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tv   [untitled]    August 8, 2012 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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earlier because my neighborhood has never seriously been in danger of being split into another district. but i wanted to take this last opportunity to speak, to publicly thank the task force for not just listening to the public, but to actually hearing all the folks who came to testify. and for your commitment to keeping neighborhoods whole. for you reuniting the other neighborhoods that were split 10 years ago. i also wanted to thank the consultants and kay for all their work in getting the draft maps and the boundaries up on the website so quickly. and lastly i would like to thank any fellow council members who came to testify so passionately but respectfully for their neighborhoods in district 11. so far we have only lost population in those areas we all agreed to sacrifice to keep district 11 whole. it is an honor to serve with them on the council and to have them as friends. thank you, and one last please, don't make any further changes
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to district 11. >> thank you, ma'am. yes, mrs. brown? >> hi, my name is marzel brown and i work with central city collaborative. and today i'm here on the behalf of the bristol hotel. which is located on 56 mason. mike nolty has showed you the little map area of where we want to stay. it is very, very small as you can see this little section right here. that's what we need to keep in district six. so if you guys will help us out, and remap that, it will be a great deal to us and the tenants in the bristol hotel that we deal with on a daily basis. thank you again for your time
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and your preparations and you guys do a wonderful job. keep up the good work. >> thank you. >> following mrs. scott will be shelby, lisa shin, pierre and natalie brown. >> good morning task force. my name is lois scott, and i live by cathedral, i live on cathedral hill by st. mary's cathedral about two and a half blocks from the proposed hospital site. i'm on the board of the cathedral hill neighbors who were dispointed that our neighborhood who was going to be reunited in your quest and necessity to have the numbers come out was still split.
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i guess we joined russia hill as one of those neighborhoods that will be permanently split. we're some what of an emerging neighborhood association, that we've only been in existence about half a dozen years, not as long as some of the other neighborhoods in san francisco. we have a huge, huge issue coming up on the construction of the cathedral hill campus of the hospital. 555 beds, a huge impact on our neighborhood. that particular block we urgently request you put that back in district five. it has no population and as a future hospital it will have no population. it is so much more related to the western addition than the marina in district two. we are the immediate neighbors of that facility so we implore
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you to make a final tweak, no population involved to reinclude, repatriate the hospital site. >> thank you, ma'am. i'm sure i'm killing these names, my apologies. >> ok, today i've come with show and tell. i'm not going to talk for too long. again, like many of you, everybody here who has been at these meetings recognizes that this has been just a fabulous process and we're really, really pleased with it. we're so happy you helped us by putting our boreders to herman so we can have our merchants and neighbors join us in district
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five. this is a no population request that we're that is 55 laguna be part of district five. it is in our neighborhood, it effects us, we want for the folks who live in to it be able to be fought for by the supervisor of that district. what i'm doing today in the show and tell is just showing you the murriel we've done as a community. this was 100% done with love and talent and energy and no money by the community to try to make a better lower. this is one of our artists. this is another artist, you may recognize, urs la young. she's going to be redoing this piece if you want to watch on monday. another famous artist david
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chung lee who does absolutely gorgeous work. he's actually on 6th and this is the famous silly pink bunny. jeremy fish, who is the pink bunny, 20 years, 1991-2011. he was living in that neighborhood, becoming a famous art nist the lower part and did this all for free. to give you a sense of the size of this, we had a celebration where we celebrated the murriel and you can see the district supervisor in the back. that's a big ass bunny you're looking at there . i just want to say if you can possibly change your minds and realize this does belong there, i would really appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> hello, my name is lisa shin.
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i'm a resident and small business owner, also active with lower hayden neighborhood merchant association. opened up a business about a year ago and have been really impressed with the neighborhood effort. it's really a unique neighborhood and the demographic we serve, i think it's one -- we all feel like the underdogs to small neighborhood, but you know i've seen the work that the board has put forth, specifically with 55 laguna. and i think for, you know to have a neighborhood that's focused on the issues at hand, you know, we want to keep that intact. i understand there are always political reasons, and issues of why orders get drawn a certain way. i think we just ask that there's a rational justification for all the decisions that are made. you know, you can't really tell people what neighborhood belong to. they feel a sense of belonging to, you know, the community that
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they're close to, that they frequent, so we just are looking to keep that intact and we appreciate your work, thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, i'm a merchant on the lower street association. i just want to say it is probable as you all well know, very bad crime ridden, we had a lot of issues. we worked hard, very hard to make it a better neighborhood. the issue here today is about 55 laguna. we would really like that in district five. it is part as it stands. it really is. and we've cleaned up everything, the neighborhood, in hopes that guys will see that. this particular property with this perfectly. it would be such an asset to our
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community. it would also enhance all parts of the community. all these other areas are doing very, very well. we've had very little crime since the last four or five years. it's been just a great place to live and a great place to be. so i really appreciate your assistance in this endeavor. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> i do not see valley. moving on. >> good morning. i am peter strauss from the lower haight and district 5 and
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district 8. it looks like i will be staying in district 8. we have reached the bottom of the night. i am. -- i am sure it feels more like the bottom of the 54th. baseball analogies aside, there are a bunch of us here to make one last pitch. in 55 laguna into district 5. we have talked about community and compromise. we have gusty to recognize haight is the spine of the community and should not be treated as a border. we appreciate what you have done in the commercial destroyed by moving the boundary down. the closest to a win win would be able to split the property. i understand that is beyond your purview because it involves changing precinct boundaries.
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it may be that is the direction we need to go. most of us would be willing to work with supervisor wiener to achieve the closest to a win- win, but we may not be in to do that at this time. i urge you to establish the baseline at the most logical and consistent place with their review your purview. we believe that would be to establish 55 laguna as part of district 5. thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> i am steve courier from district 11. everything in this ever hart said -- miss eberdardt said, ditto. thank you. on tuesday night, we flyered
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census block 2008. i did get some phone calls thanking us. it is good that they are happy and i am happy. i want to thank you for this process. >> hello, everybody. i am a lower haight street merchant. i have been there 25 years. i have a record shop. the police and merchant association has done so much to make our world better. we're all anticipating 55 laguna opening up. i just assumed it was part of our district anyway. i did not know until all of this came around. we need that to be part of our corridor. we have worked to make it safe and keep an eye on it and have customers from that world coming to us. thank you for your attention on that.
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>> thank you, sir. >> clinton womack. tony, olga, and tommy. >> i am both a resident of the panhandle neighborhood and also serve on the neighborhood association board. i would like to express our gratitude for being incorporated into district 5. i am hoping after the final lines are drawn today that the eastern and western span of the panhandle will remain in district 5. thank you for your work on that and accommodating our resident'' wishes. i would like to second the comments by bruno. i have been very involved with the event planning and community activism. it has been central to the
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neighbor works out of there. i would want to make sure moving forward the boundary stays at turk and the boundary south of there still stays in district 5. thank you. >> good morning. >> you are next. >> my fault. >> no worries. >> my name is tony robles with senior action network in district 6. i have worked with the filipino community as part of the heritage foundation. the tenderloin area has been a starting point for many filipino immigrants and their families historically. they have gone through a lot, the community, with three
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development, the high cost of living, removal, displacement. a lot of our folks are elders who have been forced to relocate to other parts of the city and bay area. at the same time, we have many community centers that our elders and youth frequent and use. we have the country's only filipino bilingual school. we have health centers, parks, churches with filipino residents and their families. we still have a concern about the recent move to push the border north to 13th street. is higher than the previously proposed 15th street northern border, which was in the map as recently as april 4. it is higher than the community unity map version with the district 9 border at 16th street. it is important to filipino community stays unified and has
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a voice politically. [tone!] our people come out for community matters. they want to be involved. we urge you move the northern border of district 92 least 15th street and extended from valencia to harrison street. i cannot convey to you enough how important is that the filipino be voting on this today. mr. rose will have some information on what this very significant proposal means in terms of the changes that this entails. i support the idea of moving away from the payroll system. i think that this this incentivizes the job creation and i am not certain what i will do with this proposal.
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i know that a lot of work went into this. i am grateful that we have some time before the final vote before the proposal is taken, when this final vote comes before the board, that i can get to a place where i am is supportive of this matter. when i added to the proposal for mr. avalos, we recognize ins in life, no one gets 100%. you have recognized a great deal of support for including the larger mission bay in district 10. that has now significantly changed. many believe moving the border to 16th street supports workers in mission bay in a much stronger way.
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advocacy of the ucsf campus is strengthened by dividing the area with the border at 16th street. the northern border with the 16th. the southern border would be at sixth street east of seventh. [tone!] again, advocacy is strengthened in the areas where two districts are supporting the overall mission the campus. thank you for all of the hard- working and done in support of district 10. i appreciate you have retained a view -- bay view and others together. you have kept portal whole. your wisdom speaks volumes. [tone!] thank you. >> thank you. yes, ma'am. >> oh, can you?
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ok. >> my name is olga. my house is on grove street. we strongly oppose the move to district 1 from district 5. we just learned about it last tuesday. it is just because some good soul put a fire in our mailbox. -- flier in our mailbox. we have been in the northern panhandle community for a long business. >> ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned.
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now >> now with deliberation, consideration of tweaks to the current draft with the percolation of finalizing maps once and for all. here's the process i would
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propose. i have tried to capture a couple of items that were noted in the last few meetings as well as during today's public comment. it is a very, relatively speaking, short list. i will ask in a moment there are others who would like to add items. again, i would ask you to offer them in the spirit of new, not revisiting, although, we will not prevent you from raising something that is a revisit, but i would ask you to err on the side of new. we will do those in the context of population-based shifts and changes. second, we go to non-population shifts and changes. finally, we will turn to our consultant for the lines and borders assessment. that will be the final piece of, if you will, the puzzle. any questions?
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>> i actually wanted to do the lines and tweaks first because i understand it could impact something. >> based on an early assessment from the consulting, there's only one line that has population implications of 64 people, so certainly, we can start with that. that is fine. the short list that i have -- and again, i will invite others to add, erring on the side of new, with the bristol hotel, the central business district, the mason street, the question of showplace square. precinct 39. the question of that bloc in sunnyside that was highlighted
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at the overlap of sunnyside and glen park. and then, finally, the northern border of d-6, the question of do you go to 14th or 15th street. >> [inaudible] >> which? >> the last one you talked about. going to leave northern parts, whether 9 goes to 16 -- or are we talking about another place? >> i believe we are talking about another place. you may be correct. when we come to it. >> once again, we already captured bristol hotel. that is it. >> in talking about the bristol hotel, if we could also take up the maria manner. it is right around the same area. -- maria manor.
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and then the issue that mr. bowman had raised about the 39 people at the top of clarendon ave. >> and i thought that the -- >> one moment please. one moment. >> the other issue that i did not hear on your list that i myself would be curious about, and i do not think i have clarity on what the borders are, but what was referred to with respect to mission street near duncan -- i'm just not sure exactly where those blocks are. >> i also saw that the trade- off between those blocks in the northern panhandle, the trade- off was new because it is a very
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easy trade off. >> thank you. and nothing other than what has already been raised. >> thank you. >> with the last one you mentioned, the 15th street to extend to valencia -- >> that was mentioned. it was not the last one. the last one we mentioned was -- no, that is correct. we did capture it. ok, thank you. >> i thought that was a repeat. because it is already at the freeway. and we have been dealing with that extension for a long time. >> ok, thank you. >> i had three items, but then i had a recall. i wanted to consider that three- way trade.
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if there is any interest in that, that was one to revisit. >> it is a revisit. >> understood. >> the second is the ucsf block we heard about today. i did not think that was on the list. >> we just made that move at the last meeting. >> right -- no, we did not. we considered that move and did not reverse it. raising it again? >> if we heard some further public comment on that today. >> it was not a different case, though. >> understood. >> so what is the case? >> it is to put it on the list that it has a relationship with d-10. >> here is how we are going to handle the items that are
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revisits, whether there was, today or not. we will quickly assess whether we are willing to hear it. not whether we are going to do at your not, whether we are willing to hear it. to hear it or not. we are just going to do this -- i am absolutely fine with voting on it -- >> we are voting right now. i am asking you to vote. to revisit or not. >> revisit. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> yes. >> no. >> yes. >> so we will not revisit. i don't know. ok, and then the last one i had on my list was treasure island. but my broader comment was -- >>