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tv   [untitled]    February 1, 2011 6:30am-7:00am PST

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my home on upon the hill i still love you still pipin away but now i am backe to tell you ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [applause]
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>> now once again, please welcome the great mayor of the great city of san francisco, the honorable gavin newsom. >> how are you all doing? the torture is over. world champ giants. it is good we brought the terminator here because it reminds us what we did to atlanta, but we did dto philly, and it reminds us what we did to texas. don't mess with california. this is when it is good to be mayor. only i could get away with saying the following.
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i saw eli get up and he's got that dead head shirt on. i am reminded what the late great jerry garcia once said. he said you do not want to be the best of the best. you want to be the only one that does what you do. that is our san francisco giants in 2010. believe it. how about a big round of applause for burst kochi and brian -- bruce poetrbochy and bn sabian who brought this together and did the impossible. how about another big round of applause to the 2010 world champion san francisco giants. [applause]
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i want to thank each and everyone of you. we would not be here if it was not for the fans, for all of you, a big round of applause for each and every one of you. not just for coming out today but every day, supporting this team. we are in a time where everyone's focusing on what is wrong. out here in san francisco, here in california, we are focusing on what is right, the sense of spirit, pride, that sense of possibility is back in our city. i am proud of that, and you should be as well. [applause] let me close by asking bill neukom to come up, representing
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the ownership of our giants, and do something that we rarely get to do. this is the highest honor that a city can bestow upon a dignitary, and it just seems appropriate that we bestowed this honor today on this special day, here in our great city and county of san francisco, charlotte will provide the countdown to the delivery of our key to the city of the city and county of san francisco. on behalf of the city and county, on behalf of all of us, bill, we thank you for your ownership, everything you did this year. we thank you for your leadership, your stewardship, and we congratulate you with this key representing the world champion 2010 san francisco giants. [applause]
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you have to make it someone's day every day, so we thought we may as well make it san francisco giants day. [applause] in closing, this town is going to need another mayor soon. i just have three words. fear the beard. thank you all. thank you, san francisco giants fans. [applause] >> thank you, mr. mayor. now a few words from a man who may be completely out of words by now, but he is the managing general partner of the giants, once again, bill neukom.
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>> thank you. on behalf of the entire san francisco giants organization, thank you mayor, all of the good folks that worked for and with this city of san francisco, your corp., your sponsorship of this great day to celebrate the san francisco giants as world champions. [applause] it is, in every sense, a great day to be a giants fan, aint it? [applause] we, like you, are all elated to find ourselves standing on the summit of baseball. we are also proud, aren't you? in the job that bruce bochy did
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with all of his teams and players. one more round of applause for bruce and his team. [applause] >> and we are just as proud as the job that our general manager brian sabean did to put this group together. let's give them a big round of applause. [applause] the san francisco giants are the champions of baseball this year because of a lot of work, good, smart work done by lots of folks for decades and decades. we are up here today because we are standing on the shoulders of giants who preceded us. applause for all those guys who built the pyramid who got us to this summit, please.
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[applause] >> in that line of succession, please join me in developing and making the family of the stonehams family. peter mcgowan, the in the past steward of the team. [applause] finally, a word of thanks to our partner investors, sponsors, among the investors i must say, we missed two giant investors, carmen and sue burns, who are watching and enjoying, we hope. thanks to our media partners,
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and thanks to you amazing san francisco giants fans. in northern california, in this city because of all over the world, here is to you giants fans. [applause] >> a final word of thanks to this amazing, diverse, remarkable community where the san francisco giants have the privilege of being a part. thank you, san francisco, for all of what you do. [applause] >> today is a day to celebrate. today is also a day to recommit. off season started yesterday, so we are going to celebrate today. we have already started working
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for 2011. we have work to do. thank you and onward! [applause] >> thank you, bill. ladies and gentlemen, everyone is here to honor the giants. we are all giants fans on this day especially, and we are honored to have the number one giants fan in the state of california here to pay tribute to this ball club. please welcome the great governor of the great state of california, the honorable arnold schwarzenegger. >> thank you very much. i just wanted to say on behalf of the people in california, congratulations to the giants,
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the giants fans for this great victory. san francisco is not only known as the most beautiful city in the most beautiful state, in the most extraordinary country in the world, but now it is also the home of the world champion baseball team. so congratulations to the giants for this great performance for showing that the impossible can be made possible, for showing the fire in your belly. thank you also to everyone who got you here in the first place, your family members and so on. that may also say congratulations to the beard. now every team in baseball knows how to feear the beard.
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there is a machine in this team. congratulations. thank you very much. [applause] >> again, many thanks to governor schwarzenegger. there is much pressing business in the state government to be done today. he took his time out to his good will -- from his good will to be with us. governor schwarzenegger, many thanks. [applause] >> this next gentleman grew up a giants fan in the days of maize, covey, anti is now the giants
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chief presiding officer, larry baer. >> the man sitting over here, the beloved 2010 giants, honor not just our city, our remarkable 2010 giants fans, but the company and of this team is to be to more than 1500 men who were the giants uniform before them, from willie mays to allah gallagher, to william a covey, will clark, body and barry bonds, jimmy davenport, gaylord perry, from marishow to murph,
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and on and on. they all fought for this for 52 years and you brought it home for them. thank you. and how many of you out there remember going to giants games at candlestick park in the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's? what this 2010 giants team did, what it accomplished pays tribute to more than 90 million of us who passed through the turnstiles at field stadium, candlestick park, and of at&t park in the past 53 years, leading with your hearts, wearing your, coming with your infants and grandchildren, booin g the dodgers, shared
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experiences of fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, this 2010 giants team, well, you brought it home all for us, too. thank you all so much. i was one of them taking the bus with my father out to candlestick. i am sure all of you have your stories of candlestick. some of you, even of field stadium. now we take our children and share experiences, my wife, bringing it all home full circle. the triumph of this team allows it to track back and connect to the past and to connect the beauty of our experiences with an unbridled joy. none of this would be possible without the leadership that came before who dreamed of this day,
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people by the name of christopher and still numb. larry mosconi. alioto-pier, feinstein, agnos. as bill mentioned, our dear harmonists sue burns. this is a dream fulfilled for all of us. also, we must pay tribute to an incredible front office staff who makes it all possible to support the work of this wonderful 2010 giants team. [applause] many of them are here. many of the staff that you saw, people working at the ballpark, we saw marching at the beginning of the parade. i hope you were able to pay due to them as well. thank you, 2010 giants.
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you will give us more than you will ever know. [applause] >> thank you. it is my pleasure, and we need a big round of applause for the next speaker, the giants a senior vice president and general manager. he put this team together, brian sabean. [applause] >> i do not know about politics but our outgoing men know how to throw a party. it is an emotional time for all of us, especially me. my knees are we, my heart is racing, a lump in my throat, but without overstating the obvious, we deserve this. northern california deserve this. san francisco deserved this.
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the organization, the fans. it is the most interesting life experience that anyone could ever have. i can only think of another word, and it is closure. this team, for our was, friends, family, they understand what we go through, they understand why we go through this. we are so blessed to have experienced but we have with this group of people. there is a reason they won the world series. they won it because they were respectful, because they showed great humility throughout the whole ride. they were like a junkyard dogs on a bone. they would not let go. to use a texas term, we pulled on the se rope. it took a village mentality to raise this team, whether it was the front office, scattered department, player development, training staff, clubhouse people, but somehow, someway, we
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had a mind set that there was no difference between the bad boy and the owner, and we took that through the season. we are so proud. we' are so happy to have brought this home to you. now i want to introduce the next manager of the year, bruce goatee. if you thought his head was big before -- bruce bochy. if you thought his head was big before, look at it now. [applause] >> what a feeling. first of all, i have to thank sabean for bringing me here four years ago to have the opportunity to experience this
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great city, this story franchise. i have to thank his staff for their tireless work, the time they put in, how devoted they were to getting this done. i could not be prouder of these guys. they play with more heart and determination. they wanted to win in as bad as much for themselves as they did for you. we all saw what you did. we will apologize a little bit for the torture. believe me. don't feel like you are the only one. i looked in the mirror today. i said to myself, what the hell happened? if you get it a little gray hair, i can bring in my clothes there. i think he can help a little bit. -- my closer.
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we felt your presence, and in that last game against san diego, we thought your presence in atlanta, against philadelphia, and we certainly felt it in texas. [applause] >> you all came out in full force, you made this an incredible ride. believe me, this trophy belongs to you, san francisco, as much as it belongs to anyone here. thank you very much. [applause] >> congratulations to brian sabean and bruce bochy. i am happy to announce our spanish team announcers. one has been the voice of the giants on spanish-language radio for 13 seasons. the other was a former great
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giants infielder in the 1960's and '70's. a big round of applause for tito fuentes. >> i do not know how to say this, but after we won the game, i asked why partner if he had anything to say to compare it to something. if anybody knows tito, heehaws always something to say. he was speechless up until the game. it is all about these guys. they made the giants world series champions. applause for them.
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[speaking in spanish] >> now you see the reason why i never talk. he does not let me. [speaking in spanish] >> whoa. that was very short for him.
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anyway, it is not about us, but it is about them. [applause] >> let's all together say it -- u -- u -- uribe! our mvp edgar renteria! he is a little bit sick, but let's hear it. whatever you want. >> i want to thank all of you fans for supporting us, for giving us energy, respect, and your love. every one of my teammates loves
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you, we appreciate it. thank you. [speaking in spanish] [applause] >> juan uribe. >> u -- >> ribe! >> [speaking in spanish]
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u- -- >>r ribe! >> [speaking in spanish] thank you. this is for you guys. thank you. >> the san francisco giants are world champions. [speaking in spanish] [applause] >> now, we saved the best for last. the best team of announcers, k
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ruk and kuip. [applause] >> the san diego padres -- the atlanta braves, the philadelphia phillies, the texas rangers, they are all otta here! [applause] -- outta here! i came to this organization in 1982 and i only knew the couple of things about it. one, it had a really bad ballpark. it used to have a center fielder by the name of willie mays. its current center fielder was some guy named chilly. i also knew that it had not won a change in ship. my daughter started in 1982 and
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i am happy to say, thanks to these gentlemen here, the torture is over! [applause] how great was that parade? i know everyone up here felt it. i know you felt it. everyone here today, you are standing here, and you are not standing alone. you are standing with the person who taught you the great story of the san francisco giants, whether it is your dad, mom, friend, a sister, grandpa. they taught you right. they thought you had to be loyal. you have to love your team. to a man on this team, to a man back in august, you fuel and energized this