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tv   News  RT  January 6, 2023 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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i used to miss dog this seems neat. he just sat down with moscow say, the ukraine continues firing on civilian areas. despite a cease fire announced by russia foot orthodox christmas, which care projected local service block roads in southern kosovo, demanding justice for 2 victims, including a child wounded off to an albanian national targeted civilians in a drive by shooting on to lowest, nothing europe. that's how the heads up. but nick news is parent company around to the detention of its chief lithuania editor by old forties in nazi
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with aber welcome from all of our team here in the russian capital. this is our tanza national with the latest world news roundup. great to have you with us. i, we start with the rush is as apples you have reached more explosion is reportedly walk to railway station and millet topple the city has previously been targeted by ukrainian military drones and artillery. does i word yet on what could have caused the latest since that we will? of course, keep you updated with this comes and made that unilateral 36 hour orthodox christmas seas 5 declared by moscow, but rejected by kias russia's defense ministry. se ukrainian forces have continued their shelling of civilian areas on friday. according to local officials, the city of don, yes, was hit several times shortly after the holds of hostilities was supposed to come into effect of correspondence from on calls or of his in don't. yes. with it says ceasefire was ordered by president vladimir putin in order for orthodox christians
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in russia and ukraine to attend to religious services. uring the says sacred holiday and the cease fire began at noon on friday and should last until midnight on saturday. so for 36 hours so people can celebrate this event. however, at exactly noon on friday, ukraine once again shelled civilian areas here in a generic firing multiple a rockets, multiple artillery shells against a civilian areas according to local officials. so they were $155.00 millimeter caliber natal supplied weapons to ukraine. so far we haven't heard about any casualties at this point. however, the news will be coming in throughout the day. now once again, once this is a temporary truce,
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was offered by president vladimir putin suggested by the patriarch of the russian orthodox church. president zalinski of ukraine refused to observe this cease fire. and that he was also echoed by the leaders of the so called collective west as well. now, too many observers say here in the boss and in russia and ukraine as well, this shows and another divides between ukrainian leadership and the orthodox our church. now this has been going on for a while, many priests in ukraine, of the ukraine, an orthodox church of the moscow patriarch kate, were a question that interrogated by the agent. so the police and other law enforcement but services many times are threatened with death and incarceration. so this is a very huge divides in terms of religion now in ukraine. but sir, rush,
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any great have, but traditionally been a orthodox and the shared this so common histories for many, many centuries o, as in regards to local officials, i hear in the boss president, sofa, the head of the, the next people's republican is pushing. it says that if the sees wire will be broken, if there are casualties, they have all all the rights it to to respond and to return fire against those barbaric attacks as a place against peaceful civilians. meanwhile, ukrainian artillery continues to show peaceful civilians here on a daily basis. and locals are really used to it. as a several districts of the city are under constant artillery fire by ukraine. over the last 24 hours alone, a 2 women were wounded when a $155.00 millimeter caliber rocket landed in their house. i went to visit that
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area. and here's my report. ukrainian military continues said the shedding of residential areas all for genetic as the result of the late, the sharing on thursday night 2 women were wounded. both women wore in their sixties. they were both in this house that now lays almost completely destroyed. now, according to the russian investigative committee, ukraine use $135.00 millimeter caliber, a weapons that were supplied to give by nato countries militia, with a missile, doing currently, which of the investigative committee of russia's conducting an inquiry. this entails and inspection of the scene in the caribbean, shove district of donuts columbia, which was once again hit by artillery fire from ukraine. fragments of an legend, $155.00 millimeter projectile were found at the scene. jim, with certain districts here in the nest, had been under constant shedding by the ukraine military, nearly 9 years and more sol. how the last year since
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a special military operation began. now i spoke with one of the local residents whose a house was destroyed and he says that this has been happening these barbaric, thanks by a friend in military have been happening almost on a daily basis. just last week he buried his aunt and he said that he's been fixing this house constantly, but right now it looks like is beyond repair. oh charles, you somebody do. a street was bombed here yesterday to women were injured, but thank god, not seriously. there's also house there, of course destroyed. it's like this every day. my aunt was killed a week ago on a neighboring street live right across the street and just bird her. the record, he had the halls directly. it's nightmare here. ukrainian army only bumps civilians that there is no military ship, no warehouses. russian investigative committee have been working here on the ground covering the war crimes committed by ukraine on
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a daily basis. they're traveling to each and every location that was shelled by ukrainian military. they have an armored car where unfortunately, this car doesn't always save them, their risk, their lives on a daily basis. and jeff, last week, one of their com rates was killed by ukrainian herschel, re shedding fisma give you a little bit about the investigative committee of the russian federation has been here since the beginning of the special military operation. we record all the shelling and its consequences on a daily basis, and we also make daily records of any one wounded, injured, or killed. criminal cases are being opened with regard to the shelling and the perpetrators will definitely be punished. now these are just some, some of the discoveries that the investigators of the rush investigative committee make on a daily basis. now, the trial absolutely. everywhere of course, they record human tragedies as well. and they promised that so all those
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who were involved in the killing hope peaceful civilians will face justice, vermont author of arte done it's republican earlier on friday, which is the orthodox christmas eve, celebrated by both russians and ukrainians. can security service agents rated multiple churches across the country saying that pro russian materials were found there? the same time ukrainian officials came to be impartial towards religious denominations . i mean, while some west and politicians had cried foul ivy calves refusal to observe a cease fire for christmas. us republican congressman paul, go saw stacy's. no, surprised by the ukrainian rejection as caught on washington to stop sending money to the country. that's off the pentagon, announced another massive aid package of $93000000000.00 to keith. so the list sonya vans and essays, the ukranian government, is trying to provoke a new armed response from russia. i think it wants to be expected because yesterday
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in the western mainstream media, they already said that ukraine didn't agree to to the to so yeah, i think it was to be expected of course use provocation that they do. it's just afternoon. well no, because then the ceasefire be started. it's for sure a big sign that she's my between the ukranian church and their russian jurors is not respect, chose from the ukrainian side and also to western side that they don't want a truth. they don't want negotiations at all because otherwise they would have said, okay to at least respect a holy moly day like christmas. and it is meaningful for russians and ukrainians, des, date, like they do in the west when it was christmas to respected millions of people are now marking, also dogs christmas across russia and some other parts of eastern europe. public festive festivities being held in many churches as well as plenty of private celebrations of one of the biggest religious holidays in this part of the world.
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that's not close to our correspondence of fantasies outside moscow's main cathedral, the church of christ, the savior, sophia, it's a very cold night air in the russian capital, but then hasn't stop people from coming out to celebrate the hot warming event as it yes. nearly 4 in 10 of the world's orthodox christians live in russia with orthodoxy being the 3rd largest branch or for sanity. and these friday meal ends over ortho, the christians, in russia, i celebrating christmas attending churches and cathedrals throughout the country for the traditional midnight mass. that starts in the late hours of january, 6th, and anne's early in the morning. on january 7th, we are bringing this van to you from moscow where there had of the russian orthodox church metro kit eel is holding my christmas eve liturgy,
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a russian largest church. the cathedral of christ, the savior, and despite of minus 25 celsius and minus 13 foreign height, fries hundreds of people have gathered here to celebrate with those who are in so brave are tuning in to the christmas mass lie stream from their homes. in his speech patriot kitty ill ask worshippers too brief, are those in ukraine who aren't able to participate in this tradition? so we asked people what, what they think about the situation, and what christmas means to them in us thought it for me, christmas symbolizes unification. the unity of the family. we have relatives in ukraine and this holiday should unite us. the christmas is a family tale, something unusual and class, and we have common trying to win ukraine and navigation that is dear to us. it's terrible that that trying to destroyed like the drug which limited for christmas as
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a family holiday for me. i'm in a good mood. i wish every one happiness and good health and there should be no discord. every one should be united, tomorrow's. ah, christmas day is a national holiday in russia observed on january 7th. that is because a russian church follows the old julian calendar rather than the gregorian that is used in greece and many other orthodox conscious. that is why easter christmas and other are really just holidays come to russia 2 weeks later. and now it's finally here. so merry christmas everyone many thanks for that reports and so we'll let you go and get something warm to drink. now i thank. thank you. well, thanks christmas is of course help being marked in russia's new regions which recently joined the country off to referendums and they don't yet for public city of mario po, which so some of the faces battles of last he has conflict churches have been house
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. what have held solemn festive services earlier this friday, however, the traditional nighttime ceremonies have been postponed, said due to security concerns. while french president monument cron has reiterated previous commitments made to ukraine promising more arms sounds. combat vehicles to support key ebs ongoing will efforts until victory and until peace returns to europe or support for you. crime will not waver. i confirmed it to president zalinski, france will provide light combat tanks and continuous support. in terms of a defense, there's been a distinct shift in the french president's rhetoric on the ukraine conflict. he keeps repeating in tweets the words until victory and re tweeted ukrainian president library zalinski who thanked michael and said quote, your meaning. michael's leadership brings our victory closer. it started to sound a lot like frances co belligerent in this conflict on ukraine side against russia. and that's quite different from how knuckle framed. frances rolled back in may of
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last year. we are not at war with russia. we are working as europeans for the preservation of the sovereignty territorial integrity of ukraine and for the return of peace draw continent, we will be that to rebuild ukraine as europeans have always been pretty difficult for my call to argue that france and europe aren't at war with russia, as he explicitly says there, while at the same time promising to load one side of the conflict up with combat tanks to use against russian forces. it's like michael is bringing paris into this conflict with the back of the spoon, as they say here in france, mission creep in the absence of any democratic consultation with the french electorate to see if they want to be back deeper into a conflict with russia. particular and even the cost that they're paying in terms of energy bills and inflation. now. previously, michael had taken a lot of flak from the western establishment over his more neutral positions. on this conflict, former nato secretary general hans fob rasmussen,
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lambasted michael in an interview last summer over michael's lack of military support to ukraine and over the french president's insistence on a diplomatic solution to the conflict. and just last month, we learned that diplomats from the baltic states and other e u countries were lodging formal complaints with their french counterparts over michael's insistence in an interview on french t v. in december, that russia be given security guarantees in any negotiations. so it's pretty clear that even a neutral position, like mac hole did have, or one that favors piece and negotiations over escalation is now viewed as not just unacceptable, but hostile to ukraine by the western establishment. and while the pressure is just ramping up on all sides to abandon any neutrality whatsoever to finish politicians launched a campaign with in europe to make germany hand over tanks to ukraine. of the logic
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is that if other similar countries could pledge german leopard tanks to ukraine than it would embarrassing for germany not to do the same. there's also pressure coming directly from ukraine with secretary of the national security and defense council of ukraine. alexey daniel of pressuring germany to also deliver on tanks for q, by raising the absolutely ridiculous spectre of russia invading germany. if he doesn't get its weapons. wishlist felt saying in a recent interview that if german chancellor olaf sholtes wants, quote the germans to fight near berlin and near stuttgart on german tanks with the russians, then he can just continue his game of weather tanks are needed for ukraine or not. so what do you know, germany and the u. s. have now just agreed to also along with france, sand combat tags to ukraine and they all just keep talking about taste as though they're just defensive weapons. now, those are some pretty impressive rhetorical and mental gymnastics. almost as much
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as planning to not be involved in conflict while army one side was. so whether you do take the guns and canons off the tags. so they can't be used offensively. and i'll come on shorts and my calls thin facade of neutrality. busy has obviously just totally crumbled with this new move and so has any pretence that michael may have had in adopting an independent position in the interests of peace. to subs have been wounded, including a child after and albanian national targeting civilians and a dr. my shooting in the village of golf, russia, and southern kosovo. the incidental sparked outrage among local ethnic serbs with many blocking roads, demanding justice. the victims have been taken to hospital and our reported to be in a stable condition. we had from some eye witnesses of the attack. he say the civilians are lucky to be alive. while you the little boy was shot above his forearm. he could have been more serious, but he was lucky. he will have to undergo surgery because the bullet got stuck in
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his arm. no will. we were returning to village was stopped to take a picture and this man came rolled down the car window, took out his gun and started shooting. 2 of my friends were here than the attacker fled the scene really was up. i went to gather traditional bonds tree as we do every year went to the road to take pictures. and on the way back, this car came, shot me in the hands, and then sped away. the situation remains tanza. 3rd protest is in southern casa, they say that boat blocks will be maintained until the attack is brought to justice . artie contributes a nuclear which centers this report. boys were returning from board, scaring the so called, dividing additional treatments or presents christmas and they were going along the road singing vehicles stop man, around 30 years of age came out and shot to them and he takes escapes from the crime scene. both boys are stable,
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one was wounded in his arm and under his shoulder and they are 21 and 11 years of age. course police came out saying that they have arrested him in the service kept calling regarding this and. ready they said that they will remain here until they are certain that that person will they so if the real factor and that he will be charged the end, the prosecutor in the right manner until then they're staying and blocking several roads in the south. of course, when they get the men justice and we are basically getting the news from one minute, one other suggestion is changing every every, every 2nd basically. and. ready one thing is certain that we are once again for some restless night regarding the situation in the course. and that's all the information you can so far in bob way is taking action to limit the foreign exploitation of its natural resources. the african countries government ah
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suspended processing on the extraction of strategically important minerals. it has thus become necessary that in our nation's interest, we will temporarily stop accepting and processing applications for mining licenses for the following minerals until further notice, diamonds. copper, lithium, nickel, and rare earth minerals. the above directives are to go into effect immediately. domains comes after some local mine has failed to declare the discoveries of certain minerals that he restrictions also into providing more oversight on the activity of foreign mining operators. in zimbabwe, the country holds the largest lithium reserves in africa with the metal required for high tech production lines in other countries. the parkway, early of reported billions of dollars in loss, is due to the illegal extraction of its lithium by multinational companies who heard from some local politicians about the significance of the new restrictions. the country had been losing billions of dollars, an export of lithium,
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which is on very high demand globally because lithium is used for electric batteries, solar but trees smart for that such a truck. and i think that was a very positive noble move that was made by the government was about which because we're at a stage where we are supposed to be a shoring that will makes about which low de la economy. and we can only do that when we are preserving what we have into to mining the prices of what we have and how we're going to be trading with other countries that we know is sources that we have in our country. they've been a lotto for all the time, exported the country and as a country we have benefited little as much we every one of the biggest it'll come to posing the world, benefits to did that federally. so we came aboard a with this sir. oh, policy to buy the export over all the cam, tory encourage her companies to come have sick,
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been in the country. ah, demonstrators have rallied outside the landfill embassy in moscow to protest against what they called the country's suppression of freedom of speech on us. after we got attains the chief editor of the sputnik lithuanian news agency journalist merits cast them who hold the landfill. passport was detained by the country security services on charges of violating antsy russian sanctions on reportedly espionage, the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman and condemned the detention as a blatant violation of free speech. we've also got reaction from a russian m. p on the head of spoke next. parent company almost written for governors and merits, can possibly lose his freedom due to allegations of violating anti russian sanctions. i knew the sanctions are a lawful as well as the arrest. this is lawlessness in europe when a person can be arrested for his journalistic work opinion or the information he provides. there can be even harsher chargers, such as espionage or treason. and we've dealt with this before,
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and we shouldn't rule out such dark perspectives at the op roscoe luca for that matter which affects every journalist. because if anybody can be taken in custody for their opinion and be charged with espionage, which is not uncommon these days that nobody safe. so all people should stand together in this situation. morocco, sam did not violate any laws. he did his job as a journalist, legally. he provided true and unbiased information and hit nothing from i will kind of spies a person who works in the public eye for the media and hides nothing but the accusations are false. and we need to understand this region. so the 1st time the journalist has been targeted by european authorities, marcus, and recently described his detention in lithuania, back in 2019. you said, well, the british sled, it would take me several hours to simply name all the journalists who come under pressure in eastern europe. this new here is just one of my own stories in breelan, which is or back in 2019. i was detained at villainous airports. what searched and
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questioned for 5 or 6 hours you to state security officers performed a role play of a good cop, bad cop with the bad one shouted at me that you're working for kiss. hello from good. why did you come here? the other one asked me is that you are a latvian citizen, so why are you working for them? you know who they are, they are not really. people rushes, a peculiar country only. finally, he said, you're lucky, you're not a russian citizen, or we wouldn't be having a very different conversation. and now we'll just kick you out and close the border for you for 5 years. come on the the russian president's council on human rights faith the land van case against mars. cason is a bird and is called only o s e and council of europe to intervene. cheer, political analysts, brian ballistic, says the journalist dissension highlights the west's campaign against alternative narratives. i think at the continuation of western hypocrisy, and more specifically this campaign, the specific campaign of censoring any sort of information coming from russia's
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point of view or anyone agreeing with russia's point of view. and this is essentially shutting down what the west has always claim that stood for freedom of speech. and they do it under increasingly ambiguous and irrational grounds. it absolutely is a violation of international law, just one of the pillars of what the u. s. claims is. this inter national rules based order is the self proclaimed leader of and yet it has done the most it and it's like they've done the most to demolish these pillars. one by one, freedom of the press being one of the news news organizations like r t, r raced off of youtube. and this is all i think is fine of desperation and weakness on the west part. they cannot afford. busy alternative narratives and alternative points of view entering into the conversation because they have no way
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to defend their own point of view. many thanks for joining us here. we're now seeing national web back the company who's who's ah, with by the middle of the 19th century, practically the whole of india had been under the rule of the british empire. the colonial authorities had imposed that heavy death bringing the people into poverty
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and were exporting natural resources. and moreover, these authorities absolutely had no consideration for the provisions of the local population, treating them like 2nd class citizens. the british were showing signs of disrespect even to those who cooperated with them. the fact of ignoring the religious beliefs of the hindus led to the mutiny embassy boys, mercenary soldiers serving under the british ground. 3000000000 began on the 10th of may 1857 in the garrison town of may river, north of india. in the form of a mutiny. the rebels quickly took over daily. the heroic resistance of the indian people lasted for one and a half years. however, the forces were not equal. the colonial authorities dealt with the rebels cruelly, the slaves, the boys were tied to the mouth of the cannon and were shot right through their bodies for the amusement of the public. this type of execution was called the
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devil's with the obliteration of the mutiny resulted in the death of 800000 inhabitants of india. however, the british empire never broke the free spirit of the indians and their will are resisted. ah, with this song? yes, a november 22nd 2022 count ranged orthodox christians, confronted ukrainian security service officers looking entrances and exits to keep the oldest monastery looking for an alleged russian spies among the monks. i was
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just calling about bringing my la la. okay. i got them today ukrainian security services can brandon agent of moscow. any mongo priest unwilling to break relations with a russian orthodox church? dozens of ukrainian churches have been rated. the former reason for the brutal crackdown. one church, his parishioners said some a song about russia ah, me often numerous such as s b u officers reported they'd found orthodox magazines printed in russia. the s b u didn't care that these publications were religious and had been printed more than 3 years before. oh maybe, but they were from moscow in ukraine. it's long been recently enough to condemn any old adult christian attack in prison and even kill them
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with stale less walnuts. cromwell gray is kept by the full grains going this good. nicola nodded, but i can't they be will media with school or slow on so i remember when you use place, i don't know what's going on with come on a couple of i was going to miss possible for you. no, not though. i mean, you have a phone to reset the password to stay on the will a gathering to pray in the church of saint john of current on the outskirts of done it's a few years ago. a rocket fired by the ukranian army destroyed the church, but it continues to operate. you're just going to go, can you be riley in the mostly still yes. oh pm. yeah, mostly when you bought a.


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