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ah ah ah ah ah oh is your media a reflection of reality ah ah,
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in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? ice elation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend so join us in the depths all remain in the shallows. ah ah, there was a place in ocala, florida called baseballs, which was a pool hall, but also place to be hung on it a lot. the owner thought it was sort of as a type of security and one night there was someone that showed up that he really
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did not like. and he wanted us to make the guy leaf. i used to wear these thinking that if i'm, i'm somebody was gonna cause more pain and it did every time it can face, it would scream and he had me hitting him and my kidding and one guy broke his hand, punching so hard. some entrepreneur harder and harder and harder and eventually got loose. one shoe came off and joe took in his wisdom across the parking lot. and as soon as they got him out on the ground, i walked to the guy kick. it's basically kind of soft at 1st. i remember the guy cried out, mom and mom. i just thought one. thank you. when i was giving really brief cakes, that if you're just father, you know, it violates the rest of your life. so i made like a switch, learning how to turn my conscience off at that point is kicked over the guy and walked off and left him. he wasn't black or hispanic, not a person of color at all. he was just
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a stupid white guy doing stupid stuff. there was no wrong place at the right time. in recent years, we've become accustomed to hearing how the jewish agency for israel as rescue jews from areas of distress flight through the sloppy church and brought them to safety here in israel. but when we hear that the jewish agency has rescued a young american jew from daytona beach, florida. that's another story altogether. the story of john daly. welcome john. his story begins back in 1990 on a beach in florida. what happened? 7 neo nazis can, and some of whom were from the town of account that i lived in, recognize me and proceeded to do their best to do me. and they tried to kill you is a product in general, there is no such on hey, so therefore i have to refrain. okay. i mean if there are certain things,
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i say i literally went to prison. one of them shouted out, die, jew boy, die. and they put me to the ocean, and 2 of them sat on me to make sure that i couldn't get up. the perpetrators of this crime are members of the national organization who would not stop at murdering chime. in part, i think to save themselves for from prosecution somewhere that's going to people when you're committed to that. i mean, they don't forget and when you do, you don't want them to forget, you know, you want them to know what you're doing is wrong. it's a guest and it's hatred. hey, i'm right here. don't forget. whenever the lady wouldn't peace. and luckily you survived amazingly survived. it's really hard to believe almost that this kind of anti semitism skin the head attacks exists in the united states. is this an isolated incident or do you know of others like it?
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no, i don't believe it's nice let it. and then i think where their attacks may not be against necessarily to jews in general, but they're against minorities. i think any attack on any minority is a, is an attack on us 6 years after they were sent to jail. if i remember correctly, 2 of the people who attacked you were released and things changed for you. then they were beginning to some of the people went to jail for just assault and battery to went to jail for attempted murder. they were leaders in the races organizations and they made it clear that when they got out there they were going to finish the job. i always thought i had the greatest criminal mind if anyone had ever met. and john love to entertain these ideas because i always had some good life. we just, you know, basically somehow stayed out of trouble was causing a lot of trouble. one of our favorite things to do was go shooting with a matching 385 shots, and we put them to work the standards or an organization such that said members
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from orlando will sit around and laugh and joke around at the beginning of the evening, telling stories about the houses, the fire bombed, where the phone remembers that they shot before they began any discussions that way the, the groundwork has been laid for you to understand what happens to people just walk away. oh, i me what you mean? john was, he was very quiet. very well thought you could tell. he was an incredibly methodical person. he was like a chess players, like bobby session is always 10 moves ahead. he knew what he wanted from life. one of the same things i wanted. valerie, i was almost like, isn't it? this is because i was very quick to react and very loud and john was exactly the opposite for tom collective as well. he would get mad, he would almost whisper,
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very quiet, smile a lot would get now to face and move around a bunch. so it was, it was an odd economy with the 2 of us together, chris john, more information. he said it was his friend, so call friends up. and that's when his door began to come out in a selfish can still be the to where he's been. the best thing ever happened. time has made him humble and i used to pray god, he needs to be broken. john father came from a very violent background. he brought that into the marriage. knives, you name it. i've had it held in my head to my throat. my dad, when he was younger, was a gang leader in new york city, no small thing. and unto itself, my dad with
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a poor ring and see which one would fall. that was something i remember hearing more than once, various members of my family's, like when he was younger, you ran over my grandfather and shot my uncle, me the same night about feeling not feeling alone and showing your part of something, even if it wasn't something you wanted to be a part of what you were in, you know, once i wished had to, and it, you know, recruited i was top of packing or as soon as you bring it, you know, 5 or 6 people to the table. and everybody was one thing that separated me from a lot of the other guys, it's under the notice was the fact that i had no tend to use. the only pass i wanted are ones that no one would give me. i wanted skins on the inside of my lip, the other tent that i wanted was fighting, showing that i killed somebody. and i remember one day there was,
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i was at somebody's house, one of the apartments in the area. and i grew black. i showed up and they said they wanted one of the guys inside a white guy friend of mine. and i don't know how many it was, but they just came into the door and jumped on, started been on him, got back into the kitchen, and there was a frying pan on the kitchen stove. a nice being glad frying pan made an interesting whack when they hit him in the head, hit him so hard, they didn't. the metal frame can on top of his head. just the fear and helplessness at that moment that i had no one i could call no one to turn to. there's no one that i could say, hey, i need help. i could come. and that was terrifying moment because of the bullying. he had some black people, he got so he didn't like them and it put a fear in him and all the sudden he sees people to be a part of his back. he was tied to being picked on and i can't say i blame him. marin county against racism was basically
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a skin is born raised. they weren't active doing much more than just seeking where the next year was going to come from and looking out for one another. and that was something that was new to me. and i was instantly drawn to it, i saw other cell address to other comradery. the fact that they flowed to get a laugh together. and more importantly, they all had each other back. you know, coming from being a geeky kid he was picked on, you know, never felt to belong to also have people that would do your bidding. feels good, not going to feel is good. one of the guys sensitive for sure, jimmy whitehead and the black can breaking his wants to go. and he said, oh, it's cool that you're jewish. you, we don't have a problem with races whatsoever. there were some guys that did have races, white supremacy, tattoos, but i didn't know about. they were hidden on their bodies. and i didn't see until much, much later, to the guys with guns were landa. and while they were down to the medical,
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some braces can heads from a way of area, new force. a wife was laid by a guy named ritchie who was a die hard new and a skinhead one. there was a knock in my front door and he was outside with 2 other knew not to scan it for the back or mine, it was like, if this is for you. like if they're here for you, go with them. i didn't know that the guys that he met up with had already handed over the names and addresses of everybody where we all live and it didn't know i was jewish. that was one piece of information that chris and you kept to themselves . so as i rode with them and they're telling me about this organization that they belong to. oh yeah, you remember that guy, bobby, i moved to different city and they found him crucified in his front yard. and each one told us started on serious. and this is serious, that the richly over the back of the welcome aboard. and i knew at that moment that i wasn't being and i was being told one year now with this and to if you try and
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leave, it wasn't that they did as to strangers. that refused to their friends. so at that moment i wasn't going to say, wait a 2nd. i'm jewish. i can't be involved. little that i know as meeting with my future attempted murder that day. he's trying to hide the fact that he's getting more and more involved in serious races. skinhead meetings, there was no internet, there was no computers. you didn't have cell phones. these guys are totally messed in society. i knew they could find because you just didn't know if you'd look, the guy sitting next to him restaurant was a supporter, was active. and when you see that, at 16 years old, that you're near a police cruiser and police officer in uniform is talking to was an equal because your races are thinking, wow, i can't call the cops. what did they send this guy? they were parties here, people bragging about hanging with judges junior people talking about hanging out
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with politicians. i couldn't type in the google in 1990. hey, how do i get avenue? not your organization. can you help me? i couldn't turn to my parents and say, hey, i know you got no money. let's move to another city changer names and try and go into the witness protection program. so it doesn't work like that. i would say, where are you going john? i'm going out. how did you hurt you finished? it looked bruised. i don't know. i just knocked the something. and suddenly the door shot, i wasn't a part of john's life anymore. i really stopped dealing with my parents and my brothers and other people around me, even some very close friends. they walk down the hall and the dock. martin boots for combat boots and the kids and the teachers stepped back and made way for them by association. whether you're tough or not all, and you are. and you scared the people which is very attractive. somebody that months prior ah, was picked up all of
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a sudden you're placed in a position where, hey, i can defend myself. now. i don't have to be afraid anymore. on one hand, i'm terrified that they're going to find that i'm jewish. but on the other, i think it's so far away the chances so far them. so remote, so removed from me that i'm safe. now i've actually found safety in the braces. naziism is a jew. so if i'm stuck and there's nothing i can do, i might as well try and be as tough and as crazy as wild as the rest of the people around me. oh, when i was showing wrong, when i just don't know. i mean, you have to figure out the thing becomes the advocate and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart,
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we choose to look so common ground. peace in ukraine seems essentially impossible. and there is a reason for this. nato wants russia to be completely defeated. russia in turn, demands new, pay your immune security structures, protecting it's interest. as long as nato exists, there will be no peace or security for anyone. the american fund was a national organization with chapters all over the united states. started by david lynch was the eastern states germany. the american front was since we had 5000 soldiers under his command and bob hike, bob hyde, for somebody that was on the problem for show sick and tired of hearing the sob stories for i get sick and tired to say to uncle tom. here i do
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he's a member of our group where most of them haven't even finished high school. and he's had his nose and books since he was a kid. he knows the history over on world war 2, their weapons. everything about it, both sides are german, sad and the other sad. so when he was involved with these people, he would keep them straight. they try to tell him a story and he said it didn't happen that way. it happened this way. and he could produce the facts and the book in the page and show you where it happened. so these people, the leaders begin to say, hey, we've got a kid, they can think on his feet. he's dantas out there birds and fighting and creating
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a rock us. he can think he knows how to think on his feet and they begin to take an interest in him. this was a leader that they wanted to train. i called me a good little racist one day when i asked about it, if you said anything about us or what was really back to me about your good little wrist. i remember at the time being so touched. so for bob, this is something i was somebody he knew david lynch as well. i was somebody spoken to in the summer of 1990. i received a phone call saying a launch in the northern florida leader of the american from all of them, a fire belongs to you. i now had in my mind limited tower. i knew that i could pick up a song, make a call and say, i want something done and they were guys would do it. it wasn't something that i was gonna say. oh no, thank you. and truthfully, i was honored and flattered that i had been recognized. we talked
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a little bit about it and i remember telling john, john, you've been the yard for shim, you've seen what the nazis did. they kill juice. and he just like shrugged his shoulders like, oh well, i distinctly remember my mom sitting me down one night and me saying, john, they're going to her. you know what she meant when they found your jewish, they're gonna, they're going to hear you. i didn't find out john was jewish, i think until i tried to put him on the ground, was ah, how i found out the eating of october. the 6th 1990. the phone kept ringing off the hook and it was heather, the ex wife of one of john, best friends. it was great urgency. she kept saying, he must be on a beach. we're having a special meeting tonight. he's got to be there. and that's when
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i found out i knew everybody was involved. none of these guys were going in a way to be like, hey, maybe should get out of here. every time i went into a room it was quiet. this is weird. it's just the weirdest 5 ever gone. at one point someone. so let's go down to the beach. one guy, punch me behind my ear that heard somebody shot now, and the rest came in. and the punches just started flying. and i'm showing up on the scan and i was trying to take my, my trust in trying to rationalize why this was happening. me if somebody shouted out di jubilee di. and at that point i new person come back. it wasn't just one or 2 cakes. i've redone, i mean, it was an ongoing, continuous, savage beating. they were going to kill him and they beat him up and dragged him out in the ocean. drowned him and left him floating out to see when i called them i
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grant any longer and i held i could feel the water had my lungs and as soon as in my lungs i shot it out. and then my lungs. and when i filled up again, i read the position every one that they went back until the ocean sat on him, pushed him down to the bottom of the beach, where he could feel the break service saying on his face and held him down until he that you feel the water rush into your lungs and just as quickly, your lungs will collapse to shoot it out. and then again, it will expand again and it takes 2 poles here dire from to completely fill your lungs with water. and you can feel it. or you can feel it, especially october night. she can feel with that cold water hit your lungs. and apparently the doctors told my parents, you're right in saying about your son. a
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had an indian doctor. they came in and looked at me and said, there is no medical reason why you should be alive. you to find something to believe in a table, a chair, you need to find something to pray to because there is something that saved your life. so at 1st i didn't believe it, and then when i i knew it was true. i was more concerned about his well being. it was our time, our little town. i'm not gonna lie. everybody, it seemed like everybody was out to get everybody else. everybody was throwing a real under the bus. so it, like i said, as soon as i graduated high school, which was quickly, i got a regular old high school diploma. and i was like a prom dress. i was off and ended up moving to gainesville for a bit, still in the movement, and then wound up in a pop to florida and hang out with the same group guys eventually that try to cause john's demise. at which time i realize this is probably a little bit over my head. the last thread i received was
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a very simple when the last guy gets out of prison are going to have a union all of us to go with you. or we're going to finish both sides. i contact the jewish agency and i said i knew digital. now they were a jewish family in trouble. this was a jewish kid and trouble. we were not asking a lot of questions. we just wanted to know how we could help and they began to get the wheels moving and i found myself in short order in my new home in the state of israel were here, i felt safe. me come in, i'm come in brain surgeries and that's exactly what it sounds like. you are a wait while you're going through surgery and the operating table such that was strapped down my mom's side. i can feel the bully,
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my scout detached from my cell for some reason the anesthetic that they use to know my cranium, my skull so i would feel it didn't work. so once that started signing in, it was a pain that i cannot even begin to describe the neuropsychologist i was dealing with, explain to me that this was most likely the product slow bleed in my brain. she left me and you've had this to me for a long time. the only thing i can think of because it's bleeding brain would have been the beating of kevin was one of my best friends at a period in my life. when my life was so commerce
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and we're sitting and standing talking with him face to face, both was had guns in their hands and it's a lot to digest. leaving israel, cutting the umbilical cord to my hospitals. i'm excited to see him. i'm excited to see who is become where he's gone in his life, which i'm quite impressed with. but at the same time, what if he still with the white power movement? he oh before with my name's kevin and i'm a small. yeah. my brother was hated was a known racist thought of blacks, but they were scared and because he was
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a pretty big violent guy because they couldn't or wouldn't do anything to my brother. i was a prime target, isis. 14 my brother and graduated high school. i was attacked by no more than 6, no less than 4 black use. a crush my over the socket, i knows, broke my jaw. had a cerebral hematoma on the right frontal lobe. i had to drill old to catherine my skull. things were pretty rough. i was in the hospital for several months, and after that, i was enrolled in a special school for problem children. though i had done nothing wrong. on a while i was not at all the local skinheads had found out what happened ever the only people to come visit me. they were the people that showed me that i didn't have to be scared anymore. and i got involved in the movement. it taking lapse will find the bathroom, keep taking less, i found it straight. supernatural,
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we can not get into awfully, hopefully a get in there. so its closed. i've been trying to find john on facebook for quite some time. i literally had to find everybody else from ocala and make friends of them until i found somebody who was friends with john rizoto boy with parents and kini shallow. some farmer john? yeah, let's do it and i get it down. i sort of collected half decent beers, the easiest way to recruit people into the, into the skin head moment in the white premise moment is people that are just outside. they're right on the french. they're trying to put their foot into a quick turn or trying to belong. they're trying to make friends there slightly. a
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slightly not everybody's not like everyone else. because when you show people a little bit of power and you show people loyalty, you'd be surprised what they'll do for you. and what they do is they go through and they take all of your failures in your life. and so, you know, wasn't a failure, it's a conspiracy. and they build a conspiracy slowly but surely and strong enough that you really buy into it. and then you're like, i am at work and these people that are trying to do this, to me, my culture, my family, my raise need to be destroyed and you really feel like you're doing something for the betterment of society, erase because all they want to do is restore your race and bring your race down. and once you've got somebody like that, you've got a, you've got all the lawyer you've got a terrorist. so it all starts at the top and i was at the very bottom. but by recruiting you're moving out and then all those people are at the bottom is they recruit, they move. so it's an mentality and ideology to move in to perpetuates itself.
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praying upon the week, the downtrodden, not too far from here in dog. there was a trans term and can check republic finally, a 100000 there jews through send them off to in further eastern europe to me again with ah ah ah ah ah
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ah a money lend money in that new money. you get a bill, my, my, my name, my name is with
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my ya with with hello in. welcome to cross top, where all things are considered on peter lavelle piece in ukraine. seems essentially impossible. and there is a reason for this. nato wants russia to be completely defeated. russia in turn demands new pan, european security structures protecting its interest. as long as nato exist, there'll be no peace or security for any one. ah.


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