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by the u. s. has grown into a thriving metropolis with a world class tech industry on the other palestine reduced to patches of its historic territory that some of described as open air prison. the united nation carving out new state and the u. s. accused of aiding oppression. we'll discuss that coming up. all right, let's get into the m o me very simply. not enough time to get into a nearly 75 year old land dispute. it's actual borders still younger than many who witnessed its creation. the territory we now recognise on the map as israel, a state drawn up by the un in 1947 and rejected by the arab world. a year later is home to the world, 3 major religions, judaism islam, and christianity. these historic land then called palestine derived from the greek
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word salisia and the people who lived there as the philistines dating back to the 12th century bes feet. the now defunct league of nations gave the british the territorial control after world war one and the fall of the ottoman empire and $918.00. now, after some 20 plus years of british authority, a plan was devised to establish a jewish national homeland within palestine. thus carving up the land into a jewish state and an air of state with both parties objecting to the other getting jerusalem. and that's just one crux of this multi pronged debate. the birth of israel in 1947. and since continued territorial expansion into gaza in the south and the west bank along the jordan river, 2 major wars, 194-8900. 67 displaced hundreds of thousands of palestinian arabs.
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those who remained in the territorial homeland say, they live in an apartheid state. and here to weigh in is huda amori. she's the co founder of the direct action network for palestine. she's joining us from the u. k. put a is israel and apartheid state. i mean, would you compare it to south africa between 1948, and 991. so i would describe as all of her, plenty of state practices out apartheid, apartheid the word apartheid and africans, words which make means separateness. and to put it simply means a domination of one racial group over another. and to understand in the context of palestine. and we have since i'm the formation of the apartheid state which began and $948.00. and what we called the mac that was translates into english as the
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great catastrophe. and this was design is militia, boxed by western governments. both it makes bowels more than half of the indigenous population of palestine. i could show it over 500 towns and villages. i'm fullest palestinians into the corners of palestine which relates occupied by desire and state in this post that they all have killed many families and command many atrocities against the indigenous population of palestine. and 967. my own family was possibly remains from palestine. and what we see now is that the system of ethnic cleansing pulsing policies out and this racial domination over them continues to this day. if anything it gets worse as time goes on. so for example, in the west bank, palestinians are constantly on the threats of losing their homes. and this is normally in order made way for the effort. funding illegal is really showing
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settlements. i'm out as works. it basically means that any, any palestinian who is exiled from palestine, which is over 6000000 policy in refugees, including millions in refugee camps, lebanon, or johnson, do not have the right to return to their home. they don't have the right to attend to palestine, but any jewish person across the world has the right bye as well to come and live in one of the settlements on top of the rubble of policy and home. and often about this process. and policy is maybe given a 30 day notice by is whether it's holds that they have to demolish their own home with in this timeframe. or they have all pay the cost to the occupy the la cost them to demolish that home. and if they don't do this, then they will use a procedure which often involves both those as which are bought by western
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companies like caterpillar and j. c. b and weaponized news to demolish and policy in communities. and this is interesting, please homes. it's schools and they, as soon as types, water pipes, basic infrastructure for policy, has to be able to live on top of this. polishing is live on a different set of laws than yours is very lazy. so this policy in the civilian law . valium, operate, sorry, polishing his name on the military law, where they live on a, on disability in law. and what this means and practice is that policies are often detained without charge, which is a horrific practice, which is committed against them. but when they do go to call that facing the israeli military courts which have over 99 percent conviction. right. what are living conditions like in israeli occupied region such as the bid do enclave
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communities near northwest jerusalem? where is really, authorities have basically cordoned off the area with a wall that some of likened to the berlin wall. now israel has basically separated this little area from the rest of jerusalem. and the west bank. i understand palestinians have to commute through a tunnel controlled by israel. can you describe these conditions for us that these communities live in yet? definitely so often polishing communities. and i mean literally they all would use terrible whenever these homes are demolished. and the fact that they kind of rebels often me as you know, there's a stark contrast between where you may see in a jewish very neighborhood to a policy community neighborhood. because i deny the basic ability to be able to build. busy build and develop and this includes the sewage system, which means that you know, for palestinians,
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they are not able to adequately survival built into shoes because best systems are often destroyed and the water part systems often destroy. well, on top of this, what you see is a resilient by palestinians by they are using water tanks to collect rate for water to try and build that self sufficiency away from relying on on the occupy. but also for palestinians living wonder occupation. they are subject to checkpoints on a daily basis if they want to get from a to bay. they have to go through checkpoints, israeli soldiers or bass. i'm often people are harassed on the checkpoints and sometimes killed on the checkpoint or forced to wait for hours on end just to sometimes get to get to the shop or get to school or get to your place of what i. so it's this constant humiliation upon the palestinians,
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even and women have been forced to give bass on the checkpoints because the soldiers would refuse to allow them to go through to go to the hospitals. on the other side of those of those tech pines, palestinian territories are among the poorest in the world. 80 percent of the population relies on foreign aid to survive. according to the world bank, the nominal g. d. p of palestinian areas are about $4000000.00 us dollars. while in rails nominal g d p. r. an astounding 100. $61000000.00 us dollars. what are the main drivers of this economic disparity? the main drivers of this is that they can design and state carries out. not only a policy of trying to keep palestinians cap, case of in the lines, but also by keeping that economy and completely captive. whether that's a deliberate lated mala xing infrastructure. that policy is need to bills that
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industries and destroying often, businesses, schools, hospitals, other things that people need and it's bells and economy. these are deliberately trust by the zionist state and but on top of this, the policy and economy and for electricity and water is on makes it so that they are relying on the occupy to be able to gain access to electricity and towards today having to pay the costs to the occupier, to that quote un, either in a it's again, these basic services which are offered much lower quality than what she's rated will enjoy. i'm the same as for the telecommunications industry, for example, where policy and service providers are just basically be distributing. and that from the daily sense survived as so policy is end up in a situation where they're paying that double the price for
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a much lower quality. and we know, for example and gaza that they are used to about 4 hours of electricity a day. but on top of this receive examples of things when published in use are attempting to build self sufficiency and build their own economy about having to rely on the occupy and any attempts to do this are trusts. for example, solar panels that are built that will be destroyed by israeli soldiers, but also donations from european countries on belgium. i believe when they deliver to solar panels to try and help policy and be self sufficient rather than deny them access, they're completely destroy them. to ensure that they could not and that they were had to be relying on and on design as they may do this deliberately in order to control the palestinians and be able to carry out the system of time to drive them out of their homes and keep them here, he's a lazy as the dominant,
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and i said dominic race and historic palestine, but i think why she's one of these big in the most disturbing examples of this is when we see gaza. and we'll see that god has been kind of brutal, blockades lives and see blockades over 15 years that denied that the denies. and that's the mainland. so people cannot leave and cannot enter only on very revocation and the same goes for basic guts. so on top of this being one of the most densely populated areas where 80 percent of refugees and the majority of children, they are routinely bombarded and assaulted by is out i, they often, and these attack staves, discharge hospitals, clinics and ambulances. the only functional power plants in gaza businesses, homes and schools on many occasions as well as every time this
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happens. not only are they destroying the ability for policies to have an economy and develop their own appointments, the also destroy people's lives and taking lives on top of this. companies like out but systems as of larger downs them use these opportunities as a way of testing batten's and they literally market them is bottled tested or compact driven. and this gives them an advantage in the of alarms chase. and it means that they can sell on these drones weapons missiles and times l. a used against the palestinians to other countries so they can develop their own economy. and that arm shade on the back of destroying palestine. hud amori, thank you so much for your time. today then coming up next, we'll take a look at the current political situation in the disputed and occupied territories across israel and palestine. critic say the palestinian authority share in the
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blame. we'll discuss it when we return. said type the ammo will be right back. oh ah, when i went to the wrong one, all 3, just don't move any world yet to sleep out disdain because the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. and i'm here to play with you, whatever you do not watch my new show. certainly why watch something,
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but so different opinions that you won't get anywhere else. work of it. please do have the state department, the cia weapons, bankers, multi 1000000000 dollar corporations. true, your fax for you, go ahead. i change and whatever you do. don't watch my show stay main street because i'm probably gonna make you uncomfortable. my show is called direction, but again, we don't want to watch it because it might just change and the way oh, nice the russian state. never. i've gone in the northland scheme. again. the 50000 speedy one else was about the even the we will ban in the
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european union, the kremlin machine, the state owned russia, to date and marquee foot neck. given our video agency roughly all fans on youtube with a request which the oh, these days in the us be accepted conflation of anti semitism and anti zionism movements like b b s which is boy hot divest and sanction the power of the purse here in the states being labeled as racist and anti semitic, or even anti jewish state governments. banning such practices in an apparent move
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to restrict choice by the public. now after a multitude of failed external government interventions between israel and palestine. can any ally shift the tide? here to discuss is adam shapiro. he is the director of advocacy for dawn, which stands for democracy for the arab world. now he has expertise in israel and palestine. adam 1st to give the viewers a little bit of background as to who you are. is it fair to describe you as a jewish american, native new yorker, activist for peace between israel and palestine. and even having lived in the west bank for some time to some extent, i don't know if i would just for myself as a jewish american. ready before we do a family but i. ready i don't consider myself to be jewish in the sense of the city
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or nationality or any sort of identity. and i do consider my brooklyn, it's one point somebody. and then finally, just say i. ready i think for my activism in my work, it's not so much about piece as much as justice and i do believe the only way to to get to justice. i think it's an important distinction to make that being anti zionist or anti israeli government is different. right. than being anti semitic, i mean is that fair and how might you expand on that distinction? we the issue of interest in today has been some weaponized to target activists. peace, people seeking peace. and basically all palestinians. ready who challenge. ready legitimacy of occupation legitimacy currently exists. ready operates in
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what many see as a fully oh corneo state as well as in apartheid state. and all of those. ready things that i've described are all. ready violations of international law or human rights law and have nothing to do with you know, an ideology of zionist ideology. if design decide the wasn't distinct. it was distinct from in nation building settlement. the whole process of the state of israel zionism is effectively the political ideology of the state of israel with whatever israel does with may have been a time in the past. ready where there was a distinction in israel for those. ready who are more interested in the settler moving versus those who are more interested in the different kinds of movement. and there was a debate within them as to what would be the future of them. but today we have
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defacto a zionist. ready movement that is effectively and manifestly expanding apartheid control and. ready overpowers today to be in a very industries effectively to be anti obligations tied in to the is really government is today the entity that is carrying that out against the city. and the fact. ready your anti zionist, you're lining yourself up against what. ringback ready is doing it's about the essential interest in israeli politician or another is really politicians. ringback it's about policy when it comes fancy. ready submitted, however, this is a very real tangible form of racism that is directed not just against use that against anyone who are from or submit it. and. ready that is the root of leg. ready now it's common to me and discrimination against juice because it's use of deployment in the last and in particular by those who are supportive of israeli
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policies. so the distinction between what is the who is doing is deploying. ready we're complaining about if it's in the semitism and those who are complaining or organizing against anti israel or activism. ready those. ready people are trying to eliminate the distinction between. ready zionism or anti. ready governments is doing as well as some of them, but those of us. ready trying to stand up for comments and me and i often find us often having to also articulate and having to but also in sending so dirty with those were the victims including jews around the world who suffer. so for instance . ready i call when. ready ready the tree of life synagogue and pittsburgh. ready we talked in what was indeed very clearly an. ready attack by a right wing immigrant minded person here and i said many people from. ready and you know, our america is organized to help support because they saw this as an act of racism
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regardless of a label and inactive. ready discrimination it had nothing to do with israel or israel. ready doing what israel is doing is practicing. ready on a mission and violence and racism against another, another people by the way, for submitted. so it's, it's almost like if it was a. ready service this year, there was outraged over the deliberate killing of a renowned palestinian american journalist, sharina oakley, by the idea of the state department has effectively accepted this as a fact. it's true after a very vague and tacit admission by israeli authorities. however, despite her holding a us passport, the state department has stopped short of issuing any sort of rebuke or punishment . why do you think that is? well, let's, let's, we wasn't clear to start with what the demand has been from the family and still is the. ready as well as an increasing number of american congress,
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people and senators is that the demand that the united states government. ready fund or the. ready white house, authorize an f b i investigation. so even before we get to the. ready point of view in condemnation, the family is still insisting that there be an investigation which if you think about it, there's already been a number of investigations by very credible sources. putting media outlets and washes. ready times in nations like mission for human rights in office. there islam has conducting an investigation in submitted similar findings, israeli organizations, selim, and now most recently forensic architecture of all basically come to the same. and yet, despite all of that, despite all of the investigation that has been gone up, what has gone on already? evidence collected the family still asking for an american investigation. so asking
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for the f. b, i to go into that one and they're not saying go and find this person guilty or go and find that person guilty. they're go, they're saying please go find out what happened to our sister to our cousin to our daughter. ringback this is family member, and this is what post the news your call is for also in an investigation. and this is what is it perhaps the most shocking united states has gotten to the point where it. ready is offering the demand offer view in the us just for the loss. this is. ready off simply going and sending it seems to look and see what happens. that's in some ways, more down and shows a level i would say cowardice. even if we imagine the best case scenario from adjusted standpoint. if we were to imagine the conducting reputation, determined that as the others have determined that she was deliberately targeted,
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that there is a soldier who is responsible for that. perhaps there. ready is a commander ordered the shots we fired, that's possible. so let's saying in a. ready clinical best case scenario to. ready soldiers where. ready sniper and his command. ready were arrested brussel equipment is wrong or perhaps even extradited united states and put on trial. do we really think that that would change or alter the overall policy could. ready billions of dollars. ready that would be flowing to . ready is absolutely not, i can't believe that he's the same congress, people who vote every year's year after year a year to maintain his relationship with israel to send the american taxpayer money overseas in this way. ready all of a sudden, abandoned that over time of one person as much as i'd like to think. so from a justice standpoint, the rhea, i think this is what makes it even the, all the more curiosity that the killing of even one person they can their
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accountability for that is so dangerous. ready and risky. ready united states to act. ready makes this country absolutely it shows where the real power is not sitting in washington. ready it's sitting adam shapiro, appreciate your time with us today. thank you. this disputed land now called israel is not only desired territory, fought over by israelis or palestinians. this swath of land as far over by external powers in the west and the east, the west proving to be the kingmaker in the region. that's going to do it for me. i'm manilla chan. thank you for being with us as we explore the ammo. ah ah so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy
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confrontation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic, development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully very difficult time. time to sit down and talk oh, is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way? where are you being with direct? what is true, what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend
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a join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. a since the beginning of its history, the united states of america has officially declared the striving for freedom and people's rights to happiness. however, in reality, having won independence, american colonists headed for that total extermination of the indigenous population of the continent, american indians were deprived of their land. local residents were driven into reservations and given the worst agricultural territories. while the best land was appropriated by white colonizers, the strongest blow to american indian tribes was the extermination of buys of
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native americans lived by hunting these wild animal, colonists slaughter the bison, and in fact, made them nearly extinct. every buffalo dead is in indian gone, said colonel richard dug a veteran of the bloody and vicious indian wars cynically. the indigenous population was simply exterminated us army general phillips sheridan expressed the essence of this policy. in the infamous words, the only good india is a dead indian, the genocide of native americans of north america lead to a demographic catastrophe. the exact number of deaths is still unknown, but the number of victims is in millions. having been the majority on the continent before the indigenous people make up less than 3 percent of the us population today . ah, ah, in 2022, the italian government approved
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a package of military any to ukraine coordination with nita to help ukrainians defend themselves and fight back about 150000000. i make a week or even i told me bombs are hearing all the same now through and the you with the ones that people will die just for make money. the one that i have i been yes, a little while you months. you got few on it or if you're gone through i'm not sure complete. i mean there's a little bit, i mean there's will talk more saw me my short bizarre tool or able offer zech leila. lesser opinion polls show that over 70 percent of italians are against military support for ukraine. i landed in confront with the day after 5 don't 8, let's get a more on
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a skid out and go home and do not. she didn't do the really desperate wonderful. i was just a little low today because he has been a fool. we're not even fun theater. the layout ah, human rights watch says here has failed to investigate. it's use of bad land mines which have injured hundreds of pavilions in eastern ukraine and recent years. yeah m f predicts the russian economy will grow in 2023. that's despite western leaders declaring sanctions imposed on moscow will bring the nation to its please india set to overtake major world economies this here surpassing the united states and solidifying its role on the global states. also ahead.


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