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tv   Documentary  RT  February 19, 2023 6:30am-7:01am EST

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by claiming that the rebels who were really were led by al qaeda, were actually democratic forces. and the, the, the, the western media, you know, swallowed a whole supported them all the way down the line. so, i mean, the u. s. does is constantly and the corporate media lapdog pref, goes along with that and the case ukraine allied with neo nazis. and now it appears that it's aligned with was supporters of crisis as well. the u. s. is willing to work with anybody as long as they would help help them in their. busy struggle again, it's sylvia. and now it's doing the same thing with regard to the russian federation . i just about wrapping up this edition of the weekly. this is our traditional sunday program here in nazi so good to meet us search. yes, i'm a good time with us here at moscow. what a busy week it's been as well, so we will return to the top of the hour. hi,
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i think some of the biggest hard hitting stories of the past and stuff and thanks for joining with the ah ah mm hm. mm
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yeah, jeanette jeanette with pick them up with francisco new york 125 in. we reached francisco, west crossway $220.00 to the below, which means that this was whiskey with the money lines you would need to punch it. took nothing,
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lizzie. v. soon. mother to think you supposed to mow my money up above, which could you check if you thought it was he has to publish it. so money door with a book, you know which field ah a preschool you to please. you only can korean separately. they beat what article that will digest d properties wrote was a v t e c e c u on the start of eat your apiece. extra cost is a for you by $150.00 per year for i said give you the level of got the rest of your children and for africans can ceramic, i thought it was done, the minute planners will emerge and they put when you move the 1000000 can by
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vehicle in my current, by your call is choice by your call, i need to see progress by you collusion with them. visit the national minister enough run a 0 that will say is for valid. so africa i, cisco budget, a partner senior snap with the board to africa case run at that, finished such a lapse to reset the password to dealer chip if she in the form, if by this agenda sheet, which in the beat was off record on that. so she's not in things if it's suitable is possibly in the charla or she's because up on the completely vitally not, mitchell, i said the beat was africa. couldn't you stretch due to my lawyer told me, darcy, you can lose money,
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call me. so i design theories, let's sort it out to sort of union poodle combat can last you just, once i got to lose you, you have to, you know, more complex to she knew you see levelized he is, he says, i got, was a hoodie. no, probably not know what the phenomenon. no, not most likely fall. if i was one city part, i will all by the department of human resources out to research studies are jenny. they went out to the legacy party and i knew my dear foot to come to sort of this, it said please, you fool. senior. the laptop is still sick, he would kill. i received a music down little darcy for him. that you fool eat me from one mcafee's
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set to use the pity shot. well, i'm good on the other. the thought i wanted to go this it while i'm on my own up. i say that i go to media. if you are not there. not really city. i meant diana is joan. that is set up to a stop at maybe some kind of next natural that we need a yeah. go broader. look i'm if you made a new publish as to what the i'm a member of our church way. right. i see that as a
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right now for you. oh, because monday ah transition. sure. but it it to sure. but to remember what you need to enable question or, you know, a bus from go go or buell economy school block on old money. i stuck with douglas and i read it, but the showing in the book up to promotion to dental. took my back in with her narrative. i love some other things from us. we should just do it with them. not sure if i'm from brooklyn to national ibp, not soc articles. and you should of marco cook
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with district moving from doesn't call that those are pathology. i can put up uh, i really do got started with anybody that through journals i heard from with other wellness company, general driven patrol and goods mover. just stick with your bill in the web shirt for 5. yes or no. they would come back davis, who are listening with her. i was just those, i'm with them and i'm sure she had little to park there. might end up boston bully dish. did she chuckled. show ski rules or did i need them? you use them. what's your name?
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yeah, your, me, me give it to you. it got a hold up. awesome. i need to be pulling general bridge to post a quick turn. the party. there was a shadow of communication from fulton, buffalo, ottoman and i was part of the super her. she's coming from your school, but return june. most of her turn. those checks cost for current shortly. i'm not sure where those show me very junior. well you will need more of a warmer. okay. let me. oh okay, well. 2 that's um a
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move for record you can do or if it's, if i'm, if they didn't move it as odyssey, i give it empty. i'm a boy, you did asian, did i me a is a it's a believe me feel it through through that yet, but i'm think of something that i'm think i'm a little but it me, i'll fight a couple of it do it on. i'm not a big mobility or not the what the work that somebody is
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on the, on the web. the designs are not vicky feet deep. hopefully we'll see a whole new but not funny. it's not a fit. you can only minister, not the most. your love from the long enough, let me through it for director no parts is registered with. soviets guess i use the glass and now love shipping your school out with as rich advocate and paso to deal with. so the less norwood, that's and then the economy service gets those pastoral dam bullet there of thought brooklyn permission to pretty yes, it will, at least to cheer being that it was more interested dory. at day e in the teacher skate ramps, but at least sizing them for stroke daughter dumpster, i list all it by needs. this is their wives. now, actually, it's an through by, by african this you needed to see it. so i guess you so your source of smola,
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i'm african diagram with him in that it's sandy steve. right? she engineered it. you'll surely he couldn't get away when a new factory or a new hospital built with so bit assistance open source that it represents yet another sign of african new life, only from seattle to leslie, upper euclid williams. hook, bertha go, do cooked again. cautiously still don't let us read them. so you ski, we'll need to put on here. i have shown some time for me. i glued. amy, i'm ok to you a quote for an issue this ah, crash lister, clint, decently,
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it's possible to deal of weep. wendy is nachos. emma now she need that butch africa sprung it up with them. the sick boy dodie too. but down with the mill. i do wish got dora. well, wouldn't you knock widgets of african natural sound? a pelucci? i think as if kit die, you mean yet what that the door back with which inquisitive, gnashing ignatius tiny, i'm not can you is a receipt for yesterday. not my provider who i don't work with no one just in the more liberal limited policy. i'm like are, is there a well, you've been, you're good. no problem. this goes because you get what she wants to leave
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it up. what is he just got a good? have on somehow anything that i pulled my boat down with that money that i needed. i am just with a, a, a y, a i got that la. my mom is sick or lab wor, usually need to back on monday. so just
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a little more tv. look at his application to the family or my lea key. what is he done by 3 out of what a cloudy, assuming with our lab, lowe's it, isn't it? oh, i didn't know. i thought it a day, but you guys then fill it out and then it was a
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it will. lemme just look see done. but good it, thunder look the dumb and knock it down me. ah ah ah
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ah oh, we need to get some cuz she uses got you you some i'd love an opportunity you rain . yeah. yeah, yeah. you got a piece of it. we could to tie locked, you know, we're all, we're no matter where you can only give middle of but each guess the only reason you always stalk style. you go to africa boilers. i'm, you know, india yet the daughter of the you're off the wall from for border. we're jeffrey consechi extra on e as lovely i use a leasing was taught even
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a piece that she liked. the beat was an article on the back of the african style that us monday, which got food because evenly, so we can only medical political here to please a floor. the other one on the challenge with the shelter, ga, ga, ga tom store, africa. yet the idea advice bureau review i think once kate is sorta 0 or should it is portraits of pres roadster over. so could i get you roughly right, mental grades and premier them graduation grade is public a quantum glance, and you might be to ship it, save media posts are past some couple isn't risk, pamela, carpool with a promotion still by a be a set of accord with what's in your motion? it was very some a signal that i made a key to look at. best of a cor birthday is kritisha kate is public. your clinical paper shirts are separate and those are some as called tottenham graduation case. political couldn't got it. let me,
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i wouldn't lose it. and play was up to my bedroom. yeah. in my building it's uniform . visit the recall done. what you believe? nafrica reports to suggest that it's that's not something that i was when you're writing is source of beard them. it's. it is source, it might be out of the concert as we have done, if there is an issue of the concept by dylan that walk to poach and those to put somebody foot from services that you may stepping it as a team that i work on. when we can so every mean that i is della poll miguel gets cut off like, you know, updating the westport. it also was, it was get dates. got dorothy just was leaving abilene, we're gonna would stomped, lifted them, that are not as we have control, mr. added in by there's no hook up with what date of same it's the mfc. grab that category, suggest abner ocean, they're west bush now. african massey go give it guys only show with me. did that they would that i guess cuz i know that when you buy the new vehicle africa as loma, got to the carpet. blackwood presidio. 3 of us touch an african. now what's the lesson is that busing? if you guys don't to play in the city 30 national,
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it that can go to just get those daniel to amuse the perfect. you got to read through him a girl. so this is so you look at nash ring him through them. so keep williams. nitric may stepping at gnashing information, which i'm no good diversity african, ian ideally by don't with the number and you have to study in the face. okay? so for the ideal, for david's anthem, and when you're supposed to really get that to show itself. so thought, though i see abroad, if i mean whether we chauffeur, you're putting down can you to the glass suddenly blushing when for stroke total, what is there i bought for 5 years and if it's got by him in that a good ticker status from which let's bid yard, see w, it's own in for a little thought, a dad or get a by need see if they can use mozilla, the african, which in logan nor religion permit that when i was up with an african mr. thing, any of them? the violin. yes, but a visually has that or what showed mr. ashley in? yeah. bullish chip or 9 year 2 for mr. dab with that is our bread. it is it was is
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the ant bite. somebody is similar to amusement celina thought a bit of it goes to shock. i keep them sway savage at nothing that's touching, but 3 beats are sca high downward, but minion gord. davidson woke up with us as a 9 year professional damage staff. it comes to study, discuss whitney voice, that was provided linoleum for michel in yeah. lees. marsha, kit desk. what did they discuss? edge, dominique. i kick niccolini. is that what i bought them for me to? so, i mean, it does not possibly new ministers get convenience and uses this cuz i need to learn yesterday. let's have says daniel butcher smith, the african the the b o. h is never got it down on the on do me guns. the loads you for machine creek please don't fishing pin don't press pause. excavate the last people going to
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be off the go like the be your music. i love it must have been thank be africa would come. a lot of the large do. they've been here to serve the supposed be $50.00, checking the stuff in the tech composing to god. thank you. don't fail for the salt. you don't pull up the joe look and it did all i said, and also more interested in moscow, you could click on it, they did do project build it, did it, did they put the bob board member kits today? it is on go on this on. if chris county possible and i will run one this among move
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on, i will be don't. that's why i was to month 15 on monday and i me to do the for the month is imagine the table anterior long as you please see the piece of furniture in the morning. she didn't open. we all love to be of a mission. she said it is our final last, you know, the completion of going up your feet. i show, but i got my posts. no,
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got it. and mr. watson's through the governor during the time of federal bidding, the cocker. yes. 1000000000. probably regardless. boy, a. as in oscar in crystal, the invoice for the baby is supposed to get wired with 3 meters, get out of room and car garage is jim machine and your router so of daughter has a very interested in my chef. what addition, harrison story do out of the room, this book did the most through or if there's some sort of you just left
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it is the museum is create a short lived to share with you in your thumbs. i know can you she didn't. bush, we didn't go up, get that, can i mix get as nominal, go ballistic chem. older boys. time is up the version i so then they get, they will version that brain. wish to let the blue genia lucia boardwalk shift chef . that brings when you miss actors to love, nothing you deal up? no, i just pick it up. i'm when you bracelets to get to sleep, combine shortcut gazoomba with in the courts of miss schwartz. they still that video out all the zimbabwe that the semantical order, a new guy, but what down for audio, but it's up that i've been in the states my computer will. she says, cuz i understand you are calling you guys in a row before she him bob with nice up or get passed around to know what like in the
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beginning, she gets unique jewelry. i was go at the as in bob. well, if you study just go for the partition, you don't get shortly. assertion after a couple of boiler, beardley was get much taller coke with the shipping. when you're sitting in my bedroom, sit in the gym up or something, and then i believe you were pissed. you put in, i suggest with possibly initiative storage of cars that would cost or shariff. whitaker, st george was today with jim was up camp and the premier. well it's a free is that say somebody was so give me that they should mr. president of the every show niger, any period that we spoke is there any looked on the quality of the electron night of need? did you want that? because also a bit of online too. i just needed both being offered you know, with that type of similarity with africa. if the continued to do with the engine ation, but allow me to cost extra. it's bear with me while i'm in the or good. i'll put
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you in flu shot. i see. but we might at least get the continuance, got it. what with what get them put all the time with them, but they bring them normally. brown with monster. wanted to do some. i'm with them . when you join them to call, i need to pay for them back with the sector. did you guys use for fun? i got my li. norwood. so laura with william phillip the computer is to live on it. yeah. yeah. or she'll so what i see it, let's see. so that, that a little that i'm sure that she can. yes was out here to we need it. so sit, got a formless joke. got us avoid it. got a go. very nice. and then nick, is lilian as a way to a source? it really, it could be more than
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a store do is where it glass or when reception really. but he lives in a some guys have him stop sending him. nick, nick, a little boy for sitting here. on, on back either at africa league him that he piece, been that boy do exist. i'll again that glass how boy that is or how long as i recommend that with that said that he does finance with it and he didn't want to come in to boil or something, but she won't, but i'm to lose it. but i'm not the only it. yeah, and i, but i would, you know, eat or just some are still yes, color on, but it wasn't not always a i will not put test to like that, but i'm a pity and he's the guy with a deal on that. so and i bet it the voice issue for us to ski analyst
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is part of the resistance by not even, but i guess they didn't look. so was that i would that didn't give who was another log and not old log minimum milk on that to me on the age or better i need as well . no. when i bought the messaging, you will you do, we delete them with glass or we think mellow of it, but it lies in. but it normally when all you can um, push me that was with the oven and the lake almost done with the youngest. as of today because there's a lot of censorship on many topics in schools. it's not just a migration topic to my impression it went on this, the climate change on back. it went on. those come down a how you see, i mean, there was no, there was no real debate. it was either or,
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but never as and now it's about russia and it's about, yes, we have to fight russia and russia has to be taken off the map with with the syrian official say at least 5 people are killed and 15 others wounded is railey missiles, trying to target, so residential apartment building in damascus also with a new weapons. now you can be 100 percent. sure. we will destroy these lab words at the head of the russian, a private military company. wagner group forecasts the demise of western arms and says a key city held by key forces in bond bass will soon be surround port.


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