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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2010 8:02pm-8:32pm PST

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>> please take your seats. good evening, ladies and gentlemen, i'm camina constantine of the fill in -- philippine channel as we celebrate filipino history month. of course this won be possible without the support of the marry's -- marry's office. and this shows the community is strong and united. to better showcase this spirit of camaraderie and solidarity, let's watch this. >> they are our pioneers. our heroes. our parents.
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our selves. le coming to america, to a country who did not understand who we were, what we have done, and what we do, would do in this land of opportunity. it is this older generation that paved the way to make this country our own. from coast to coast we've built our communities, raised our families, fought injustice and stood stronger than whatever tried to bring us down. it is the community spirit that beats in the heart of every filipino and it is in communities where fill in -- filipinos find their strength and celebrate their triumphs. fill i inoes across the country joined the charge for progress, for change, hope, and helped
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elect america's first black president, bronalt they are the kind of person who generously shares their heard-earned delarkss extends a helping hand, puts together needed goods to send aid back home. it is a success story of business leaders, athletes, artists and others who use their talents to help advance other fill i inoes. it is the flame of democracy rekindled through the burning legacy of the common desire for freedom. this lives on today in the younger generation who enhir -- inherited the wisdom of their forefathers, the passion for activism, and the commitment to vigilance in order to build a strong community.
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as we observe filipino-american history month, let us celebrate the land of the brave, the land we have come to call our own. [applause] >> doesn't that just make you proud to be a filipino american? we'd like to thank you all again for being everyday heroes to the filipino community awed -- all over north america and especially here in the bay area. we would like to welcome a member of the san francisco bay school board, hydra mendoza.
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>> thank you very much. it's always such an honor to be celebrating our community. my parents are actually here visiting from the seattle-tacoma area and it was so wonderful so -- to see my parents and my children together. and it just reminds me how important and valuable family is and the importance of our community. mayor newsom came down earlier this evening to welcome everyone and he asked me to share this proclamation for all of you here in our community. this is a proclamation from -- from the city and county of san francisco. in october 1587 the first recorded filipinos landed in what is now moro bay, california, on a spanish galyon. since that time, americans of
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filipino descent have played a significant role in the civic, cultural and economic development of our city and whereas october is fip floe history month, recognizing that they have enriched our cull are -- country and in san francisco contributed literature, art, and dance and in world war ii countless americans of filipino ancestry accepted the call to serve in the u.s. military and fought courageously in defense of their home lap and providing support to the united states of america in the name of course freedom and democracy and whereas over two million americans identify their ancestry as flim noe american, making it the second largest asian-american community in the united states and whereas earlier this year california
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star leyland yi passed the bill sell -- acknowledging the importance of flill -- filipino americans in our history, now be it resolved that gavin newsome, mayor of san francisco, in recognition of the bonds between the philippines and america do hereby proclaim october, 2009 as filipino history month in san francisco. i'd like to give this honor to our deputy general consul, santos.
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at this time i'd like to welcome my colleague and friend lisa ongoing who -- ong who serves as liaison to the office of community affairs. lisa? >> thank you, hydra and thank you call -- all for being here today. i know the circumstances in getting here might have been a little more difficult for some of you but i do appreciate you coming out on behalf of the mayor to help celebrate filipino american month. the mayor was here earlier to stop by and say hi and make sure everyone recognizes the importance of of the filipino community in the united states as well. i want to touch on a few points about why it's important we celebrate filipino american
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history month but biff do that i would be remiss if i did not acknowledge the many people here to support us, the president of the board of supervisors, david chiu, supervisor maxwell, the representation from congresswoman jackie spears' office and assembly woman fiona mars' office for being here and without your support we wouldn't be able to have the impact on the community that we have throughout the city and we can't tell you enough how important it is that we see your faces at this event and that we your support in all of our endeavors. so it is a great pleasure that we're having this event because filipino-american history is very crucial in moving forward in our progress for our community. it's very important that we recognize our veterans, that we
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bring the bahty of the philippines to the san francisco count and there are many people behind the scenes and up front who do that for us so i recognize you for that. i have seen you throughout the months at the many events the this has been one of the busiest filipino-american history months that i can remember and i want to commend you all for your important work. we couldn't have done it without the efforts of a.b.s.c.b.n. international. they've been a generous sponsor for not only this event but for many event throughout our community as well as their relief efforts and i can't thank them enough for all they do to publicize positive youth efforts for our community. can we give a hand to them? [applause] once again, thank you all for
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being in here tonight. you're in for some great surprises. surprises. i thank you again for coming out. >> at this point, ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to welcome from abfcbn international director of community relations and a pioneer in owe beloved community. miss mito sanlta esteban. >> good evening and thank you for being here tonight. as we celebrate filipino
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america history month i would like to thank mayor gavin newsom for the warm welcome as we celebrate in this beautiful room. isn't it baffle? we are happy to celebrate our month with all of you. tonight's meeting is more meaningful because the california legislation has approved the legislation just this september to officially recognize the accomplishment of philippine americans. the bill offered by senator legal anled yi declares october as philippine history month. it is been a long time coming and i would like to say i am proud and at the same time privileged because through the many seasons, the various trials and triumphs, the filipino channel has captured those years.
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we have the chance and the power to magnify the voice of the community 10 times over so that what may appear to be a tiny ripple is actually a steadily increasing rumble that proves that flip nosse are indeed -- filipinos are indeed represented in different fronteers of society. the filipino american community is a vibrant, influential force in our dwerks multicultural nation. california is home to over half of the flill noe population in the united states. i'm honored to be in the company of trailblazers and remarkable teachers. a fearless community that shook the earth, asked questions and votes for -- photo -- fought for equality. many of us here today fought
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with what we had, lofty ideals and concrete actions. it is this great generosity of spirit that moved us forward. we were there to overthrow a dictator. we were there when they wanted to take away manila town. because of the brave choices we made every filipino american now enjoys a fair opportunity to make his neighborhood, his country his own. looking ahead i'm pleased to see that the future is bright. it is clear that our dreams, our culture, our wisdom have been pass the on to the younger generation, who have taken the responsibility as caretakers of our community. it's a wonderful thing to be filipino in america. we are the voice of courage,
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innovation, and in -- compassion in this beautifully diverse country. just to cite a recent shining example, after the destruction broff by the typhoon, the response from the community was such a powerful, overwhelming beacon of hope. proof that no matter where we are and who we have become, the love of the mother lan and love for our neighborhood -- neighbor will always take prinet. this is what community is about. as i look back at the work we have done, i am proud. together we have accomplished great things and with much confidence in our next generation of leaders forward is the only price -- place to go for indeed as clearly stated in our company's mission, work
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must alwaysing dedicated in the service of the filipino wherever he may be the tonight the filipino channel has put together this event to showcase our art. it's a work of art that can be made perfect if we all put in our solid contributions. good evening, and do enjoy the show. >> isn't it so nice to hear that wherever we are, wherever the filipino way -- may be, there will always be a sense of nationalism and at the end of the day that sense of national ivel will bring us all together. before we wend -- end we to like to thank the follow,the el dorado project to loaning us
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the photographs on display. please take a moment to -- as you walk around with your refreshments to look at the fravements also the pacific eth no graphic, and to all our volunteers. for the longest time, ladies and gentlemen, filipino musicians in america have dreamed of having a flim noe american symphony orchestra. filipinos being naturally gifted in music, the problem has not been the lack of talented musicians. rather they need aid team to take care of the business and management side. fortunately, roger and cora, the publishers of the asian journal took on the cudgels to
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make that dream come true. the philippine american symphony orchestra is the first outside of the philippines. with faso now firmly established, people around the world with recognize and appreciate music played by the symphony orchestrate today, members from the bay area are here. please welcome fasl. ♪ ♪
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