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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> i will talkt the objection that i heard from the opponents, and that is that the hospital should be sized down -- and i think that if you know what goes into hospital design, there has been an allusion to that. there are years of design, that have gone into this particular project. i've fallen to the project sponsor to give you a tour -- so you can see the level of the intricacy and design that has gone into this project. any change would return us to years of design. ray's as an impact with regard to the hospitals, if you size down the hospital, you should be aware, the cesar chavez is
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going narrow it down from three lanes to two lanes, and anyone who advocates a change in the hospital is ignoring this. you have two major transit lines that are about to be upgraded, and you have one major transit line close to st. luke's, the 14-line. this is a line that i know well. and on san jose -- this gets very slow at other times of the day. i pass crowds of cars, and this is not a good place to increase the size of the hospital. thank you. >> the next speaker? >> thank you for hearing this item. i am the program manager at mission high -- where we serve
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san francisco residents with low-moderate income, and those looking to hire from the pool. i am a labor partner and i support the plan to rebuild two earthquake-safe hospitals. this will bring many job opportunities to our clients in the development and administration stations -- stages. they invested time and personnel to help upgrade this program and we are transitioning that into a professional service academy. they send people over to help us to upgrade the curriculum, and they also provided 13 industry experts the route the semester. so far we are on the third semester. they have also hired two of the administration trainees. one of them is behind me, -- and
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they can't -- hired to people, and they have about three classes represented here. much care and thought was put into each region -- and many clients have the chance to apply the knowledge that they learned. and some were recruited. throughout the semester, they talked about cpnc, and talked about every aspect of building the project from the inception to the final project. we understand in terms of the planning. this would put the residence to work and i am also doing neighborhood emergency response training, and we need this hospital and earthquake -- god forbid that there is one. thank you.
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>> good morning. thank you, president fong and commissioners. i support rebuilding cpmc. i am the head of research and serve on the advisory board. the women's community clinic is committed to increasing the health of women and girls in the san francisco area. since 1979 we have used a volunteer-based model to provide this. they have supported our grant service for the underserved. and they provided us with the capacity to give ultrasounds to our clients, giving timely
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access to diagnostic services that would otherwise come a long wait. and we received a grant to increase the health care services in our community. we believe that preventative and -- preventive care is important and all women deserve excellent health care regardless of their background. we applaud cmc for upgrading the health care facilities and making certain that women and children receive state of the art care for future generations. the proposed project relocating the department and maintaining those services and a midwife program will increase access to obgyn services on both sides of market street. this is more centralized and the accessible than the california
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campus with a program that we currently have. i support rebuilding cpmc -- >> jon milsap, yolanda jones, chris polland, brandon lomax. rafael -- >> thank you, members of the planning commission. my name is john mills that. 10 years ago i was the executive architect for this project. since that time i have an independent consultant working with the california health care organization and i am the chair of the california health facilities forum. i support rebuilding cpmc. it is important to understand the significance of these
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locations. first is the ability to create structurally-safe -- safe buildings, separate from daily operations. the existing buildings must be maintained to support ongoing patient care. it is critically important that the most vulnerable people and the health care professionals serving them the house in safe buildings. this will fulfill our commitment to community patients and staff safety. the second is to understand the approach to continue with the accountable care organization, -- dislocates services for the most sick patients, at the centralized centers -- van ness and gerry. this improves with higher patient volume. and the second-largest private employer, this location is one
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of the best-served transit corridors, making this an ideal site. they will focus on senior and community health, and they will have the same patient-size amenities, but in a building that complements the adjacent neighborhood. i support the decision of merely to build these sites -- thank you. >> if i have called your name, come up and speak. >> thank you, members of the commission. i am a structural engineer. i am a member of the national academy of engineering. i support the agreement of majorly to build the state of the art hospitals, and this will be fully operational after the next major earthquake.
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california's earthquake country and we will continue to have major earthquakes like the one from 1906 and those in new zealand and julchile and japan. a major earthquake will take place in the next 30 years. san francisco is on the path to become a seismic-resilience city. this will ensure that 7 cisco will quickly recovered. this involves the emergency preparedness and an earthquake improvement plan for major cities, the lifeline council and much more. san francisco needs to hospitals to be fully operational after a major earthquake. we expect casualties in the thousands and injuries in the tens of thousands. most of the hospitals will not be usable.
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some will collapse and killed the occupants. san francisco have a handful of what is needed. these are the hospitals proposed for cathedral hill, and they must be completed, and the rebuilding must start as soon as possible. the people of san francisco what to have modern earthquake facilities that they can turn to for help. i am happy that we have agreed on a series of the best outcomes and i asked you to support this plan and all of the benefits this will bring to the city. >> gentleman, if you are ready? >> thank you. i am brandon lomax, of sheet metal 104.
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we have strong ties to cpmc. i attended a program -- designed to train you and put residents of san francisco who are out of work into construction. i had a chance to join a great company. i scored in the top 10 of all applicants. this keeps the money in the community. i was happy to hear that the mayor's office had worked to reach an agreement, that works for both the city and hospital. we need to keep jobs in san francisco and this will allow us to do so. this will create jobs and open up doors for city bill.
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please approve this process, thank you. >> george wu, if i have called your name. nancy -- wilhelm, valery gruber, and john rowness. >> thank you for letting me speak in support of the building of the hospital. i am local business owner. i am a local business owner at the corner of gerry. i have been there about a year and a half now, and i have had murders, -- i am facing a lawsuit from having one of my employees get in a fight with a
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homeless location. this is a corner that needs a hospital -- and revitalizing this location. the city benefits from this and local businesses would benefit from this, and also having -- in case of earthquakes, retrofitted with that capacity. this would benefit everybody. i am in support of the hospital. >> hello, i am dr. george wu. i retired it from the chief of practice -- plastic surgery after 31 years. we know that sam lucas has been
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a hospital where san francisco general has diverted patients. access to emergency care remains an issue in the market area. we escape -- we seek an escape clause after operating margins under 5%, from the perspective of the seven-salary -- seven- figure salary administrators. accounting can be very misleading, when the deliberate transfer of very well funded people -- and the well-funded care at st. lucas says the revenue source. and this shows the lack of need for services. with cutbacks because of the over-spend budgets, the burden is greater on the non-profit entities to provide the necessary care to provide after
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disasters like earthquakes and the routine emergencies. the argument that you -- you cannot put all of your police stations north of market is the same as when the blue-ribbon panel -- please stop the plan to terminate st. luke's, and this is prudent and necessary for the safety of our citizens, even if this means to contributing to medical services. thank you. >> dr. galenson, melaney grossman, ross stressner, reverend gilda hope, -- glenda
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hope. sorry. >> i am tony -- speaking for dr. john rauss, i am speaking on the positions -- who work at the place i have been a psychiatrist for many years. i have given tours to commissioners moore and borden, to see how we need more mental health services. the agreement worked out by the commissioner -- regards the highly-touted panel to have the comments of the doctors -- they were taken from the minutes. patients often get strapped down for two days waiting to just get in. this last weekend we had four people waiting 72 hours to get out because the unit's upstairs
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were to fall. this is substandard care and we are now on red alert for hours at a time. the tax breaks come out of the budget. they skip out on $9 million per year on property taxes, making $140 million per year in profit. the money is staring us in the face. this is inadequate and you must reject this until psychology is on the top of the list. the planning commission should call on the health commission. use your powers to make certain that this is funded properly, with the house and to reduce the threat of alcoholism, and we need the in-payson to psychiatric side one of the new hospitals. we need to adequately address the mental health needs of all san francisco residents.
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thank you. >> thank you, commissioners, for letting me speak. i am melanie grossman, an i am member of the elderly women sleep. i am also speaking for rev. glenda hope, she had to leave for a doctors appointment. the first and now wanted to address was the charity care issue. 82 -- $86 million seems like a lot of money. split three ways with the rising health-care costs, i think that this will not be enough to make certain that the people in the tenderloin who have a right to use this nearby facility will have enough finances to get their needs met. the other thing i would like to
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talk about as st. luke's. many of our members use st. luke's at some of the neighborhoods, and some of the neighborhoods that this serves, and as another speaker said, 10 years and even 20 years of a guarantee is really a very short time, in terms of how this agreement will impact the city over the next 50 years. we would like to have assurances that this will be viable in serving the community not only for ourselves but for our children and grandchildren. thank you. >> charles range, maria powers, david kingo, brenda storey, -- >> good afternoon.
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i represent dr. eugene gainesland, who served this community for 35 years. he is a member of the organizing committee and referred patients to st. luke's when this have the full complement of services. babies are 2.5% more likely to die. this accounts for more children than any other zip code. the mission and the excelsior district also have similar numbers. the demands -- on obgyn's and pediatrics may increase to 1400 yearly. diversting psych, occupational medicine and surgery 08 -- this
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is kept artificially low. san francisco is short of the standards for the capacity needed for the large-scale disasters. cpmc has committed to the restoration of needed services. cutting back on the reimbursement -- the burden on the county will increase. we cannot afford to have the mayor's office -- the largest property owners pay no taxes. remove the escape clause and hold them to their real charity obligations. i am concern at it -- as a citizen about the transit concerns. san francisco is a major port and van ness will be cluttered with tourism, especially with
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the rush-hour traffic. he should consider an overpass. >> thank you very much. >> i am charles range, of the health market center. i have been there about 20 years. we have about 7000 patients, and i am here to support the mayor, who was elected by the citizens of san francisco to support everyone. i think he and his staff have done an excellent job with negotiating benefits on behalf of the city, and the residents of san francisco. as a non-profit organization that has been in operation since 1973, i came to this commission about six years ago, on the
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project to build a new clinic to the south of market. cpmc supported us in the capital campaign. they have reached out to the non-profit organizations above and beyond this project. in this project they are allocating funds that will allow community clinics the opportunity to form a network so we can compete in the process. i think that this is reaching out to make certain that those clinics that are currently providing service to the low- income people who cannot afford the care have access so that they can be served at a hospital. cpmc is within walking distance and made 10-50 minutes but this is closer than san francisco general.
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i urge for you to support this. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am dave konerko, and i work at a senior center about two blocks from where we are now. this was started a couple of years ago when the city and the community got together to realize that for the low-income population it was hard to get services. you have another chance to provide additional services for this community. they talked about the 10,000 new medical issues that will come through. 20% of the san francisco population are seniors, so
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you'll have more needs -- with additional services for the seniors. the support to the innovation fund and the charity care will help to absorbent need. i urge for you to support this, particularly the innovation funds that will build a structure for the many community clinics, glide at st. anthony's, so we can serve the population. thank you for your time. >> ladies and gentlemen of the planning commission, thank you for this chance to appear before you. i am the director of finance information -- and i am here because of the chief executive officer was unable to attend. on behalf of the board of directors we would like to offer our support for the building on
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the side of cpmc. in the prior years as was instrumental in the establishment of a specialty care networks that helped us care for many of the uninsured patients. this will benefit the city and county in many ways. they will continue to have seven cisco as a landmark city with quality health care. through the innovation find they will support the managed care system that will benefit them. the consortium is nationally recognized and a community governed and based health center. this provides culturally- important health care services to 12% of the city population. members of the planning committee, on behalf of the board of directors i thank you
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for your consideration of this endorsement. >> and are there any speakers whose names i have not already called? i have call your name already? >> commissioners, with your approval, and because commissioner sugaya reminded us that sitting before too long can be deadly, i would ask that we could take a 10 minute stretch, a recess and come right back.
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