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to host the 1st ever gains of the future, a cyber context with a physical dimension. one of the innovators, eager to study at all, is on the verge of redefining sports and game it. he tells us what's behind this synergy. and if it's the future ah, that's the rationale for the mission to make sure that in europe in western europe keeps. i'm funneling supporting nato and keeps on falling arms into, into what is clearly a proxy war against russia. in an exclusive interview going on the ground renown report, the theme or harsh breaks down the us sabotage of the node stream pipeline. which we think the exposed to the bomb shell report this been denied by washington. also this are, this is a greater made by the american made hi marsh rocket. it landed right in the yard of this musical college right in the center of the city of the and that's,
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that's more civilians are killed in the ukrainian shelling up rushes don't. yes, we're public. we report from the scene and one at the latest attack, a fainting fans, a clear message to washington, calling it the well, the largest war monger is china as they see here. why should we consider it policy evolving? ukraine warning that the weapons could end up on the black north with very well. welcome to you. this is not the international with the very latest wealth news update. it's good to have your company. the usa, sabotage of the north stream pipelines, was aimed at cutting europe off from affordable russian gas. that's according to pulitzer prize winning journalist seymour hersh, speaking exclusively to action with tons c on going on to ground. the people who did this thing were assigned to do it in the intelligence community, the operators,
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they initially thought it was a great idea. let's get a capacity of before it be before russia was talking, but it was so late. 2021. let's go and find out if we can do it. and by, within a few months, the white house clearly was sold. that was told the people doing it thought this was in a bad idea. they gave the white house some options to maybe bluff or convince of putting that the cost is going to be very high. and but then when the white house blew by talk publicly about this, within 3 weeks of the briefing, information he got, and victoria mila, both within a 3 week period and late january, early february of last year. both said publicly, well, we know we can stop it and let me be let, let me. so the news kind of is, if, if a we will stop the north she wanted and the president was asked after he said that by reporters, it's a fame, it's all on tape with on a nightly news report said, well, how will you do it? he said, let me tell you,
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we know how to do it. we can do it language like that. and at that point, the guys in the group were upset because it was supposed to be covert operation. and by the time they finally, they did their job, they made it possible they, they planted the bombs with 8 of the navy divers and. and then it just sat there. the bomb sat there for months was planted in june. but by wish, by so when, when the war look, you look like the ukrainians were doing ok by late september there was certainly evidence of a serious serious issue. there wasn't going to be a cakewalk for the ukrainians. like some people in the press route, at that point, the group that made it possible. understood that he did it for political purposes period is not going to help the war. and what it does, what he was doing it for was a prevent germany and western europe if case the winter came quickly from opening up the pipeline. the german government had, they had done the sanction. they had stopped the pipeline. but the german
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government have the right to open up the new one. and that was wanted by that's the rationale for the mission to make sure that europe and western europe keeps on funnelling, supporting nato, and keeps. i'm following arms into into what is clearly a proxy war against russia that's being fought right now. published on february the 8th, her she's reporter led the pipelines were mine by your u. s. navy divers, back in june last year. the journalist said washington use that nathan military jewels to cover up the operation with assistance from norway. according to the report, joe biden made the decision after 9 months of consultations with the security advisors. report has been criticized by both washington and the e. u with officials dismissing it as speculation and even fiction. seymour hersh phase biden's denial isn't surprising. as some of the us presidents have been caught lying to the public for the sake of promoting a war. what happened in norway?
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the reason i wrote the piece of sac subsector going back to lyndon johnson. we all know that john's his premise for going expanding the war and getting congressional prob commitment to do whatever he wanted the war the same as the the one, the george bush got after $911.00. that letter of the goto, iraqi could do what he wanted. he got a complete bill of goods rights brought in a speech called the, the tonkin gulf resolution. and the congress passed after us after johnson lied about what happened in the war. he invented a north vietnamese attack. he, a mcnamara conspired to change the intelligence. it's not, this is not new, it's been known, but i use, i'm, i was thinking of that in the context of johnson lied about something that led us into a war that killed 50000 americans and get this anywhere between $1.30 vietnamese. we don't know this, that's the way we deal with the, with these people have a different race, i guess, one to 3000000. and so here we have a president lying about a not telling the truth about something he authorized that did happen. and what's
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gonna happen now germany, i think the reason for it, i think in late september last year, it was clear that whatever we thought about ukraine winning, the war, standing up to the russians was going to be very unlikely which it is going to be very unlikely to spite which arena daily newspapers is not going well at all. so potent selling west in europe and the germans. i'm particularly the germans that well we value. we're so worried that you might decide that the support is all away because you're getting oil for mushy. they control the pipeline. as i said, the germans, he was worried they were dropped the sanctions that are taking the gas again. so what he did is, is he said to europe and i said, well, you can't in a crunch. you know, we're going to let you be cold. it's not cold this year, but i will tell you right now the real worries next winter for more revelations, from the man who previously exposed us war crimes in vietnam and ra cucamonga. the
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full interview with seymour hersh on going on the ground right here on our see this sucks day the un general assembly has passed a western drafted resolution that calls on russia to withdraw its forces from ukraine. the motion with adult daughter to days of debates in new york, 141 countries voted in favor of the document. 7 nations including russia by the rules on syria reject to the resolution. an additional $32.00 un members, abstained among them. china, india, and iran. this is a 7th resolution on ukraine adopted by the un general assembly since the start of last year's conflicts previously most goes on past the vaseline. benji had grounded the latest documents clearly until russian. 3 paramedics meanwhile, have been killed off to an ambulance was hit by ukrainian fire in the city of don't . yes, that's according to local authorities. you added the shelling also took the life of
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a civilian woman and left another wounded. earlier ukrainian troops hit residential areas of don. yes, with us applying high mas rockets, r t r t z, a correspondent among cars reports from the c. this is a crates are made by the american made. hi marcy rocket. it landed right in the yard of this said musical college, right in the center of the city of jeanette's canal, according to local authorities, there were at least so 5 strikes against the city. and now the air defense was working. now this is another greater made by this strike by i'm our scroggins, according to the investigators who worked on the scene. now this is greater. number 3, now all around me are purely residential buildings. only civilians live here. there's not a sites always single military purse. now the reason why investigator said that hi mars ah multiple launch rocket systems made, and i to say it's called high mars were used is because of these remains. now the
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typical yellow color is representative of the harmless rocket. now this is quite heavy. now had the moment strikes against a center of the city of the misc ah, continue, we are yet to find out whether there were any casualties. but as you can see, there's quite a bit of destruction not only here in the center of the nest, but on the outskirts of the city has. well, we'll continue to monitor the events as the day progresses. ramon cos ref, harty done this group public. the western tends to divide russia and asked what the country's defense minister has said while addressing the military on the annual defender of the saga lands day. his on sagacious describes the western assets you are to to day russia is once again in serious danger using ukraine. the collective west seeks to divide russia and to private of its independence. these attempts are
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doomed to fail me. moll hungary has we as to waits dates, coals to pace in ukraine, and the ending of western arm supplies to k. speaking of the un general assembly hungary, foreign minister of the well to rethink its approach to the conflicts before it spirals out of control. we can save lives of the people by creating peace. and based on our experience, it became already pretty obvious that neither delivery of weapons, nor sanctions, those measures do not save life. to the contrary. they contribute to the prolongation and the risk of escalation of this war. and they bring more suffering . united nations have been crated to serve as a platform for dialogue, for those who even consider each other as enemies. therefore,
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we urge dogs between russia and the united states to be started as soon as possible in the framework of the united nations. we hungaria are living in central europe and we have understood very clearly the lesson of history. we all know that whenever there was a conflict between east and west, we in central europe, we have always lost. therefore, another major east to west conflict would definitely be against our national interest. complete generations in hungary have lost decades from their lives because of the cold war. and we do not want to lose more. we do not want the world to be divided into blocks. again, instead of blocks, we want connectivity and cooperation. and we do not want these regional war to become a global them. langley is not the only country warning of an escalation to the
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conflict in ukraine as beijing has also said that the arms washington sentence, a key of often and often the wrong hands. weapons supplied by the us to ukraine are often smuggled into the hands of criminal groups in europe and other regions. instead of creating new problems, washington should think about what good it can do for the world. concerns of a deadly weapons ending up in the wrong hands. also previously raised by the e. u and nato and july. last year, both organizations advocated for greater tracking to vom shipments to keep in order to prevent black market sells in europe. the e u. law enforcement agency, you are a poll, was that the threat might be even higher was the conflict ends. you and officials also raised the issue quoting for more effective arms control measures to be put in place. the u. s. policy of flooding arms into was and as part of the problem is, china has labeled america, the world's largest war monger paging. i did that in all of us history. the nation
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is only enjoyed 2 decades of peace that washington has been responsible for 80 percent of the world's armed conflicts since world war 2, including the us, lead nato strikes on former yugoslavia in 1999 and the long run in conflicts. and i'm going to stall on the rock, according to a professor at the paris school of technology and business. washington now wants to prolong the ukraine conflicts to us in itself. china is pouring weapons to the f. one, lie in ukraine, the u. s. emitted it, and what's quite proud of it is that china has stressed that china's comprehensive collaborative partnership with russia is based on the basis of knowing alignment on computation and non targeting of 3rd parties. and it's a matter we've been to sovereignty of the 2 independent countries, i think right now is not in the us interest to make sure there will be
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0 smuggling of weapons to the other european countries or because they have to, you know, maintain enough, you know, armed forces and the weapons in the ukraine. ready to prolong the wars against russia. so even though the u. s. my, you know that they will be unable to control the leak of weapons to other countries, but they are not in the interest and became far so the remains of the country 1st. president thomas on kara, had been put to rest in a re burial ceremony attended by til officials. a revolutionary leader who is often referred to as african che guevara. he was killed during a qu, and $987.00 o co respondent investigates and cars legacy. it's a remarkable day here in book, in a far so it's very burial of thomas and cara, revolutionary leader,
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and former bull. can i be president to this pot where he was assassinated? back in 1987 troublesome, kara came to power in a cool in the early eighty's and was nicknamed african che guevara, for his commitment to continental self relies allen to western policies. after falling victim to a new cool, we'll national i code was buried in a hurry in an hour mark grieved, but if he years ago, the body was exuberant and finally identified as belonging to very bullish, naughty, however, but choice of very burial site has created a controversy. his family is calling for a different location for son. carouse grave away from his sight, her face assassination. some critics. ugh, that sancho remains given his historical significance no longer belong to the
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family. hello tory hole is the only survivor of the bloody murder which claimed the lives of thomas hancock and 12 others says it is her, shall that variable actually be buried with his comrades should be burned up by you did for me, these debates have no place. what is difficult to replace us, how to embody the values represented by thomas ankara. why in all of humanity, in all of africa on all of the planet has earth claimed thomas and kyra, what did he do to deserve such a fate? what did he do to stop being a son to his family? let's follow in some cars, footsteps, and makes and car remembered. let's put him where humanity wants him. very moral side where he is already a memory in tribute to the national hero. but his family agrees with this choice for the army son, cora is a both or
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a soldier. and they say his buddy belongs to the army. moreover, in terms of toddy soon, the customary chief think he should be buried when he was tipped. these quite the disagreements of where the body of such should be. the new spot of toma son, color grave is low. it please. but pauses is even greater meaning to each citizen, a book in a fossil m y. a luxury. in my opinion, we must respect the choice of the family, even if thomas sanker all was a national hero. since the memorial is already at a well known place in many have already visited it, i think it's a given. even if thomas sanker is buried elsewhere, it doesn't change much. the rascal effort model. in my opinion, it is the opinion of the family that counts. it's true, thomas sanker, i was a hero, but he belongs 1st to his family. even if he is a br. canapes for me, it is the opinion of the family that counts while not as it is friday. it's true
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that his remains belong to his family and there are decisions that are up to them. but i also think that people deserve to be heard because outside of his family, he was also a president that many law didn't would as he was a president, that many new there. i think we can bury him at the memorial and it will be special . i it won't go unnoticed because he's someone that people like. i think people will remember him always, ah, to african now where piracies. i enclose the ties with the ivory coast off the neighboring burkina. faso showed french troops the door. the french defense minister visited the country's former colony olson and his cut duality pledge fresh military support. it only the consumer and the army of the ivory coast is nothing like that of 10 years ago. and now it makes the ivory coast a country of stability. a country in which we can nurture and documents a common security agenda, and thus stabilizing the region. basically, we will operate on 2 legs. one of those will be to provide human resources and
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training, training the french army to bring more to its. i've oriend partners. francis now officially entered this military mission in bacchanal fall. so off to the country's government ordered paris to withdraw its troops accusing them of failing to help fight islamists to do. hon is groups linked to al qaeda on dyslexic stage have been causing calles and the saw how region the violence has led to thousands of deaths on the displacement of millions of people in molly niger and the keen affonso. well, some local how they feel about the current situation. right now, if i knew that really, it bothers us a lot that the french army station next to us because whether it's the ivory coast or niger it's next door. because we are in for the united states of africa. if the french army is next to us, it can never work. it bothers us a lot, but really we have no choice. we hope that these authorities will become aware and will really turn that box definitively on any imperialist army,
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be at france for any other. we can take this decision of the ivory coast is a decision of treason. if the ivory coast did this, it is not an act to be praised. it is an act to be rather band. so if the ivory coast is for the presence of troops, there, it is as if it is trying a policy of hostility with mccain of fast. so some we are africans, we have to show solidarity. these are african values. we must be able to promote these values. so if the ivory coast is not in solidarity with an african country, there is a fundamental problem. so we need to show solidarity among africans. it could happen that the ivory and revolt since the crises began allison in his decisions with echo us, as well as the french and other authorities go against the real needs of burkina. faso. seeing that french soldiers are accosted in ivory coast, does not surprise me. when the french presents in africa day spike to the colonial
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era of the 16 hundreds and more recent times, powers is conducted knitting 3 dozen military emissions across the continent. in 2013 from florida operation servo in the states dame of fighting islam as groups but failed to carry out that goal. operation by cain came next as france expanded, its military presence from molly to begin a fall. so niger, chad as mauritania, despite the presence of thousands of french troops, they were unable to suppress the terrorist threats. we all fruitful operation, spoke fierce criticism from african sporting power is to pull the plug in november last year. a journalist one became fancy, told us that any further french military activity is unwelcome in africa. on the ivory coast is this strategic ally of france before independence. it had signed military agreements and all successive governments in ivory coast continued with this military policy, except for president loren back bo,
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they now have strong ties with friends. so it's political continuity with paris. the situation is different from other countries, which do not have when you can amik wait that interests france, such as ivory coast. in any case, the african people more precisely, the african youth are getting fed up with this french supervision, which has lasted too long. during the french presence there, the situation has continued without change. the people are still being attacked by terrorists. in fact, we believe that there is a certain complicity between this country which calls itself the friend and those who attack us. so this is one of the factors that explains this anti french sentiments. secondly, we are at a time when other countries also need partnership with african, which is a strategic continent. more joined, the naval exercises are underway in south africa,
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together with russia and china. the drills of jewel and criticism from the us and in europe, ian allies, which ones other countries to stop cooperating with moscow. but south africa has made it clear that it doesn't take orders from the west. as aki is called leg. i'm assuming report, 350 members of the south african defense force anticipated in the tri national naval exercise between south africa, the host, russia, and china, south africa has unconscious occasions say that this particular exercise is to further strengthen the existing strong ties between itself russia and china, this is a relation between china and some of the russian. admiral gosh, golf is one of the participating ships in the drill and is equipped with the new mach 9 hypersonic. vertical muscles which travel its speeds of 9 times that of light and heat targets within 1000 kilometer range. this exercise is not to new to
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these 3 nations. as in 2019, a joint drill between them involved a warship from each nation, and as well as several surveys and feuding ships on the south african defense ministry has emphasized that the country has the right to conduct its foreign relations in line with its national interest many continued to criticize south africa's move to host the tri nations naval exercise, especially with moscow involved in the current conflict with a whole that government the property has it so on how to approach to the situation and in the growing relations where the political or economic between south africa,
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russia and china will certainly be a contentious form for the whist, with some worrying that it could lead to a shift and the geopolitical balance of power in the region. however, the improved relations, which in south africa, russia and china so far have led to increased trade between the 3 countries, which has resulted in increased investment opportunities and the creation of jobs as well as improve security on sunday for controls that come for me for our tea, richard, space of africa, nigeria, africa's most populous nation and biggest economy as gearing up for presidential elections this saturday here, and i'll tell you we're bringing you our special coverage of one of the continents most significant votes this year. thing.
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over 93000000 people are registered for the upcoming vote. with 18 candidates to choose from the 3 main content is all the former governor from the ruling party abolla archman to the former vice president and leader of the peoples democratic party, to abu bakar, and the youngest of them. the former governor and normandy of the labor party peter o b, who is gaining mass popularity among young people. each of them represents a different region of the country and appeals to a different electorate. although many challenges ahead for the future, nigerian leader with the countries immense dead crisis being a major one are to contribute to chris m takes a closer look at the issues the new president will have to face nigeria. one of the most influential, largest african economies, goes to the pol this weekend to elect a new president. but is this president due to fail? as an agent continues to grapple with an overwhelming debt crisis,
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nigeria debt is out of control with many experts same as know how to fix it, even in the medium term. under the current president, bihari, nigeria is total debt exploited to hold and 6 fold. talking 40 percent of the g d p . not the greatest legacy to leave office with. the hoary has met mass criticism in a failure to fulfill his promises on economic policy since assuming his office in 2050. under his tenure, nigeria is now spending a 100 percent of its economic output on servicing its debts. it's credit card is so fully loaded, that it has no choice but to borrow off to pay the walking interest on it. who has not been great, where they can amik principles and policies. we want people who have the ability to implement what they say, but how did nigeria end up here? one of the main reason is the obsession that bihari had with net 0 pushed by western heads of state by the powers treaty and other such initiatives. nigeria, an oil rich nation, has committed to a bossy,
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ambitious renewable energy strategy at great cost. in spite the currently nigeria can only service enough renewable energy to power dismal $3500.00 homes. but that's not the only reason. nigeria is notorious for his lack of st services. be that educational institutions, health care, or even adequate housing for its people. this is called the stagnation even the decline in nigerians that are able to entered skilled professions and thus generate wheels have his tax revenues for the government coffers. the final reason is corruption. with government officials living in such opulence that even the babylonians, with blush, it's hard to believe that they can afford to live in such a manner, giving their dwindling government salaries. we are deeply concerned with the lack of vigorous scrutiny and attention by the lawmakers in granting requests for loans without reflecting the provisions of the fiscal responsibility act and the greater implication of the nation's economic state. nigeria should not continue to look
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westward, but to the east, russia and china have a basi different investment strategy, investing in the real resources that nigeria desperately needs be done, new routes, new hospitals, or well, cost universities. a highly skilled nigeria will have a huge impact on africa is not the whole world. we are debt right now is about 35 percent of our g d p. m. that's actually pretty low when you look at the country that to, to repeat levels. however, we are not generating enough revenue, so i think um, yes, that's where the corruption comes in. but not only corruption, i think is the structural problem with the economy. the fragment, a lot of the money that should be due to government. what are you talking about? fact sees beauties rates fees, fines or what have you end up in people spoken sell in a book at the non able to generate the income that we can do a bigger budget. and then if waive and borrowing any hospital to specific developmental areas,
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i think from the main toe problem about conception of neil, where the economy supposed to be heading. what we need is better heads to run the economy. we can get more of a new aim. we can do the large double digit caron bigger, expand be shot with and korea, which on which i'm to run the infrastructure and the economy will take off. so we haven't actually started well, want our coverage of the nigerian elections throughout the coming days here on our team will be keeping you fully updated on all the latest news. hey, thanks for joining us. hey, anacio international, we're back with more than 30 minutes. ah.


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