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tv   The Modus Operandi  RT  November 21, 2022 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk ah ah ah ah ah ah,
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ah, a ah lou. hello, i'm manila chan you are tuned into modus operandi there show that explores the method and patterns of u. s. foreign policy all around the world and the history that reverberates in our lives today. this week, back fired alliances,
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the u. s. with hundreds of military bases all around the world. regularly arms trains and teaches methods for coups and color revolutions. all in an effort to gain alliances with leadership in countries who will be favorable to the us. but sometimes those friendships how fall out. we'll take a look at the ammo behind these so called strategic alliances. then blow back for the ages after the u. s. armed and train the major had dean in afghanistan in the 1980s, helping the rebels expel the country of the soviets. the rag tag band of fighters later evolved into the taliban, which then took their shari'a la ideology across the country, seizing ultimate control now, twice. following the u. s. forever war has the u. s. learned any lessons from their experience in afghanistan. all right, let's get into the m. o. a
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for com. that's b u. s. african command, which overseas the u. s. mission in africa. a part of the pentagons, 53 african partnerships from the african union. they oversee those relations and control 11 combatant commands, roads. but they're not actually in the african continent. african is based in stuttgart, germany, a long ways away from those bases. they monitor and oceans away from american shores. currently, numerous african countries are seeing coups of demo democratically elected civilian governments by military leaders who have direct ties to the us. meanwhile, closer to home, once called the school of the americas or so for short, but now rebranded as wisc. the western hemisphere institute for security cooperation operating out of fort benning and georgia. most universities boast
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alumni who go on to reach the heights of their respective fields, you know, like nobel prize winners. scientists who discovered treatments for severe illness, things of that nature. this school churned out, murderers, torture experts and those who participate in human rights abuses. it's classrooms and grounds, took in mostly latin american military officers, the brightest and most ambitious, and shaped their world view to a stark good versus evil, and train them in warfare tactics. now, critics of the school call it america's terrorist training camp and part of the u. s. empire building. but how can this be when the u. s. proclaims its core values to being that of peace and democracy. one thing certain, no matter what the name, so we're wisc or some say when sex it's graduates leave a trail of blood and tears in their wake. is africans mission. really all that
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different than so and to explain more on how the u. s. strategic alliances often turn into backfiring alliances with coups sweeping across africa is net foss. freeman, ethan organizer with the pan african community action, or peca, and on the coordinating committee for the black alliance for peace. net for thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. now, since 2020, the african union has witnessed a wave of coups by us train soldiers in the countries of molly and chad suit. dan, guinea burkina faso. some of these men were soldiers, part of now who into government officers trained by the united states. now because of their ties to the u. s. does the u. s. then bear culpability in the overthrow of
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these governments? yes, the u. s. beers culpability, not even if with to begin with, it even goes back further than these governments. and we don't have that kind of time. but we have to see and understand. the u. s. is the top new colonizer on the continent of africa. after the independent struggle, there was a number of who they times, they were orchestrated them, and us actually participated in over stowing. democratically elected, patrice le, member kwame and chroma. and then after that, you would see the there was ation of who's a lot of who's taking place on the continent and became the program of the day. but now we see is with african emerging in 2018. i'm sorry, 2008. then as a effort to continue to continue us dominance and head to money as a top new colonizer it, it also has created and emboldened military class, but feel no reason to take orders or yet the to be beholden to the unpopular
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leaders that are emerging, that are facilitating new colonialism and actually use surfing the peoples of the people's res mean, which is the wealth of the countries for themselves. and so with, with them being popular in them, the military actually being the ones that keep them empowered. they feel no reason to be beholden to them. a lot of them are trained by not just for calm us africa command, but also the friends, mostly french, foreign legion, and in africa, the top military presence in the continent of africa, the top colonizers on, on africa. and so we see that they are trained them being trained by them and also not can detain them. also being responsible for the condition, the prevalent conditions on the continent then put pur people in despair and make them aggravate, antagonize the people in terms of the leadership that they are responsible. yeah. now what, what is the stated purpose of africans existence and how does that compare to the
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realities on the ground as to the results of us training of security forces across the african continent when the us are has, is famous for creating disingenuous platitudes. just propaganda for its missions in places and so is stated purpose of africa, um and, and all these military commands. a lot of the us is the, is the biggest militarized, or around the world. and it stated goals this to fight terrorism and fight violent extremism. and to bring stability to the african continent, the actual but then the actual goals. and i guess you could say they're, they're stated in some ways. but they're not the official you know, like not what africa has on his website is to ensure the free flow of natural resources to, from africa, to the global market. i mean this, this and paraphrasing here was a quote from vice emerald robert mueller military,
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former former military deputy of the african commander kit ward. and so he missed this and in a conference. so we have to understand that this is, this is the real stated purpose and the actual results are a general climate of instability, violence insecurity, the suffering of the masses and dissatisfaction making, making people make, making people's living conditions untenable. historically, africa has really seen many foreign interventions. the northern region saw more conquest along the western coast. french colonialism. the south, the dutch these days, the u. s. isn't the only foreign presence in africa. there is also a lot of chinese infrastructure deals happening there right now. how was the african union going to balance the push and the pull between between the world's 2 top economic super powers pulling at africa from both ends. why think the african
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union won't be able to do that? we have to understand that the african union is basically a hollow shell of the anti colonial project. the organization of african unity that was decidedly empty colonials. and they will be standing against the, the infant dominance of the western countries and the african continent. and it can't do that. and i think what we also have to make a distinction between the relationship of china on china in africa, particularly china. but you know, other forces and the former colonizing powers, they really have nothing formal colonizing power is have nothing to bring. but what we're seeing. militarism and gangster tactics using the international financial institutions like the world bank and i m f and, and the w t. a world trade organization to, to strong arm and keep africa beholden under the, some of new colonialism. china on the other hand. and people can argue that it's
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doing. it's for its own political reasons, but it does, it really doesn't matter. the point is not gangster tactics. and it gives the african countries in africa, the african countries, an alternative to the, to new colonialism and leverage to, to, to be equal, more, more equal players on the world stage. so the african union, as long as this is trying to recognize any legitimacy, an african union really being comprised of the leadership of the various countries and dominated by what is referred to as the commodore classes. as long as it thinks that the western powers have any legitimate role to play in the african continent, it will not be able to bring any balance and push between the 2 leaders in nor really think it really should be. i don't think that should be the mission to bring them back. i think they should be the leadership of africa would be looking out for the interest of the african people. and if they do that, and we can have leadership that emerges that way, then it can even better. it's better suited to leverage other interest. like the
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interests of china. it can't do that for the west because they only have one interest in emerges all the way back to the 1800s with the burling conference. and they're not going to change that. they're certainly a long history. their last subject here is i'd like to know how you compare african military training to that of the school of the americas now known as wisc. or when sec do the to serve the same purpose. in your opinion, there's a lot to compare the 2 ultimate essentially definitely serve the same purpose, but they are operating in 2 different distinct contexts with not within the african, the african continent. and then looking at the continent of the americas. but they, the, all, the african i'm in or the military commands of the united states, whether it be south com or africa, or even like you said with is there are there to keep back and be back and make sure there is no movement, no formidable. we know formidable movement,
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that can truck chart the course of self determination for the people to be able to access their own control and do what they will, the x, the resources for the collective good of the people. that's the essential purpose of their operating and different context. because i think latin america has a much more tor anti imperialist movements going on on the continent. as we heard of like things like the pink time which is becoming even darker. and we should, we should on to that in their office to the internationalism, like for example, cuba and then it's, will it exhibit a internationalism that we don't were hard pressed to find. so unfortunately, new colonialism is firmly entrenched on the african continent and demonstrated by the leadership. so the, the, what the role of the to of 2 things are, you know, or are you how, how the, the role is 2 things of the same. but how they have to maintain it is, is different. yeah, very well put nat freeman organizer with panica and,
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and of the black alliance for peace. appreciate your insight and taking time to talk to us today. thank you so much. thank oh, enemy of my enemy is my friend. this millennia is old. proverbs seems to be the guiding principle for u. s. foreign policy, as evidenced in 19 eighties. afghanistan, coming up next, we'll take a look at how this agent strategy came to wreak havoc on americas shores. don't go anywhere the am only right now. mm. oh. oh, oh boy, is this the best of both? no issue. my for the mobile one, usually annual g d. p per capita is about $4000.00 euros. last does that. we've got
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drug calling in a mold or mildew with wants to go to sleep. i was off a man, i got an air primary consti seal from corpus really into bottom. your prison, crucial for them all the love to come out see nature little was thought they would have thought of unemployment is off the chance. moldova territorial integrity and sovereignty. we respect a country which enjoys financial support from the u. s. n. b, you is constantly roth, by political and corruption scandals. oh, but old didn't scott mo, google obtaining you candidate status in 2022. ah, 41 percent of you had a savings to cover a $1000.00 emergency. we have record numbers of americans who are on the verge of
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having their cars repossess more than a 137000000 americans are facing financial hardship because of medical debt. in america, we do have a welfare system in place to help people who are struggling financially, but it's a conditional system you have to prove to the government that you truly need help. the simplest way, like explain a basic income, is that it's like social security for the rest of us. a basic income would be a monthly payment that would go to everyone this a $1000.00 a month, no strings attached. that is i have out. i will, i mean, i don't know, i just won't go crazy. the reason that i am a fan of guaranteed income because it is this idea that everybody is deserve in that just bad virtue of your being here. ah,
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the 2021 withdrawal from afghanistan brought an unceremonious end to the so called forever war 20 years, 955000000000 dollars. roughly 2500 us service members killed. tens of thousands more injured and rough estimate of civilian casualties put the number at around 200000. all this flood shed to root out the taliban, which the u. s. claimed was harboring al qaeda at the time. more specifically, osama been lauded. the mastermind of the 911 attacks in new york city. but if you go back some 40 years during the cold war era, the cia sent tens of millions of dollars in aid and arms to the mujahid dean, but or no to day as the taliban. so a taliban spokesman, once said, the americans have the clock, but we have the time, truer words have never been spoken. after 20 arduous years in afghanistan,
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america departed the country in a highly criticized exit and exit many se lacked strategy. america was forced out of afghanistan not victorious, but not on their terms either. but their adversaries. the return to taliban rule took 20 years, but they've returned this time with more equipment than their mujahid dean forefathers. as american forces raced out of the country to beat the clock, leaving behind and tire bases full of supplies and equipment, apache helicopters, trucks, medical supplies, anything you might find on any u. s. military base in the world, all abandoned at bagram air base. but the months leading up to this hasty withdrawal, the u. s. was already trying to make deals with local war loan lords, tribal leaders with rebel groups in a failed attempt to garner support against the taliban,
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who was gaining back territory across the country. once again, arms and money flowed through back channels of afghanistan just as it did more than 40 years ago. so if the enemy of my enemy is my friend, strategy didn't work during the cold war era, why does the u. s. continue to think this strategy might work in a different era, and that is where we find ourselves again to day. and here we are. we find ourselves in the aftermath of the u. s. withdrawal from afghanistan just one year later. for better or worse, the wounds left in the middle eastern country are still very raw. our international reporter gives us some details of the current field climate of afghanistan right now at this moment. 20 years of u. s. occupation. 30000 lives estimated to have been lost in afghanistan, 11000000 refugees. i see those numbers, warranty enough,
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one year says are you as were there all from the country. i've gone east on its face with the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. millions of afghans are starving as much of the west has stern. it's back on the concrete on the taliban rule that got arctic us withdrawal now made iconic in the tragic photos of american military cargo planes. leaving bagram air base left 7 civilians attempting to flee depth on hundreds more hearts broken. adding easily to injury you as president joe biden. some ministration immediately froze, the foreign assets of afghanistan to the tune of a run of a 1000000000 us dollars to prevent the taliban accessing this money. a few months later through an executive order biden on froze those spots, but made decisions as to what to do with the money. half of that money has been
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allocated towards a $911.00 victim, some family fund, and the other half will be put in a newly set up trust fund. that vitamins ministration has established to quote, for the benefit of the atom. people that us has yet to recognize the taliban as the legitimate government of afghanistan. and they are not alone in the sentiment can or that has not only rejected the recognition of taliban rule, but still have the group listed as a terror organization. as such, canadians and g o, another civilian humanitarian groups are prevented from sending money to that country or even doing their own work on the ground due to sanctions. the 20 years the u. s. spent in afghanistan was aided by hundreds of thousands of locals, who now face death by the return of taliban leadership. nearly a quarter $1240000.00 civilian african workers and needs to be exact,
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are still waiting a these special immigrant. this us to be processed by us immigration services. this promised by president biden, yet to be fulfilled. we're also going to continue to make sure that we take on an afghan nationals who work side by side with us forces, including interpreters and translators. since we're no longer have military there after this, we're not going to need them or have no jobs. roles can be viable to our efforts. so they and they've been very vital. and so their families are not exposed to dangers. well, hundreds of other afghans who qualified for ever equation are not stuck in 3rd party transit countries like greece. there are another $43000.00 people who work alongside americans awaiting each piece. humanitarian payroll basis, still in afghanistan, so far as june of 2022, the u. s. state department has only processed 270. so in the wake of the u. s.
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withdrawal from a dentist that girls are increasingly being barred from attending school. women are only allowed to work in certain fields. activists such as flying a kite are illegal taliban extra judicial kings are on the rice. mediums are facing starvation. 20000000 are at least food insecure. over 1000000 children are already classified as starving food racial lines wrapped around many blocks. in downtown couple, the medical system is failing. there are not enough doctors, no access, and not enough to place. this concrete of approximately 40000000 is now effectively a failed state in the wake of the us invasion for the ammo. am brooks on a swollen and joining us to discuss all things, afghanistan is sada, necessary head of the afghan american relations office. sobber is an afghan native
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and was a cultural advisor and linguist with the u. s. marine corps and army in the hellman province. sabra, thank you so much for joining us today. so after stan is known as the empire killer, how would you summarize? why the country received such a designation? normally, and to top 42 years, li, hazeltien, and afghanistan, he relied to americans. we like to different countries. nobody can invaded because we cannot afford other 5, alabama. they're not majority the, the real majority in the who are a northern resent a lion deal fighting. they're still fighting against taliban. picking rebec of america and american, they don't know. they don't understand that we have a team nor northern lion, and we have another team. recall as zora bribe,
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you are fighting against taliban 99 percentage off taliban there, thermos dear. by pakistan and pakistani government, they are come pulling up game is done right now. and bill leaving afghanistan right now solver. i'm glad you brought up all the different of the tribes. and like, for example, the past due tribes and all these different different factions all over afghanistan . it doesn't appear that the average american certainly has any, any awareness that such tribes and the different goals exist. so how far back does america's involvement in your country go and how to average afghans view america's involvement, that, you know, at some point began to look like colonization after so many years. so much interference in terms of installing various presidents friendly to the us. yes. normally majority of people of afghanistan that the based the problem and the
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economic problem security problem also. i know we have a lot of suicide bombers in against our right now. i know there is a lot of kill killing of the taliban. they are killing innocent people right now right now, but there is no social media allowed to broadcast everything and i've got a center. so show media broadcast, they will out, but majority people up, up, get it. and they blamed on america on mr. biding mr. by then, that's a big mess for afghanistan, people. and for the world, you know, the 1st they, when america left again, a son american left up against the taliban as support the support russia and the 1st day, the 2nd b, russia cog decision to plan an attack on brain. and now china pakistan. taliban and russia,
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you're working together to get all europe and all asian country, especially afghanistan, we had as american, i'm a american us citizen. we did a big mess for our 3 and 4 malise and especially african. yes. certainly. i have seen those images of russian officials and chinese officials meeting with taliban leaders, which is very different than how the joe biden administration has dealt with the afghan officials now did. did us officials ever truly believe there was any loyalty among any so called allies that they made in the country? or do you think of the afghans that they dealt with in brokering these very fragile deals, these tribal leaders did those people view these relationships as more transactional in nature? not true. loyalty, actually, i get people,
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they are very loyal. but the problem is artist on leadership that they are more stronger done our machine ship. so ive janice done. as i mentioned, we have many tribes. we have the tribe that they are very loyal what america and americans and there is another try try b, which is supported by taliban and alabama. supporting it and. and that price is supporting taliban. even the government of afghanistan, former government of your son, mister ash, jenny. he was not loyal. he handle everything, all their horses, army posters, equipment to the taliban. i know the all women what belongs to the americans, but at he was a leading and he left afghanistan with her with their advisors. thank you so much. a severe, necessary for explaining to us the, the real things that are happening on the ground in your home country and for
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speaking with us and having the courage to tell us what's happening. thank you. hopefully we will talk next time. all right, that's going to do it for this weeks episode of modus operandi the show that digs deep in the foreign policy. i'm your host manila chant. thank you for tuning and we'll see you again next week to figure out the ammo. ah, ah, ah. a
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a with we informed the world community that the plant is at risk of a nuclear accident, russia warns about potential nuclear catastrophe in europe as the apology power plant again comes under ukrainian shelling over the weekend. that has moscow holds night long, told the u. s. a public watched all over the precarious situation with the u. k is reportedly circumventing its own ban on russian oil in a shipment of russian crude arrived london's official records make 0 mention of france. question that's military presence in bucking.


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