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tv   [untitled]    August 9, 2012 1:30pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> that is correct. it would be on the directional in the horizontal plane, but directional in the vertical -- it would be omnidirectional in the horizontal plane, but directional in the vertical. the new antenna is directional in both the horizontal and vertical. the ready it much less energy directly below the antennas den -- they radiate much less energy directly below the antennas. the throw is about 11 degrees below the horizontal for these particular antennas. commissioner antonini: i noticed this is different from the earlier one, because we are moving the existing antenna. >> we only study the proposed replacement. commissioner antonini: our case
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study talks about the removal of an antenna that was placed in 1998. that would have to factor in the rf emissions that are being removed, figuring out what the result is. >> that is correct. the old antennas would not be included in the study. in some directions, that might be a decrease. in others, it might be an increase. those now proposed comply with federal guidelines. commissioner sugaya: move to approve with conditions. commissioner antonini: second. >> the motion on the floor is for approval with conditions, as proposed. commissioner antonini: aye. commissioner moore: aye. commissioner sugaya: aye. vice president wu: aye. president fong: aye. >> the motion passed
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unanimously. president fong: we will take a 5 minute, 10 minute break here. >> the commission is taking a 10 minute recess. thank you.
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>> item 14, amending the san francisco planning code by repealing existing bicycle parking requirements, adding new sections. >> good afternoon, commissioners. the item before you today is initiation of the bike parking legislation. for the public benefit, the
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hearing does not include substantive discussions, but seeks approval for an adoption at a later date. we request to consider this item for adoption on september 28. this legislation is coming after the adoption of the bike plan in 2009. it is an implementation arm of our general plan. the major components of this legislation are increasing and expanding bike parking requirements for multiple use categories, requiring class one and class to parking. class 1 is secure and whether -- secure and weatherproof. class two is highly visible.
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there are other requirements for placement and design of bike racks. lastly, it will organize existing bike parking requirements in the planning code, which are across five sections. we are working with the mta and other city agencies. we have reached out to other community organizations and associations. we are looking forward to working with other agencies and members of the public to update our bike parking requirements. we look for approval to initiate this legislation and launch the project. from the case report, this creates -- it is missing, so i
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have copies. commissioner antonini: there is two page twos. president fong: ok. is there any public comment on this item? none? the public comment portion is closed. i'll chime in for a second. i am a huge supporter of this, and feel that this is a large part of san francisco becoming better. safety and security how the transportation needs of the
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city, and increase commerce within the city. commissioner antonini: i am in support, but i have to look at the details. there are a few things doing, from changing the number of employees to the amount of occupied square feet. >> amount to remind commissioners that full discussion happened at the september 28 hearing. -- will happen at the september 28 hearing. this is for initiation, so the public hearing can be noticed. commissioner antonini: is inappropriate to comment on some of the things we see? >> the only thing before you now is to initiate. commissioner antonini: i am reading some things and i have comments on them, but i do not
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know if it is appropriate to bring those up. >> you can bring them up with staff in the interim. >> the commissioners can speak on this item. the intent of initiation is for us to release it to the public. then, we will begin to get comments, and we can make revisions in advance of the adoption hearing. you could request that we come back with changes. this is the public release. we are interested in what you have to say. but this is to set the date of the future hearing. commissioner antonini: i realize that. i just thought i would make a couple of comments for clarification.
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i noticed this is being expanded to a lot of other facilities. there would have to provide bike parking. we would also have to see the cost implications for these facilities. well you did contrast places like seattle and portland, which are somewhat larger cities and have a lot of by usage, we also want to look at what is done in other locations in the bay area. we can look at timing and what this may add to the cost of doing business. whenever you add more regulation or more costs to a startup for a business, we have to look at it and see if it is discouraging businesses from locating in san francisco, even if it is a noble goal. that was the main thing. commissioner moore: i would make
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a motion that we initiate what is in front of us. we have a level of maturity to see that as the next necessary and commendable step. vice president wu: second. >> the motion on the floor is for approval of initiation. on that motion -- commissioner antonini: ate,' -- aye. commissioner moore: aye. commissioner sugaya: aye. vice president wu: aye. president fong: aye. >> that motion passed unanimously. you are at general public comment. president fong: is there any general public common? seeing none, this meeting is adjourned. commissioner antonini: that has got to be a new record. >> thank you.
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captioned by the national captioning institute supervisor chu: a lowe, of
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welcome to the expanded budget committee. -- hello, welcome to the expanded budget committee. are there any announcements? >> please silence all cell phones and electronic devices. include documents as submitted to the clerk. ockham to drink it -->> -- supeu very much. mr. young, would you call items one through three? >> item number one. interim proposed budget and annual appropriation ordinance appropriating all estimated receipts and all estimated expenditures for departments of the city and county of san francisco as of may 1, 2012, for the fys ending june 30, 2013, and june 30, 2014. item number two. interim annual salary ordinance enumerating positions in the annual budget and
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appropriation ordinance for the fys ending june 30, 2013, and june 30, 2014, continuing, creating or establishing these positions; enumerating and including therein all positions created by charter or state law for which appointments thereto; specifyingcompensations and work schedulespositions and fixing compensations therefore. item #3. resolution approving the interim budget of the treasure island development authority for fy2012-2013 and fy2013-2014. supervisor chu: thank you very much. pour the next two weeks, and we will be deliberating on these house cleaning items. items one through three. again, these are basically the authorization, the ability for the city to continue authorization during the process carried over the budget for the month of july as we continue forward. generally, there are not too many changes in these items. again, it just allows for the city to continue functioning
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during the month of july. why not open this item up to mr. rose or the budget office if he would like to say anything. >> madam chair, be only thing i would add besides that which you have already stated is on page 2 of our report. there are exceptions to the interim budget. in this case and the mayor's office is requesting 162 new positions, full-time equivalent. as you know, if those are approved, they would start on july 1 rather than august or september. so, we will be reviewing these positions in the ensuing two weeks on a department by department basis, making recommendations there. secondly, we point out that regarding the hotel tax
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allocation, the steinhardt aquarium does not get an application, but that is not shown in the administrative code. the recommendation on page 5 of the report, except for the exceptions to the interim budget, which include the hiring of 162 new positions as of july 1, 2012, positions that i stated we will analyze and make recommendations on in the next two weeks, we recommend that you do approve the ordinance, the 12-13-14 annual salary ordinance and 12-13-14 honoraria authority budget, and that you amend the business of the tax regulations code to include the annual tax allocation to the annual
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aquarium, which would be consistent with previous border supervisors policy. supervisor chu: thank you very much to the budget office. is there any item that you would like to speak to? >> good morning, supervisors. in the mayor's budget director. i will be presenting to you in a few moments and more thorough overview of what is in the mayor's proposed budget and how we appreciate the work of mr. rose's office. his approach at this time is appropriate. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you very much. let's open these items up for public comment. are there members of the public that wish to speak on items one, too, or three?