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tv   Interview  RT  January 31, 2023 8:30pm-9:01pm EST

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you slow, but more programs are right ahead. see what showing where you are today in moments from the team and myself, you know, with almost one year into the conflict. no major western leader is called for talks to bring peace to ukraine and europe. instead. we are witnessing dangerous escalation . the great tank debate has settled. will it be fighter jets next? where does this end with ah, minister,
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good morning. thank you very much for being with us today. good morning for you and for the audience. we have heard a number of stories when medical aid couldn't be provided fast enough due to israel restrictions and movement. to what extent does this blog access to health care for palestinians? yes sir, had sick daughter. right now, suffering a lot of problems because of the financial crisis. one issue and also because of the destruction of movement. and the impact of that on the ministry of health and services is huge. and with all the effort that we did in could be to help continue with their valiant health system. right now, actually williams is threatened with the financial crisis that we have with the restriction of movement and with the aggression of the commission against
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understand civilians. something that is too too hard and this, this is, it's very challenging for us as a minister. what exactly are the reasons for this financial crisis that the policy and health ministries facing right now? the financial coaches are being started since the beginning of this cabinet. the government moved by by the do notice the visual do not united states with mr. trump. see everything was unfortunately the new, the position with frozen recently with mr. by then and visit with the mr. by the administration and just to the pallet to punish on and to the region. he resumed some of the financial support to jerusalem hospitals only and all the projects that were
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offered by not states and through the u. s. a. were stopped right now since the end of 40 years and it says its impact, its impact on different and different areas in the sector as well. the other do notice they are delaying or so they are not offering this assistance financial assistance. why? i think it's political. do we myself as minister of health. i'm looking was, was with, with the humanitarian i, to my people. how can we help we, we are trying our best as, as government with the leadership of present mahmoud, the best prime minister, mr. talk to you how to cope with this situation until now we are,
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we are standing and trying to give all the services to our people. however, the depth and use of how we have all those in the sector, 22w3c shekels. as the and we have shortages of medical supplies. right now i have $9.00 to $1.00 items of social drugs out of the rest of. this is very a lot of me. and i don't know, i have a meeting with the donors with that sector work and group done those. and i just mention that to them as well. the aggression of the, of israel, and the brutality of the aggression against, by the students who william especially in the villages and in and out comes as what example junior food you come in junior, we are facing big,
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big health issue. because we have to face all the aggression, the wounded, and in addition to the martyrs and the martyrs that have been since the beginning of the feud, we have it in martyrs. now, in 2022 we have last year. we have 2220 marketers, almost, and with, with, with what we are pissing with their families, psychologically how they suffer the children of all of these issue. because when we are talking about us, we are talking about not only physical, but also psychological health, and the being of the people today is a good really have even a tech the hospital. janine has done something that this band with that, with felicia conventions and the consequences the geneva
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convention. luckily we, there was no, no human instead of consequences because by the, by this moment, the conductors and then this is that out of the, over that office. but, but by itself, the attack is against the all the into the show government just percentage you never for geneva convention. therefore, i think we need, as well as teenagers, there is a need that the national committee interviews, especially at this moment that is with a new government that is existing and with its new policies that are alarming. and there should be an in television by the finish equipment. you just had a meeting with foreign donors as i heard. yes. what are the results of this meeting? still the meeting is going on. i think with the shows that have been taken until i came to this interview because all of them they are from the health sector and the
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donors supporting their sector. they are looking for support. we are looking forward to this because there was a need. he mentioned that there is a lack of meta saying access to drugs, what israeli measures are affecting it. the financial measures actually finance is important because when we buy from the company, out of this, the depths that we have some 100000000 shekels for the pharmaceutical companies. they know that they're going to continue with this because they have to buy the materials in it to enable them to, to, to, to manufacture the drugs. we are trying our best from our not revenues. unfortunately, israel is gotten in a lot of news that that should and they should give us the news according to the agreements that is existing since long tom says agreement.
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unfortunately, with this new government, the internet got more and more from the, from these. and therefore, when they're getting more and more, this means that more questions we are going to have, can we say that due to these restrictions and due to these harsh measures, more palestinians di didn't reach this to, to, to this, the, to this, to this result. but to up to about, i'm doing a lot of the before before before, so we can have a plan to, to, to remedy and to prevent that. that will happen, however, that we have increased number of of that is because they are mildred by is, as i said in the beginning, it in, during this and we didn't finish the month. we have a team markers and the majority of them use and children and the majority in janine
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area. therefore, this when we should also stand, it's not question only of and also the condition of the patients. i'm administer. you mentioned that already we have the number is at least 36 children have been killed all throughout the occupied westbank last year. according to defense for children. what is the reason for these killings for loose killings? actually there's no reason there are it uses and children that are looking for freedom. if for example, at the, your, in, in one of the own of one of the villages as busing, for example, it soldiers with the jeep and with tags, etc. and some of the children do some, some movement, the not will come to the area, then they will be shot as simple as this shooting. and now the feud, and this year is very easy. and it was between brackets, localized by the government is really government. their food,
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this means that any soldier or any and israeli soldier soldiers, i mean that they can take the dick the from 0 even from 0 point they, they just killed the uses and the children and the men to be just and the media that you can see from 0 area last week, one of the we call the martyrs in our tradition and our religion at last week you nearby, nearby in the nearby here in the nearby bit in the woods. but he was discussing with him that you want to pass by. and there was a point of course, military railey military one. and he was telling them that he want to pass by me that the bus because they were doing, he killed him and he's the head of he was for 2 years old. ahead of
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a familiar fight to the 5 children just by arguing. so there is no reason the action, there is no reason to kill any human beings, but did it. but what abolition does existing is this is passing much more than what we would that than what that the national committee is expecting. ah, for ah, with by the middle of the 19th century, practically the whole of india had been under the rule of the british empire. the
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colonial authorities had imposed that heavy death bringing the people into poverty and were exporting natural resources. and moreover, these authorities absolutely had no consideration for the provisions of the local population, treating them like 2nd class citizens. the british were showing signs of disrespect even to those who cooperated with them. the fact of ignoring the religious beliefs of the hindus led to the mutiny of the boys. mercenary soldiers serving under the british crown. rebellion began on the 10th of may 1857 in the garrison town of may river, north of india. in the form of a mutiny. the rebels quickly took over daily. the heroic resistance of the indian people lasted for one and a half years. however, the forces were not equal to the colonial authorities dealt with the rebels cruelly . the slaves, the boys were tied to the mouth of the cannon and were shot right through their bodies for the amusement of the public. these type of execution was called the
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devil's with the obliteration of the mutiny resulted in the death of 800000 inhabitants of india. however, the british empire never broke the free spirit of the indians and their will for resistance. i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to create trust rather than and with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with
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ah, no one, no, no, not a joke. no, no. well, dog, more shrill than what they should end up unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program. that the world had ever known and will you know, to protect it, but it gives you a short notice that they're not able to learn. you suddenly looking to keep on more more general
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manager thought this is meant new again from all one of our new i'm i got the sale of that job. i got on monday. i wish to know about jewelry. whoa, whoa, new. he didn't or gotten more or less than a jr. let's i had to put a couch. nice. oh boy, that's good to go. that is your oh, i want on this. wow, she my a new on on all. i can send more a lot on all put them out. thank you. bye. the for me overall, according to un, 2022 with the deadliest year for the palestinians. all throughout the west bank and gaza. do you think the international community right now is ready to put pressure
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on israel to rethink its policy and do you feel that the palestinians heard was something enough? because i think that should community they should have the enough pressure as they are doing good other areas with other countries to, to brush press on zane at least to about with the international law. because because my leadership, when they propose was to agree meant and they signed those lovely meant all was depending on the international law and the mission and monetary. and now israel is not by doing with the international lou, neither by the monitor or the abuse is that is israel is doing is very huge. and i think that, you know, that we have a committee that is following up with the international court for, for such and abuses. i think there should be much presser pressure,
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especially with this government because of changing their policies to be heard of dollars. that what's the existing? i think we are in the, in the 21st century and the central should be more democratic, more humanitarian. and, and the policy knows we have the right to look for our freedom and it got right there for, we should be faced by like link. this is, this is basic. and the, all the documents of their not admissions is with their freedom. and with, with the freedom of the people on, on its own territory, we accepted as well as to not the twisted solution for for peace. and the trusted solution is not respected by israel. neither is peace is given for us. so this tuition is really hard. our people are going to continue building such aggression
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and looking for the international law to to, to be abided by israel, especially that we feel that does not interfere by the, by the international committee. we know that they are looking for green and what's going in oakland, but we shouldn't be forgotten as palestinians who are suffering under very brutal aggression occupation and other very alarming issue entertain me last month. died of lung cancer after 2 decades in an israeli pre raising concerns of palestinians and israeli detention facilities. is this a unique case or is a rather wide you left or in such a unique case? the other case is 2 cases in 2019. as for example, submitted some check and not set up with me. it was, my friend is he's,
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he was in the, in the, in the prison as political prisoner than he was released with, with the, with the as push in agreement with other colleagues prisoners than he was written, re listed again. and as soon as he started with his sickness, we knew that it's a cancer. and in this, in this office, i called for many meetings. i said many letters for that red cross, which they are the responsible about these issues in the country. and there was no response actually, i know that the red cross the, they in did to have consultation with israel. their wellness was by is right. even we offer to send medical stuff with, with their special ed you with all the medicine that he needs. and also there was no response, some our, some of our friends on international level. but because of the us,
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they sent us that they can go as not palestinian took to neutral. and also they were delight. therefore, this is very brutal and also it's against an international when and if you know right now with the suffering or so cancer and one of the prisoners called me, he said ok if he needs it because they said he needs one marrow transplantation. and he told one of the prisoners, he said i can give him if we fit. but till now we don't have any single sign that they will accept and therefore a prisoner under the, under these threats of the basic humanitarian law. human law is to have medicine and it presents while you are a political present and this, this is totally neglected by israel and we are seeing the results. right now we
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have almost 700 political prisoners who need medical medical help and they are being left without female male. we also have female political prisoners, they need to be operated and we are willing to provide them with all services that they need of denying this. so there are cases when the detainees, the palestinian detainees, those who are in israeli detention facilities, they are being left without access to doctors. some of them, yes. the other left to the doctor when clashes breakout with israeli army during military range. and there are many military rage they are may intensify. their raids, especially in the northern part of the occupied was thank. is there a possibility to bring those wounded to the hospital fast or again,
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the raw restrictions. unfortunately, some of them, they don't permit them to talk to the area where their other classes and they keep and it happened that keep the injured losing of the wounds it was in until and this is measure and fit and an issue that can happen with such such cases. so the x ability for hospitals from our side as government is prepared. however, the ambulance services that is also covered by us, what they've told them, cannot access and there's a military checkpoint big minute that one. and they leave him there, wounding, wounded, and bleeding until he dies. i think there should be some questions there should
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be, could, should have been for such a crown and this is considered a crank. so as far as i understand, the doctors do not have always access know the scenes of the clashes. no. so we can say that some das could have been prevented, of course, of course, the real axis cook axis and taking them to hospital but event flipped and a lot of a lot of ambulances and medical stuff in the ambulance. and many times they should should to the ambulances, and they should on the medical stuff. so this is, danny is over passing humanity and all what is acceptable and humanitarian low do the family senior authorities have access to the buddies of those pollies, teens killed in the military range. not all was because i think you are supposed to have your people there to give the expertise to,
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to give expert opinion on the causes of the death. do you have a chance to be there? and luckily that i had so many times they took these marketers and they keep them in and the refrigerator. and i think you hear about the cemetery of numbers. so we just made the reports about that number. so they sometimes it take them for some of the numbers and sometimes it take them for the refrigerators and they keep them in the refrigerators. this is totally disrespectful to the human being. as engendered was, according to all the religious human being should be pumped months. he or she is that unfortunately taking these also it makes us questionable where you are taking them well and many times they bring them to the family admin light and they have done the family. if they do any ceremony for the, for the end,
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it tells them we should drink only for example or 20 percent to, to have to have him and usually him from. so this all, it was, again, again, i guess, done national humanitarian. lo, i even have her and several reports that it could be the issue of organs that could be have you learned about that course? i hear that i had a ticket of the issue is this journalist took a big, big article about this. i think 34 years ago and we are questioning this more. i tell you that when they bring them to be pumped, usually they are very frozen. even if you want to do anything, can a lot of see if you want to do a lot of you can, can do it this day in the thompson. so even the
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possibility of looking into what's going on there, is there any proof of that of oregon's been stolen? for me as me said, i don't have papers in my hand, but all what is done is question of been what the swedish journalist said. the news articles and, and his article i think makes us to think that it could be, it could be true with the answer as new government that is already cold the most far right in the history. do you expect the situation to turn worse? yes, i think it's going to be worse because all the, all the, the police are taking to be changed is worse than the existing policy as well. being of you and just and all is delusions are worrying enough
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us only, but also the, the pin and not just states the interfere with this issue and they are what is. 4 so i think because the is the good guy that does the dosage of his the collections video. and then it says that the initial committee to, to, at least to say something. but this is not enough. we are worried about what's coming. and we hope that it will not be what i'm going to. so thank you very much for your time. from what i heard from you. i can say the dissertation is very tough . i wish you good luck in what you doing to help the palestinian people in the ground and i wish you all the best and thank you. thank you. thank. thank ah
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ah, i think ukraine who does exist should exist and it is precisely the best option. i suspect for its future is to find that amalgam of the cultures that are within it and turn it into something unique and flourishing. that that would define it in distinction but not conflict, but simply the difference between itself and its neighbours. mm. oh is your media a reflection of reality? ah,
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in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being led somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah, ah ah,
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ah ah no butcher luggage to florida a. there's a lot of this is teddy darby of house. toby o'con, 5th one yell boley moses, i'm stem a tool for an m a 3 a c, a 3 security mothers that flood us. he will show the sisters are, would be love to negotiate that audio, not the smallest one other, the nikima to what is the most helpful device he and that she taught us to polano unless it plumley physics key, and that, that was ludmilla taylor a little bit today and 30 toy.


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