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tv   [untitled]    June 9, 2011 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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it takes into request our negotiating team. we are only 60 feet from this construction site. we deserve the respect and consideration of cpmc. >> my name is frank. i am a member of the homeowner'' association. our residents are asking every day how things are coming to help erase done when the impact of the construction across the street from our homes.
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for a while we have reason to be hopeful. however, we have yet to reach an agreement that takes into account project will have on our homes and our neighborhood. our community of over 300 residents who are directly impacted by this construction process, from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., monday through friday, and also on saturdays, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. here is what we have to look forward to just 60 feet from our front doors. you have heard about the 1000 days of heavy construction. we anticipate no ways and level 200% higher than what -- noise levels 200% higher than what they are today. we anticipate those from
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construction, traffic and congestion during -- dust from construction, traffic and congestion. our homes are not air conditioned, so when it is warm, we open our windows for ventilation. this will only make it worse. opening the windows has an added effect of allowing in the dust and fumes. our residents, many of whom have been here for decades, have made this their lives. a five-year construction project is about to begin. thank you. [applause] [list of names] if i have called your name, you can come to the microphone in
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any order. >> linda chapman, speaking for older and women. now i worry that you may lose your way listening to these arguments from the playbook of 1984, about horrible consequences and if you do not approve the medical industrial complex in the form of godzilla. the alternative is that they retail and earthquake-safe place on campus if they cannot accommodate concerns of the community. owl quadruplicate and has several concerns. one has to do with any transportation. another is housing and certainly access to health care. i will just mention that in the last connection, several owl
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members have had contact with this organization. what happened? they eliminated the dialysis clinic. another one, her medical insurance will not pay for this hospital because they were too expensive, and a third had to go there with an emergency when her grandchild had a life- threatening condition. could they bring treatment now? they could not do that. luckily, grandma had a credit card that was not maxed out. otherwise, the child would not receive emergency services from someone who could not afford to pay for it later. speaking about this, a transportation -- they intend to have 2.5 times as many parking spaces on that site.
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think of the traffic. right now, it has been a hotel, but they do not generate that kind of traffic. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for your patience during good now i am the executive director at the north of market who/center in -- for your patience. >> i am the executive director of the north of market /tenderloin district. i want to say thank you to the staff and all the apartments. i a thing they have done a third job, and we feel -- i think they have done a good job, and we feel this is a place to start. we would like to enter into a community benefit agreement. the community has said many times they want to directly
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address this, and i want to extend that invitation that we want to talk about it and negotiate directly with them. i heard the ceo say they were going to open a center in tenderloin. this is the first time i have heard about that. i have concerns. i want to make sure it is not a tactic that causes tenderloin residents to be quarantined. i would like to know more details about that as a community member. isos need more details. i want to urge you to please accept the agreement and enter into a community benefit agreement with the community as well. thank you. [applause]
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the >> my name is maria, and i work at st. luke's. we are requesting that if they rebuild current and and and now it should be entered forto 160 -- 140 to 160 valence theory guard -- 160 beds. we can make this hospital work greater than -- hospital work. we badly needed a psychiatrist karen -- psychiatry care. thank you. [list of names]
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>> i am not doing well with names tonight. i am not sure what the reason is really. i have of blocks -- a block. you can come up in whatever order. >> good evening. i have been a nurse for over 35 years, and at cpmc since about 1986. without union representation in the new hospital, and may be forced to rebid on my job and my shift. please do not permit these plans to continue without considering the implications and consequences of not having a union -- not having mandatory overtime, request favoring
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seniority, monitoring to protect patient safety. these are three examples of the benefits of union representation. nurses are advocates. now i care for an advocate for my patients. the union protects me. i am a member of the nurse association, and i am in the union. thank you. >> good evening, commissioners. i am a registered nurse at campus. thank you for taking the time who to listen to the registered nurses. the history goes back more than
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150 years ago and is a history of female nurses to build a hospital for the families of san francisco bay area. the history is intertwined with the california nurses association and goes back almost 45 years. most of the nurses have worked the bulk of their career cpmc. most are in their 40's and their 55. there are many parts, but my goal is the question how we will work in representation of the community. this expands to patient care. not only are we not guarantee the jobs with the new facility -- if we rely on the process, we are guaranteed to stay in the middle of an ugly battle, and where will this take place? this will take place in our homes, and it will affect our
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patient care. good to be sure there is no way the they will fight it out. that is what will happen. this latest fight on our facility brings this point home. the fight is not over, and it is still terribly contentious for all of us, so when they say they will leave union representation on up to the nlrb, at any other process is an infringement on their right to free speech, what they are really saying is that they do not care that we will be in the middle of the vague ugly fight -- big ugly fight that will extend for years. >> we have no more speaker cards. is there any additional public andcomment and?
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>> it was very discouraging to hear cpmc project what i considered to -- project -- reject what i consider to be moderate requirements. cpmc plans to go on to a site that has all kinds of rules, and what they are asking for is a development agreement. they are asking for encroachment now permits, and they are asking it all to begun -- to be done so it is inviolable.
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the city should have asked for a full range on transit, housing, business assistance. they should be dealing with the requirements, which are specific as to hospitals. they come at it because they are on a hospital that does not pay property taxes. it is highly subsidized by all of us. that is what enables them to run commercials every night on late night tv. they should give up those commercials done. it is a mess. what we need to say is how is the transit going to be provided? how is the housing going to be
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provided? how are they going to deal with their employees? i do not think that cpmc is dealing with good faith. you need to nail down when each document is going to come out. thank you. [applause] >> i am reading this for a steady at -- for debbie at cpmc. i am also a nurse. thank you for taking the time to listen. it is important that the public understands that a patient advocacy be protected. the risk of retaliation, and it is important the public understands the union has such
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protections in place. if it were not for our unions, and the skilled nursing facility would have been closed in 2009, which is roughly about 50 skilled nursing beds that are documented as a shortage. after failing to improve staffing levels and skilled nursing and -- it brought our patient ratios to approximately one in five or six. we could not safely care for our patients given their i.q. conditions.
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cpmc currently bars are union representatives from going anywhere outside of the cafeteria, and they are barred from any new representation. they have found anti-union literature in new orientation. we need a fair shot at representation, and we need to transfer rights. i have 22 years of nursing experience but no guarantee of a job at cathedral hill. please support us. thank you. [applause] >> i am a tenderloin resident and survivor. i am a member of the health center community advisory board.
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i also think if anything, this package is too small. i can see more than a few things missing i have never heard of any remediation for the homeless center, which is clearly going to be impacted. that is just one example. i urge you to see this and work out from it. perhaps that is another wild dream. remember, if cpmc finds this package to be too large, they can always modified, and the remediation package will also adjust. they have the choice.
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when i was a medical professional, i never imagined that my five-year plan would include addressing the planning commission, but i have to say i have enjoyed it over the years. >> is there additional public comment spam of seeing none, public comment is " -- public comments? seeing none, public comment is closed. miguel: i want to take this together with a few comments on the press release and mr. brown's testimony this evening. first on the mayor's request, the statement is the st. luke's is an acute care facility for its least 20 years.
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20 years is nothing in the life of a major medical institution. for meat, and minimum of 35 to -- for me, a minimum of 35 years or 50 years is what is required. we know the residential expansion is going to shift population to the south, and we only have sf general and st. luke's to take care of it. from their own press release , cpmc plans to be in san francisco for the next 150 years. next, begin construction of st. luke's prior to constructing cathedral hill and operate cathedral hill only after opening st. luke's. only logical. the construction time is less than st. louis, and the need is
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even greater. concurrent on new operations are absolutely essential, because they argue that the specialty care to be provided is needed to supplement what will not be available at st. luke's. they have to be concurred. next, implement the recommendations of the blue ribbon panel. i think we have gone over this, and that is pretty well-settled, as well as i can tell. the office building should be operating no later than three years after the hospital opened, and we continue to refurbish the building. i have a slight disagreement with the mayor. i fear in my mind for years is too long. i would like to see that open no later than two years after the hospital is constructed at st.
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luke's. i think it is vital to the st. luke's operation, and i am going to have more to say about that later. the next section is the charity care and community benefits. to provide charity at a level consistent with nonprofit hospitals in san francisco for as long as they operate. absolutely. cpmc's record on charity care is abysmal. that is the nicest thing i can say. the average unt for nonprofit institutions is 2.36% of revenue. cpmc stands at less than 1%, around 194 or 499. cedar siding akin los angeles -- stay . around9 -- stands around
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.94 or .99. in his press release, he is saying is $2 million. that sounds like a pr firm told him to use that. i year agreed the only way to arrive at that number is to project forward 50 years, so if i took his own computational message, how about the way back 50 years and computing the amount of charity and community care they would have to provide san francisco in that time to be a good citizen. i have not done the math, but i think they would be so far in a hole they could not climb out of it in 50 years. next is providing outpatient services consistent other
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private hospitals in san francisco as long as they operate here. no question, and that same computation going back 50 years would provide another interesting result, and last, a partner with san francisco community health clinic consortiums to expand care for low-income residents, focusing on surrounding neighborhoods of cathedral hill and save lives, continued active participation -- and st. luke's, continued active producer patient. i do not see a problem with it. it does not need any further explanation, but i want everyone to understand what we are really talking about in this section. all private nonprofit hospitals
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assume a social obligation to provide community benefits and the public interest in exchange for their tax-exempt status. this includes charity care, metical, and programs for the communities they cpmc servethey -- they serve. cpmc is nonprofit by illegal -- by a legal entity. the next section is housing. contribute $4.1 million suit in the wake of -- to moh with rent- controlled units being displaced, contribute 73 million for the 20% inclusionary portion as required, as they did
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two or three terms, "as required by special use." this is totally consistent with the requirements for any developer in the special use district, and cpmc is nothing, despite his protests, nothing more or less than our real estate developer here. that is exactly what they are. the next section is workforce development, local hires for the facilities, at least 40 new hires each year. 30% san francisco residents. i year they had a slight disagreement with the mayor.
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i believe the requirement should be for at least 10 years if not longer. the last thing is pedestrian safety. one of dozens cpmc -- of the major arguments is transport plans. it is only consistent with their location concept to enhance the major corridors. 25 cents, depending on peak times, to of least 60% of employees. if you increase traffic, you should be required to mitigate those problems.
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last, an $11 million for streetscape and the tenderloin as well as about 7 million in the neighborhood. ahoy this is the exact same thing as other transit-related items. this calls for street improvements as needed in mitigation. -- and needed mitigation. is this out of line? not as far as i'm concerned. take a look of stanford hospital's expansion proposal, where they have $2 million only for transit improvement. transit improvement calls for only $1.4 million common -- $1.4 million, plus the fact that if you compare the locations of
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stanford hospital, where it sees as a teaching hospital region where it sees as a teaching hospital and who -- where it is in the middle of a teaching hospital, you will find a vast difference. the plan to rebuild conquered crete, this is a state entity, exempt from local land-use regulations. it is going to contribute about 60 million against $1.5 million mission they produce. before i finish, three other quick items regarding the project. i am still not completely satisfied with st. louis's proposal being large enough, and i have constantly mentioned there is additional, nearly
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vacant land in the and media it area, which i feel should be used -- in the immediate area, which i feel should be used to enlarge a hospital. i still think that can be done. number two, and it was mentioned tonight -- there is a failure to address the bed. lastly, there is an item that has not been publicly aired, and that is the disposition of their california campus, the oldest children's hospital where i was born. i suggested it might be considered a skilled nursing facility bed, operated by some entity. i have seen increases, but so far this large