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ah, ah, a swine wants to dominate the world order, and i post it emphasizes the strength of their countries, apply that partnership, also a supplier, all right, in the world. why a big margin. that machine sounds well, african countries, africa shaping out to be as largest market is, is this applies to africa, the content, culturally accounting for the vast majority to certain types of indian,
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right export, poland will. and so the grain conflict i'm fighting is russia, if kids really ultimately failed, according to problems. i'm a fellow natal member states and today law, exactly 2 decades says us that full invaded iraq to impose regime change. the viper behind massive destruction, an estimated 1000000 people, did a social coverage of the devastating conflict. a international role costing alive from us just policy our and as always is great to have you with us. i'm at one time. all right, let's take a look at the top story this our, the upcoming meeting between the leaders of russia. i'm china ah,
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on the eve, all the tries eaters, 3 day visits of mocker shooting. and his roughened counterpart relevant with him. a written article echoing their common vision and their approach to the terms of today's world. our world is confronted with complex and intertwined, traditional and nontraditional security challenges damaging acts of germany, domination, and bullying, and long and tortuous global economic recovery. the international community has recognized that no count 3 is superior to others. no model of governance is universal and no single country should dictate the international order. the collective west is cleaning more and more desperately to archaic dogmas to its elusive dominance. putting the fate of entire states and nations at stake. the u. s
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. policy of dual containment of russia and china, as well as of all those who defy american dic tots is becoming increasingly acute and assertive. the architecture of international security and cooperation is being dismantled was so put up a welcome bye for the tires delegation on the route from the airport where they are expected to arrive at it. my colleague really chill blevins is just the upcoming visit with auntie. correspond shade boughs, but for her to overstate the importance of this visit by she she pink to moscow. and as part of this at the lead up to the visit president, she's young. ping and president putin of boat with the articles in the corresponding papers in each of those countries. and in his, her article he has sort of outlined some of the key points which he's going to try and pursue. and through these meetings, he talks about and the long history between rush and china shared almost moral
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values between the 2 states. and that they're going to try to build not only infrastructure links, but also economic links and, and build upon the, the ancient history as they warm together. and it's, you know, in a sort of almost natural and, you know, partnership which is evolved you to some of the pressure coming from the west. i'm like some countries, the claim had chamonix and bring dis court to world harmony. russia and china are literally and figuratively building bridges. russian chinese relations are an example of harmonious and creative co operation between major powers, mature and stable bilateral ties are constantly gaining new strength and serve as a benchmark for a new type of interstate relations. characterized by mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial corporation. it's not just russia and china, there are a number of countries that are stepping out that are increasing their ties with each other. what do you see is behind those changes when it comes to this overall
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multi polar world landscape? here i think china, of course, is ella via phone when it comes to the economic world, it has a bigger manufacturing capability than the rest of the globe. and combined, so it's very difficult for at the west to put pressure on in an economic fashion because it could cause serious damage to their own economy. we've seen a similar pressure on russia failing, essentially to deliver the outcome that they, they believe. so i think other countries in africa and the middle east are starting to look towards russian china to lead them to a brighter future, which isn't based on a dominant ad dollar, or as sort of a rules based order where united states makes the rules and gives the orders for more on this, so make less close live now to arms control center. dr. from tries issue of international studies, tang changing tag. thanks so much for joining us here. archie. now let's talk about
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a she jing being written article where he reiterates the chinese commitment to the pizza, rather version of the ukranian crisis. but why, why do you think the west is still claiming that beijing into the sent arm? so russia it's really a hard copy garrison days in china and in some western meteors. but to my understanding that it's such a claim by the united states or by some european countries actually, ada. this story and made by these countries just to, to think about that china will take, signed a note b, the russia against to ukraine or against the western countries. so this is a very, it's key, a story made by the western country. i don't think china will take side in this game. for example, china's position actually is of now standing there and i will continue maintain
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such a policy that he's to say to show respect to the in chapter and also to show respect to the integrity and the sovereignty of free country. and also we shoot to show respect to the security consent of any country in the world. so i don't think at this moment we are a game on 2 russia or to any other country in this game. indeed. and this one is kohl's of full piece. china has been labeled by the us as a potential threat with washington stating its national security. so the, that both china and russia are nuclear power and they need to be deterred. what exactly does that mean? how do you think the us plan to do it? it's actually, yeah, so corn to stranded to competition with china with russia,
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initiated by the former president to donald trump in 2017 that and to say china, we are become they in a competitor. all those stretching her origin is to in the word and to change the what order or system i used used to be dominated by the united states. this is actually a, it which key strategy by the united states always the us would like to have an enemy for the say could to get more and more money at home and get a more and more support from the other country. so i think this is the code we're thinking on mentality for the united states to take china and russia as an enemy. i don't think that the united states can make any records. you see the word with the globalization of economy and also wanted audition of international politics. yeah,
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so you make a good point. i mean, is this cold war era mentality of the late seventy's and eighty's it? okay, let's take a look, rushes president, i did put in a he wrote in his article, am i quote, russia is open to the political and diplomatic settlement of the equating crisis. so what is preventing a peaceful solution? i mean, given that the 2 powers, china and russia are advocating this idea. yeah, i think the only way to find a solution to the crises onto the dispute. in your cram a dialog on negotiation, not mandatory at this moment or 2 sides. i mean russia and a grand would like to continue such a confrontation or conflict on the better for you, the but i don't think we can get the final result from the war. so this is actually
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our choice for russia for a friend to sit down to think about the results of the so shyness of pollution is that we should you know, go in a peaceful way to find a peaceful solution of such are crises, all confrontation. so and so china might be a mediator in they crises for russia for it, graham and, but i, i don't think a china, we're take a side with any country in this, in a company or crises and they will that so i and d, that a peaceful solution i and diplomacy, pavel, thank you so much. so for joining us, there are t but until then t it was we again soon. no doubt. thanks again. right? we will stay tuned for more special coverage of course all the upcoming visit. so she's in thing to moscow here on our tea international india
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has when increase a is roy, thanks for the africa helping the continent cope with devastating food shortages in a certain regions. i think are sort of runjun sharma in india and pulling david in nigeria present the details of the rising corporation. oh, over the years my jewels have enjoyed rise from india, particularly the buzz matter rise. but although the government has put in place measures to reduce importation and encourage local rise productions sell us the india rise. c, my durance lava find varieties cannot be questioned, is, is of gluten free on low price. it contains all the, it's essentially as if this low sodium consumers of
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the right the, the long grain makes it stand out into my terrorist. i like it because it's, it has a long green. it's name. i don't foresee, i don't fancy for to race i it held the secondary it is and i love the test was much more expensive. so not everybody i can afford to both those dunwoody ones can afford it. yeah. for less as just like me for the 2 restaurant. once i see the long grants as it's for me, right, a petition a tonight, syria has been sent a downward trend. so my jurors who prefer and depend largely on the indian price have refused to accept homegrown rights varieties made gilbert ford cry says conflict and subsequent sanctions making things difficult across the world. there's a sliver of good news coming in from the global south africa's future. all scenes
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increasingly connected with india as rise, diplomacy between the 2 countries intensifies in near the cheapest supplier or rife in the world by a big margin that has she ended so rural african countries and now africa. c shaping out to be india largest, mark africa, the merge does a lucrative market for indian rice exposures. and india as a reliable and reasonable one. for africa. india exports rise to over 150 countries and out of the 14000000 tons of rise that has exported so far. the c r o or 9 millions of going to africa alone. africa has traditionally b, nobody'd large market photo with non basmati days because racism is effected as compared to quality, which is so important in other markets like southeast asia,
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australia, you, etc, and know the estimate of ministry of agriculture is there 2122. we had 122000000 done so they spiritual africa has been importing roughly around 2 thirds of more than 2 3rd of will. overall numbers, murphy dice export india primarily exports spar boiled non basmati rice to africa. and since africa is the price sensitive market, the benefits are to, we wrote, it gets both a good deal for tom and good quality at low prices. and they are just like the rest of the wall has been trying to ensure the domestic market have what it needs and restricted the export to wife last september. it is unlikely to list the export ban any dying soon to continue in shore ford security at home. and india,
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despite the restrictions, has remained the world's largest exporter off rice by that is more impact on the all exports is primarily because of world are still looks at india. uh, you know, a supplier of race and we have, we still have displayed 20 percent duty. we still have an edge or whatever competitors i was referring to internet and bases yesterday. this dundee dollar liked andy prince, whether it is compared to the pilot or pakistan. we still have any say with india now for a 2nd map. the country as a kid is the british government of inadequately responding to a tank by a separatist group on new dairies. high commission office in london, members, all of the kind of fun independence which wants to carve out on a ton of the state in east in india have been accused of conducting the attack drill, which was the indian flag was torn down and did it soon. affairs murphy says the
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british authorities violated the convention diplomatic relations by failing to provide sufficient security for the building. one of the suspected attackers has been detained to security guard would bring the incident today marks 2 decades since us led forces invaded iraq, our leasing immense devastation on the middle east and country. i'm calling the desk of an estimated 1000000 people on the 20th of march, 2003. the u. s. foot boots on the ground to impose a regime change by force on allegations of weapons of mass destruction that have been proven false. are to continue this special coverage of the conflict which through the oil rich country into chaos and destabilize the entire region.
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ah. in march 2003 missiles rain down on baghdad, then suing vision, left behind massive destruction. i had an estimated 1000000 people debt. all the correspondence, steve sweeney recalls the night when the us bombing campaign was unleashed in the iraq. he capital. at this hour, american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq, to free its people, and to defend the world from grave danger. eye witnesses described what happened when missiles rained down on the iraqi capital, a march 2003. while the attack was anticipated,
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locals will have traumatized by the sheer scale of the destruction. it was very difficult for the country. and for all iraqis citizens on that day, a disaster struck. my nephew was killed in the 1st strike on that goddamn day bushes, a criminal. it was his fault. they are all criminals. they trampled on humanity. they hate people. this was to be expected of them. they came to destroy the country, not to protect the citizens of iraq. it was a curse time for all. iraqis were still feeling the consequences of this. the world was promised. the american soldiers would be welcomed with open arms, with flowers and with sweets. while a swift victory was guaranteed, we are in the square where the americans tore down the statue of saddam hussein. but what many people don't realize is that he was just yards away in the streets behind me watching events unfold. bus loads of people were brought in to create the impression that it was ordinary iraqis that tore down the statue. it was to create
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the narrative that the people who supported the us led invasion as the us struggled with heavy losses private military contractors were brought in. but they too were involved in war crime to the atrocities against ordinary iraqi civilian. here in this whole square, one of the worst massacres took place at the hands of the notorious blackwater private military company. as they escorted to a u. s. military convoy the mercenaries open fire, killing 17 and wounding 20. until i did the word blackwater. for me as a journalist is associated with something terrifying. i saw people in complete disarray, for example. there was always a risk that any resident could be shot dead on the street. this incident took place in the al cough area. there was a turmoil, some passes by were killed by blackwater, pmc. we went to this place only after the black water left by then black water was something terrible for us. this incident was not particularly disgust at the
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meetings by the government then for blackwater. personnel would charge in jail, but i would like to pardon by then you, if president donald from black or to maintain that name, but not the fact of it under the name of how to me. it was a legacy involved in the fighting a for my 4th is ahead of the conflict in ukraine now as construct, if they had a vested interest in liquid natural gas, which many phase the recall the war has been described as nato, from the war. consensus was bought $1000000000.00 by investment company apollo group in 2016 and september 2020 apollo group entered a 5 and a half 1000000000 real estate investment partnership with the abbey national oil company, one of the world's largest oil companies and a major exporter of liquefied natural gas in december 2021 at note, was invited to enter a joint venture to create an all in cost her new in the ukranian pulse. odessa for transportation to western countries. denouncement came a month off,
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the chief executive of the ukrainian state energy company left august. you receive a trend co told an abitibi energy conference that he hopes to russian nurturing to pipe on into europe, which bypasses ukraine would not be approved. he said that ukraine stood to lose $2000000000.00 per year, about 1.5 percent of its g d p. if the russian pipe was operational, claiming that nor stream to is actually putting the whole continent and global security at risk. one expert says these organizations operate in a gray area, often outside the law. lives of children, blackwater case is not been solved. i think the americans are investigating the case, but insignificant information about the investigation. procedure and compensation issues comes from different sources. i heard that some citizens receive compensation while others did. not all this is caused by the weakness of the government and protecting its citizens. we now know that the war was based on a lie. there were no w m days and saddam had nothing to do with $911.00. but the legacy of the invasion
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can 20 on the 1st with over 5. yes, movies versus harlan, ullman shaped the country is done to it on the so called shock and awe tactics of overwhelming 4th use an invasion of iraq. you spoke with option return, see host of girl underground amid the 20th anniversary of the start of the war today, marks 20 years since the usa in britain launched an unprovoked invasion of iraq, which would lead to tens of millions killed, wounded or displaced in was throughout the region and beyond. and since this sir, seismic a change in the world a you design shock and or how do you reflect on it today? the shock and awe that we design and i was part of a group of people who actually thought and desert storm as well as donald rumsfeld, secretary of defense, who was a wrong number, the group, the shock and all that we design was not the shock. and all that general tommy
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franks, administered with franks did was a desert storm sort of massive attack on steroids. if the real shock and i had been used, we would have tried to depose saddam hussein without firing a shot. the same time geopolitical strategy of the kind that you write about you write books about has nothing to do with it in a way. and until someone settles down and realizes that, well, certainly the united states and nato, and particularly benefiting out of this as lenin said, there are contradictions, comrade, and there are contradictions, everywhere, and you point out some of the issues. look, the europeans are dependent upon russian energy. and that applies very much in germany where there is a soft spot for russia. for those reasons, if you go a step further, the bulk of members of the united nations,
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and if you do it by population or not on the side of the us in the west and you right. ah, right, many of us here is about the us invasion of iraq to mark this grim anniversary. stay with us for more human interest stories and other details about the menchie campaign. throughout the day, poland would enter the grain conflict and fight. if kids read feel ultimately fails, that according to poland, ambassador to follow native member, st. francis, he spoke in a recent interview on french television. swell is a ukraine will defend its independence or else we will be obligated to enter into these conflict because our principal values that the foundation of all civilization of our culture will fundamentally be in danger. so we have no choice holes abbas,
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or the paris just went on. one of france is taught news networks and basically told the french people that poland is willing to drag the rest of the west into a full blown frontal war with russia. why? because ukraine's independence is threatened, he says, warsaw now try to back pedal in connection with the comments on the interview given by ambassador roches shasky to the french station. now c, i o much the eighteens this year. we would like to know that it is interpreted by some media in isolation from the context in which it was given. careful listening to the entire conversation allows us to understand that there is no statement about poland, direct participation in the conflict. but only a warning about the consequences of ukraine defeats the possibility of russia attacking or involvement of the central european countries in the war. like the baltic states and poland. but the ambassador sure didn't seem worried about keith's independence. when the u. s. state department was setting up shop in ukraine after leading regime changed against his president victory new coverage back in 2013 for
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refusing to assign a cooperation deal with europe in favor of a more independent position visa v. russia and the west. and where was the same polish ambassador to uphold those values of independence when the u. s. poured cache into poland, the u. s. congress approved $288000000.00 worth of foreign military financing just last year for warsaw with washington playing sugar. daddy is poland, really in a position to claim independence as a core value, let alone one worth dragging. the whole western world into war with russia to defend. now french, your deputy terri, mariani has just pointed out that warsaw is now going for in washington in providing fighter jets to ukraine, which washington still at least for now refuses to do the kind of weapons mariani says that can hit deep into russian territory. now clearly a huge risk of major escalation here. yet the polish president says that war sauce
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make 20 nines will arrive in ukraine within days. and the rest of the wes, just shrubs, i guess, by the way, the people of france. so, you know, the audience that the polish ambassador to paris was addressing on french tv, or certainly not agreed to russia behind poland for a war with russia just because both warsaw and keith had this totally delusional view of themselves as independent and not washington's paid shields. doing its dirty work against russia now germany in france, the economic and military powers of europe have at least tried at times throughout this whole crisis to temper the gung ho washington rhetoric around the great conflict. but poland has been at the forefront of pushing for escalation at every turn. first was supplying tanks and now with fighter gents. and this and bastard are now just casually calling for a head on war between russia. neo video has surfaced only internet claiming to show you quin sold is burning a copy of the cron,
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the and vote scathing condemnation from ramos on causative the head of russia for dominic losing republic of chechnya. he is also the equivalent of a $130000.00 those for any one who detains those involved. evans of saba news agencies also denounced the incident southern use as his strongly condemns this sacrilegious desecration of the holy koran by ukrainian soldiers and calls for their emitted arrest. it's clear these you grant and soldiers are being trained to insult islam and muslims worldwide. iris sways r t is on bull causing the entire video. it appears to show he couldn't sold it, ripping out pages from the muslim holy book and burning them. the video was originally posted on the social network, tick tock, what was removed, followed by a bull barrage of condemnation from uses. a senior orthodox christian clergyman in
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jerusalem of also denounced the incident saying it was an offense to both christians and muslims. yeah, anyhow, clear cut that this infringement and a copy of the holy koran is aggressive. provocative and gross. it indicates an absence of any human moral values among those who committed this. we in palestine in jerusalem, confirm to you that such a hideous while an immoral acts against islam and the holy koran is an acceptable for us. all such provocations and encroachments on religious values, her and acceptable in no way can we accept any form of racism and hatred, or the rejection of religious pluralism in our world. this plural, as must be respected with those ukrainian soldiers did as an acceptable force. this year's act was aimed not only against islam and muslims, but also against all exist in human and moral values in the world as well as folly
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relics, both muslim and christian. such a thing is an acceptable we in jerusalem suffer from such atrocities were very b against our holly relics or palestinians being subjected to the invasion in their homes. i really am passing authorities have agreed to a tentative piece deal just ahead of the muslim holy month of ramadan. according to the deal clinched in the jeeps and city of shamal shake, assigned her for the stock unilateral measures and israel must holt settler activity impasse in areas. the government of israel and the palestinian national authority reaffirmed their joint readiness and commitment to immediately work to and you to lateral measures for a period of 3 to 6 months. this includes an israeli commitment to stop discussion of any new settlement units for 4 months and to stop authorization of any outpost for.


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