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oh i lines, it's our eyes, china and russia both. so they're strategic friendship. during she ging things visit to moscow. the west sees the worst nightmare coming through iran called on the french authorities to stop attacking processes who are speaking out against pension reform. iran says the violence against protesters is a violation of the principles of democracy. says in europe in banks, climate credit suisse is bought and by its domestic rival, u. b. s. and the government backed rescue.
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ah. good morning and welcome to our international broadcasting i from moscow just past the hour. and it's great to have you with us. i'm more at home on let's take a look at the top story. this our, the meeting between the ages of russia and china. ah, the chinese president is expedited on tuesday to hold official tools with his russian counterpart by them in person 1st in a small meeting and then in a broader gathering chinese leader, she ging ping is on a 3 day visit to moscow in his 1st trip abroad since he was reelected to historic that term. oh yes,
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i am very pleased to be in moscow at your invitation, especially after another reelection. and i chose russia as the 1st country for a foreign visit, the chinese side, please. great attention to relations between russia and china, as this has its own historical logic. since we are the largest neighboring countries, great strategic partners. for more details on other visit, less growth live to c, d t, and correspondent m bathing dong to jew. thanks for joining us. here about the now, why did she jing choose russia as his 1st place of visit after his re election? well, thanks for having me. well, i, you know, the relationship between trying on the russia go way back. you know, we've seen officials and diplomats from both sides had expressed the fundamental friendship. the 2 countries had a maintained over the past years. and for the,
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for this visit, you know, both our president, she and putin wrote all pad about their relations president. she calling the relationship and internal friendship, and president a button on the other hand, account of the 2 countries stand a shoulder by shoulder to against americans increasing efforts to deter china and russia, or president she is visit to moscow is obviously attracting a lot of global attention so given that the china is now the world's 2nd biggest economy, and russia also placed a major, a rule on the world stage. and as i mentioned earlier, i had over his visit to moscow president she filed at the article with the russian media heli, a new lesion, as well as a new blueprint for the bilateral relations and his friend, the new friendship and cooperation. he wrote about the deep connection between china and russia, you know, a president, she himself had visited in moscow 8 times over the past decade. and russia is also his 1st country and what he visited after he became the head of state 10 years ago
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. and over the years, china and russia, i have a boot in place and all around and multi tiered and cooperation framework. the number one, the numbers can tell, you know, the bilateral trade exceeded a 190000000000 us dollars last year, up by a 160 percent of from 10 years ago. and china has also be a rush, us largest trading partner for 13 years running operations. our major projects in feels like energy of the asians space. and connectivity is also moving forward as steadily and present. she also house the visit to be adjourning of friendship, cooperation and piece of that both is can adapt a new vision for a comprehensive at china, russia strategic partnership in the years to come. so you can see that you can obviously see at this a deep rooted bilateral relations between china and russia and the wonder presidents she chose russia as a, he's a 1st state visit,
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was he re elected during the i 2 sessions, which just include concluded this much in the that really makes settled without the official talks, are planned for tuesday. the 2nd day of she's visit, one of the topics is expected to be ukraine. as it was announced by the russian had . let's have a listen. which he knew i've carefully read your proposal to resolve the acute crisis in ukraine. and of course, we will take the opportunity to discuss this issue more. you are also aware that we are always open for negotiations. we will discuss all these issues and your initiatives, which we respect our 2 countries interaction in the international arena, contributes to strengthening the principles of the world order and multi polarity. well, it's interesting that, so he said, but could you explain to us what the chinese proposals imply and how it is perceive in the world? or before i goes into our, china's
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a political settlement on the ukraine crisis i do on the brought up one thing that the, china's a recent a broker to deal between iran and saudi arabia. i'm sure you know, you've aware of that. and the deal obviously shocked much of the world, you know, i, china, senior diplomat wiley, who is also travel the way the president she to mask out this time. caught that a successful negotiation, a victory for dialogue and peace. and also an example of what can be achieved under the global security initiative, a proposed by chinese presidents using pain. well, experts say this is obviously another indication that china aims to become a key player in the area of international conflict resolution. what the, that includes the of recent a proposal for the piece plan to end the ukraine crisis, you know, prisoners. she also writes in he is on signed article, which i mentioned earlier that the ukraine crisis to have a has sing all around escalation. and he reiterates that china has taken an
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objective, impartial position based on the merits of the issue and actively promoted a piece talks. and he said, you know, there is no simple solution to a complex issue. and adding that, i quote, if for all parties pursue equal food, it rational and results oriented to dialogue and a consultation. there will be a reasonable way to resolve this crisis. well, obviously in china, so you know, the latest proposal for the political settlement, all the ukraine crisis have become china's fundamental principles. which include, you know, respecting legitimacy, security concerns, of all countries resuming peace talks, resolving the humanitarian prices, keeping nuclear power plant safe and the sure instability of global industrial and supply chains. obviously, she maintains that, you know, china's position paper on ukraine reflects the broadest and comma understanding of the international community on this crisis. and the plan has been,
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i feel like constructive a mitigating the process so far. oh, wonderful, very sorry here. thank you so much for joining us there. and i'd see pleasure talking to you see dtn coslyn long's room. thanks. a lot present she's visit to moscow testifies quite clearly to the robust friendship and partnership between the 2 countries. western pow's power along 5th such an alliance and tried to prevent it . artesia, steve sweeney and spain's chinese president changing pings arrived in russia to the alarm of the united states and other western countries. days before he landed, the international criminal court issued an arrest warrant against president vladimir putin in what some of seen as a politically motivated move to undermine the deep ties between the 2 nations. but the bond between russia and china with strong, they share close links in the economic, scientific,
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and military spheres. the partnership and the bricks alliance and the shanghai cooperation organisation is deepening. washington has long opposed russia. china relations, which it views as a threat to a u. s dominated unipolar world. here is a reminder of some of its previous statements around the world. we face rogue regimes, terrorist groups, and rivals like china and russia, that challenge our interests, our economy, and our values. in confronting these horrible dangers. we know that weakness is the surest path to conflict and unmatched power is the surest means to our true and great defense. you can call them our friends and their belden weapons that can destroy united states of america . and therefore, we have to develop the capability to respond. russia and china will also criticized
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for using their respective positions on the un security council. to defend severe sovereignty, we need to change the attitude of the russian and chinese government. they must understand, they are setting themselves against the aspirations, not only of the syrian people, but of the entire arab spring, the arab awakening. but it was washington that spent one but in dollars in operation timber sycamore, a covert c i, a program to arm and train sevien rebels to our president assad. the u. s. which has launched at least 251 military intervention since 1991. according to its own government sources stands accused of hypocrisy, both china and russia, and this is right out in, in the national security strategy are 2 countries that are chafing against this international rules based order that the united states. um, so many of our allies and partners have built up since, and we're, we're too busy. like moscow. 6,
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the world we're might makes right? we're disputes are resolved by force and we're autocrat can stamp out the flame of freedom. it is almost as if iraq, afghanistan, libya, chile, nicaragua, and the countless other u. s. invasions and involvement in coups against democratically elected governments never happened. and does it? washington doesn't have hundreds of military bases surrounding china while flooding taiwan with arms. well, prow was toughness, dance against china and russia when nights who identified beijing as a systemic challenge to euro atlantic security and accused a pair of undermining global stability. there's just no question that the china and russia are both working to divide the transit mantic partners. and we are now very aware, we all have a deeper appreciation of those efforts and our intent on addressing them the deepening strategic partnership between the people's republic of china and the
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russian federation. and they're mutually reinforcing attempts to undercut the rules based international order run counter to our values and interests. returning to the day, washington has ramped up the rhetoric warning of the defense and security links between the 2 countries. with the u. s. saying without providing evidence that china was prepared to send alms to russia to use in the conflict and ukraine. you're very concerned that china's considering providing legal support to russians aggression against ukraine. but it is china that has outlined a 12 point piece plan for ukraine, while the west is undermined and opposed negotiations. beijing was quick to hit back at washington, st. china, russia relations. and now more important than ever. it is the u. s. site, not the chinese site that is supplying a steady stream of weapons to the battlefield. the u. s. site is not qualified to dictate to the chinese site. we also never accept the u. s. dictating we'll even coercing pressure on signer russian relations. the more unstable the world becomes,
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the more imperative it is for china and russia to steadily advance their relations . while russia has accused washington of pressing the west to adopt a hostile approach to the 2 nations littles to live in order to pursue their course of domination, primarily in the interest of containing russia and china, the americans lacked her own forces, which is why they need what they are doing now, not a partial, but a complete mobilization of the western camp. our relationship with the people's republic of china, of course, is going through absolutely the best times in the history of this relationship our leaders say. so you remember how these relations were characterized by our chinese friends in their time that it is not an alliance, but in many ways it is stronger than an alliance that'd life a thing. the 2 countries develop stronger economic ties with trade increasing by maybe 30 percent to a reco, $190000000000.00 in 2022 relations even extend to out to space with
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beijing in moscow inking a cooperation bill which last until 2027. as talks between the 2 leaders are expected to see more agreements. it is clear that the more the west tries to drive a wedge between russia and china, the stronger their ties become. for more, less course lived international island defendant, chinese expert. andrew learn that under thanks so much for joining us here at r t. now, she's a rival in moscow, has pro vote huge backlash from both western media and politicians. but why is everyone so worried? well, i think that 1st of all, those a great deal of false narrative in the west led by the united states sort of demonizing china, demonizing, russia. this is as a reflex action,
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a kind of fear that the u. s. lead hazard money seems to be under siege and, and you can see that they are playing this false narrative in blackening demonizing, china over human rights office in jan over hong kong, over a walkway and even over tick tock. and then anything you know can be twisted to imply that there was a china set out to destroy the world. now the reality is far from the case because it's quite a coincidence. first for bait. the basic not to rhetoric in the west is that there is a ethical right reach between democracy and also the terrorism. as if democracy is paradise, as defined by the united states and people be happy,
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living happy ever after living in democracy is defined by the wes. but then there was a research piece coming out a couple of days ago based in paris, which is called the i p s. ready s a soft is, is independent, large international research institution. looking at how happy are the people around the world. so call happiness index, guess what, which countries come up towards china and saudi arabia are, these are all people credit countries, but that's how they govern the country. very successfully and according to the harvard kennedy school reason, research back in las yes, they as santa report. so wayne, how people support the government to what extent ranking all the various governments in the leak table. again, china came up tops, almost 90 percent. the people supporting at the chinese companies,
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party government because for their lives have been totally transformed for the better during the past 40 years. so i think that this, this kind of reality is not reported in the west. and now, on the relationship between russia and china, again, there was a great deal with the malays, asian, as you highlighted earlier, try to find is apply on russia. again, that this is the reality is far from, from, from being the case because of charlotte doesn't want a war because china strength is not in the military. china strength is in trade in economic connectivity. and of course trade and you can collectivity up in, disrupted by this continental scale war, truthfully, by the west, the lead part of united states and this lead to ours. so china wants to book a piece. and then you have the latest rhetoric coming from washington. say all what
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this stage, you know, we can allow this to happen because this is going to a russia because the bone, since you look at the rest of the, well, how many other countries are supporting this war? apart from the united states and their european, they to allies, i mean the countries in, in asia, the countries in africa, the country in latin america. they all want peace. they don't want war. so i think that this, and that's why china's pen point plan and some people say, oh, the 10 point probably just principles, but this is the whole point upon the stations. negotiation is not in, in, according to the west playbook. it's called a total. so at that what, that's why the american tripped over this kind of force narrative over those career . they want a lot of career to talk to the surrender 1st before they stop negotiate. and then why do you use the same kind of logic applying to the ukraine war? now as far as the war is concerned, and both the ukrainians and the european countries cutting
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a little tired. and of course, the russian economies is, it's also showing a heavy responsibility, and there are repercussions around the world affecting food prices, affecting energy prices disrupting the supply and very chain. and even the united states itself is suffering from this blow back in terms of inflation and then the fed has been increased interest rate. and then with the result of some of the pounds, some of the fans. it is that the silicon valley bank for example, is folded up and affecting you for the swiss loss banking corporation. all these big banks that they suffer from this huge increase rate, driven by the fed, having to, to come back inflation as a result of the pro, back from the war. so i think that the whole world is beginning to realize a cease root is fork of this false american rhetoric. and then and, and that underlines the emergence of more multi polar, well center on peace and development. and that's characterized this trip by
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presidency and meeting with president putin indeed and very insightful, very thorough, really appreciate you coming on to nice. i mean, i haven't. i enjoyed talking to you, sir. thanks again for joining us. thank you. ah, what is the other news now? from around will shows in european banks have plummeted as could credit suisse was bought by domestic rival, u, b. s. and a government back to rescue deal. shares of u. b. s is in particularly dropped 16 percent following the purchase. it was that mike's biggest one day full of market values since the 2008 financial crisis.
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the move was designed to consent to the swiss economy by reinforcing financial stability. but the decision has raised more than a few eyebrows as major creditors have seen their obligations entirely written off by calling rory sushi, discuss this issue with archie, contributor chris ems to just imagine being an investor, someone that you know in an institution or, or even individual who's out high net worth trusted, their money with credit suisse, which no way from an in the u. k. right? credit suite. the scene is the top tier of banks in which part to pass in. right? but that's clearly not the case. you know, we have even today that they are now talking about people, the bondholders, right for who are not just expensive use a home. these are people that have that the bank has borrowed money from. so that's usually institutions or it's usually people like that. now the switch regulate the finra, which is known globally as being one of the top regulators in the world,
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usually takes very prudent, very conservative decisions as approved the merger and said, look, all of those bonds that existed all that, that you learned, credit suisse, that's worth this now, so they just literally have just, you know, in effect stolen their money, they're not gonna get compensated for it and they're not really going to get any sort of clarification as to why they want. one thing a lot of analysts like to talk about it is the contagion effect and the potential domino knock on if and frankly before the weekend, i didn't really know what i'd wake up to on this monday morning. but do you see what i mean? especially when you see big players like that on really shaky ground. i mean, do you see some sort of knock on for me? yeah, well really, if you'd have ask me that question a week ago when you and i sat down last time to talk about silicon valley bank, you know, personally, i mean, we were talking about it quite a lot of that. i wasn't sure that this would be, you know, so catastrophic, but we really thing that, i mean, we've seen that just by the fact that the fed has now we activated with 5 central banks globally, what they call a credit swap line. sorry, i don't actually know what that mean. yeah. well,
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if you want me to try. absolutely. so what a credit for lied basically means is there are not enough us dollars in central banks with it internationally in order to service the us dollar tank thing as it is . so you need more dollars, but the fact is, the banks himself can't get them quick enough from the fed, so they need their central bank to basically get a load. now the biggest problem bowwie is that the fed doesn't have that many us dollars in reserve. so what do they to be? you know, it's what we always discuss, they, they, they're going to have to print more money again. what happens that we've been over this time and time again? since the end of last year, you're going to really, really create more, a more inflation. okay. in the long term, in the short term, even you're going to have, you know, the ability to buy saudi arabian oil in dollars and have enough dollars to do it, even though the saudis is going to charge the more dollars for the barrels because it was less but in the long time, it's just going to hurt the poor people in society that those are the people hit by inflation movie. it's not the people that sit in their ivory towers in the, in the,
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in the banking system. they get hit by that they have a massive multibillion dollar bonuses, but the person really struggling to get by just to feed that family is the one that gets hit by 1020 percent, even 30 percent inflation rises. western economy looks to be in trouble. economies with a global south for example, seem to be, i guess, getting more protected among the strategic alliances that are taking place. is that, am i being a drama queen here? is that going to be some sort of economic collapse in the west or might be just being silly? i think it's a real real concern, robi, because wherever they going to get the money from, that's the problem. you know, it, you know, they can't really stop the, you know, they trying to, they using ukraine is approx, you know, that you try and generate some money for them. but they can't start what they've always traditionally on in these kinds of scenarios. if we go back in history, they can't start the war because that's just be honest. you and i and, and most people won't fight in it. what are they going to do to fix the economy? well, it remains to be seen protests against pain or fall in france on monday will cost by heavy hand and police. the incident in the national capital vote concerns
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about police brutality. ah, the retires here, french police towards the demonstrators has not gone unnoticed as the rain for mazda has spoken about the crashes. it said that such an approach to protested mile 8 the principles of democracy. the french police, resorting to violence against protests, is indicative of the french government known commitment to the principles of democracy and freedom of expression advice to ensure behavior and instrumental use of human rights stop resorting to violence in dealing with protesters for 5 consecutive days. french processes have been marching against prison microns efforts to raise the pension aid. our sweet reform was adopted wires from
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constitutional power that enabled its obliged pass a parliamentary vote. but there has been little criticism among the european countries about the matter. that is in stark contrast to what happened with iran, and there was weiss with anger over its handling of nationwide protest there. the french president was at that time one of the most vocal critics. i am in favor of a strong diplomatic reaction and sanctions on the figures of the regime who have a responsibility in the repression of this revolution. but little commentator john brick wall says the west approach of criticizing what happens elsewhere was staying quiet about developments at home slacks of hypocrisy. i think the main lessons from this is that each county should take care of its own internal affair
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and not intervening, intervening those of the counties because obviously he has no means to impose any sanctions on friends to we global west is imposing sanctions on the hand now maybe the question in your hands, i'm willing to believe that it's a household in france, but the hand is super subjected to a series of sanctions. i haven't seen that evolution of 79, and that's the book. see, i mean it's always, i mean the west is of good, always been silent about its own kind of every event his knee scope presented. if it can be blame on the ocean, the chinese uranium questions then it's good for them. if it's blame on the western government and simply, you know, they think the more fish in france, i'm not for both in the united states army have to hope in the united states as well as i know millions of people in the east african nation of somalia, are considered at risk of starvation, jude devastating short to do the food. bullets clear,
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examine the causes of the classes in a later episode of africa now. yeah. on the outskirts of the capital city of somalia, mogadishu ad and internally displaced camp there under tens of thousands of people here many who found them all different kinds of the country. now people started coming here years ago, really because of drought because of famine. because if conflict in the areas at the situation has deteriorated a lot since the recent grain crisis began a year ago, funding the russia ukraine conflict, the country is relying and has been relying on the we can grain that it gets from russia, ukraine, and those supplies for the bit of part of the year have completely dried up. so you're looking at an, a famine that is going to kill millions of people. grain situation in its impact on the african continent is the direct consequence of the war. in crane,
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which is an imperialist war, we should say, war against russian people and thrash instinct by our tradition and enemies western imperialism. and now we are suffering in doing so for economies because i economies, i interlinked. what had been sent russia as consequences for what had been everywhere in the world. and we know that our relationship with russia, in terms of this commodity of cranes and so on, it's, it seems it's critical to the sustenance of the african continent. so the war, his diary keep responsible for the crisis which the world is experiencing, not just and african continents even you will be suffering. as a consequence of this war, russia is really doing positive things under very difficult war situations. the russian economies under serious attack. and the russian economy needs all their resources entirely for its own sustenance, but even now,
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we see that they're extending the hand of solidarity to the african continent. and that is how address she has always related to the african continent. while the rob this news out check out, well, the problem back to the boys will be back this hopefully out ah with mm ah hello and welcome to well to part of the economist stupid. has been the actual, off american in western political thinking even before it helped bill clinton when they.


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