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in the case of c, b, b, c's, that we're discussing. now, those nodes, those computer systems are centralized. are you, they belong to the, in this case, to the central bank of russia. so they can make sure that there's no nefarious activity happening when those transactions are understood. i think a lot of the crypt, the current c, maxima lists may not like where this is going. however, you know, this is the technology that is developing and evolving all the time. we want more more of the, you know, we want adoption, we know people to use or that, you know, unfortunately, i think in order for more people to use things, you are going to be the supportive government. and governments are going to need to have more oversight as to how these transactions occur. what difference bring me going with my debit card and paying for things with a digital rhythm? what is the plan difference? yes, so really absolutely nothing for us to use the union, but the fundamental difference is you're not going to have these, these cumbersome payment networks involved. so for the w debit card, if we're, if we're talking to all of us in the west, that will be using mastercard and visa, mastercard and visa, but we taking a chunk of
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a fee in order to process that transaction. this way, that transaction happens directly from russia, central bank to the merchant or the shop, or wherever you're buying, you're, you're good. so that middle man is essentially cut out understood ok. in terms then of benefits. will people be able to use these digital roubles when a network connection is all available? you know, that could be issues like that, right? yeah. so, so reading the, the white paper from the russia central by saying yes, you can. now how they actually do that. we'll have to see when they come up with more color, but i imagine it would be the same way if you've ever been on an airplane and you have to something on your cars, that transaction isn't actually process because you're in the ad, there's no internet connection to actually process it. so what happens is when the plane lands that transaction is then processed by on a sheet, it will probably be a similar mechanism. chris, other countries, are they planning similar, is russia to the oven guard of this? are they climbing in the box or somebody else, piggybacking? well, the rush is pretty far ahead. fact that they've said they were implementing how as a china was, the 1st move is
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a back in april 2021 which is around the same time ross is saying, april 20, 23 april 2021. china conducted what they called beth fast public pilots. and now in china, the digital women b is used quite widely across china. so it's not the 1st. it is definitely a brave move and also the bank of japan and out today that they're also going to launch the digital chinese one at the same time, the roster bits. so i think we're probably going to see a whole vast array of countries not moving in this direction. but if you'd like to delve deeper into any of those stories, may i recommend r t dot com as a solid jumping off point, all was fresh content, lively discussions to be fine there. good bye. ah, ah
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ah ah ah,
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joining us ease a dull russian ambassador for india. danny's alley. paul, i get to my 1st question, street, our ambassadors. so in the recent voice for global summit, their foreign minister of india autopay as j. sanker. he said that globalization in its current form is not perfect and that countries in the world south must develop a new way forward. so how do you in regions, russia, you're all in this new system. good afternoon and i'm happy to be with you. you know, i would agree with this assessment. ah, it looks like that the western centric world order is gradually coming to an end or even over. that's not clear to some it, sir, primarily because it doesn't address the demand of the majority of states for
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a more just and the more equal multiple multi polar power dispensation and the democracy in global governance. indeed, we are currently witness her the years shifting a focus of political and economic decision making her to the south and to the east. russia consistently supports the strength together with india and the other bricks and there the su member countries. india a is a rapidly growing power and will play a and never bigger role in global affairs. it's a respected nation recognized for its independent and responsible policy. it is pursuing justice to in international affairs to ensure
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an equal access to a natural, financial and technological resources the, the excess of the global. so with to these resources as a necessity for successful sustainable development, this approach approach. she's at the core of for the year, a current indian g, 20 presidency. which sure russia is supporting this already a successful autoline. it logistics corridor between russia and india. the bloody was dog chinese. you do? what do you expect more developments or such projects between the 2 countries? we've been developing the perspective transport corridors for quite some time already. i know the ones that are economically feasible, no time and cost effective. it's the blood of a starch,
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and i maritime seal, which, which you mentioned, but also the international north south transport coil. the importance of these roots is even more increasing at now to ensure that our trade is independent from arbitrary interference or the you bloody was stopped, should my maritime root is of great significance to facilitate the indian accessed to the russian far east, including its rich sure are natural and industrial potential. i will recall that the russia indians, india summit in 2019 a gave a, a huge impetus to go ahead with that. important thing is that it also
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facilitates her or the indian outreach to the arctic and the infrastructure and energy projects. they are included including the northern c route, was stalk oil cluster and other projects. we be increasing attention her to the ins to see a as the shortest way from india to russia and further to europe reducing transportation time to we're out to around 2020 for these as compared to about 40 these through the suits channel. now its capacity stands at about $15000000.00 tons a year, which we plan to double by 2030. it also involves multilateral infrastructure development, urban customs, satellite navigation,
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telecommunication lines. so that we ensure the seamless movement of goods implementation of these projects will certainly make the whole of curation more interconnected. i will expedite the integration initiatives as was a, contributes to raise the efficiency of the you ration economic union. also keeping in mind that there is a negotiation process about the f t a of the year asian economic union with iran in india. clearly, it would be a huge step towards the implementation of the a greater eurasia partnership proposed by her president flooding their putting bags you see to father cooperation at we. the issue in an african country is also could we see strengthening already existing institutions such as breaks and the su,
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for example. that's the very same thing we, we do advocate a corporation and bricks and the su is based on equal and mutually beneficial partnership as well. as a common desire for democracy and global affairs, the central role of the u. n. r and the international law. we don't accept the neo colonial or policy promoted by the western burned by western countries are labeled as rules. rules based order to camouflage the desire to retain a decisive c in global affairs. a brother cunning idea, i must admit, seemingly allowing others to participate, participate in creation of those rules. the again, many of the u. s. must end this notion i love from my
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point of view is getting more and more attractive for many countries and explains their desire and intention her to join bricks and the su, the expansion of these associations is only a matter of time. it's already going on the, as you are with iran and bella luce, now to become new member, members in the 2023 this year and next year or respectively in bricks. the dialogue on expression is going on to at the moment, the south african, the presidency in bricks, is promoting the focus on corporation with africa, supporting its development, her initiatives, integration and prayed liber liberalization processes. we also appreciate
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a huge sure attention to africa that india indian chief went to presidency a spain naturally bigger involvement, asian and african countries. the in the leading mount, multi lateral ah, institutions will greatly so player development purposes and contributes to raising their global profile. india has been under constant pressure from the western countries to dicker doth, stands against russia after a dull conflict in ukraine. how has this affected your relationship with? are those states also? do you think that in the are, will continue to, ah, stay on its bath of independent foreign policy? you know, the, the whole world has witnessed the failure of western efforts to pressure india.
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india has succeeded in maintaining and in an independent and balanced position, projecting unilateral, illegitimate restrictions violating the international law. i think it's more if the big reflection of the credit will end of the western hagaman he than or anything else. this for him stand is based on india's principle line with regards to the sanctions policy in general, which cannot be a solution to bilateral or global problems. india gives priority to its national interests, including in relation to the current and global food and the energy crises caused by the pandemic in the 1st place. and by, by the western sanctions against russia, in the se, in the 2nd multi vector approaches at the core fringes concept for
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strategic autonomy. and i would very much like to see india stay on this course. ah ah, what happens with digital games with an actual physical sport? something like digital? yeah, there's yes, because on is preparing to host the 1st ever gains of the future. a cyber context with a physical dimension. one of the innovators, eager to study at all, is on the verge of redefining sports and gaming. he tells us what's behind this synergy, and if it's the future with joggers archipelago told me that she goes to san diego garcia, the largest island in the archipelago,
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is now the location of a very large u. s. military base. you could've been med div i to the u. s. government to make a military base and just deported all of the people from their country. so big college returned back on the island. no, no, but we are fighting. that's why i'm real fighting for the right. so i, we do not consider the right to self determination actually applies to the trickle . since i don't the question of self determination, the legal advice we have received is actually the trickle. since we're not at all, not a people for me, it's time to move on and see what we can do. a full the tumbler said committee to return back home. there is no us to support from the nomination. high commission, african united nish. i don't care about juggler, said people ah,
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we don't feel attitude and the relationship has changed. we are very happy that you know, the older generation of, in years the old, remember those hades early soviet engine friendship. the younger generation certainly doesn't know much about russia, which is not somebody's fault in particular to general situation in which nobody is to blame. but the overall attitude has not changed. of course, it is more comfortable with the, with the, with the current situation. europe. nobody's comfortable we, we are suffering 1st place in russia, ukraine. we didn't want that turn of events in
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the 1st place. and the, in fact, we for at least 15 years prior to 2022 were when the new escalation happened, tries to impress on europe and us, which has the decisive influence on europe to sit together and work out formulae, security formula that would be acceptable to all cause we felt that in the russian security, death is threatened, was threatened by the expansion of nato. that was the, the major reason for the, an escalation and all our proposals. so we're good, good, good,
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good will intentions. they were rejected outright. now. well, as we see and, you know, on various political leaders, i make revelations for my former leaders in europe or i'm lower or like these, right, the prime minister. they were no such plants in the west and from, from the beginning. they can thank deceived. russia very bluntly in a very on partnership men manner and ultimately wanted to, to proceed with those to cressy for plans so, so that our position in all the global stage is diminished. and sufferers
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confirms the our assessments, assessments that something is not right. with the western attitude towards russia. labrons has pointed out that nato countries are seeking to increase border tensions between new delhi and beijing. now a, how do you thing nieto is doing this and b, how concerned a you and your colleagues about the dispute yet? the india china border problem. is it purely bilateral meta right? russia doesn't interfere and no one is, is expected to either. the, the 2 parties are mature enough to earn and capable of resolving early the situation on her own. using the existing dialogue and consultations, consultations mechanisms. it will take
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a deteriorating removal at destroyed security situation and europe after the cold war. as an example, nato's negative role is evident. despite russia's objections, are, the block continued its expansion. eastwards creating day the a direct from threats to the russian security. stating its defensive nature or nato chose of offensive actions against russia. so similarly, at its attempts to spread its influence, it to the asia pacific should not mislead anyone. with russia and china as the 2 of vis adversary's, there are less obvious targets as well. like the unity of the region at large,
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in our perception, it's going to divide the know the region will japanese it's unified agenda and the equilla and the undivided security architecture. a nation centered architecture. there will be more alienation alliance and the instability. and it certainly doesn't suit for the interests of any of the nations they are including india and china, in the backdrop. rising tensions, and then your will arena, and the pressure on india to condemn russia. how do you think the trade between the 2 countries is going the sanctions war against russia has, in fact, it has had in faith and not was it effect and accelerated the, the russia, india trade. as you know,
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last year it grew almost 3 and a half times and they reached reached about 35000000000 u. s. c, u as d, a record record level. or the lion's share belongs to oil and coal, and fertilizers, and the metal supplies from russia. indian exports are still far behind. that is true. we're working in 10 in the intensely to balance it. it's important that there is a wide spread interest from private sector, the regional business voice medium scale business is getting more active. the tourists flow through india shows promising dynamics and is increasing oh, so the, the scope of opportunities for india to expand its presence in the russian market.
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it has increased dramatically in almost all segments of industry. and it would be wise for the indian business. and to make use of it of them. no, russia has been a long time energy bought. no, all the india. do you see this partnership bar growing? i hope that it will continue and will expand and not only on the supplies front. we're talking here about the expansion of joint investment projects in both countries, including the development of stockwell, which i mentioned earlier, and the other promising hydro carbone uh, carb cobbling fields in the russian far east and in the arctic. we're also talking, we're talking about but are chemicals and energy processing projects in india?
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let's not forget that russian investments which amounted to 13000000000 a usd in 2017. we're the largest ever in the investments in the energy sector of india or and g. c corporation owns a 20 percent stake in the sahalina. one project. indian companies are widely represented in the development of the van cor field in russia. in the us, you rock projects also, the imperial energy group of companies operates in the toms creegan and the s for the spike of her energy purchases in 2022. russia ah, has become the largest oil supplier of india and our
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share in long local crude imports, or has exceeded no 25 percent. and or, of course let's not forget about the extensive leasing corporation in the, in the earned nuclear power sector. we've been her the only country wanting to implement such projects in india with the construction of the good uncle and nuclear power plant. talking all the defense partnership between new deleon, moscow in dallas. always been a major by our of a rush in military equipment. how important is india to russia military export market? very important, no doubt about that. the level of the russia india defense corporation remains unprecedented. and it's not much, ah, possibly vo,
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the numbers than about. so the overall extension of corporation. russia offers the maximum level of transfer of advanced technologies where other players are still hesitant. we don't condition our defense corporation to politics. there have been very practical results, like the exceptional dramas, supersonic missile missiles manufacturing. the, the joint projects that we have, b, a k, 203 rifles, joint venture license production for tanks, aircraft, various armaments and components. all in compliance
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with macon, india and self reliant india programs. and right at the moment, russia is taken, it is taking a negative part in the iow, india in defense. sir defense is shown in bangalore, where we have a large delegation present with the representation of various defense manufacturing companies, offering a variety of products and joint collaboration projects in the aircraft industry in the anti missile warfare. offering the, the portable miss i launches and the other advanced equipment we are, we are very optimistic about the continuation of our close engagement in this, in this important sector. thanks very much ambassador with speaking to id,
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appreciate your time. ah ah ah mobile is this the best of both? not sure. my, for the mobile when you vision annual g d. p per capita is about $4000.00 euros. last does that? we've got drugs. are you in a mold or mildew? a wash there? personally, i was off of my, i got a new primary consti sealed from corpus really and kids totally new, new switches throwing them all belong to come out. nature laws thought they're missing would have thought of unemployment is off the child's. moldova territorial
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integrity and sovereignty. we respect a country which enjoys financial support from the u. s. n. b, you is constantly robbed by political and corruption scandals, but older didn't scope moldova, obtaining a new candidate status in 2022. 050 the youngest is up to date because there's a lot of censorship on many topics in schools that started just a migration topic to my impression it went on with the climate change drawn back it went on those come down a how you see it. i mean, there was no, there was no real debate, it was either or, but never as and, and now it's about russia and it's about yes, we have to fight and fresh has to be taken off the map. ah,
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a for the model that those are good sit then by day to day love b b i love you. keep up with anybody know bands office i will share each do not.


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