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ah, ah ah, russia officially bands oil exports to any country complying with the d. 7 price cap. the decree will come into effect in february. it's a corrupt society. i understand that plenty of people running ukraine, the head of a private u. s. military group that trains ukrainian soldiers admits the country is per brought. also confirming camps troops executed russian prisoners of war. and the pentagon continues to delay a response about its role in a deadly air strike in nigeria in 2017 that resulted in more than a 100 civilian deaths as local residents demand and investigation. we know
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americans the war paula, but whoever is behind these should be investigated. those who are behind this should be brought to justice. the latest batch of late twitter files reveal the usaa ministration pressure. the platform to prioritize information on pope it back seem to fit the narrative of its policy with hello and good morning from moscow to wherever you may be. catching us from. welcome to the hour's top stories from around the world i'm peerless about. russia has banned the export of crude oil and petroleum products to any country comply with the price cap earlier imposed by the west, which moscow brands as a violation of international law ortiz, donald porter, has more. this presidential decree outlines special economic measures being taken
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in response to the western price cap on russian oil exports that was put into place earlier this month. according to the statement, russia will no longer supply oil to countries going along with this scheme, effective february. first of next year, up until july 1st, and since president vladimir putin made this decree, we've seen the prices of crude oil as well as gas go up across the board in the international energy markets. now, this western cap on russian oil exports was set at $60.00 a barrel, and this was made in a bid to punish moscow for its military operation in ukraine. and even moscow before this, this cap price cap was set. moscow was warning that if such a thing were to happen that moscow would respond with not supplying these countries that go along with the scheme with oil. so this response is really not something that surprising. we should also not forget that much of the west has already completely embargoed russian oil. so this kind of price cap sets is really set up
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for countries 3rd party buyer countries such as india, for example, or china trying to bring them into the fold of the west's foreign policy goals. and we've seen all across latin america, africa, and asia, that very few countries are willing to go along with that. earlier on tuesday, russia's foreign minister said moscow has friends in many parts of the world and therefore doesn't need to focus on partnering with the you. we can see how the ruling circles of your countries are acting to the detriment of the vital interests and well being of their own citizens. it's enough to mention as an example, the u. s. ban on european states to maintain a dialogue with our country and the energy sector. of course, there will be no more business as usual with such calendar parties. we don't intend to knock on a closed door or initiate any joint projects. luckily, the e u is not the only partner for us. we have many friends and like minded states and
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other parts of the world. if and when there is a bitter hang over on the european side from the current wrist of phobic. rage followed by sobering up if there are clear nationally oriented politicians who understand the advantages of an equal and mutually beneficial partnership with russia, i assure you there will be no problems on our side. we discuss moscow's latest move, with senior research fellow of the global policy institute of london, george walley, and geo political analysts show milonga. before we get to the perception that when russia is being sanction lifted in time are not able to respond. so this is the response for from the russian president from the russian federation that will send that quote straight. that's not going to come in here and play your games as if now the oil and gas for the energy that has controlled wondering washington,
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especially the european countries, are the ones that i have to suffer from just decreased by the ones that are really sticking to russia, i do to get up in bed, mom, geez, only the western countries are more of an issue that i show it benefiting from the resources of russia. but i want to stop. what this does is makes clear to everybody else in the world that it is not in your interest to go along with g 7, e. you plan to impose the price gap. because if you do then note while for you. and obviously, as you know, russia has pointed out breast particular president who didn't want to have repeatedly, it is absolutely nonsensical. the stupidest idea imaginable that consumers can set the price. so he is essentially by doing this by threatening to penalize anyone who joins in with price gap. he's actually getting the support of many countries in the
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world, the particularly commodities producers who are very upset about the idea that consumers will get to set prices. because of course, when consumers set prices, they are going to set the prices as low as possible and ahead of a private u. s. military group, which trains ukrainian soldiers has slammed the country as corrupt, while confirming that ukrainian fighters commit atrocities by killing russian prisoners of war ortiz, igor stano dives into the story. the mozart group, an american private security company that proudly markets itself as a veteran military force providing training to ukrainian soldiers inside the country. it was founded by retired us marine colonel andrew milburn, who's been repeatedly put in a better style for helping out the key of in this time of need. yet, as it turns out, he is very, very far from a fan of ukraine. it's
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a corrupt of society the let you know. so i'm not, i'm not a big fan of ukraine. it's not about ukraine. we're not like, i have to have, you know, you ukraine flank tied to my bag, but i'm not, oh my god, ukraine. so awesome. no, because it's i understand that plenty of people running your train. it's not about that. it's about global norms, right? right. let's put it in while melbourne didn't. mens his words death. but apparently there's a lot that the mozart group is morally prepared to forgive and forget the cranium in violation of the hey convention. they're filming of a number of things that they're doing with p o. w 's is by lady laura laura vom conflict. you can't do too. i mean, every nose surrender,
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i mean. and then now there was plenty of all this is something you wouldn't expect to hear from the same person who publicly glorify the war in ukraine as just. and it's far from the 1st contradictory statement from milburn. in fact, his accounts of what's happening on the ground in ukraine have been all over the place in one see in an interview. for instance. the former colonel is unequivocal. all foreign weapons send to crane accounted for. i would say that the very last concern that the united states government should have right now is that these arms end up in the wrong hands. and it's almost like his evil twins and appears on c b s . with a statement that sounds the polar opposite. i can tell you on arguably, sat on the frontline units, these things and i'll getting that. all right. drones switch blades. i fax that
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off. all right, body on the helmets. you name it. is it safe to characterize this is a little bit of a black hole. i mean, i suppose if you don't have visibility of whether stuff is going and if you're asking that question, then it would appear that it's black hole. yeah. now cave of course, wasn't impressed by the reporting and somehow managed to bully c, b. s to retract and take down the piece. but there have been heated concerns over western arms and being up on the global weapons, black market. this unverified footage, for instance, proposed to show us and european made rocket launch is meant for ukraine ending up in syria. all this comes as no surprise to anyone who's been following events in ukraine long enough over the years. and the nazi groups like the as a battalion that used to be reputation, lead toxic and deficiency band from receiving west and weapons,
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have now being re branded as heroes. ukraine's own image has been polluted so badly by rampant corruption for years. but this year, key of somehow got the power to send any western media outlet who dares to bring this up. but as long as this can be weaponized to hurt russia, he will continue to have its carte blanche. the contrast with his portrayal in mainstream publications like the new york times, which wrote a puff piece about retired colonel andy milburn. he's kind of a famous figure in marine circles. and now he's running one of the biggest mercenary companies in ukraine. the mozart group, but then here you have him on this military group. be podcast called team house. like after an hour, his speech starts to slur. and then he really starts to lift the mask and says, it's not really about ukraine for him. ukraine is a screwed up society in so many terms. it's run by in his words, sick people and the soldiers are rampantly committing atrocities. actually one of
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the hosts tries to walk back the term atrocities, and he correct them and says, no, these are atrocities. and they are being committed there. so it's a very candid session drinking session with colonel and melbourne, providing a view of ukrainian society that he had a front seat to having train so many soldiers. and that u. s. media still refuses to tell americans about as the host of team house said, we can't actually start abandoning our ukrainian partners at this point. even though in the u. s. military, he claimed that you would be done if you film po w's on, on camera being shot and summarily executed, as we've seen from ukraine. but i don't think this will have any repercussions for that war effort as a whole, because this is what the $45000000000.00 already allocated for 2023 by congress, which just clapped like seals for zalinski is paying for it's paying for these
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atrocities. this unprofessionalism and the u. s. military intelligence apparatus is willing to go along with that as long as they get results, what are the results they want? it's what milburn and his buddies in the man cave said they were weakening. putin and destabilizing russia and africa is another region suffering from the unwanted repercussions of the ukrainian crisis, as weapons initially designated for kiev and up in the hands of local terrorist groups. the nigerian president has blamed the conflict in ukraine for crippling his country's security. regrettably, the situation in the saw heal in the raging war in ukraine service. major sources of weapons and finances to boast of the ranks of the terrorists in late charge. region weapons being used for the war in ukraine and russia are equally beginning to filter to the region. a former piece keeper ensued on and molly says the west is responsible for the instability in africa due to it's ongoing support of ukraine.
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for my father, the west is only risking its future them if they realize now that everything is more or less lost, but they don't really want to lose face exempt from the west thinks it can always restore its image. but i don't think that's the case at all. they're not in the best position right now. if you look at all these terrorists, a lot of weapons were acquired by them with the help of the western sky in libya, for instance, it was the west that caused everything. and then libya essentially fell. the sa hale origin of africa's now and chaos. these are all the games of the west, in my opinion. the pentagon has delayed its response to u. s. congress on america's a legit role in a 2017 air strike in nigeria. that claimed more than a 100 civilian lives. in september the u. s. secretary of defense was called to reveal details of the air strike, but the deadline is now 3 weeks overdue. the intercept, publication highlights of fact, though unwillingness to respond may be due to possible
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u. s. direct involvement. in the tragic incidence. the formerly secret african document obtained by the intercept suggests that the u. s. may have launched this rare internal investigation because it's secretly provided intelligence or other support to the nigerian armed forces who carried out the deadly strike. according to the document seen by the intercept you as africa command launched a secret investigation. just days after the attack that a displaced persons cap, the document calls the air strike an example of a u. s. nigerian operation. although africans officials denied involvement in the incidence, a nigeria and researcher for human rights watch says washington's unwillingness to assist in providing clarity is worrisome. upon dickens, failure to provide information and documents to determine possible u. s. involvement in, in a strike that took manny civilian lives in ne nigeria does not bode well for the u
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. s. government expressed commitment to transparency and accountability. it sounds worrisome message that at minimum the defense department isn't willing to engage on an issue affecting countless lives and may even reflect an attempt to evade responsibility. the camps residents killed in the air strikes had been fleeing the conflict in north eastern nigeria where the government is fighting militants and had thought they were safe in the area. now you're in, officials have expressed regret over the attack. a local correspondent burdens us more details 5 years ago and 9 children mutually as tried to hit the civilian camp in the border at all. no 4, ron, 182 normally just from maple cri, claiming that the life of at least 115 people, including children and humanitarian walk us the pentagon's call for an investigation into the u. s. military involvement in the atrocity. how strong reaction from the degree residents, navy, as i mentioned it to but she,
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this investigation is very cute because we have waited for so long to know what happened. but no one said anything. even though it's light, we want to know you conducted the attack. we know america's award power, but whoever is behind these should be investigated because these will put everyone off making similar mistakes in the future. we don't want this investigation to be politically influenced. a lot of children and families died and some have been made homeless. so at our merchant or even if the air force got such intelligence from america, they should conduct a thorough check on the site before bombing it. it's after a massacre has happened. the 2 countries trade blame when people have died. those who are behind this should be brought to justice. and the recently released twitter files opened a pandora's box of revelations on how far washington is willing to go to interfere in the personal health choices of citizens manipulating social media. just to keep
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its grip on the narrative. it's the latest in a string of western government scandals this year, as artes, marina called saba, explains the latest leaks of the now notorious twitter files show that washington was manipulating what users online saw regarding coven vaccines. or maybe that's because key figures had something to gain from it. let's take a look at doctor anthony found she. this is america's top, a health official. and he just announced that he will be stepping down as the head of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases and as chief medical adviser to president biden. well, the timing is definitely interesting. do you know anyone who works for a social media platform doin or somebody who works for a social media platform or at this time? well, i've had communications with mark zuckerberg in the past. do you know anyone else who works for a social media platform other than mark zuckerberg?
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when you say, do i know somebody who works? like do you have acquaintances, people that you know who work at social media platforms? well, a person who used to work as a software engineer for twitter was my daughter. so america, top health officials, daughter, worked with twitter. so in a position to potentially alter a few things according to her dad's wishes, who was in a position to benefit from people getting vaccinated. 27000 royalty payments were paid to 1800 and i and i age employees. can you tell me that you have not received a royalty from any entity that you ever oversaw the distribution of money in research grants? oh, well, 1st of all, let's talk about this. you know, that's the question. have you ever overseen under received a ruling agreement from a company that you later oversaw money going to that company?
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you know, i don't know, was a fact, but i doubt it. joe biden's, chief medical advisor isn't sure if he profited from the pandemic excellence. well, we know how much wiser made $22000000000.00 in 2021 or a $1000.00 every 2nd. and we now know that the 1st maxine that was sold to the masses in america both literally and figuratively, wasn't even tacit for efficacy before it answered the market. regarding the question around and did we know about stopping human eyes ation before it sent you the market? now at these and you know, we had to really move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market. and from that point of view, we had to do everything at rest. it's hardly surprising than that across the pond. the e. u prosecutor's office has now opens an investigation into coven,
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maxine purchases with all eyes on the european commission of presidents. it seems that arsole of under lion exchanged a few tax messages with pfizer, c. e o. before cementing the multi 1000000000 euro contract, acquiring 4500000000 doses for 450000000 people. well maybe this case will shed some light on her involvement because so for the commission has refused to release any details about bonder lions roll in its negotiations. the commission can confirmed and the search undertaken by the president's cabinet for relevant text messages corresponding to their quest for access to documents has not yielded any results. we asked the commission to provide us with information on the preliminary nego stations for this agreement. scientific experts consulted and advice, received timing of the talks, records of the discussions, and details of the agreed terms and conditions. however, none was forthcoming. hardly surprising. well, it took
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a couple of years to get the league slinking, washington suits sweaters, cove it policies so we may need a few more. so uncover what lies beneath the billions, if not trillions made during the pandemic. independent china specialists and are long says that washington allows major u. s. corporations to profit from global challenges. first of all, those the american thought was standards of our free freedom of speech and freedom of expression. and of course, that the united states been criticizing countries like china, russia, and other countries for allowing freedom of expression on anything that even threaten their own national security of these countries universally known fact. they're big businesses, especially the so called military industrial complex as part of the
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the u. s. government machinery. so, and then the big oil companies and it big coal companies. so they promote their, their own vested interest in even opposing climate change for example. but as to whether or not the big pharma would benefit thing, definitely, i mean, of course, they've been benefit hugely with all these vaccines and they turn on, you know, they're different types of scenes and, and then with different very and so, and so actually to make a lot of money on that taiwan has decided to extend its mandatory military service from 4 months to one year starting in 2024. that's china began ramping up its military activity in the taiwan strait over the weekend, just days after the u. s. authorized a massive security assistance package to the island in a show, a forest china sent over 70 war plains and 7 ships toward ty,
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one in 24 hours on monday. i want official say it was the largest air incursion. to date, though no sirens were sounded, that's after beijing condemned the u. s. s. decision to provide $10000000000.00 and security assistance that i pay the bite and administration labeled the chinese drills in the stray as provocative and reiterated its commitment to the islands defense. the united states is concerned by the people's republic of china's provocative military activity near taiwan, which is to stabilizing risks, miscalculations, and undermines regional peace and stability. we will continue to assist taiwan in maintaining a sufficient self defense capability in line with our long standing commitments and consistent with our one china policy tension between beijing and washington escalated after you as how speaker nancy pelosi visited taiwan back in august after which other us lawmakers and foreign delegations also began doing up to visit the
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move sparked fury from beijing, which in turn launch unprecedented life fire drills in circling the islands. victor gao, vice president of this center for china and globalization, says the u. s. is trying to instigate a conflict which goes against the interest of both the chinese and american people . united states is not doing what president. ready told the chinese leader in body, they are walking the wrong walk. while sometimes they talk to roy talk. if you read the dangerous mind of some of the decision makers or washington, they probably want to be the last dealer to taiwan, make all the money in the wrongful way, and try to instigate outbreak of military conflicts. and then they will come to the top of the claim in themselves as angels. but i think the chinese people on both sides of the taiwan straits has enough wisdom to see through while the united
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states is today. because what the united states doing is not for the fundamental interest of the people in taiwan. it is against the fundamental interest people of china and philosophically. it is also against the fundamental interest of the american people. because the american people do not want to see a wall prosy china and the united states for the sake of u. s. government support of ty was separatism. the main beneficiary of the ukraine war. that's how russia foreign minister describe the u. s. as role in the conflict saying, washington is seeking to prolong the turmoil by flooding kiev, with weaponry. the united states has been doing everything possible to prolong the conflict and make it even more violent. the pentagon is openly preparing american defense industry orders for years to come, constantly raising the limit of military spending. the key resume is being pumped
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up with the latest weapons receiving samples that have yet to be sure to western forces. earlier joe biden signed yet another a bell to support this time with a price tag of $45000000000.00. an american adviser to you. crazy military in an interview to cnn said washington should approve supplies of cluster munitions, to quote, increase based lethality. the 2008 convention on cluster munitions ban such weapons as an detonated devices pose a danger to the public. the document was signed by more than $100.00 countries, including the majority of the you countries. though russia the u. s. and ukraine worked among them, human and labor rights lawyer, dan paval, x as the call for supplying such weapons proves washington doesn't care about civilians. what it will do will that will cause suffering to soldiers and civilians, but i don't think it will help you. crane. when the war,
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they are anti personnel devices, they exist to, to main, and to kill many times civilians. we know that the u. s. has in other theaters provided cluster bombs, for example, in yemen. i don't think they care about the ukrainian people. if they did, they would've abided by the men's agreements. instead, they allowed ukraine to continue to attack the don bass for 8 years, even before the special operations began in february. i, it's very clear to me that the u. s. will bike russia to the last ukranian the ukrainians are seen nearly as cannon fodder for the united states. the european union is one of the main losers of the ukraine conflict. that's the message from the former vice chancellor of austria in an interview to r t z worlds apart. you can see the full version on our website at r t dot com,
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but here's the part of it. gelatin ported fishing place. we faced the situation where political interests are given more importance than freedom of expression and democracy, belittle with all of this contradicts the principles of peace, democracy and freedom of speech. but it's a very sad situation which is now happening in europe as citizens, with other opinions faced accusations of treason, stigmatization, and marginalization liberals. ultima break that people fail to acknowledge what occurred long before the current events at arm rush of it because of certain incidents, felt itself encircled. and then the initial cou over through the democratically elected ukrainian government. more than 10000 russian speaking people in eastern ukraine died as a result of this school. moreover, we remember the recent comments from former german chancellor angela merkle, who said from the start, nobody took the minsk agreement seriously,
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but nobody expected them to become a basis for long standing piece. obviously they were signed with only one goal to give you crane more resources and strengthen it prior to a conflict with russia to buy at time, instead of reaching long lasting peace in europe. such moves were made with full knowledge of their consequences. the e u is one of the main losers of this conflict. as the u. s. now dictates its actions. we see that a record number of companies went bankrupt. libby, businesses are unable to stay afloat, and people are under threat of unemployment. yet many have already lost their jobs . it's lucy. moreover, we face rising prices. it affects a lot of people. more and more people can't afford to pay for usual goods and services. so europe is suffering to this. in fact, europe is destroying itself. it is losing its competitiveness as industries are moving out of the union. and that's are up on this hour's top stories worldwide for
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more up to the minute news coverage. head over to r t dot com. and don't forget to follow us on odyssey rumble and gab from our thanks for tuning in. we'll see you back at the top of the hour. ah ah ah ah.


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