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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2012 1:00am-1:30am PDT

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proudly participates in fleet week. this is the coast guard cutter sherman. at this time, please stand and salute the coast guard cutter sherman. >> thank you. please be seated. cutter sherman is the sixth of the 12, 378 foot high endurance cutters built in the 1960's. high endurance cutters are the third in class behind the ice breakers and the 418 foot legend class national security cutters. this particular cutter is named for john sherman. the 19th country states men that served as secretary the treasure from and served as secretary of
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the state spending 30 years in congress as a senator and representative from ohio. sherman was interested from avon dale, louisiana. launched the very same year and was commissioned on september 3rd, 1968. sherman was stationed in boston, massachusetts at the beginning of her career, she was stationed in boston. she observed and reported the weather, search and rescue calls and oceanographic studies. the 378 cutters were well built for these that patrols and
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excellent scientific and communication facilities. in 1971, sherman's emphasize changed from patrol to drug interaction. the sherman seized the panamanian freighter and confiscated the largest drug seizure in history. in 1977, the u.s. adopted the 200 mile exclusive economic zone in response to growing concern over marine region. especially off the vast coast line of the north pacific and the berring see. in may of 1979, cutter sherman was transferred to alameda, california.
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including fishery, law enforcement, drug interactions. sherman and her sister were the only regular u.s. armed forces. >> in may of 1986, sherman was delivered to the shipiard for renovatio renovatio shipyard for renovations. [inaudible] >> after completing the trial period of this project, sheave recommissioned as part of new generation fully operational marine vessels as the coast guard celebrated 200 years of service. in july 2001. sherman assisted with the u.s.
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sanctions in the persian gulf and supported good will in south africa and madagascar and received a medal for the interdiction of a panamanian vessel carrying 20 tons of corn where a street value of $600 million. in may of 2011. sherman was transferred to her current home in san diego, california. the coast guard executing national and international missions maintain the positive reputation worldwide, performing a multitude of positions. she is an excellent example of a
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cutter with proven capabilities in all coast guard facilities. she continues to patrol in the south pacific. she performs a combined fleet exertions and executes fisheries law enforcement and drug and smuggling enforcement as far as the equator and the arctic circle. we proudly salute all of you at fleet week 2012. >> personnel wise, cutter sherman has 23 officers, 150 enlisted. 378 feet three inches. draft, just about 16 feet. displacement is 3000 tons.
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she's got two anchors at 6000 pounds each. two engages 12 cylinder turbo. the valve propulsion, 350 fully retractible. >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much, the united states coast guard sherman. [applause] >> next in our lineup is from canada, her majesty's canadian ship, algonquin. please stand and salute her majesty's ship algonquin. thank you. please be seated.
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her majesty's ship is an air destroyer of the pacific fleet and one of three remaining tribal destroyers. built in the early 1970's, she was refitted in the early 1990's with sophisticated air weapon systems and advanced communication systems. algonquin is equipped with weapons that make it highly capable war platform. a vertical launch system fitted for 29 standard sm 2, 3 alpha surface to air missiles. three torpedoes and a weapons
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system. commanded by commander lauren hartel, the advanced capability and extra accommodations make it well suited to serve as the flag ship of the canadian pacific. algonquin has a draft of 4.7 meters. her displayment is of that 5100 tons. she was commissioned in quebec, canada by davy ship building in 1973. since that time, she participated in multiple international operations. she was off the coast of yugoslav yugoslavia, she acted as joint task force 151.
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this is canada's campaign against terrorism, which is equal to the united states' enduring freedom. she is named >> the algonquin people from the great lakes region meaning at the place of spearing fish and eels. which is fitting because of anti-submarine capability. the algonquin can serve two helicopters of sea king type with medium range capabilities. these aircraft have been modified to carry out their role in anti-submarine ware fare. at this time, please stand up and salute algonquin.
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>> thank you. please be seated. her sea king helicopters are used to build awareness of maritime environment. her helicopters are equipped with variable depth tone, radar for surface search and all weather conditions and has capabilities as such. the ch1 alpha aircraft is able to detect submarines and can vary two mark six submarine
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missiles. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, her majesty's algonquin. >> next in line, is her majesty's canadian ship, edmond. she was one of royal canadian's navy's 12 kingston's classics. built in 1985 as part of the maritime project. he was built with sophisticated warfare equipment. she has proven herself extending far beyond her title. her main elements include 40 millimeter gun, and two, 50
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caliber man guns. edmonton is a sophisticated weapon in canada an arsenal. he's has a draft of only 11 feet. she has a displacement of 1,000 tons. edmonton was laid down on 8 august, 1995 by halifax unlimited in halifax, nova scotia and commissioned in the canadian forces on 21 june, 1987 and then asigned to maritime forces pacific based in british columbia. since that time, she has participated in numerous coastal
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prayings, including escourt operations, century and rescue, fisheries patrols and good will port visits. the most recent accomplishments came in 2010 when she travelled to puerta vallarta, mexico. in support of maritime security to the 2010 winter olympic games in vancouver. ladies and gentlemen, at this time, please stand and salute the edmonton. thank you. please be seated. as with the majority of ships in the canadian fleet, edmonton is named after the capital city of the province of alberta.
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edmonton is reknowned as a major hub and a major exporter of commodities. the ship's motto, industry and riches, has managed to reflect the city's heritage. edmonton is capable of accommodating a number of different mission-specific pay loads. some of these pay loads inside a side scan array. and frequently requires space. as edmonton continues to meet the maritime fleet, ladies and gentlemen, her majesty's canadian ship, the edmonton. >> ladies and gentlemen, next in
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line is her majesty's canadian ship. brandon. a vessel of the pacific fleet and one of 12 mcdv's operating in the canadian navy. built in the late 1990's and commissioned in 1999. brandon is the 11th ship in her class. the 60 mark 5 charlie cannon. compleme complemented by two machine guns. there's a large fleet deck that allows her to carry a paid load for coastal surveillance. the maritime interdiction 09 warfare. the ship also carried accommodations for specialty teams to add additional crew,
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training and force generation. commanded by lieutenant commander mike s. who took command last august. the ship's low profile can carry 360 degree propulsion system makes her an excellent platform. her literal warfare and patrol of canada's rugged coast line. ladies and gentlemen, at this time, please stand and salute brendon. thank you. brandon is 55 features long, for us americans, that's 182 feet
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and a draft of 3.4 meters. he has the displacement of 970 tons. brandon was laid down at halifax shipyards limited. then was launched on 10 july, 1998. she was officially commissioned into the canadian royal navy on 5 june, 1999, and shortly therefore, proceeded south and through the panama canal to join canada's pacific fleet. he participated in multiple international operations and exercises on the west coast. the most was conducted as part of rim pac.
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she operated in this multi-national span of the pacific rim. all of the mc dvs are named after major cities in canada's provinces. the hsc brandon is named after the city of brandon, located in the heart of manitobe's rolling prairie and boasts a number of manufacturing hubs. the second canadian war ship to bare the name, the first being a corvette that served with great distinction throughout the second world war in the battle of the atlantic. ladies and gentlemen, it's with great pride and pleasure, we present you with her majesty's
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canadian ship, brandon. >> this is our very own located near, it's the liberty ship, u.s.s. jeremiah obrian. a fully operational world war ii freighter. built in 56 days at the new england ship corporation in south portland, maine and launched june of 1943, the o'brien is 441 feet long with a 57 foot beam. she is powered by a three cylinder, steam reciprocating engine that generates 2500 shaft
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horse power. the engine that was used and seen in the movie, "titanic". she travels 10 knots. the obrian was named in the national defense in our own sasoon bay. in the 1970's, the idea of preserving the ship began to develop and the ship was put aside for preservation instead of being sold or scrapped. in the mid- 1978's, the memorial was formed to restore the obrian and the first of thousands of hours of work to resurrect the ship from her preserved limbo. she was the last ship in the moth ball fleet.
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after months of preparation including the cleaning and testing of machinery and systems, the ship left the fleet, the only vessel to do so of her own power. please rises and salute the u.s.s. jeremiah o'brien. thank you. >> the ship then moved to fort mason from the san francisco waterfront to the west of fisherman's wharf. she became dedicated to the ships by the merchant marines.
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she began her second tour around the san francisco bay. she resumes her duties in san francisco and moving to her final place in fisherman's wharf. she has ventured to the pacific northwest in 1996 and more recently, to san diego, california. in 1997, the ship was charted in "titanic" to record the ship's affects. the ship continues in the time capsule in 1943 and the 100 celebrations of d-day in france. the ship is owned and operated
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with an all volunteer crew. it's great pleasure we present to you today, the liberty ship, the s.s. jeremiah o'brien. >> next in line. we have the u.s.s. morris. built in 1927 by american electrical corporations located in camden, new jersey. she operated first in new london, connecticut on the 125 foot active class. she operated there until 22 november, 1928.
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she resumed her permanent location on 13 january, 1929. five months later. she was assigned patrol in san pedro, california and operated intermittently against rum runners. transferred to alaska in 1935 where she remained until 1937. then transferred to alameda county and based out of oregon for her transfer to navy control under executive order, 8929 of one november, 1949. at this time, please stand and salute the retired united states coast guard cutter morris.
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thank you. please be seated. morris was assigned rescue out of san diego, california. she returned 1 january, 1946 in executive order dated 1945. she then assumed patrol duties out of san pedro. she was then placed in storage in kennen dale, washington from 1947 to 1969 until 1979 and transferred back to san pedro which remained her home part. she was redesignated as cutter 147. medium capacity. she was decommissioned and then transferred to the boy scouts of
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america. she's now active with the sea scout program and the coast guard cutter morris was named for robert morris, born in liverpool, england. he emigrated to maryland at 17. his key role in the financial affairs of the new nation lended him his position of superintendent of finance. his extraordinary skill in offices greatly contributed to the success of american revolution. a delegate to the constitutional, he served in the u.s. senate until 1975 and declined to search as re-election. he continued banking when values at his extensive land holdings
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failed. the sea scout ship neptune teaches young adults, ages 18-21 an aprenticeship model in maneuvering while building and maintenance including carpentry are also taught. the morris is 125 feet in length. built in 1927 as a rum chaser. as previously mentioned. during that time, as we all know, prohibitions was the issue of the day. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much, the retired coast guard cutter morris.
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now proudly owned by the west sacramento sea scouts. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, over a million people will take to the bay area this week. so to watch the blue angels perform at san francisco fleet week. many don't realize the reason we celebrate over this holiday weekend. the hadr, the humanitarian and disaster response we spoke of earlier includes exercises to improve communications and coordinations during disasters and strategic engagement with the emergency response agencies. the best practices that have come from those interactions have also gone for beyond the bay area.
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the urban search and rescue is credited for improved search processes during the u.s. military response to the japanese tsunami. when a seriously significant tsunami devastated turkey, in partnership with the city and county of san francisco led a fact-finding mission for lessons that could be aplied to san francisco for its plans. for 31 years. we are grateful for your attendance and we will begin serving lunch and prepare for navy's precision flight demonstration team, the blue angels. commode,