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tv   News  RT  February 16, 2023 7:00am-7:31am EST

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it is actually political since we're not at all, not a people for me, it's done to move on and see what we tend to fall. the tumbler said committee to return back home. there is no support from the nomination. i commission of virginia, united nish. i don't care about chug or send people ah, you get a new weapons now you can be 100 percent. sure, we will destroy these letters. say, wagner. she says, insights on the war in ukraine with our correspondence saying that the keys, if you all are just also going to talk with paul trying to run say they strongly opposed political manipulation under the pretext of safeguarding human rights and democracy. iranian president wraps up his visit with one of the top carriers in the ukrainian great deal has to be delivering. we ask in states that need
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a lifestyle thing as discussed in, you know, for human beings to be starving and for the, for the president. although the priority to be, it's almost like putting, you know, the value of human beings to that of life. animals and child trafficking remains a major problem in africa with 4 croatian couples. the latest to be arrested in zambia, attempting to smuggle children out of the company with life and my headquarters here in moscow, you're watching the international i just got on here. the top stories are welcome to the program. we start off with the latest from the war in ukraine, where officials in crimea say that the local defence systems have shot down to ukrainian drones over the sea close to positive sub estoppel. now there's been no information on any damage or casualties reported. this comes as on the other side
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of the local, the border, local, you credit, no authority have confirmed multiple strikes in several regions. at least one strike on energy infrastructure facilities has been confirmed in the city of evolve . meanwhile, a video has a paid online, allegedly showing scores of dead ukrainian soldiers in, prepared to be sent back to the ukranian side of wanting the following images are disturbing. as you can see, her soldiers lying in wooden coffins filling the building. there's no information on where this video is recorded and how many that are there. however, it comes as the situation for the ukrainian army continues to deteriorate near the city of thomas or bach motor. some reports suggest that you can, your forces are prepared to retreat from the region as fighters from the russian. wagner group advanced in the area. they had all barney of guinea pig goes in, says the city could be surrounded in a couple of months. here with these was woven up there about 90 battalions inside
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or around by mood. that's about 40 up to 50000 people. the enemy draws up a new reserves every day. we couldn't circle back, move in march or april, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. they're getting you weapons. now you can be 100 percent. sure. we will destroy these leopard's law correspondents. you get this done. i've got the opportunity to speak with the vada chief in person, and he gave his take on the situation on the ground that describes how his fighters are leading the way in operations once of use. the support also contains some distressing footage. the few years ago this group was more mythical than real. now we stand in a large warehouse greeted by the head of the wagner company himself. the occasion is solemn, commemorating the self sacrifice of 2 hero pilots. the no man left behind principle in case of the wagner group had applies not just to personnel,
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but to symbolic relics of war like the remains of this russian bama jet. it was shut down by the ukrainian forces during the fighting for the city of buck mood. when the pilots realised that while they were doomed, they directed the burning machine towards the enemy, towards their military column dying heroically themselves. and while taking a bunch of foes with them, ukraine had already returned with honors the bodies of the pilots. the jets debris though could only be retrieved now, as the wagner group is closing in on our charm of sky. what number for a commercial one? her, this is 548, the guys have her worldly, fulfill their desk, having garage to blame the enemy territory rowing their military convoy. it's now time to commemorate what they have done in our charm of score. buck mote, it's wagner, verses the entirety of ukraine's military might. no man knows the situation on the
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ground better than the group's chieftain precaution. look, i've heard from bob, astro, bahamas, wise, important. it's lead to paralyze the korean army and it's already paralyzed. the enemy is deploy reserve troops, but were advancing in different directions every day, some where it's 50 meters and somewhere it's 100. we're fighting for each house for each square meter. there is a 40 fight erin. every yard. then we see another familiar face. a fighter who starred in was believed to be a ukrainian propaganda video. the footage purported to show him being brutally executed, bludgeon to death. alive well and back in the ranks, he himself debunked the fake. when i was captured, they beat me. i was tortured and pressed into saying what they wanted me to say. i got many threats. they threatened to kill me and dismember my body and post the
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footage on line for my family to see were through both lou. oh yes, sure. decorated vitamin command as also mingle in the room. they all are very aware of the new batch of heavy western weapons. they'll soon have to face of the battlefield. wagner's commander of artillery with the smoke, hence his men, have plenty of experience count for in cruise using nato made weapons remember to cover this is not the 1st time we have encountered nato artillery. so we came here prepared, thanks to lessons from previous experience against other nato artillery. i'm not going to say which one, but we met more than once and we met some more powerful artillery than the ones here on this front. i'm not going to share the details, but that experience has taught us a lot unusual, based on that we have developed. well, your life itself has forced us to develop new tactics for conducting artillery
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combat operations. no one here showed any disrespect or disregard to the pho skill . yet no one doubts. wagner will come out victorious. i'm august done of reporting from the dorm bus, r t ah, china and iran have issued a joint statements in which the 2 condemned the use of human rights on democracy as a pretext for in political manipulation. the 2 sites reaffirm that they should follow the principle of non interference in the internal affairs of other countries . emphasizing that the democratic governance models of different nations should be respected. and they oppose political manipulation under the pretext of safeguarding human rights and democracy interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, while inciting turmoil and creating division. it really covers agreements on international regional affairs, including many details. for example, the topo $200.00 piece, bowed to respect and protect human rights of all countries based on each other's
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own conditions and when it comes to peaceful and economic development. that both countries aim to promote multilateralism and both countries called for implementation of the run nuclear deal, which the, which is the joint comprehensive plan of action and the joint min, brad, the unilateral withdrawal of united states from the plan is the root cause of the current situation so the 2 sides emphasize the importance of regional peace and stability in crucial to the world security. as well as the energy transportation and the 2 countries condemned any form of terrorist attacks action. as mentioned, i can only perspective that really covers a wide range of walk ration. they have agreed to strengthen the cooperation, the trade, awkward culture, industry, renewable energy, infrastructure, health, technology and fines. so those are with the fact which was the added on. it's already existing long term comprehensive ties between the 2 countries. i'm moving
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on now. spain, which is one of the top 3 areas of ukrainian grained by the black sea corridor, has been using the crucial we to feed his pigs to then sell more pork abroad on boosters. economy. instead of helping the poor stations as was initially believe us the contributor rachel martin has more. remember all the talk about how critical it was to get ukrainian grain shipped out of ukraine to feed the hungry in africa and asia. well, according to the latest real time data published by the united nations black sea green initiative, joint coordination center, the top 3 destinations for ukrainian grain are china, spain, and turkey. and those 3 countries alone represent 46 percent of all exports. so we're talking, all exports being roughly $700.00 plus shipments of grain. china acts as the gateway to asia and turkey acts as the gateway to africa. but what's the deal with
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spain? spain domestically produces more than enough of the grain that it needs to feed its own people with grain for people, accounting for just about a quarter of all the countries domestic consumption, the rest of the grade that the country produces goes to feed its livestock. and notably, pigs, spain is routinely ranked as one of the top, if not the top port producing country in the entire world. which means that with all this grain being imported into spain, from ukraine, now it's hard to escape the conclusion that the countries literally picking out on ukrainian grain. and it's not like this is about making sure that cute little pigs roaming freely around the spanish countryside. don't go hungry, it's not about taking the food out of their mouths. more grain just basically means that more pigs can be churned out for port to the economic benefit of madrid and
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ultimately to the european economy. which of course is great for europe. but what exactly was growing spain's pork industry used as a reason to unblocked ukrainian grain? last month, spain was able to increase its meat exports by 79 percent overall. that's in part due to its ability to meet china's demands, to sell a 124 per cent, more spanish port to beijing compared to the same period last year. again. wonderful for the spanish economy, but not exactly following the spirit or the letter of the deal to unblock ukrainian grain to feed. the poor. russian president vladimir putin has repeatedly raised the issue of food from ukraine being misdirected. when i finished give sure you don't know why you moved to korean. almost sole grain exposure from ukraine is south north of the developing and poorest countries. but to the european union states on
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the 2 ships out of $87.00 below that. as paul told you out of the world food program, i'd like to say that just like money repeating countries. so a previous decade and sensory is hacked at us, colonize us, so they continue to do today to fuel. so just how much ukrainian grain is getting to the countries that need it most? well, collectively they're getting about 15 percent of the total export volume, which works out to roughly one percent each. but guess is proud of those efforts, spain. here's the status we're administer patting himself and ukrainian authorities on the back last fall for their humanitarian initiative. green from ukraine. spain joins ukraine and the rest of its allies in this program, which is an honor, an immortal testament to ukraine's commitments against hunger in the world. even as it fights against russia's aggression and its indiscriminate shelling of export logistics infrastructure, which endangers millions of people who depend on ukrainian products. but hey,
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if hungry nations are getting a short changed on the grain, maybe there are at least getting some of the pork from spain after the pigs are done. stuffing their faces with it. apparently not. china is the top importer of poor followed by japan. and then european countries like italy, germany and poland. so if the intent is truly feed the hungry rather than just benefit europe's economy, the current ukrainian grain scheme is really missing the mark. this comes as a number of african countries faced aluminum famine. somalia recently hit by consecutive droughts is now approaching was also described as one of its worst humanitarian crises in recent history, with over 700000 already facing famine and several 1000000 in need of humanitarian assistance. meanwhile, international bodies, like the international rescue committee and action against hunger, where they will and that's almost one more 1000000 people in states find jerry, ethiopia, south, done. i know this on the brink of famine as well. well,
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we discussed revelation on spanish policies with people from some african states or expressed indignation for being forgotten over livestock, uncommercial interest, i think as disgusting, you know, for human beings to be starving and for the, for the president. although the priority to be pigs, i think that is completely unacceptable. whether they change just if it's rather disturbing. because you know, as africans with different needs more than what's currently available to us to consume by then if you really think about that food is really going to pigs. it's almost like putting, you know, the value of human beings to that of like animal is safe. we see all of these things big things, more important on done human being for us here on the control. the see comes amid strengthening relations between russia and africa,
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which are limited to grain. let's include various fields with bright development prospects for the future. what else? the view of the director of the institute for african studies of the russian academy of sciences in her recent interview with our see, they can watch the full version throughout the day here on the channel. but here's a quick preview. interestingly, in terms of technology, russia is particularly competent in areas that africa needs most energy, water, purification, agriculture, medicine space technology. i t smart cities. these are all priority areas for africa through russia can offer africa, lots of valuable engineering solutions to give you one example. we've created a certain type of fertilizer that when placed in the soil, stores moisture for up to 3 months. can you imagine how vital this is for african countries, most of which are located in the arid zone. you put the fertilizer in the soil and you don't need to irrigate for 3 months. so when it comes to energy and food
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security to developmental issues or the processing of mineral resources, that's something that africa has huge reserves of our geologists, our mining companies, our quit meant all that could really help them out. so on the one hand, this opens up prospects for russia, for our own development. and on the other hand, by capitalizing on our technology, africa would be able to move to a new level of development instead of remaining a resource colony within the wider western system. but then when a stain in africa fall, croatian couples accused of trying to trophy children in zambia, have been grunted bail and an hour awaiting their court. hearing in march, the for married couples from croatia were arrested in december while trying to leave the country with 4 children from the neighboring democratic republic of the congo. or they claim that they legally adopted the minus and the charges were dropped by the court. with a couple were again, detained at an airport in zambia,
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a local, legal and governance i was told of the children were emotional as equations, trying to get them across the border proposal using ford documents to pass for border control. if i'm children were crying endlessly and i became a source of consent to the or nozzle village. and because of that, of that, well, it'd these foreign question nationals were trying to leave the via through 51 with up with, with what and that's how the way intercepted by the immigration department. what they did, in fact, was that they were found to do our passports, which were endorsed in the passport the child's name was endorsed. as having been adopted by the, the course admission was when the immigration department and the lawyer force me, i just checked for the paper on the prospecting that they were forged with. poli protects at borders,
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it's relatively easy for criminals to target children in countries like the democratic republic of the congo, moving on to zombie and then beyond. but child trafficking has been a major problem in africa for decades. itself serves as a regional hub with nearly $400000.00 children traffic in africa every year. now as western citizens, i've also been embroiled in multiple scandals involving child smuggling. last year, for example, american foster parents were detained in you gander, and the child trafficking charges which carried the death penalty. the us citizens were also accused of torturing a 10 year old boy in the cur. local arts, vis again, says the child trafficking is a long standing major issue for the confidence. and he said his thoughts on the reasons behind the crisis. now what you need to understand, but this has been ongoing for a long period of time because of our port us board that we have been look at the 3 board does. second, your board couple board and one of the board that customer melissa
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board via through board does not quite paula, especially the 5th to the quiet port us board. that means that people are able to just cross into call and come back without showing any documentation. and they took advantage of that to put a knife to work with the locals, so that they could get the children and transport them human trafficking. i've become of much calls saying that your video of things efficient enough rica, well, but situations where you thought beyond lebanese being transported into the country through different border and in a very same i'm 5th condition. they use content on trucks some day along the way and that is what we are trying to fight. israel's security minister has cold fought more jewish specimens in terms of the occupied westbank. israel belongs to the jewish people. i'm telling the americans and the europeans
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stop being worried. this is our goal. this is our view. 9 towns is nice, but this is definitely not enough. we want much more. the statements comes as israel approves the legalization of 9 settle outposts in the occupied west bank with more housing units. delighted to be built in the existing settlement according to prime minister benjamin netanyahu. that is, meanwhile, the un security council has just a resolution urging israel to cease all settlement activities off fees. maria phenomena has more. this is baked hoglan, 19, jewish communities in your occupied west bank that israel security cabinet has rolled to authorize. these were so called while settlements considered illegal outposts, according to israeli law, built without government permission. but that's about to change from a community. like we heard about the news, we were excited happy. we came out dance together including the kids, even though some kids were already asleep. we're happy to continue building israel
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to see this country growing bigger and blooming as a shuffler stephen, my wife and i was sitting on the couch at home, and suddenly we heard the news saying, we rooks hearing up, we were excited and we round hall to celebrate with our neighbors, we've been waiting for these for a long time. some of these outposts started with 4 families, he guess was among them. in 7 years it grew to 35 families. that's around 100 people, most of whom i children. there are only residential houses here and a synagogue kids go to school in the nearby settlement. the nearest shop a some 20 kilometers away, but locals believe there is a bright future ahead and a hello i'm so we are striving to get bigger and established permanent houses. here we want to establish a big town of 700 families here in israel, in the jordan wiley, in this beautiful strip of lands we want to settle down if we're looking at only those things that we can see, we won't be able to see anything beyond that welcome to warmly at home. these
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rarely governments decision has sparked outrage hand control recei beyond the boulders, the 1st of its kind since 2012. this decision was a response to deadly terror attacks in east jerusalem that took the wives of 11 people, 10 of them civilians, including 2 children, fears and concerns. now are that the legalization will only provoke more bloodshed, a number of european countries. and most recently, canada have old announced to legalize ation of the settler outposts. the cabinet has also approved the building of some 10000 new units into in samaria. these rarely term for the west bank palestinians are outraged. the move comes as israel carries out unprecedented demolitions in the neighborhoods of east jerusalem. thousands of buildings that israel considers illegal will be turned to ruins. the satler's have their own view on how things should develop, say a switzerland. it is all right to be here in the tora, god promise abraham,
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that it is all right to be here. and it doesn't matter what all the states say will leave here. we came here after 2000 years of exile and thank god we were privileged to establish a town here more than 475000 israelis leaving over 140 settlements in the west bank, which is also home to almost 3000000 palestinians. all of these settlements are illegal and international law. the palestinian authority has called the latest decision an open war against its people and is now pushing for you and security resolution to block the move israel on his part. he's working hard to convince the us and its western partners to veto this tap. the victory, the stand off will determine whether or the place i'm standing in now will become a new settlement, or if it will remain an illegal outpost reef notion, artie from bait hoglan will. meanwhile, the us has withdrawn its bucking of the kind of z of leading art service to an
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international human rights post for describing israel as in the pot side states. this also follows the candidates accusation that the democrats congress person was bought by pro israel groups. the state department informed me that they were withdrawing my candidacy because of my view that the conditions in israel palestine meet the definition of apartheid under international human rights law. censorship of human rights advocates who denounce apartheid in israel also affects countless palestinian academics. activists and students more than one just estimates were built on palestinian land with more than half a 1000000 israel is living there. that's according to the un that's out of the last year. was the deadliest year for palestinians in the west bank since 2005 was more than 200 people were killed across the search of palestine. in 2022 is really rates and killings of palestinians having since by the new government took power by the statistic state department spokesperson ned price believes that the renewal of the come to see of the leading rights activists was uses inappropriate points of view
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on israel i, his statements clearly do not reflect us policy. they are not a reflection of what believe i and they are inappropriate to say the least. we have decided to withdraw our nomination of this individual. we've created this place where the israeli government is sacrosanct. that cannot be criticized. so it came out we talked about even, we've had congress, people simply say we need to respect the human rights of palestinians and then be called anti semitic. i think that what we're saying is that the u. s. violating their own principles, violating international law, in order to prop up these really regime, we all know the mini yahoo has been a voter out of office by his people and multiple occasions will yet still still returns to power. he has one of the most right wing governments and is really history currently in the united states is complicit by not allowing even the most
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mile criticism of the current actions of these really regime that since the message to the, to both american citizens and people internationally that even a word criticizing israel or a word defending the palestinian people will be equated to being anti semitic. will be quoted being anti israel will be equated to be anti american policy. i don't see how that opposed to relatives in the united states of america. and finally, the f. b, i has opened an investigation into 2 inmate deaths in the texas jail. now this comes amid allegations from a former employee of that jail, that those in custody were mistreated at ritual a witness correctional staff miss st. detainees, because they were in need of insulins for diabetes or other medical issues. there have been for prisoner death since the beginning of the year in harris county jail . but in the neighboring states of arkansas, the family of immensely ill man who started at ha, filed a lawsuit against the county. kelly moping has more the details of the law suit or
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not for the squeamish. we have a mentally ill, disabled homeless man who is arrested for pointing his finger at police officers. he can't afford to pay $100.00 to get out of jail. so he's held awaiting trial during that time and he's put in solitary confinement and he eventually dies from malnutrition. as larry eugene prize was dying, and even after he was dead, reports filed by prison authorities said he was fine. offices, documented 1000 all such tracks and months, weeks, days and hours leading up to the mister price. his stuff is in the same boiler played phrase each time a made him sell. okay. they use this phrase when the obviously mal nourished, mister pride's lay dying in the pool of contaminated stand in water. they consented to use destroys, even after he was discovered unresponsive while he was being transported to the hospital. and during his time in the emergency room. shockingly,
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they made at least town additional entries in may 10 cello k. after mister price is pronounced that while this is evidence of their deliberate indifference, it is also a child tail sign of glaring systemic deficiencies. it appears that what happened is they just threw him into a cell all by himself and ignored him. they did not bother to check and see whether he was eating or drinking. as a result, the disabled man rotted away. the lawsuit alleges criminal neglect price, his medications had been cut off, making his mental illness much worse. it appears pretty clearly that the staff were not checking in on him or else falsifying their reports and saying everything was fine as he was wasting away. when larry price was 1st locked up, his weight was about a $185.00 pounds. at the time that he died, he weighed only 90 pounds. he'd lost roughly half of his body mass. no one was
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fired or even disciplined after the death of larry eugene price. his gruesome dad was considered to be just another day at the sebastian county criminal detention center. in arkansas, the family is now suing for what they say is a pretty obvious case of wrongful death and criminal neglect. and what started all of this anyway. larry price was a disabled homeless man who suffered from hallucinations. he walked by this police station pretty frequently, often speaking incoherently. on one particular day seemed rather fired up and angry and he pointed his fingers like a gun. the police arrested him charging him with making a terrorist threat. now this is a crime, the mental health experts say this highly disabled man was not even capable of committing us media is. busy filled with unverified allegations about violations of human rights and the mis treatment of prisoners and other countries. but the details that have emerged about the heretic gruesome way that larry eugene price
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died. forces us to ask whether us media and us officials are really being genuine and their concerns about other countries when this kind of thing is happening right here in the united states. a la often r t new york malaria. we spoke to paul writes, who's the founder of the prison, legal news projects. he says that among symptoms were obvious, but negligence is common in most american jails. he was seriously mentally ill. he suffered from elusive nations, he suffer from outbursts. and these are things that the, the, these are symptoms of such serious mental illness. that one does not have a psychiatrist or a medical doctor to know that the symptoms are so serious that the person requires immediate, serious and immediate medical, psychiatric intervention. and unfortunately this is very common there's as a journalist for prison, legal news, we report many cases every year were prisoners. the.


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