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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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response from our staff, these cuts the your experience and are not city cuts. i have not authorized an departments to make those decisions, but i think you're talking about cuts that have been made at the federal level. >> oewd has submitted to the citizens committee of community development, the recommendation of the 30% cut. and they stated the micro enterprises. they are the decreasing cuts into the increase in dollars. they are making this decision in the next couple of days.
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and a supervisor a winner -- wiener, you are on top of these issues. >> and just to give some context, the community development block grant program is a program that the republicans have targeted. these provide a lot of important money for economic development, housing, other needs. the president is proposing a 9% cut. the republicans are proposing a 90% cut. the city is assuming a 30% cuts. the senate and house came together -- >> the senate and the house came together.
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>> we will look into the status tomorrow. i personally understand the importance of this grant. thank you. >> i have a comment and question in regards to the career use issues. i was a career use advocates. about a year ago, the programs that we have their hair just about 45 days a week where they were cutting. i hear that you had a meeting recently on these issues.
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these issues have been going on for a while now. i was just wondering if both of you are possibly talking about making that space available at this moment? >> i will follow up. >> what we are firmly committed to career use. we want the space to be safe, structured, and supervised. we have some programs and activities. we want all of the kids to be able to enjoy the space. we are positively committed to working with career use on the type of programming that is important for you to have and that space. part of our recreation model
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includes community councils where there can be a citizen advisory committees that will help us program our rec centers. we have the capacity to offer how we deliver -- which can offer a much more diverse array of programming. it is no longer as telling you what programming there will be. we want to hear what programming is important. we wanted to be structured and supervised. i believe there has been a lot of conversation and dialogue. we really do welcome input. i think in the spring, it is open between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. where we have a combination of an open recreation for 18-24 year olds.
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again, the combination of open or self-directed but supervise the structured programming. thursday, that spaces open between 9:00 a.m. at 5:30 p.m. and friday and saturday, the space is also open from 18-24 year-old. we really do want to work with the community in here about the types of programs. we want the space to be structured and supervised. >> i have members of my staff that are here today that have at the site for a very long time that are both members of the
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lgbt community. they have also participated in a number of different meanings. it even offered some of our jobs to help us do programming. you will find we're very open to meeting and communicating through the type of programming that will work. >> next question. >> i stand before you a transgendered clear person -- queer person. everyone in the audience make a little malaise -- noise. that is what this district is all about. we come from all over the country for safety. as somebody who survived drug
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addiction, i want to see this happen the same way for many of the youth that didn't get the same opportunity that i did. the community center works closely to provide a network of services that meet the need of transitional age use. i have to say that it is unacceptable that any of these funds will be cut. we are doing all that we can to provide services in a way that is efficient. we have developed a collaborative where we are working across lines to make sure that we are meeting all of these needs. i would really love to meet the youth going to these spaces, because i happen to have face- to-face relationships with many. i commend your opening that space to queer youth.
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think you. i want to thank you for all of your time and i want to implore you to provide funding. >> i work at self-help for the elderly, a community-based organization that has been serving seniors for 45 years. our clients are the most vulnerable. they need services. i am here today because many of those seniors and the elderly cannot be here and they cannot speak for themselves because they are homebound, disabled,
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and because they need our care. they have been providing services for the most vulnerable seniors including home care and assistance. we serve 35,000 seniors a year. many of them are not here today to talk about the needs that they have. i would urge you to work with us to provide services for those that are not here today that can't speak on their behalf. consider every dollar that is being cut as a live line of vital services that keep these seniors alive and keep their spirits into the community alive. in addition, it has opened a career center to help folks find jobs. i applaud you for your efforts
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and i urge youtube not only protect our most elderly and the vulnerable but to support those that are independent and able to work so that our community can thrive. [applause] >> i am 22 years old, a member of the queer youth community. i go to the hospital there whenever i needed. i also work at the lgbt center. i also think it is an
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opportunity for people to feel safe in their community. my question is, i distinctly remember not being able to go inside. why is it open to the san francisco unified school district high-school? what was done differently? >> un to the recreation center and there is a wrestling team using the space at the moment? >> it was closed to people like myself. i am wondering what was done differently.
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>> i am not sure i know enough about the specifics about that particular day. >> it was not a particular day. >> let me repeat where we are at the moment. we are firmly committed to a youth space. we don't support an unstructured for unsupervised where there is no supervision. what we want to bring to the space is a healthy, safe, fun program. some of the programs that i think are being offered include crotty, dance, spoken word. there is a dodge ball and street
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hockey program going on in the space. >> again, our recreational programming really does want community employment and to deliver the programs that they see in that space. [applause] >> we're running short on time, becausso i will ask you to be as concise as possible. >> thank you for picking up the pieces for the rest of the year. you have a tough job, and i am sure time will not permit you to do all the things that we are asking you to do. we're very proud and we're very pleased that the supervisors
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gave you this. i have lived in the city for 50 years. i've retired from the university of california at san francisco. one of the big concerns i have is that there is no respect for seniors. i am a senior now and i have to use a cane. the streets have drivers with bicyclist and skateboarders. the sidewalks are not safe for seniors or children. we can't work collaborative lead to bring some respect for each other? the design of the city streets with the bicyclist have been crazy. it is crazy. there is no respect for the drivers.
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i have a vehicle and i can't ride a bike throughout the city anymore. bicyclist take up the whole street. it is not safe for seniors or children. we need to change the plans of the city. also, i want to mention that it would be good to make in the whole mission historical district has was the western addition. we need to develop those and to save our history. i have been doing that for the last 10 years. we need to preserve our past. we can't forget it. if we depend on bureaucrats, it will never happen. >> this is for you.
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city pools, all but one are closed on sundays. and of his open on sunday, and there doesn't seem to be much of a community outreach to get people in for swimming. the pool would be packed as well as garfield, and i am hoping that you will rethink your hours of operations for the pools. sunday is the only day that people can get together as a family in it. >> the question wreaks of too much common sense.
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we would keep all of our pools and are recreational facilities open seven days a week if we had the resources to do it. we have to make some tough choices. one daily, the pools have to be closed for maintenance. we have come leaps and bounds in our aquatics programming. we have a new manager in charge of aquatics that comes from the city of oakland and has some excellent experience. the suggestion is a good one, to rotate the days off so that more are open during the weekends. we're also aware of a desire for families and kids that have family pool time. our tools are very heavily used between labs swimmers, recreational swimmers, and the swim leagues.
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we're working this budget season with our aquatics staff on some changes that we think are likely to result in increased access and increased hours. in to sort of more of the ideas that the gentleman was talking about. so stay tuned. >> right now, i just found out that we have problems in the building. we have no funds, we have no generator. we have issues and budget cuts. we need your help to rebuild the building.
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it is awful. i want you to help all of us get our building and then. in case there is an earthquake, how to the building people -- we need your help. we have 130, and in the air. that is why i came here. i just came from our meeting. go tell them that we need funds for our building. >> i submitted a card, but i don't know if you will get to it. i wanted to express my gratitude for the support of the memphis model for crisis
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intervention training. i am on that committee to formulate the training. i have just spent told that the major cuts are now coming from behavioral health. there was a loss of 22,500 business. we could have the best training for the police in the world, but if there are no services, how are you going to prevent tragedies and, says and everything else? it is just unacceptable, and it happens in good times and bad. [applause] >> if people could be as concise
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as possible so we can get through as many people as possible, we don't have to leave people waiting. >> i was an outreach worker route substance abuse issues for three years before i lost my city funded job last year. i want to let you know that i still have people call and ask me to check in on other young people that are not doing well. they will check in with other young people. it has really affected young people in this neighborhood. i hear you're concerned about wanting to have a safe and secure home-place. it doesn't explain why it has been so hard to receiver apply from your department. if we can generate a good faith
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effort to make sure that this remains open to homeless in the transitional period and continue to need access to that space. i am concerned that the new recreation model is not actually going to be accessible. i was as concerned that the time as i am out that there are not things for young people in this neighborhood. a number of people have some pretty good ideas about how we can actually continue to see that your needs for revenue armets and that we have a space where there is a safety,
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community agreement, and young people are taking responsibility. and to make sure it is open for those that can't show up at a specific time every week. i would really like to hear a commitment from you to sit down with people to use that space and to generate registration policies that he had used at that space belongs to. [applause] >> we have been trying to get them to provide better security and a long-term solution. and we were promised lighting in february of 2010. and the last the herd, there was
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not any money for it. but they spend a greater amount of money fixing a tree. what was the thinking behind the choice of that security? gosh where were of the challenges of the areas under the portion of market street and around grand view. the money spent on montgomery street home by telegraph hill was to repair a street, it was not in a safe condition. we did work with members of the committee to identify ways that we can better address the area. i know i have seen the drawings for lighting and fencing. we don't have the funds available to do the kind of work.
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we're doing our best to address graffiti and illegal dumping. we tried to intervene there as well. it is one of many challenging areas around the city where we have recurring problems. >> we are past time, so we're going to take three more questions. if you have a question that has already been covered, as someone afterwards. >> i moved here from chicago in 1977. lived in this beautiful
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community the has been richer than any house i might have done. i eventually had a career in the mainframe and hai lived there 27 years. i was forced to move into much more humble circumstances. this is happening all around me. i have friends with modest jobs , others who are on disability that are barely surviving. on their rental housing is going to be privatized. we are surrounded on water -- surrounded by water of all three
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sides. what we have is being turned into condos and forcibly displacing people of modest means. it is almost like class warfare. for people to be able to get caught bill permits unlimited numbers, all of the rental housing, and the justice of it. i love you like to be able to celebrate those caught the conversions. i would like to let you know what effect that has on people, and there is a reason why there is opposition to that. [applause] >> i appreciate that. in terms of right now, there are a large number of owners that are in the lottery and the
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length of time under the 200 unit cap has become longer and longer. we have owner occupied buildings that are struggling with their financing. i support providing relief to those people, but it should only apply to owner occupied buildings where there has not been an eviction history. about four years ago, the board of supervisors passed an ordinance that would greatly restrict or ban, the conversion when there has been evictions in the building. just being clear about what my position is. >> i have a quick question about
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commercial vacancies. can you talk a little bit about what you think the outlook is? dodge the question was about vacancies on market street and whether restrictions on chain stores are part of that. we are starting to see some of them get filled, and i think it will continue. in terms of the restrictions, i support the current restrictions that allow the storage ago and only if you get a conditional use permit from the planning commission meeting that the committee has a say. there have been some that i have supported. it will be a case by case a situation.