelled and attacked near the village of kremlin. naya, that's also according to rush demo. de ortiz, senior correspondent, murat gas. they have followed the troops of the, entered the backup. yeah, i do that, but i don't why. i think in these video, shared with us by the troops, russian forces ambush an enemy infiltration team. it is short and brutal thought. whoever got off is you or you can william magazine, whereas in this movie, what are you doing here in all 8 enemy fighters were killed? not one of them was confirmed to be ukrainian. passports were recovered from the
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bodies of 4 poles and the frenchman, 3 other corpses couldn't be reached free is that affordable discovery channel bash voucher valley pizza here in the location that will remain nameless for security purposes. war rages all. so if a little further away, we are on the edge of russian positions north of grim and naya, we don't want to give away the or exact settlement, the exact place where we are, but things are certainly comma here than in other areas. nevertheless, the ukrainian military, well, not so much, not so much. the ukrainian military as mercenaries, foreigners, mostly polls are situated on the hill side opposite us.
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i drones have detected movement. so more thought seems a now at, at work. and i suppose that you would miss this, then we have a very advantageous position if they try to attack, had on our artillery, destroys them every time they put together a convoy, it is eliminated right away. the situation in neighboring areas though, is more difficult. they all, for now, all the defense, their objective was to erect an impenetrable wall and they have done their best. all of these fighters are volunteers, and also veterans. a have fought the ukrainian military, battled with ukrainian nationalists. and now engage with hordes of foreign mercenaries. you still do show history during a recent battles. we haven't even seen any ukrainians. only foreign mercenaries on radio intercepts we mostly hear polish, sometimes english. so far we are holding. everyone here understands why they joined
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previously. ukraine generally reserved foreign fighters for active offensive operations. they were considered less expendable than ukrainian nationals, territorial defense units. this seems to have changed, at least at this area of the front line, either due to manpower shortage, or an influx of new foreign fighters. bodine, can you go to new and new jersey? we must and unders to made our enemy and must always consider our comparative strength still during the initial battles which showed what we're capable of. and now they're operating in small groups supported by artillery. again, these are all volunteers teaches construction workers, sales people and managers who have put their own lives on hold to flight in an undeclared war. many still pretend is a conflict between russia and ukraine. for i'd gasdio
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r t from le ganske region. america's well for queen. thou so a u. s. conservative commentator dress stone, the ukrainian president this week in alleging that aid money ship by the u. s. to key f officials ends up elsewhere. kansas owens went on to demand the american government appropriately investigate the motor how much are you getting acquainted are $50000000000.00. 7 now enough for this welfare queen, he wants to keep it coming and that's what he is present. zalinski is america's welfare queen. and if you, i know all this money is going, i spent a couple of weeks in europe. people are saying that ukrainian officials are buying property in switzerland asking some very simple questions. everybody should ask, isn't it suspicious that we were just told that we had to leave the afghan war? and then the very next day on september 1st, america said that they were due, we were joining an effort. we were locking onto the e, you joint effort to help you. crane join nato. we left one money, a money laundering operation, and we jumped right into the next one. will key of insistent
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u. s. support is vital since it's public finances would just quote collapse. otherwise, washington has approved or sent her on $66000000000.00 in financial military and humanitarian aid to ukraine. this year. now the total amount sent amounts to one 3rd of ukraine's g. d. p. in 2021. while the most recent approval has provoked worry among congressional republicans, journalists, daniela's, are essays. those concerns have real grants. no one knows where this war is going. no one knows how to, how it will end is extremely dangerous. so yeah, there's a great deal of concern. beside the fact that involves a lot of money to, and i'm at a time when the economy is not in good shape. ukraine is, is probably, was corrupt. country in europe is a long, rich history of corruption. and i doubt that has stopped because of the war,
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so i wouldn't be surprised at all if money is being funneled off and weapons as well. if the u. s stopped eating the grain, the ukraine would collapse very rapidly. so i think what's happening. yeah, right now is that the does landscape government has tried to do its best to reign and corruption, or least keep corruption under wraps because it knows that if, if, if the ukraine resumes there's no, it's old ways that western support will, will quickly disappear. daniel, this are well, the european union in turn seems to be getting even less enthusiastic on the us and it's support for kids. it's new, a package, amounting to 18000000000 euro may end up cancelled after a veto by hungry recent protest. demonstrated obvious disagreement on the ukraine question, but you officials have left out those rallies opposing western sponsoring of ki. i was campaign our financial,
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our humanitarian support to ukraine within the framework of winter aid is not a normal european matter where people play poker and negotiate back and forth about financial resources. well, the whole point of the you have been using us to suppress nationalism and diesel goes. and the idea of the european union is to keep the hobby in union united states of europe that's a long time ago. and they should all be states with a little autonomy and everything should be going on versus paying for that. is that the project and upload the opinion of then gains in foreign policy doesn't matter, shouldn't matter. and of course the you, the fact that hunger, he's actually getting money from the hopping and he said, net beneficiary from the european union. so they use that as a means of pressure on hungary basing. if you dot to the line on the russia, then we are going to involve or something about the whole of law and the separation of bows or something like that. which was gotcha. which to me,
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looks looks he murky. no, the tool as things at that to the monday with you. and then you have to concede, almosha provoking russian. that's how the u. s. itself has described the goal of dropping a long range missile over the arctic. that's part of its latest military exercises . it puts this thing within range of russia. we are intentionally trying to be provocative without being escal atory. we're trying to deter russian aggression and expansion is behavior by showing enhanced capabilities of the nato allies where it's don't come much more direct than the do they, the missile drop mark the 1st ever a demonstration of a program called rapid dragon by us forces in europe the experimental project uses a cargo plane to parachute cruise missiles that later fly to their targets. that technology allows us allies who don't have bomber aircraft to also learn similar rates. so, streaming coincided with nato exercises all across europe,
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which are aimed at both string, the alliances attack capabilities. while it is not the 1st time, washington has expressed its desire to control the top the globe. recently, us sen angus king nato chief installed a burg spoke on that stating about the arctic as a potential conflict between america and moscow. russia responded seeing that the west. ready is trying to turn the north into a battlefield. former pentagon security analysts micro maloof believes it's clear the west is trying to send a belligerent message. but it's just trying to show power projection and, and experimentation. and they're supposed to be trying to send a message that's very clear whether or not they be able to do that under real battlefield conditions is, is questionable, but at any rate, it's something the air force has been trying for
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a few years. what they're really doing is continuously provoking in a way that is driving russia closer and closer to china. and it's something that if they did not want to provoke russia, they're doing a great job of it by, by doing what they're doing and constantly using russia as their, as their whipping post all the time. but it's, i think what moscow should perhaps consider is to take note of the weapons system come up with a means of dealing with it and, and not even comment justice and accountability. now it's what the family of the al jazeera reporter, serene abruptly,
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have call for 6 months after the palestinian american journalist was killed. it comes as a week long un hearing concluded on friday on a legit human rights violations in the palestinian territory. the commission heard testimonies from both serene. i blocked his niece and some of her colleagues in the media, one of whom was wounded in the cemetery. the alleged non israel did not conduct an honest criminal investigation into miss. i'll be like this killing. having accused really forces of deliberately targeting journalist, they have also demanded a pro, be conducted by the un itself. what was shocking is that she was in a quiet area. there was nothing happening in that and that specific scene. and we've seen videos of how she was merely walking with, with few of her other colleagues. so being that was clear, it clearly showed that she was targeted and it was deliberate or israel, or chooses the un body of pursuing an agenda against the country. but the idea did
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earlier admit that the fatal shot was put lightly taken by an israeli soldier. but other than the killing of the journalists was not intentional. it appears that it is not possible to unequivocally determine the source of the gunfire which hit miss abala clay. however, there is a high possibility that miss sebu or clay was accidentally hit by idea of gunfire that was fired toward suspects identified as armed palestinian gunmen during the exchange of fire in which life risking widespread and indiscriminate shots were fired towards idea soldiers 51 year old al jazeera journalist, serene abruptly, was fatally shot in may. this year while covering clashes between is really trips and palestinians as a refugee camp in the west bank. her death was followed by widespread protests in palestine and her christian funeral ended up in turmoil as is really police rated
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the procession. earlier i spoke to the deceased journalist brother, anton, luckily, who shared his view of israel's response to the trunk, dickinson. 5 we haven't put any your way to learn navigations or not during the day one since you are right is we're changing that here or not. it is changing their story, trying to push the incidents and we didn't put any weight on this. there were several points. credible reports based on facts, on eye witness. it's from the different media. it's from the united nation, from human rights organizations, provided evidence that she was intention to buy. and it's very, it's like we also saw that video tapes which were taken from the place she was kids and it shows more than 16 when it's high. it's on shifting hand on the john
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the scene would run without stopping the volleys or shots fired. even when she went down, you went deeper assigned to her parents and they were still firing on above the chest, chest level and heads. and this again tells us that they targeted and all that again, that it was a mistake is not acceptable, as israel say's palestinian gunmen were behind sharina in some way. but you think about sharing was deliberately targeted? absolutely. we didn't see or seen militants or a government policy government in several days. several videotapes were showed round. there were not a single tent or not a single person in that area. just need you're walking down the street when they start the targeting, shooting and there's some way you are also injured badly and she was totally,
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you know, unfortunately as you need to, can my sniper shot the lies and why it keeps on going and ongoing. and everybody knows that this is the one who can observe anything they are trying to do is do the rain now investigation which should bring someone to accountability under justice. that's what they are trying to do every day. there are several killed in the judicial killing. and nobody is holding them onto the that's the reason why us law, if somebody we are trying to train someone, come to project eagle court or run the legal avenue to prevent these incidents from happening again to others. but as you know, some of these other even european families or any of the families who have a journalist working conditions mean off the u. s. and buster to israel, how stress that his country will fight any attempt by the jewish they to
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a next palestinian territories in the westbank. it comes amid transport, hence from benjamin netanyahu party members who looks at to take power again in the country about a possible return of amex ation to their agenda. our position is quite clear. we do not support annexation. we will fight any attempt to do so. we have to stand up for the things we believe in. we are a very strong ally, but there will be times we articulate our differences. such striking statements against delegation by the american ambassador terror, however, contradicts agreements reached earlier with israel last year. washington and israel presented a plan to build a complex for the u. s embassy building an eastern islam which palestinians vehemently oppose. the descendants of the original land owners, their insists on a hold to any development. wherever jerusalem based or 3rd commented or ali libo told r t, no one is listening to their demand. the americans, by doing so,
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i just find that change of the status, which is as it's a city is just like, it does not make the say what to do. and the concept is just the concept of ownership, which is talk to and then ship to the embassy on that time is this is the model and, and already on just that this has will a 15 year, a blockade by israel and egypt has dropped more than 2000000 people in the palestinian territory. numerous conflicts with this really settlers have resulted in death on the tax on private property, according to the un this year,
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more than $100.00, less than it has been killed, including $27.00 children. alex label again, expanded on the situation as it stands there right now. actually land belong slice . how many 130 years it's download. and because there was not meet one, we had a question and it is an enemy than such axis. so we cannot watch it. we cannot teach it, we can set it cannot we cannot use it. we as necessary as of this document from all of them to 97 zero's gun by. this is spanish and that's treated as
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this as an edge and their own homeland mode is not the you in climate change summit happening in egypt has no entered its 2nd week . and joe biden has made an appearance. the american leader pin the blame for global issues largely on russia and demanded that the world takes steps to cut fossil fuel usage. it's more urgent than ever that we double down on our climate commitments. rushes we're only enhances the urgency of the need to transition the world office dependence on fossil fuels. the science is devastatingly clear. we have to make vital progress by the end of this decade. that's why the united states is rally in the world around climate game changers. my friends, i came to the presidency, determined to be trying to make the transfer form a transfer for national changes that are needed near that american needs to
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make. however, african representatives noted about their with green agenda doesn't address or own countries needs, as hundreds of millions of people on the continents have no electricity or must burden fossil fuels for heath and cooking. protesters up the cup 27 summit here chunk the job biden, at most school pay up for africa, climate change related loss of life, reminding the president of the u. s. has the highest historical greenhouse gas emission rates in the world. canyon report done can poorer offer some additional perspective on the apart from criticism about africa not receiving a fair deal. many delegates from africa also christian, the finance martyrs discussed here at compton 7, as well as the road map to add a couple of nice wild. they with and thou, or rather the i is the gay and meet us of these say am i to know status at picking
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africa falcon, and we are seeing them developing a lot of appetite for forcing quinn in africa. really, this is not this beauty tender, weekly should be operating at co op coff should really look out to do much in our last people who got people are dying in my own community. now, by 1400000 people are dismiss, all indications are that african leaders and delegates are united behind the principle of just energy, meaning people, enough re condo, stand, the need to implement climate change policies. but it's going not to be at the will of the west or at the expense of africa, people and economies over the past 50 years. and while western nations continue to preach the green agenda to africa, the import, it's oil and gas leaving the continent unable to meet its own energy needs. and african representatives are increasingly emphasizing the priority of their own populations. well being,
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as ortiz carol latasha reports as thousands of delegates enjoy luxury resort town of sam. i'll shake up busy discussing climate change in energy transition. the reality on the ground is. * far removed from the high level discussions that claim to represent them. what do you know about cryptogenic? nothing. i river good and i do it. that is cook turn. what? ca? 27. do you know what it it? oh no, no, aaron, or anything about crop? 27, i just know about climate change, that it's a serious thing and we need to start changing our attitude towards the atmosphere. so yeah, that's my take, this is alexander a stone's throw away from africa's richest square mile. it is also in the heart of the largest industrial city on the continent. but this place is also a microcosm of africa's energy poverty. here in sub saharan africa, over 600000000 people live without access to electricity and 900000000 cook using
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traditional fossil fuels. these people are resilient, and every day is a fight for their lives and live louis, let alone climate change. do you care about? lemme check images. how are you about climate change? ah, i think it's, it's a matter that very ski, i think personally, we've experience very highs and very lowes. so it's something that is concerning, but i don't think anything in our lifetime. south africa is the most industrialized country on the continent, but the country itself has been going through electricity blackouts, meaning people are forced to change their phones and work study and light homes with candlelight. do you care with a electricity is generated from coal or from renewable energy sources? notice i don't know, i don't care and i'm not worried at all. i'm just worried that if you any,
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it's just you know, like taking this or i could see we could look at the la each i and, but we need to teams like on the real, like all this is to see is developing nations are rightfully agree that western nations have develop very economies on carbon emissions, and they still continue to do so. the united states for 5 percent of the world's population still uses 20 by percent of the world's resources. you're out source production to china and then you said china is the carbon polluter. china's producing your buckets, china's producing a nuts and bolts, china's producing your fornes, tried to produce it in your own countries and see your carbon emissions rise. you love lecturing us because you have a colonial mentality. 2.7000000000 people can't eat now and you're telling people reduce your consumption. how does this sound to a child who hasn't eaten in days? meanwhile, they hear for people on the ground. it also seems the very same wisdom,
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it is a delay developing countries, the opportunity to do what they did for st. you and that is developed that i will, if, as a for our feet in jain as well. ok. something else to tell you by to day for me. west national security advisor, john bolton was left to simply praise the 1st amendments. after having his past statements dumped on him at a public event. independent journalist taylor hanson confronted the official with some uncomfortable questions before he and his free speech was met with a swift dismissal. oh, how do you expect us to trust when you are about weapons of mass destruction in iraq? since we genocide iraqi. oh, did you? why did you celebrate arrested? you'll even gone. why do you think that's acceptable? her point is celebrated more crime. why, why? why? why? a. while we spoke with
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taylor himself, he said one of the reasons for his outburst was to bring attention to what he claimed says john bolton's attempts to turn the ukrainian conflict into an u. f. galveston. i actually stood up, i reached out to his team prior and tried to have a more formal meeting with him. so i could discuss these questions in private and get it on camera in a more formal and you know, quantum or professional way. but then they of course didn't respond because they're not willing to answer any of these questions or the tough question. so that's when i book 2 tickets to demand one for me and one for my camera man. and i stood up and interrupted him while he was giving a speech on actually ukraine and russia, the conflict that's currently going on. and you know, his speech was about how we should continuously be funding ukraine. and he, you know, quote and said, the russia bear is the biggest threat to our democracy. so really,
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he's just trying to go over what he did in iraq again. and then again, you want to turn ukraine into the new afghanistan splitting continuously longer money. so that's why i confronted him. i was temporarily detained for about 20 minutes and then they released me. they brought me to the parking garage where i was parked, and they cited me with a trespassing ticket. they all clapped on q and that was removed and he made the joke about the 1st amendment. i mean, this guy doesn't care about the 1st and then he only cares about speech that is convenient to him and is neil con war hoc narrative. john bolton was national security advisor in donald trump's administration and advocated for us intervention in quite a few places. iraq, afghanistan, syria, venezuela and even russian. last month he told the wife of wiki leaks funder jolena son. it's not he hopes the whistleblower gets at least 176 years into for publishing evidence of war crimes. killer hudson again says he wants to see washington officials answer for their actions are in the process of actually trying
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to expedite the song. so they can essentially sentenced him to death. here in america, you know, i am optimistic that you know one day the right people will take charge again in america and make these people pay. but i'm not thinking that it's going to be within their lifetime, considering all these people seem to kind of be on their death bed already. i mean, they're already dropping like flies from old age, but i'm really more worried right now about the new kind of neo con establishment movement that's rising up. you know, the ones that they want to infinitely fun ukraine. they mean, they're essentially turning ukraine into the new version of afghan. it's dan and julian assigned talked about, you know, the real reason behind afghanistan. i mean, it's essentially just one huge infinite war to say literally just so they can monitor money and enrich themselves with american blood and you know, on someone else's soil when i think that's exam.


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