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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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understand that. we will do everything we can to get those faces seem more and have more of a positive impact on our community. kimball field. renee strong as year, the new facility coordinator here in hamilton. she's terrific and an icon in this city and apartment. the community is fortunate to have here. i was thrilled when she accepted that position. she is welcomed here and she is doing a terrific job. the city field foundation came in and spent $3.3 million on a new field. it changed the way that field was used to dramatically. all of us can agree that it has activated that field tenfold. the key is that we make sure it is the correct activation, right? it is not folks coming from all over the city or outside the city to be able to use it. it is a destination field with a real value to the people in the community.
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we need to make sure that the seahawks and other folks that are common users feel comfortable and have appropriate space. i am dedicated to making sure that happens. we will continue to work with folks to make sure the field is still appropriately and that we hold back our recreation programs that will ultimately, out of the center as well. that is important to me. we will have it here at hamilton rec center as well as the aquatics center. they will help us dictate how much of the field should be held for community use and the programs their respective to hamilton recreation center. i look forward to working with the community and it is a priority of ours. thanks. >> a number of cards that we have referred to both public safety, economic empowerment, and reentry. "japantown and the fillmore and the lower hate and upper hate --
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lower haight and upper haight have benefited from beat officers. once the community, merchants and residents, get a taste of it, they hate when they go away. there have been long relationships between communities, such as the ones i mentioned, and beat officers. they keep feeling that they keep getting yanked. it is making people very frustrated. the second question is that there has been a great amount of emphasis, as well as you and i know, and try to help our youth of this part of our city. suggestions have been made that we are missing the point of young adults, especially over the age of 21, maybe 25.
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there's a population of young adults were the city and city services is just missing them altogether. there's an overemphasis of youth in this area. what can we do to expand our particular reach? beat officers, and talking about that population of people who are not getting the attention they should be reaching mr. mayor, you want to start? >> i have -- we have been here all day in district 5.
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first of all, i don't think that we can over emphasize the need to make sure we support our youth. there's never enough to do enough of that. are we neglecting adults? we are paying attention to them. i want to make sure you saw ron the simmons here. she is the head of our workforce and development. she is in charge of a program called city built, where we are trying to make sure that people who want jobs get into programs that get the job ready, and then as city funded projects get started, whether it is for public utilities commission, the public works department, or parts of iraq, even muni, we are able to hire -- or park and rec, even muni, we're able to hire folks.
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i embrace local hires. the folks that are standing out on the streets as we observe today in fillmore and other places, we are not sure whether they are job-ready. we have to get an assessment of what it means for them to get job-ready. that is part of the reason why we invest in our workforce development and the programs we are investing in our training and pre-apprenticeship training programs. we are working with unions in addressing that. we do have some programs to address it. those individuals, as of today, we are paying attention to the more. we will get some assessment going about those individuals and try to get an engagement process going to find out why they're hanging out in corners and what we can do to engage them, whether it is jobs, training, or education. >> as far as the foot beat, i
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generally speak citywide, all 10 district stations have foot beats. in the northern district, we have run some permanent foot beats. we run our violence reduction foot beats as well for public housing. we have the continuity of the same patrol officers in the same sectors that are required as part of their driving the to to walk along lowerhaight and japantown area. right now, i don't have the resources to devote a foot be to those areas. again, we run a lot of foot beats a citywide every day. on the numbers in front of me -- in the northern district every day, we run no less than six. i agree. it is a great interaction that the officer does have with the
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residents and the merchants of the community. you cannot beat it. i get out and walk. i really cherish that time that i am out there. it is invaluable. it is a win-win for all of us. there are positive relations between all of us. again, as staffing allows, we will increase the foot beats a citywide. in the northern district, we run no less than six. that is replicated citywide. >> in my first meeting yesterday, it is my job to make sure the staffing levels don't decrease. i had a meeting with the assembled command staff today. i want there to be a net positive from the first day that i started, going forward, as far as the officers in patrol. i will be pushing officers out of the halls of justice. we will put deficiency in place
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and keep those officers in the field so they don't have to come back to the station as often to write the reports, with the entire goal of being a more visible police presence, which i know everybody enjoys, more than having them driving by in cars. >> i know that this is on the minds of a number of people here. with the census data that has been released, there are a few facts that have traveled throughout the city and have been well reported. we're seeing quite an increase in population of seniors in san francisco over the age of 60. they happen to be living in this area. we are also seeing a significant hemorrhaging of the black population, the african-american population, in this area, as well. that signifies an important
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milestone in a city that has had once a will that populist african-american population and japanese american population is also thinning out quite a bit as well. this is not an easy answer and it would be hard to get into a profound topic like this. it is on the minds of a few people. there has been a study done commissioned by mayor newsom. there has been no hearing on this particular -- it is the out-migration report of the population in san francisco. can we get followthrough by any one of the agencies, potentially? mr. mayor, perhaps, or the other departments? >> i do know that most, if not all the departments here have actually had a copy of that report and read through it, like i did.
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we have to reverse that trend of out-migration. it is challenging because it goes through a history of things we did not do well. we've done things right as a city and there are things we have to correct. i am working with your local naacp to forge an implementation plan and take note of all the things we have to do from education to job training. there are issues like recidivism as well, and also to support families. there are a lot of things in there that cross all of our different departments. it has to do with all the things we're doing tonight, to make sure we do them better and to make sure we have in our minds and in our plans of how people
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leave the city and why. housing is extremely difficult right now. i understand what people went through when forced with foreclosures. it has made life harder. it has caused people to move to oakland and other areas. we understand what that has been about. there is a combination of these things. we need to have money available for those who needed, making sure city is working in a coordinated fashion with all our programs. we have to do better. i know it begins with us making sure we are sensitive to this. i know, because i work with all my colleagues, that they have read this report. we will be working with all of you about implementing the
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various aspects of this. if it takes a hearing supervisor, we can report on the process we are making. we have a part of that responsibility in the way we handle our day-to-day business here in everything we do. it begins with all of you making sure you have a dialogue with us about preventing out-migration. that is the invaluable tool. i have read it twice and i have reread it since i have become mayor. i need to make sure it is reflected in everything i do, whether it is appointing commissioners, making appointments, looking at our job emphasis, all of that. [applause] >> this is real quickly, for the redevelopment agency, redevelopment has been in governments of this area for about 45 years. the term expired in january of 2009. i was asked to commission an
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audit from some years back. from about 15, 20 years, getting some handle on how those were expended. i got a couple of cards here about the status of that particular audit. we will hear from read -- redevelopment. anybody? do we have anybody from redevelopment? i promise, i will get back to focus on that. mayor, i have a card here. are you going to run for mayor? >> that is like asking the president where his birth certificate is. i want to ask you honestly. i accepted this historic assignment from the board of supervisors, and i thought i
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could do it for a year. i have been committing myself to do this for a year. i do not have plans for an intention to run for mayor. what i do want to tell you, though, is something that i have been feeling strongly about. this comes from ed lee, not a politician or mayor, someone who has been working in the government for 21 years. i really love this city and i love the people in this city, and everybody who lives here and participate here. i am working my rear end off to restore your confidence in your government. we need you to participate in everything we do. i know that things like community policing, all of those things we talked about, cannot work without you really believing they can work, and then you helping us do the right things. i can never do that. i don't want to run for mayor
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because i want to just focus on what i can do as a citizen, what i can do here for this moment. i think i have been making good decisions on behalf of the residents. i don't want that distracted by the mayor's race or any other office. i will continue doing this work, continue being focused. if i am lucky, the board of supervisors will help me get my other job back and i will live up to all of the promises i have been making as an administrator. thank you. [applause] >> very nice for us to segue from that high note. as i promised, i wanted to leave time for people to make some statement. i have cards from people. i will call a couple of you out. but very brief, because we are on a short window of time. mr. hooker? please try to make it no more than 30 seconds. it would be great if you could make it a question.
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a statement is fine. there is a microphone right over here. i'm going to please ask you to be as brief as possible. >> i will try to be brief. i think it is important for us in the community to let the city officials know that we have planned. we have ideas. we have concepts to solve our problems. what we would like to do is have access to you, to you, trent, resources. we have ideas on how we can employ our young people. the police and everything. don't be little was when you tell us that you are not going anywhere when you transfer heads of departments every six months. we are not foolish about that. we know there have been several different heads in stations. don't say, i am not going anywhere.
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we know six months later, you will get another station. it is just that we need to be confident. we need for you to have confidence in our ideas. we have plans already. we are not so hung up on money. you get us on a on that. that is not the real issue. the real issue is control of our communities. and you learning to work with us. just because we are not rich doesn't mean that you cannot listen to our ideas and our plan on how we're going to solve some of our problems. i will end this on an important note. the recon park department terminated so many park and rec directors that the cold part about it is the majority of them were minorities. they were african-american costs, brothers would been in our community 15 or 20 years. how can you justify the changing
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of the system, hiring them back part time, what a grown man is going to be working full time and come back part time? the way you do things, the way you treat us, makes us -- your past record speaks for itself. finally, ed, ed is a magnificent man in the sense that his word is his bond. i would like to tell you that the development community corp. is applying for funding not to the city, but to the feds. where can we get cooperation from city departments when we as community-base organizations apply for funding? we need your support. i need the's office to help us with our reentry program when we submit a $6 million budget for it. i need the public defender's office to support us when we
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submit a $1.5 million core grant. we have ideas. we have plants. we need for you to listen to us and follow our lead sometimes. and not always we follow what you got plant. thank you. >> go ahead and pass into the next person. i'm really going to ask you to keep it very succinct, ok? >> hi. i am here to talk about josh, who i think is a wonderful human being. if it wasn't for him, we would still have the drug addicts, the drug pushers standing on the corner. he cleaned up. he really did. my grandson, who was only 5 years old at the time, went down there, and he fell in love with josh. he thought joshes a wonderful person. i don't understand why they let him go. and gerry, too.
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that is all we want to know. why did you let them go? they were perfect. i enjoyed going down there. my grandson enjoyed going down there. all the other kids did. he is a beautiful person and a wonderful role model for the children. >> if you can talk to rec and park afterwards, that is one of the reasons why we feel that question. thank you very much. thank you. remember, we're making statements just for few more minutes. please make them breathe so we get people in appeared >> -ball and i'm a candidate for mayor in 2011 in november and i would like to introduce myself to the community. before we go any further, i would like everybody to give ross mirkarimi a big hand for being such a great supervisor. >> thank you. >> he has really done a great job in representing district 5. he is running for sheriff and i
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endorse him. i really hope that everybody here helps and works with his campaign. the other thing out like to say, and it is rare couple of minutes here, a few seconds, i want to welcome steve to the position as chief of police of san francisco. we welcome you to our community. thank you for accepting the position. thank you, mayor, for pointing a local police officer. this means a lot. there's three issues that are important to me. one of them is more jobs. one of them is help with economic opportunities for people doing small business. another one is critical, especially in housing, the health of the systems with economic equity. this is an issue i am working with. i look forward to meeting some of you as the campaign goes on. thank you. >> thank you. during nice of you. please come in next speaker. >> i am just here to make sure
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that the city really -- we have a big fortune -- bigger portion in the city, and they all need services, like alzheimer's patients. we are lucky, our agency, we have a small grant. we're running a care home for the alzheimer's, elderly. it is on rosen webster. it is a very small grant, but we save a lot of senior lives for not getting lost or missing and can provide a safe home for them. i just want to -- not just one home can take care of all the city. i would like you to think about this when you are planning for your budget. and our agency, we're going to
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maybe lose service in adult health care centers. that is the major cut from the state grant. when you are thinking of the budget, please think about them. this portion. that is all i want to say. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> first of all, i would like to commend you, supervisor, and all the departments here. ed lee, for coming year. point clarification, i just wanted to remind everybody that they did commit to the city and county for redevelopment before governor brown came and did what he is doing now. that is most crucial to this community. i am appalled that nobody from redevelopment here -- i do see somebody -- they are not here. that tells us that what redevelopment has done for us.
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the african-american out- migration report, i cannot go without saying, i am the one that was theire. i put together the task force. we carry it around like a bible. every organization from the naacp all the way down. it is not for these people appear to look out for the future of our communities. it is the leaders who are not here today that are responsible. my name is ace and i am on the case. i'm not new to this. i'm true to this. we need to have community reforms. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i would like to thank you, supervisor, for holding this. mayor, you have seen me around. i would just like to say to support black businesses.
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support african-american non- profit organizations. i went to school here right across the street at benjamin franklin. it is not called ben franklin anymore. i have grown up now. my whole thing is, i can remember hearing the stories about jim jones and how he rated the black community of their properties and businesses. it is very painful to see that. i was born in the 1980's and i saw i whole lot of black businesses when i was growing up, but now, even back then, elders were telling me things were not the same. now that i've grown up a little bit more, and i come from the fillmore, i am seeing less and less black businesses. to me, it is not the same. it gets even deeper than what they were saying. i am seeing less black businesses. please find them if they have good ideas. support the use and support the community.
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please support them. it is important. the western addition, the fillmore, would not be the same without the african-american community. san francisco would not be the same without the black people. i will just ask you respectfully to support that. it is very important. thank you. >> thank you, everybody. for those of you in line, we only have a few minutes left. somebody is going to get cut off unless you are 20 seconds apiece, please. >> this is about 20 seconds. i have a question and comment. is anyone looking into the city's material waste and inefficiencies? my last 10 years in the department of social services with my conservation program saved millions of dollars. this kind of program needs to be citywide. for example, something i have recommended 16 years ago, to
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charge city employees for parking, has come to pass. it is now reaping $3.5 million in revenue. i have many ideas. i wish somebody would please listen to them. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker appeared >> hello. my name is karen and i am part of the japantown planning effort. i want to thank the city as a whole for being so supportive of the efforts we are making. over the last year, we have been reviewing in small committees are draft plan. we are now heading into our final community comment period and we need the support of the city. i also want to say to audience members, pick up one of these pink fliers. please come to our meetings if you can. what happens in japantown will have echoes and the facts on the larger and western admission --
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addition. thank you. >> thank you, karen. daniel, please. >> mayor lee, supervisor mirkarimi, the department heads, i want to say two things that stick out in my mind about this whole setting. i know the department of education is not here. we are talking about budget and money. however, our community is yearning, especially the disenfranchised community of the western addition, to be educated. when we speak about money, to really speak about money, you have to have an enlightened community. that is not so good that we are not discussing education at all tonight. in the spirit of the budget, i think a lot of times, it is so much money going toward law enforcement, we need to use a balanced approach. we have 800k coming out of the
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office of economic and work- force development. we have so many problems with them on how this money has been with our community. it should be a no-brainer, you would think, but you get resistance from people looking for a personal paycheck at the expense of a community that has been impacted for so long. thank you very much for coming out. i hope that can be put at the table. thank you. >> thank you. >> real quick, we started a lower fillmore neighborhood association to address some of those needs, just like ace and ashley spoke of, of us taking control of our neighborhood, and city hall listening to us, not dictating the way we do things. i think with this new association, if you guys get a chance to come out and listen to our viewnd