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tv   Cross Talk  RT  February 6, 2023 1:30pm-2:00pm EST

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dead and thousands injured. their rescue operations are ongoing in both countries and the death toll is expected to rise. tremors have been felt hundreds of kilometer away and several other nations that we will keep you updated on all the latest on best of breaking news story. c many thanks for being with us here on our t international. as always, you can check our website for the latest updates at r t dot com. but we'll be back in 30 minutes with
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hello and welcome to cross stock. we're all things are considered. i'm peter labelle. it has been reported. the c i is william burns, offered russia 20 percent of ukrainian territory in exchange for ending the conflict. the kremlin, the white house and the cia all have rejected this reporting, all of which makes us think the opposite. some of the biden administration want to wrap up this. needless for an adventure, ah. to discuss these issues and more on joined by my guess, george samuel, we in budapest, he's a podcast with a gaggle which can be found on youtube and locals. and here in moscow we have to meet bobby. she is a political analyst and editor at you know me, internet media project or gentleman cross stock rules. in fact, that means you can jump any time you want. and i would appreciate it. probably start out in budapest, george you. this reporting, i know you're aware of it. here has been
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a lot of commentary on all sides involved with the exception of ukraine, which we'll talk about have denied this, which give some credence to me that some someone in the bible ministration is um, i'm applying some kind of trial balloon, not the chinese weather balloon, but a trial balloon. your thoughts is it doesn't mean anything. well, unfortunately, i don't think it does. i then to think that the biden administration is just set on this par and, and there's nothing that's really stopping it because the american foreign policy stablish man is set on the spot. so if we look at the latest issue of foreign affairs magazine published by the council of foreign relations, a, the big in house, mag of the foreign bond establishment. there's an article by michael book full form, a u. s. a massive russia calling for total victory of russia. there's an article by
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garrick us bar. i was there a victory to the day on conditional surrender. boots in an article by alexander then saying the same thing. so they all bang using drug and we had bars. johnson in washington this week again, let's say we need to go victory. what about the prospect of nuclear war to just bluffing and then you know, and that's, and they are just repeating as so, unfortunately, for the united states, this long as i've seen that the moment is a godson, basically europe as eliminated as any kind of a force in the world, nato is consolidated, and the american leadership, the military industrial complex is coming very nicely because essentially european defense in the civil now just vanish. it will be replaced by american equipment and russia they, they continually debilitating russia. and so i wish that there were some serious
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negotiations towards peace. unfortunately, i don't see the ma your thoughts here because i and everything the george said can be perfectly valid. but at the same time, there could be some kind of sniffing around and seeing what the attitudes are. you know, how far the russians are going to go, or the even open to any kind of negotiations. and i want to stress, you know, your brain as a player and all this was not mentioned. ok, so nothing about your grade without ukraine doesn't seem to be in play. but everything that george said could be possibly very valid, which i tend to agree with them. i just wonder why the story was loaded. he came from swift media, go ahead. it came from lloyd newspaper in the midst of what you base in switzerland, switzerland as a neutral country. and it's why you're the one on the great, you know, isn't it? they then they just, and most of the lawyer wants the specialist in that one said know if where and you
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to kind of jam, why do you great, then according to the all principal also support pressure. so basically, the question is you will have such an overhead what russia, except, i mean, just the last 3 weeks, 2 weeks we saw an avalanche or confessions. marco said that means could be just to give you some all on. so basically the thing no worries, joseph said it was the, i call it a diplomatic invitation. so i mean that if you know who was shame on me, sorry, shame when you, for me to, i mean, you know, it's russian or some kind of a compromise that comes from somebody like burns. so, you know, the other people basically were pretty much just granted that they liked the water
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. so this is the big question. however, i think everybody understands and everyone expects the, the stable tragedy and with some current agreement. the problem is that the west is not paid. it was actually be, i mean, look, this huge, my boy's ational banks. what, what were you were up? you know, they want to get reasonable, which tradition brand of russia. they want to get them all the countries and goals and they will understand the danger. you know, i basically we see the same you know, the united states and europe make some kind of a very, you are such f, y dock in 2013, 2014 for example, russia 1st prize when the europe positions are open, the open the, the, the crowd them, i thought it was the case and look at their speech,
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a smoker pay you just rush your boss or anyone that accept a liberal form, a member of job party want even who, who payment the last 2 d. so you basically did not have an invoice. so rush way, just make it. and then you know, the grade me in, stuart stuck. so it is the same bad on the west volks, you know, russia tries not just then russia. yes, there is another stage or another level and the west is starting to make more than i'm provoked. you know, escalation, russia, you have been, can rush before me for many years. and especially the last 5 months or my daughter . know what happened. you know, before the decision on every 22nd, 2000 pay a story every thank you for the 1022. remember there were 5 months and there were last all from a cations from great. so all of us the same. yeah, george,
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it's interesting that the, the, this reporting from so it's media 20 percent, which is kind of curious because there say it's, it's almost as if the west is believing its own propaganda. because if you think about what burst apparently allegedly was offering is to 20 percent of the size of the dumbass, the crimea wasn't mentioned at all as far as i understand. but ukraine kid did not have control over that 20 percent of the day before the conflict started. so i mean, the people like burns think that the russians are willing to accept chump change after all this event really baffling. if you can explain it, if they actually believe their own propaganda, low morale, no ammunition running out of missiles, you know, all this stuff which is never been proven. there's no empirical evidence to back it out. your thoughts? no, i, i think so and, but i also skeptical,
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i think that if there were a serious often made to russia, i don't think the americans would use william burns. you do it. i mean, i think that, you know, why the director of the c, i mean, i know you've been in the past before, but so director of the c, i is also a person to, to send the message. i mean, if one thinks about how this might conclude, it could actually be concluded, you know, they keep saying 0 at the end of the process, they'll be some negotiation. but it may be that they'll be long ago. she should be in the process. and just simply be, you know, thus far, no farther. and essentially, as you know, some sort of a, an armistice on russia takes whatever it takes, and there is a remnant of ukraine. that remains, but it'll be totally on the american tutelage. it probably will be inducted into nato and then you have essentially frozen counseling, which can last,
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if you think about, that's a korea, a frozen conflict. it's a loss the 70 years. i mean, because sometimes they don't last, but it may be because it's hard to see at the moment how they can be any kind of negotiation the most wanted are very well, you know, the, the russians and the, you know, food and betrayed time and time again going all the way back to go much of an james baker's not wanting to lease. i mean, this is the most. so why the russia sit down and believe any promises at all made by the united states and in particularly jima. i mean there's something that george and i, on the gaggle of talked about animals on a daily basis, is that even the very idea of an arm, a sister ceasefire. well, that will just, you know, it does take time out to load up your brain with more and more weapons was in natal being involved and that doesn't resolve and see the problem with the west in the
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way they, they try to understand or misunderstand russia's position. is that it wants security guarantees in the european land mass. ok, that's never addressed by the west. ok. and, and that's what russia, this is the origins of it. you can talk about unprovoked all you want to cares, but we have demands and you don't even deign to recognize that we have these demand steamer. we are so the right and also remember the west. the west had all the opportunity just to make the rules and all for 8 years. i mean point that there was an example of my, you know, people don't, there was a day or 2. thank you to be there. other than all, just thanks to the russian troops who basically separate nice groups and although and, and then for me, for 30 years, there was not a single person killed. you know, there is a certain dance sometimes, you know,
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there are people on the 2 sides of that nice to re, we're ready, approve the problem with the don't was that it has never been since the 1040 and it was always an open. well, i mean, the western media did not reported, at least in detail, don't have to be wall. almost every week, sometimes more often seen and lost and blockaded. no medicines, no pension paid nothing. i mean, this is never reported in western media. they don't remind people that the means to be careful or rational. the means could be, i mean, read them in just read the pages of the goals that they kept, the best in russia really and all the establishment of your bringing. and this is the last, the last point, you know, when these be in the pages and they're,
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they're the ones that are empty for people who participate in the public and not field by your grades. there was, there was about special status. well, the therapy is what people do. russian language, no reaction from grades. you know, walk a try to believe that. not. let me go to george before we go to the break here in georgia and i am scarf that you know that the very thought it's returned to the mens process as essentially what this report is saying. go ahead 30. yeah that's, that's exactly right. it's like the western bows is a yeah, yeah, this meant agreement that we know it took serious. they never did anything to implement. yeah. that will be, that will be a good framework for a, for an agreement that the russians are going to take as an agreement, something that you had not the slightest intention of implementing last time. yeah, and, and obviously the level of trust is that 0 or a gentleman, i'm going to jump in here. we're going to go to
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a short break. and after that short break, we'll continue our discussion limits. we'll need to stay with archy ah ah, ah ah ah museums are important for preserving our
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history so that it is a lot to future generations. but our fiscal museum spaces themselves a relic of the past. this is one of the best museums in the world, from a touch in st. petersburg. to help refuse the director here and i bet he has met. some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. the united states of america is different. wearable people long to be free. they will find a friend in the united states, ah, with a human being. so we have it out by the body. it evolved satellite basie. she saw the city p draw. you look at the incentives of each cigarette. a few color revolutions is one among several meanings to reach the goal of conquering foreign lands and bringing them onto the help of
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u. s. western economic interest to pop in sadie, i did that he did to it. i go by the demo, lexia learning returning call are they saw, know? we must say low, their soft power mary cap. and the final goal of these thing revolutions is to ensure that there are no independent players in the world anymore. oh, well the back across top were all things are considered. i'm peter bell. this is the home addition to remind you were discussing some real news. ah friends, go back to the him here in moscow. deem of the, again, one of the subjects in the, in that is not really touched upon because they're all kind of focused on rushes, losing ukraine is winning. zalinski is a new churchill and all of this,
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which is this lot of nonsense. it's a lot of white air because it doesn't really tell us anything about what's most important. and what is most important is when this military conflict comes to an end, which it will come to an end. i personally think russia will unilaterally determine that, but that's something down the road. but what about the, the post conflict environment here? because we have it, we were told that europe is really about the relationship that rush will have in european security structures, if it all. and if it does now that will make sure that will determine that europe is a very unstable place for a long time. because you'll definitely have elements in ukraine, whatever size or shape and form it is, will be looking for revenge. and a undoing of the settlement that russia, in my opinion, will unilaterally impose this is one of the things that needs to be talked about, the more well will be russia, just launch remain the you will be jealous if you want in gender. i
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mean, the last week we had to awful awful articles. no one was in europe by honest you know, the full line for me to still fall on who is now a member of the bottom. it should be, should be role of the saudi structure. want me to brush, which is russia, they're all the same is the same from fee. we just banged on the expression in that which needs needs to be basically destroyed, not physically by an entity. she rides, there should be no such thing as russian one should be top or, well muscular oil oil that people are not focus is so, i mean, how can rush remains in the, in the framework. you know, john european jurisdiction graduated, you know, and the program, you know what it was damn, rush doing with our oil. good stuff. exactly. exactly. and this is more,
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this is not, you know, an exception. this is the main stream on the north east of europe. and now we're told that that the center piece, you know, the central european union is moving now it's full and the bullet, you know, if you, if the euro was playing the words, that's ideologically ok. and no, no other sense. ok, or it's chose the relative weakness of the most western part of the continent, which is really kind of pathetic, but probably expected george, you know, russia expansion is russia. i mean, in, in, in the last 3 years it only makes that has been expanding, not russia wasn't, you know, later, the defensive alliance. i mean, everything like very defensive. so that's right. there was a problem with the euro, and i say is that it has very weak leadership at the moment what you would need somebody in the west. so could just take the situation by the scruff of the neck,
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so to speak, and to bring it to an end. you know, you need somebody was just going to say this policy is not. we have to bring this to an end. it makes no sense. it's not advancing, are interested just leading to disaster. but there's no one around, you know, we have, you know, sergeant schultz and the german john, who's constantly just the saying, no, i don't want to do that. and then you know, 10 minutes late to change his mind. so now we're not, we're not sending any fight the jets. we are drawing the line, you know, like the jack. so that, you know, yeah, like the, just going to be going all the way macros as well. we must impose a piece on, on russia that's humiliate. but in the meantime, i'm going to go on sending by the jet them whatever. and apparently, apparently george, one of the reasons why the chrome still is in contact with because he's doing a personal vapor lens or bridges. we will not talk through this with him, but then he kind of, you know, meekly called mcdonalds that, can you give him
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a call for me? i mean, this is how is the lack of leaders and this is the kind of leadership we have in europe. ok. we have a pen handler and kid have calling the shots, telling the president of france the call the russian president. it's extraordinary . right? but that's the thing because you've got these very weak leaders. there is this great danger that we could drift to avail, actual war between nato and the united states and russia. if you had a strongly the strongly to what have just simply brought this to an end. but because of the back of leadership is just those are the gradual drift to the point where i think it's very fast to see how it can be avoided because there's nobody in the west and trump a best who won't be in power for another couple of years, but that's a best listen there's, nobody was just saying this has to stop. you know,
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we have to just work out some sort of agreement and big, which is an hour. there's no, and i said something. you can to eisenhower telling the british and french to knock it up and see what not. yeah, that's it. the gamer, you know, you know, ever since the conflicts started back in february of last year. so it's almost a year now. i've been, i've done almost every single program on the topic, and it's been talking about russia. but can you tell our audience, what is the thought? i mean, i don't know what the average russians actually articulated. most people don't think about politics, we're kind of fanatics. we think about it all the time, but no rush is 300 year. dance you will with the west is coming to an end and this time is quite definitive. i think. ok. because at the end of the 2nd world war, the famous phrase, the iron curtain is going up all across europe. but it's the, it's the west,
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it's created the iron curtain. now, how does that, how does that do you think impact russians think about the future of their country? thema, well, what do you really cold? well, the back it was, this is human nature and the impact on the situation present period. almost almost everything. so people are not too pessimistic, they think that this is just the temporary problem. you know that there is just another free, the normal and g as in golf works. and here i was gorge. he will come if he comes to the ball, will you be able to change the band? i mean, we saw how he was incapacity. he was formerly the president of the united states when she was not all the american troops out of syria. you know, because the defense against you could not change the immigration rules because they found some walk, you know, district court, which incapacitated. so unfortunately,
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it's something more serious to change just the guy from the white house we see in the palace. basically, the size of all across, you know, she did the san wayne, she just said the night, the state south ways. and if you know, we have these dogs with russia, we child brain and which will did cool some good reviews for security. he was immediate in go to guarantee for this war there. and as you know, most of the european stepped. yes. yeah, but i mean, you're the best the change but but we're good but we're in a very, very sad place. george, this is also kind of like thinking about the aftermath of $945.00 to outside power is russia in the united states determining the fate of europe. but the europeans, a lot of this time ok, wasn't because they didn't have the capacity. it's,
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you know, they have the e o as a larger population, a larger g p, the united states, but it is acting in such a placid manner. ok, i mean, in 1045, your was bank which it was destroyed. but this is just a lack of leadership and foresight in a god. awful ideology. george. yes, that's right. i mean the, the europeans have been talking since the 1980s about how they're going to develop a european security and defense identity. and that would be. and then in the ninety's i talk about the european of foreign policy. and then when that was the yugoslav crisis, that was the hour of your european leaders proclaimed, but it never happened. time went on and your has become even more subordinate to the united states. then the devil was going to call you during the cold war, you had a real european leaders to start off to washington like the goal. really brown to hell, which meant there's nothing that, i mean,
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it's total subordination. when that doesn't seem to be any real need for it, i mean as low security threat of the might have been during the cold war. it's they, they find this very convenient arrangement. and so now here they know european people know european politicians know this. this is an absolute disaster, but your it will only home europe the longer this goes on, but they are incapable of making any sort of the lead and standing oven and say enough to, to the united states that this is something that you promote that was never any of this with so many opportunities down the road, you have brought this to a conclusion, but there's no one. and that doesn't seem to anybody as well, who's who stepping? well it's, it's very interesting demon, because there are members of nato, particularly on what they call the eastern flying. they're more distrustful of berlin and paris than they are washington. i mean, you know, i, that this is
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a catastrophe that should have been avoided, could have easily been avoided. we've been saying this on this program for a year now, but i have to agree with george many times now is that the americans are pretty much getting everything they want to me. this is a booth for them. well, i think it's a great evening. good point, i losing, you know, losing a lot of them. it wasn't what about, you know, talking about them. i mean, what kind of european well, half east johnson was shoals when he was asked, i'm going to send, thank you. so if the united states, and then i will also say it's like a, you know, what would you kill people? well, personally, mean, i, you know, but you know, night still people, i will shoot. so this is the kind of european barrett you know,
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they look up to their next, the next stage is doing something. they're going to be the same, you know, nowadays with rush war, we will be with the day of the world. i don't know what, you know, they may even, it's difficult punishment or whatever, of course, because the only for the people who are politically incorrect, you know, it will be for some kind of a or a genius. but probably all, you know, the environment you're a current, is that a discussion as usual? i want to thank my guess in budapest and here in mosque, i want to thank our viewers for watching us here at r t c. next time. remember ah ah ah, is your media
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a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being that some with what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depth will remain in the shallows. ah ah,
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ah, destruction and despair, midwest. you fx in turkey and neighboring syria ravaged by a cascade of us quakes with hundreds of kilometer a magnitude 7.8 and 7.7 other most powerful here has seen in decades maybe more than 1600 confirms dead and over 11000 injured a.


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