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any time you so there is your boomerang ah! with no, we're sure i was referred. it is a lot of 30 though, of your house, toby, or cold, 5th one, your bully, mazda thumbs them a tool for them. a 3, a c, a 360. by the flood was he will show just as i would be locked in to contribute to the audio, not the smallest one other the nikima to what is the most helpful results here that she taught us to polano all as a preliminary physical key. and that, that was ludmilla taylor, a little bit through the employer. smith douglas la month channel, is it,
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i love it to us. we know him, but it does are pretty put. there's only so many cars for his for 3rd, some muffins, but them all. as you feel now, she lives for elizabeth, which is for level of detail to remove fil a full year bill as a turn on a door was i missteps said there is any new she started searching. so we're not what you put control and wondered how much i had end up. is that again a doors? yeah. and which are fed in your c ha, yet no more. so been a glove in the theme or styling or do we not go blah because you'll be but it's like it. i still want to watch and loud upgrade up or you'll be put on that. you know, some others that i not got call me but you tell them which remind me or yeah, she brought it all the dogs or somebody some toys unable to ski bought out
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the pay. carly, allow candles. tony used mere from sweeter than not to not. so said paula, take b it allow who egg a bit would your head in was made to collide with me so was may he die? don't much you thought me and i'm glad you got the wood that our land see mile lead from march. or if a check or not just run w dot on to know who to head the audio sub it be. be go ephito question because i quit my pseudo ching talk on with the man i pushed the aka and i called the sydney connie. you studio, what are matching with the model? that is, i would argue i taught time to head go. is that quote like that? or she could, will go eagle,
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which brokerage tech be an allow it pointed. so most of us get log boyish logo to senate control on. and it's not what i'm with them. ask about you think it's overly. so think of the fob, you said going out of singapore the you in assist us that about on board cheer, saddle really kebraw salon xena the toilet took her the most to put on the qui year costume. i'll go with the china delaware is cilla. this is, let's get the zip code. is it it phyllis that all over at it from here they yolande . it's up and from afghanistan hours to be a sub for dental. oh it oh, i never found a subscribe for a fiscal filter. yes. be in the really when is for, for with when you one, what if you could say around
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a little blood feel world because the youth that i believe the 1st thing or chills they love for you with the word the 3rd year would be these are these are the savage here go up or in history such his grandma is also the sima to boucher sim oliva. leave a de jesus from a yard. no. probably in suffolk is out of jenica toy quote key oscar o l thread seller sir seller doctor too. so probably what he has on your glove with the w symptomatic, told, told sam was from ali bush not to support the responses for many years. so natalie is a boy, but another one is a boy, only probably will be all white people he get up. is that of a small or to school servants?
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was there been so far as that, not to coin they to any? i said, ordered school year be commanded a 17 regarding a lake way beyond on is out that seek is latina nice have seized on eastern quiz. they will, as it will be the best that she will and i'm, i'm basically t not but we're all my little shining, the multitude on the physics ski small and orderly a is simply run into some of which are not. i was there when to possibly this she's done as soon as i mean was are vanity nickleby or thing of nature that has been a will open skyline about the part of film at all. this is in a climate, this is the climate of 70 zill. nick, when he had 0 nice. it already just leverage in zone is are there. hello, mr. danley, casual, gonna now on. if vanessa originally cachimba or near be it only dear to
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nearby, it only started the news jane. any throw admits at 1st i do go on a thought or via but i'm not done. may always threaten us to burn down now near glad of leon. leon equates this new bill or a. ready ready thought that no money the baby already manual don't don't clean that to clinical cost though. so most of us silly wouldn't say tucker, play it on a $99.00, almost. or to quote up on to the knox from godaddy. for me, forbid, version are these leisure renaissance listed on this, but they'll get off year old over most of the liquidity on miss luckey
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gordon, n e o. to correct that the done us posted on the border to the national photograph here. the pre luxury, all messed up, landed on us to none of them, a fellow called 5th of co philadelphia for the been thought, but he knew. so don't go, mr. we'll try to claim that too much for for this is lannie bowman. it is, will fiscal good at the federal? it's my august fella a summarily with ronnie ispa, monique. so the lead small godzilla is all about personal, whether that's at school or an email slab. understood by now the pros, foot of flooding us to the bolster, was the cost would only be a fee were slightly matilda families, but optima they but unique bogan law. not better than that with this is legal to now i will keep grow slowly, but as the bother to put the men in their family, gulker lieber,
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boiling poppy cassius for this. i thought a moment lowered to store somewhat old venue to dot out some b. all does me all get out on his $200.00. that's with them. doug williams and he has some money. joshua locked at the store for me, a bill and i realize you, they've done the toilet. i beat some anesthesia. you see it is more someone else use any special place that i'm thought is like someone else. you don't expect you to come up. there are some who was would she said dornan or girl bother this. he took september dish to do this. if beat they got the ne, ah,
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paul dubose was a school wasn't quite up. if they had no denial rest, she might put lucky. you like that? i will, he checked was not that cow subsea stalingrad or because he had dr. cook, which was we shall be left out. these keys, not china, is me. you totally any see is up with the teenagers chip, or baby boy. dormer barrier does not in the nation in the infancy now as well. i'm not. and i used to, or that, and i was which i guess, but honestly, a sort of castilla, oh, the not by the mostly school now got again, what don't get in order to end up at the low, oakwood by the 5th most mine and i scanned in thick ways, but i was that the, it, he that would not get an update on my desk to endorse the national board. you know, amongst ways who told you may be a seminal a on,
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i mean you were there. listen was not always us. them was a deal with miss elliott. she the own i with a minus one in us down on bills for more on the, on him, on the running. so this way on. i so not a bill, it's always a group that of any, was the china because there was which it focus on their own mean the fillmore in my name cock flew. they these on the line see month o m j d o n login. we just had the not to come and see where she goes to that you could zondaway chuck international rich castillo to little girl. evelyn cookson, who did these on me to say to decrease was not these was woochie the
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so beverly taken by the pizza cutter? super cool for them to sit on this it, you know, cameras only, and that's when i miss and i'm just she said no tricker probably to login to see she should have control adult swim club. ah ah ah, with the discovery of the new world, at the end of the 15th century, there appeared atlantic slave dre. the slave traders from european countries started building forth on the western coast of the african continent to transport the african inhabitants to america,
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to be forced into hard labor. until the middle of the 17th century. portugal had laid the main role in this atrocious business. then great britain, france and the netherlands took the leadership, or the span of 400 years of legal and illegal slave trade. about 17000000 people were forcefully shaped across the atlantic. not including those who died on the way due to unbearable living conditions. modern historians estimate that for each slave ship to america, there were 5 who died while captured during transportation, and cruel obliteration of rebellion. this ruthless people tre practice by the leading european countries, took away tens of millions of african lives. the organisation of united nations classifies that trans atlantics the lathe trade as one of the gravest human rights
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abuses in the history of humanity. this is the biggest act of deportation of people ever seen by mankind. with joggers archipelago, homer that you go san diego garcia of the largest island and the archipelago is now the location of a very large u. s. military base. you get government. he's out to the u. s. government to make a military base and just defaulted, or douglas and people from their country so they can return back on the island. no, no, but we are fighting. that's why i'm fact we'll fasting for the right. so i, we do not consider the right to self determination actually applies to the trickle . since i don't the question of self determination,
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the legal advice we have received is actually the chic options. we're not, i'm not a people for me, it's time to move on and see what we can do. a full the tumbler said committee to return back home. there is no support from the united nation. i commission, african united michelle. don't care about chug or send people what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms. race is often very dramatic, development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk those will just be how quickly most teachers are sub skilled player. just tackle knows
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that, that chris watching that but it's well off to 60 last him to soccer mom. would you know all of that neil wash them. my son, not a, this is she's but a gambowski bought out some channels that will be an iranian, that was vis copel's, which comedy is it? our little guy, doctor said he called me about your sleep commander polychrome his music, or stopped me several beneath me and a piece which i will be finished when it comes to push auctions. pass that not a bit to use your cartoons to sound of june. the cups wanted to much, i mean was from army or for that it home, which i switch the money back line. yeah. correctly. they said, well mark i blocked off from. huh. yeah, there she seems to be a not. you said we did not receive faxes out of demi bottom probably now to glen
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the dock. us. they both do put yeah, that is what you actually pronounced. give to god the or so i my suck garcia, rubies out of the new. the new was shocked to walk to, to, to decide to buy ma'am good. now, is that a lot most? yeah, to for that out c b, i see it, there was a school to start out. we have a nice that of each need. what you know, we supporting and we met g card i use landscape of a it was out of, but i just have been that put your g card banassi on a poem. yes. it's not both small. oh, was that a missed call? ms. emilio there on. i bill a restore desk, i'd be glad to say that c v a g y would be my g e and asked about last name is throw out sort of any kind of
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a that as being in your them. yes is on us and i swore dollar or you are in which i'm on. i and i, b, i one does bill pretty much any that done us more and it used to e mail or so the engine out of the post a small, really all night. and as me just the most virtual that'll supposition these are james law, but it is a c bridge im not last minute serial. sony is for the prism group, 0 phone is for marcy said that the other now told us, you know, the presence of 2 possible if you will, if you put out just some not so much for this little section in these some bill find the p generals they know as many
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a closer. yeah. which of the is it to the authority? jasa marshall was i thought they would get it through to the kilogram. a doc was a movie fargo i social. so i'm designed for such as that. she's kayla duck with them. any more, mike ma glove was not feature some global phyllis williams thought for the said the total household furniture to the board in that to turn on shore still to do say 3 missed the thought to feel i know meta, she was told from the bus to civil yet about are there with, you know, the service was to go buy has been here a year for now. says he, aquarius who is gradually out of b. a swain copied alo, doyle, grown minister there. so 3 others, i am a graceful port. so emily was to renew those re with cell war with dish or will be that they'll call many yes, to nicholas now,
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since canada nika that she has caused them dorcas or told me, yes, they're all will. but i would love to grow, be acquire, say, and i was the old old manner with manner of southgate. so t kusha was the, this is the legal milton. welcome to huntsville, napa, winston, its bye or disconnect, postpone it by the name. ah, yeah. the deal floodlights. oh um you're still a cell in the group, but the nozzles, you fuzzy? yes. new pupils if that's nice origin me in the colon. toya at almost 3 sig with enough was set up the nam business dot sylvia. you see a village clarissa now with bowman yogi, suggest hassan is thought of for brown. it's you swear cassandra? othello. the fleet with see but i go my will for michelle when she mused the building, i'll get some new stuff, a little nickel guy. not the irishman heal. dr. try it out
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there. this is pete. i wanna ah, the amazon here will sell high. so i don't, richie touch near was our sales coolie, but i often as average with several lever. they've been what used to know command bomb. yes. the audrey that we're here on your local deal shape, shop sherry at sky virginia or the ag jenny. can the super do much useful man? and then i'm almost there will be asked kirkwood toward a v which academic we still pretty steeply is saudi. scott, i be a young man now i'm. i've got to stand not to scale deal of i see it back call luck was acquitted. troublemaker. those that are unique, which i me a tower co like which one you nemo? to go to your sustina would to me because them with the glare that the what
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the scenario, the steamer waste of it. okay. quality. i'll bitten them with enough to watch on the us with the don't much him for money problem you. tommy was supposed to meet the horseshoe laboratory e t o chin ass marie auto guy. my mom logging name your answer and that's when diane is up on the christ hosting undock with toys deal or buying a little kill. just know when you get but i'm a because you will create ok. see a solution. ok. see a lot scale. you mostly months, give away skin. put it on the play store, the artist did he? yeah. so the customer got a quick right. and you could just push the oxy oxygen coil. we're brought it out. would you put extra advisors here? so focused on the truck, right? i see on doc stop what it was, of course, all that stuff because i and sales go shop, reach out to for for some know
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a skilled shares of a lot store sanders. if he does a good, you know, he put them up as i stuff right now. my stop it. he just started by, but you know that you sound like a duck animal mostly. but you know that i purchased a family, a nick, you said about to miss louis demo with a controller for that out there with you. i know they just come in on what is the, what is your team? if the on a just don't put a judge even a sleep vehicle anymore, you should be more likely because a what about the more a dollar fee for your new state to produce work? which of course, we still have not really, the best thing would be, you know, the cost more going on, economic a lower deductible. is you what kind of, you know you were a skimming norman? mostly my just really don't know what i'll do. if you're still
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w a dot on there with a red dot what, at least again with good. yes, that's any doctor lottie, and nicolai, a new deal than ever. safina crumpets aim for thursday. a maya zapeda and alco hiena day neo company. and i turned attorney. you a piece of nazi owner, it'll asthma for evidence of that don't equal he that they knew a deal being l e. i so they're not beaten. dallas goes the 2nd. you know them of the so cool, my doctor got go see
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a piece at the end and that you more day my so folks out, i know we circle miller nag. they said they both turn in nasa now because of what the tardy my con unit. yeah. that in that that, that was now to put in a book, sorry, the casual that old is or snap august. yeah. post them beat. i noticed were me cuisine older, eat now. she bretzky's year old of year grimma is virtually august. you som, i saw a quote you. ready ready ready ready ready ah ah yes, now that the finance for is typical night of the morris had been, he's only 50 that either. still yet that bad luck with was suddenly much vermont with the fed mazili bush, nazi all night public stomach wisc or somebody said
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h m a y thorbe request. nicholas? yes, cool. now manip was not from years ago. dollars easy or fatty. ha. whereas i mean in eastern is not required is not true that you send a nissan, we'll call no cut. so bush not she will be any over the will be on the market yet on or thought on is set back home. she ought to neglect, shall sit about and sheer itself. keith clutch in the case, her beer. so. so she stay lousy. be tuck clinic, he gets me for me and that'll make him there's i'm out of school form. yes. not going to. so any molly ill try to aetna slots ya was thought she mama, pablo please. what's the city where fast seemed to got she what he was family started to saw. i got married on the what would you put out on your legal what it would be when they cut one primary and you cook will not be sunday,
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said yet m. o i middle danika madison men with the office it's way watched until you both. all muslim, ask is latency felt it or he needs to causing any slack. he nickerson and he's looking to ship one more you tony. good day. yes and fema eat nama. it's warm palace hung on the east will quit nasa louis or not, but not to for. thank you ma'am, by the way each i feel is trana nancy solutions. lucky fellow. with a caution therapies, lotion up we had beatle aviles fog is latina builds with no one. no 13040. so causing any will semanski low to near causing him once weekly had a we had a week wait for those wally quiz. what are you purpose? you said sky initial not height, the dog affairs, laquissa dessler. but what did i to the police? what do you want us to? your des, ashleen out of the chin was lunch. i to particular tv bush out. the street is
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rushing out of the channels lunched, eat i, the cleaning woke up, which permitting, i thought he had any not she did the mockup which competing with your team or side a couple shots in the song. nacley notching a jelly. alina green arch magellio, the prefect did astonishing of his looks. mm. vanished really be about so bad. a bush that's housed cbb, cisco asked e. c global not to dojo in mike bush napkin it dot abuse it all you fool will be tucked it. don't, don't get to tuck lashley immigrant, adobe any where you met on the submittal casual busy minute. this is his aunt and that sort of answer go to somewhere and mostly mom, mom is negative, so substantial as soon as not by w b. c. that is, will give this to me, but allows really not they sit in a kilometer on them or do silly see what these are public,
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which i'm you don't use what are the solution brown as well. nice to switch. so when i'm really seen for qualen, not only it doesn't, it doesn't not on the odd game, it's not i not are than equal the number to say is soya come soon in the middle of color. yeah. with dish was eve, it is seenteen, but it deal with the all the quiz who just little concealed is dylan. nasha nash and i'm in the southern yes. organ, adamant about it. he probably will post precious get bashed it or not ali, a creature out in the sand. obviously a plus to to does a border. tony. tony, primary, doctor debra docks. i see he owned in me and he comes about it and i rushed. mm.
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i could that be seen by for years young about. i mean i purchased that based on a day a me yeah, missing my young son rocca, zach up on east. mm. batch. moya, i foresee its magazine knees now. i'm on that page. it's me sort of to sheila. yeah, the human being a batch. yet a canadian will be brought with godaddy toys that one. i love with love. any dog we create she timing very near boys. say modern united the if you said point 3, my belly canada. i might have fears 3 are children now. boy said some of it.
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mm. that's lucky way. better. yeah. we're gonna make what i am not able to actually came up. oh boy chris, that door shut out, but we've been a mom. okay. and he told me they wanted to, sonya negotiate best with some richer smartphone, if you any my way through. but obama able to dial a.


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