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tv   Africa Now  RT  March 21, 2023 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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equipment needed for protection to wire. thankfully we had enough funds, health workers and vehicles to supply the region. and as a result, we have managed to control the disease. well, there's our short interviews today here on our team international. if we come to you live in the russian capital, chinese president jim king his hair in moscow and having numerous meetings with putin and the russian prime minister machine in as well. an awful lot to tell you about all day today, this is oxy and blue . ah, ah ah ah
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ah, with the green situation in its impact on the african continent is a direct consequence of the rule in crane, which is an imperialist tool, which is a war against russian people interaction state by how walk tradition on enemies western imperialism. so i'm just calling upon the west if make would lift expansion so that of course it's price is, can go down. and the low cost of living can be expansion in the country. and we all can be comfortable and happy as i understand it,
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which comes with free but also talking about almost getting me. i've been a industry, of course we in africa are one of the russian people. historically, the russian people have never colonized thus, the bread basket of africa is empty. wheat and grain are lying in wait millions of miles away from starving mouth. russia is doing its best to feed africa . at western functions on moscow have emptied the supply lines and are contributing to the biggest genocide in recent history. these are the victims. hello and welcome to this week african now show this week you find us in the federal republic of somalia, in the horn of africa, were coming to you from the capital city, mogadishu. in the next few weeks, by the end of may,
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as many as 8000000 people in somalia will die from starvation. almost 3 times that number, some 21000000 people will die across eastern africa. the causes been drought, climate change conflict with the else about terrorist group, and the impact of the russia ukraine conflict. and that's what we're focusing on in this week show a year on how has what many here called the russian nato conflict, exacerbated the dire situation on the ground who was to blame, and what is being done to remedy the situation. in somalia, 90 percent of the countries we it comes from russia and ukraine, but these supplies are no longer coming. i visited a cam for internally displaced people. i'm here on the outskirts are b, capital city of somalia, mogadishu ad and internally displaced cam. there are literally tens of thousands of people with here many who something different of the country. now all the people
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started coming here years ago ready because of drop because of famine because of conflict in the areas. but the situation has deteriorated, a lot, sent for the wheat and grain crisis began a year ago falling the russia ukraine conflict. now all around us is security. they've told us we don't have more than a few minutes here. and as one of them explained to me that was in seconds about surviving one of the people here was on his cell phone was warning, i'll shout sympathizes or militants themselves that in for me here. and they will be on the way here to watch. if it's worth attack, yes, so we have a security with, as we hear from literally just a few moments. the situation here is w, indeed, i've seen children walking around with no shoes. that's common place you have any food and ask them to find out the the conditions in which people are living in these plastic made hits. i mean, i've never seen
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a squatter quite so done. it's extremely dry. it's extremely hot. this is one of the worst famines and possibly the worst family members are. africa has a faith in the history, and that's why it's been called latest genocide ever. and this is the country that traditionally has grown. wheaton grain, a because of climate change because all will in global politics. and because of the fact that they've been 6 seasons without rain food and have a situation now the brain can be good burdened. here the country is relying and has been relying on the reach and grain that it gets from russia, ukraine, and those supplies for the bit of part yet have completely dried up. so you're looking at a famine that is going to kill millions of people here. russian president vladimir putin is well aware of the situation and has val to increase the exp of wheat and
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grain. william susan was putting near solution. but how much was it the horse control? gentleman's copy of this, the bill is a shipping news with the menu button. put it in the middle of the label. him national credit. you mean, you know, really didn't want to support. we good and you know what the 2nd summer for us to if, if there was a little bit utility bill or somebody somebody show them stuff not to the stomach, fill of the boat to get bulky skim, coating action blended. nobody knows. my son who believes and recently russia agreed to renew the black sea initiative for another 60 days,
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during which green exports can leave via the black sea. it follows previous agreements aimed at improving the humanitarian crisis on the ground. i spoke to somali political and economic analyst. there were 2 agreements fairly double assigned on july 2022 really and that the grid. the 1st agreement was memorandum of understanding really, between the russian federation on the united nation. russia was required to facilitate really, it is a food and applies are exposed to the global market. and the 2nd agreement was really what we call a black c green initiative. clearly and that agreement was joined till a sign a trailer by fire, russia for the ration you gray in on turkey unwholesome brokerage on witness rail inch by the united nation. so that agreement, it's a real, a rush to make sure that trailer staff x about of, of grain, unfair fly,
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that is from your brain, paul trailer to the outside market. so we know that i'll soon i was really a russia and ukraine conflict is talk to really absolutely, absolutely that they sell to us the food christ in santa. so it's so we know that the food crises, happy skyrocketed sort of wrapping on it as it has real effect of really poor counted his family, one the after russia invaded ukraine, depending for malia is still feeling the factor, letting part of the router and the long running regional drop, put millions of the tricycle starvation, the russia ukraine war has greatly impacted food security for malia has greatly been dependent on impulse from russia and ukraine, that apart from great reduction of the width supply in markets, farmers bear the brunt of the sections imposed on russia with increased for the prizes in form of what upon machines to it, he gave their crops or so my lays on the precipice. all was 6 successive fail,
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rainy season, and ali also was at russia. ukraine debacle has heavily dent at 8 grams. the wharton country used to receive from international donors of the focus on interest has now shifted to ukraine. somalia has been a longstanding recipient of funding from the international community on the organizations. but when other crisis come about in the world and international bodies become spread thin and sometimes fixated on one issue over another. people have even questioned the colossal amount of money being spent by international donors in buying heavy as he loved many african pundits say, the biggest instigator behind the crisis is the united states. our porter in south africa natal with a former member of the south african national assembly, is simpler. tom, i thank here for your time. maybe if you can just start by telling us what you make of the wheat and grain crisis that has the fuel prices and those poverty tables
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that we're seeing within the african continent. basically, the grain situation in its impact on the african continent is the direct consequence of the war in ukraine, which is an imperialist war. we should say, war against russian people and thrashing state by our traditional enemies western imperialism. so we are suffering into africa, quincy continent as a consequence of that rule in, of course, it also has an impact on the russian economy as well. all the progressive people, russia, africa, suffering as a quince, quince of diesel, which is a provocation by western imperialism in terms of territorial integrity of the russian people. so the war must be stopped. day western power must get out of russia must get out of ukraine. and the ukraine, people and the russian people are one people and must have resolved this whole scene to deadlock. do then agree with the fact that the sanctions imposed upon
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russia by the we still have actually added day in fact caused this wheaton going crisis. absolutely. the attack on the russian economy is part of supposedly support the new cream m a transgressions. again, at ration to retorted integrity. are part of this, this is say, deliberate cation of the western world. again, the russian people. and as a consequence, we in africa suffer. of course we in africa are one with the russian people. historically, directional people have never colonized us. the rational people are stood with us against our borrower, paid the armed us. they give us arms to be able to fight for liberation. they give us sent you out a one d a, but it did. government was persecuting some of us and gave us even military training. so the african continent and russia are one. it is not just south africa,
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and i share supported many other african countries, india fight against colonialism against the same western aggress us. what to date, directly or taking russia. that is why the african continent. and i'm very pleased about that. we are very clear that do stand with russia, and of course now the whole world is suffering as a consequence of dissuade europe itself is in trouble in terms of its electricity situation. because of this war, the war must be stopped and russia must be left to run its country without interference from the west. and maybe just for clarity, are you saying that if it wasn't for these sanctions who would not be seeing or even experiencing these, a blockade of exports from russia and these other cases, his m, it is a direct consequence of the war. and this war is in and now at christian by the western world. and now we are suffering in terms of our economies because i
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economy, se interlinked. what happens in russia is consequences for what have been everywhere in the world. and we know that our relationship with russia in terms of this commodity of grace and so on, it's, it seems it's critical to the sustenance of the african continent. so the war his is directly responsible for the cases which the world is experiencing, not just and african continents, even udall be suffering as a consequence of this war. and just find that a lot of people say that the, that the resources that have been provided by the waste to ukraine could have been used to better solve the problems that the african continent is facing. especially in many parts of the african continent with poll, which in honda is really doing a most yes, it is a total em misuse off resources by the west. these resources could solve the problems of the world. but you see they want to subdue. russia did need to defeat
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russia goods. russia, together with the bricks process, is the block 2 d, i guess, western imperialism and russia, the leading force in that arrangement. so in the defeat, russia, dando, lookin, we can the whole m a non western world. and we are part of the bricks process as part of our claim to national. so there entity to real liberation for our people's own democracies, which are not influenced by western imperialism. so the west is had taken russia precisely to decide to correlate this new force which goes against russia. russia up m a india, china sort of figure to get are we question the majority of the population of the world already? and in terms of could mean fast as he couldn't go. green going to means and the
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west is not here with that. and right here is a leading force into bricks process it is being picked and maybe just out of curiosity. what is the new development of russia agreeing to extend the black sea green deal for the next 60 days? mean for the african continent. shawnee that should be seen as a positive, right? especially considering the impact that this has had on the african continent. that is a positive development right here, really doing positive things and a very difficult war situation. the russian economy under sir f, a tech and the russian economy needs all their resources internally for its own sustenance. but even now, we see that extending the hand of the data to the african continent, and that is how russia has always related to the african continent. we are still grateful today for the russian support for our fight against the drive in south africa. so the, you know, external diplomatic policy of russia,
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one which is progressive, which is what we support. now, just before we need to go from an african, in africa and seeing these things before you eyes, what do you think the solution is? yes, this war against the russian people is a highly wasteful a war. these resources which the west is using to subsidize this and just or infect the legitimately belong to the african people in the other under developed countries. the west is always saying that it does not have enough resources to support the development of the western. i mean, none western countries in the african continent, but they have all this money to fight the russian people in an illegitimate war which is totally unjustified. we are calling for the west to stop the war against
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russia and to re direct to those resources which are totally misused in good development into the development of the african continent in particular here in somalia. the food crisis is being managed by the somali disaster management agency sadhana. i met with mohammed moore, lynn. it's policy and partnership advisor. it has been it has been a point of debate and i don't really want to go into a direct into european countries and, and the aid they provide drink. but the one thing it certainly did is it died of the duct and she offered water countries. ah, and that meant a lot of the suffering that had been company was not on the radar of the major donor computers. so just the
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ha, united states of america. so i would not necessarily say that yes, ukraine happened on everyone else was left out. but what i would say is that it diverted the, the necessary attention away strong people like ours in the region of certain. and we still don't understand why that we see other media and she is given to other rigid concerts. and i understand there are other major conflicts, there are people some free, ah, but also we talking about, ah, almost a fairly mean people have been effective in this region by the jobs. and if there's no, any immediate attention given to that, the situation might be, you agree with that? personally, i think the media attention wasn't given to the spot for the world,
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presumably because of the same reasons. ukraine in either active conflicts class. i also think that there has been a lot of what we call donor fatigue, which is the traditional donors. i swear i've been experiencing their own economic issues and therefore i think. ready donations in these are cut, washer is the world's leading exposure of nitrogen, the 2nd of potassium, and the 3rd of phosphorus fertilizer. so when exports a halted price escalade and those prices will, will be high before the war. we visit to south to hit areas. china is among the many countries that have been hit by the weird and grinned prices. most of the weird consume him is imported from russia and with the global sanctions, i play this as the left most kenyans feeling bellagio of hunger. we speak to our
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brand by the train, expert and under tendons for some on says my name is happiness, adela. and of course, as we all know at the moment to experience in the global sanctions math, preventing the imposition of wheat into the country. he realized this courses, inflation in that we support that. we to come on cutting. they become expensive and now we're facing. honda is a country, this is a situation that many kenyans are going to that he's fixing by normal likelihood of the common one actually. so i'm just calling up on the west if they could lift the sanction. so that of course, this prices can go down and the low cost of living can be experience in the country . and we all can be comfortable and happy as a kind of a number on, even if i speak about something like a busy commodity like but the price of bread, the sweating today, i put that to put taker 7 years ago at 40 shoes right now. i'm taking up $65.00 channels on the funny bit of it is that the cost of living is going high. will list
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there what's? what's a, what's i get a, what's i get maybe as an employee, as a, to make one stops. this affects me in a manner that is good to my didn't done experience do truly places that corporate clearing has gone up by next 2 years, or by a back or other than what the sitting now is that are around that and then sitting for the corporate feeling run have to deal with the snacks or ducks. and also smokey's. you find a place he's, he's on the higher price. we buy price because i carry it. i do find that even the effect of customer has efforts and mechanisms to have bought. this is us a continue and it can then not be able to import the much needed we to feed our
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populace the citizens. he and i left a bearing the brunt over pricing and high levels of hunger and poverty. this hand, cushing to impulse, russia by the west. i'm a country school, part of that example. be a commercial for last beat. your roster and africa deal to the collage at off the top part are pretty in any to be on the increment in with petroleum eatable oil. the price of for lies are highly increased. russia, the biggest exports are off nitro jim beds. the lies at the end of the 2nd in the chart, most important global supply of potassium and phosphate. the russia and ukraine water has impeded supply in the lead to global increase in their prices. and everything has gone through the roof. the supply chain was disrupted in food supplies, the fertilizer petroleum, which is due to be dependent. the 3 most important, the biggest important to be out of this things. we need probably the 2nd biggest
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import sort of fertilizer in the, into africa. next to probably south africa. we are 120000000 people. the 2nd biggest population in africa. so we need to import quite a lot of project. and then also we don't have any right? so we are dependent on the imported oil. i mean, they don't price was to, was like $31.00 or it's now about 60 birds, so it just double the price. in fact, still there is some level of subsidy in the, in the market. so if we start paying the full price of the fuel, the employee would go even higher unless, you know, the crude oil price coming down. so those are the things which we are now facing. a trade between the 2 countries has to increase, you know, because at the end of the day, russia at the big producer of steel, metal kind of things, fuel fuel is probably we buying it from neighboring countries. sudan,
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and then saudi, and sort of thing, you know, maybe transportation is easier, but which is in a big product. i'm in the 2 countries, ukraine and then crash us claim to be producing 40 percent of the global with production and so on. so i think, i don't think it's directly affects the, the tutor at the moment, except, you know, the price rising and to supply, i don't know where they to begin with is coming, you know, from a different place, though, arbitrage and do your quinn and that the west the song cushion or rush hour for so baby opium government to america policy ship, for instance with production is encouraged as seem a lot of measure would it be to replace the imported nitrogen bears. the 4th flies us with local substitutes, like ali, mile west, and the compost. this besought melissa oddity. i'd be isabella. even one of the most powerful economies in africa being south africa is not exempt from feeling the
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ripley fixed of a worldwide shortage in weeks and grains that was both created and then exacerbated by the length of this conflict. we travel now to the southern tip of africa. now would many african countries importing as much as 50 percent of the a wheat from russia and ukraine. mays meal as a staple food in africa has now become an affordable to many people. the continued high price of ms meal in some areas of the continent means that it could soon be off. the menu in this situation has gotten out of hand and it's not the milly meal that has got an expensive, it's oil and other essential commodities. temp gauge is off. mays middle last me less than 2 weeks, and it cost me more than a $100.00 south african drainage. and remember, i used the cheapest, brady, but even that doesn't help. i if the staple food for 2 to 3 times a day. mm dunham. but the waves getting so expensive,
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i worry that one day i'll wake up in one be able to even afford the smallest speck of mail mail every week. the prices differ and it's getting harder and harder to even it, like i used to. all i want to do is use it in small amounts or without wasting any more. i don't even know more about the trade in exports, but when i head about people talking about the lexia development, i gotta be happy because that would mean more. we'd green in africa, which means prices will go down. is it true? i'm really praying and wishing that things could go back to normal because i'm nothing without meas mill. i wake up and use it for my breakfast. even before i go to bed, this is the last thing i have in the house. my entire life in existence depends on may's mil. now it's clear that informal settlements within the african continent are the hardest hits would nothing to replace the traditional mays meal africa stay
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pool is now becoming a luxury that an increasing number of people cannot afford anymore. and this increases on the daily basis for t. r. no, lou, we are calendar in to hi miss bug. while that brings us to the end of this week show, we hope you enjoyed it. and if not enjoyed, at least learned something. if he missed last week's episode, we looked at the american dollars declining influence and use in africa. as more more countries search for alternatives, either in the form of a common bricks, currency, or choosing a few african currencies to trade in. next week we come to again from somalia, but this time we explore this little known country. that is a no go on international advisories. as you can hear, the fire fight behind me. you can always find us on our social media handles until next week for me and the team from a gun friendly and gun, happy country. good bye. stay safe and stay with or
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t ah ah ah, needs to come to russian state. i never. i've stayed on the northland scheme with 55, with will ban in the european union, the kremlin community up machine, the state on to russia for date and school r t spoke neck, given our video agency,
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roughly all bands on youtube and pinterest and with alteration aerodynamic began shortly after world war 2 and lasted almost 3 decades . it wasn't a major effort to try and split the ukraine off from the soviet union, u. s. intelligence. together with hypnos, executioners trained hundreds of saboteurs to be deployed in the soviet union. stalkers was on the east of alberto, so from, well, i'm sorry, movement this resume. jones to a which was you on service? shoot me one. yes. today security service of ukraine use is not only the statistic message, but also the ideology of the nationalist. a
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a headlines off you international as gigi pings trip to moscow directly after it's election is an indication that russia china relations of entered a new era. that is the message from the russian prime minister during his tuesday meeting with china's the president. also ahead for you this hour. oh, so iran actually tons of tables on frog accused in the country of violating democratic principles as it cracked down on protests right there in paris when it was of course, the french president who was condemning iran approach to demonstrate.


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