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tv   [untitled]    January 29, 2013 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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library. next month in this very community will open to new bay view library. thank you lewis herself are a listen ran of the year for 2012. thank you for making our libraries a truly assessable resource for all the families in san francisco. and under the innovative and in partnership with so many park advocates san francisco parks are among the best in the nation thanks to a $100 million from prop e including all those parks
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along our water front and thanks again to the voters. we're finally replacing our public streets. dp w about pave it's 1 it had street. and when we're through talk to mahammod about your favorite street. and the new center will provide 1 hundred new hotel rooms and 12 acres of open space with the transit tower at its center piece. along the waterfront the mixed
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use development with the san francisco giants at c-3 lot will create vibrant new neighborhoods. and in less than 5 years we'll workman's compensation the golden state wares. a crumpling appear for parked cars will be transformed into a new arena bringing people closer to the waterfront and creating good jobs and year-round jobs. it will a be a short walk along the waterfront. leakage those kinds of opportunities attacking on a mba
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france should i say and privately finance and building a new facility on your water front only come once in a lifetime. we have a obligation to always put our people first and we must have the best opportunity for building all the facilities we need. i think that we have looerdz who are attentive to the neighbors and the public. well this is a partisanship that's meant to last. i look forward to doing this
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right. and sees this extraordinary opportunity. and as you can see our opportunity is not just think building it's about the international events we attract. and children and old will see a wonderful water space. last week many of us celebrate the new san francisco jazz center. the house of moment will break ground this year and in center market the arts and the theater are the great event there that
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were and there's a shop theater to other a v ts opening of the theatre. and we're we've proven that we have the unveiling of the apple product and there's other events like the fleet week or sports focused event like the craft of fight of the hungry bowl, the 2013 cup and, of course, the america's cup this summer. and with all of your help in may
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of this year we'll be making the case that san francisco is the best city in america to host the super bowl sunday in 2013. but friends you know what still mother - i'm concerned that some folks are still not involved in this great city. i'm proud that working with the trades units and we have consistently meet and exceeding our goals of placing people on
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projects. thank you commissioner. last summer we provided more than 5 thousand summer jobs for young people in partnership with the united people in the bay. we also were involved in other events that will place the youth of this city in jobs. in fact, the first s f young people are graduating. in a disversus community not everyone wants to work in construction jobs. working with our workforce nonprofits like j v s and young
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community developers and we need to expand them. next week i'm looking forward to attending the cad any to see all the folks who are graduating. our industry contributes good paying jobs to our hospitals, universities and medical firms. and finally, to fully insure that our economic recovery reaches every people in the community we must join with our democrat leader president obama and shout immigration reform for our country this year.
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we're - we are a city of imgranite and we know that some are fathers and mothers and daughters and son who work hard to commit to this city. it's time to let them come out shadows of our city we must ask washington to pass the immigration reform bill. and we must demand a pathway to citizenship in our society for every american and every san franciscan. and this san francisco of the 21 accounting century requires a
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violation and move our workers around the city reliablely and efficiently. and, yes i'm talking about our public transit system. i'm talking about all our transportation systems. and one day high-speed rail. i know it's frustrating to push your way onto a overcrowded bus. i know you were frustrated in the past to reach your jobs late. i'm proud to say there's changes on the way and the nation largest addition is once again
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focused on operations and inviting a maintenance system. this year new hybrid buses will hit the streets. 60 new trillion buses are on the way and 1 hundred and 50 the vehicles will be over hauled. we'll see more at the time of the accidents on our streets. last year the mta adopted a new budget for a state of new repair investments. and no fair increases. last year, we secured $940,000 to complete the system.
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and this year we'll be starting an underground project. we're wraping up a project to follow that longer than gary boulevard and people will be so happy to ride these bus or so. and as a job fair we must get the train to downtown and explore long term funding for back and forth extensions in the city. by it's not just about buses and trains. bicycle riders have increased. and i can see the progress we've
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had. in 2013 we'll welcome bicycle riders to our cities. people with disabilities will be safe here. and we're embracing alternate forms of transportation with car shazier like zip car and get around riders. and a go up of people looked at their smart phones and tried to participate in sidecar and lift. planning, building and maintaining a reliable transportation in our cities is one of the most chajz things
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we're facing in our streets. we're looking at long funding for our future. that's why i proposed that this year we look at the transportation system in our city with pay role tax reform. in a nutshell we got all the leaders together in our city and agreed to make a difference. i say let's take that same approach with our transportation challenges too. we already have a lot of plans and reports that all driveway solutions were we need to more
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than news to better match up with the 21 accounting century where people work and shop. and so we'll have a transportation 200 thirty transportation workforce. we'll be working with our controllers office, we'll invite all our heeds from regional transportation system and our technology community to the table. i'm also thankful that commissioner wen eras agreed to meet with us on this
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opportunity. we'll maintain the condition of our streets and we'll make municipal transportation systems in this city work the way they want to work. don't get close to our municipal syst system that some folks may say. we cannot let politics be our guide. paris london and england has great transportation systems but look at san francisco. achieving a world class transportation system is a journey forward not a december nation but let's approach our
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transportation challenges the san francisco way once again through consensus and common and let's us take up the hard work and take the first part of the journey now. an equal exchange is the availability of housing yes. in spite of all we're doing for every of every income especially low income families. i know smob about this topic i'll fought to get this under control from my long hair days. we cannot defy the cost of living in our town.
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we haven't built enough new housing. last year, we began to make some progress in november the 0 voters passed the housing trust fund for the next thirty years for affordable housing for first time home buyers and thank you to this gentleman for our first responders. today, there are more than 20 times the new housing built in 2011. that's just a beginning with 23 thousand new units? the next several years never have we seen this since 1906 when we had the
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great earthquake. housing in treasure island and? center market and downtown. we can't built our way to affordable. all of this will do little to help our poorest residents in need of subsidized housing. what we're doing now with our pickup system isn't working either. supervisor cowen knows this because she works on it everyday in her district. if we can't mend that structure we should end it arrest that have despite what we've said
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residents who keep your which i think so ups and strategies that are already making a difference if we make the com time arrest we have all people into one thriving community. the financial mold is integrated as well private investment and local money. no more poster housing that traps generation after generation racially in isolated complexes. there is nothing san francisco about that and we should not
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tolerate it. what holds us up today, we completely are rebuilding our community. we're going back to the hunter community. it's time to reenvision housing to the lowest self-confidence. for weeks now i've been active with hudson on how to get off the treadmill off the backlogs that won't get fullly funded. last year, i meet with others who said they are commented to us having new housing. so effective immediately i've
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asked the director of housing authority to develop a set of recommendations to help and building a model of s f f. senator who grew up in this area has agreed to join this effort. we will engage residents, community leaders, number one housing leaders and i'm open to every one of their recommendations up to and including replacing the housing authority as we know it with a new million dollar
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>> every san franciscan deserves a clean safe place to call home. i believe we can improve the condition of public you housing and live up to our lowest income residents if we collaborator with hudson and others in private session terrors. and on our streets there are still too much people who don't have a place to call home. like you, i see them everyday people who came in here to escape discretion and there are too. homeless families. last thursday i joined the many volunteers and like mayor newsom before me, i'm simply not
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satisfied with our progress. over the last 10 years residents have left the streets for permanent housing and services. and over the last seven years through our homeward bound program we have reunited several people to go in their home communities. last year there were no cuts to human health services and i was proud to get funding for other home services but but this is about better reform and innovation. last year, i invited former serious to work with our
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outstanding human services director and other to apply his bold ideas to homelessness and he's jumped in feetfirst. we now have everyday connect to provide a year around benefits of services. we have online portals so that no people goes hungry so long as they're on our streets. we are going to build a new 1 hundred bed facilities here in the bay area. and under a federal lifeline program a program that this
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supervisor has add vatd for many homeless people will receive cell phones so they can get back to their case works. significantly on january 1st, we restructured and providing homeless teams 24 hours a day in just a few weeks we've seen homeless people have more opportunities to get in touch with those they need to. and san francisco has made enormous strides in re discussing homeless veterans. weigh launched a campaign using hudson investors we will
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officials open up permanent housing for 75 homeless veterans with full services. we have more than 70 units of veteran housing schedule to open this year and there's a hard truth we have to look at. for some social services won't solve the problem like former friend of mine extent >> i think guns the interest of those who still suffer on our streets we won't give up. but let's finally call the question it's time to implement the version of laura's law to
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help the seriously mentally ill we see on the streets. these folks are a danger to themselves and others and we must work with the system and put them on the pact through case management and monitoring. for two years now since i've been mayor we call this initiative for the community and it's working. this is helping people chief greater stability so this year we'll make the san francisco law calls laura's law pertinent. it's about public safety arrest despite a year where we
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experiences to homicides in our city san francisco remains the safest city at levels not seen since the 1960s. one homicide is too many. last year, i i was frustrated like all of you by the rash the homicides and shootings in this very community and i suggested we need to shack up our efforts for the police and communities to stop this voinsz. i regret the upheaval it started but i don't regret this today. since we launched the ipo we've