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tv   [untitled]    March 23, 2013 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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active. you see it in all kinds of advertising and it's going to continue. the only way around it, i know there have been some contacts with certain corporations where they had it drawn to their attention, made a mistake and they would change. and that's the only way you can do it is dealing with the corporation itself. and that is going to be very difficult because as you saying i don't like this versus, hey, we're selling $10 million worth of product this year and a lot of it is off of our graffiti campaign. when i show some of my stuff in -- we talk about commercial graffiti, there's a bunch of stuff in conon el, a toilet paper commercial. they had graffiti built onto each one of their toilet paper ads. they weren't getting bang for their buck and they got rid of t. there was a commercial from
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esther c. there was a supplement, a little orange and you ran around and saw graffiti and heard the police chasing him and stuff. i quoted that to the joe camel thing. kids look at that and think graffiti is cool. they received a lot of pressure and they pulled those ads. but you have the opposite side where you have like mountain dew where they go out and find 10 or 12 different taggers they think are great, design custom mountain cans, extreme games is the thing they're pushing and they get a lot of input from that. they have a website and guys go out collecting cans reading about the poor vandals grew up on the mean streets, now they're artists because they have their own personal cans. we can't regulate what isn't personal constitution. if you can provide an economic impact, we as adults are looking at this and we don't want to deal with it, if you
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have any thought about this, contact randy campbell at no graffiti network. he's been battling against coca cola and their graffiti stuff for years and years and years. he can tell you what kind of battle that is legally. so, it's kind of the side effect of living in a free country. >> awesome, thank you. i believe you had a question here. did you have your hand up? mine was a pretty good question. let's see what other answers we have. >> i'm the general services manager for our public works department which means i have 36 [speaker not understood] of program responsibility. and graffiti is the 36th. so, i really appreciate, especially dr. spencer and some of the other panelists who kind of help bring home some of the key points about how graffiti really is a gateway crime and how graffiti vandals escalate. and that's one, if any message i can take home, that's what i
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really want to so i thank you for that. omaha, nebraska. >> omaha, nebraska. you have one up there? >> i'm all done. >> do you have a question you wanted to ask? >> [speaker not understood]. >> we'll get to the sales pitches, okay. [laughter] >> okay. anybody else here, let me come over here because we're going to start wrapping this up pretty soon because we have some awards we're going to give out. okay. i'm going to hold the mic and i'll determine how quick it's going to be, okay. [laughter] >> just to compliment the city of san francisco. i was on -- i took the muni in yesterday. and when i was on the bus in the morning, there is a repetitive announcement that went out that said, if you see graffiti, report it. and here's the phone number. it went out, i believe in three languages. that's wonderful. i think that's more key than if
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you hit the raid yoxtion and all that sort of media thing and grab that piece. * radio those are the people that are out there. >> awesome. if anybody has compliment for san francisco let me know because we can put that in right now. [laughter] >> alex, you live here. hold on. let me get over to you quickly and then we'll have you -- >> the one thing that i really got from catherine's presentation that really touched me was she was telling us to go forward 2030 in term of technologies and looking back to today. but this conference with all the vendors we had here had an amazing impact on me as learning of new technologies. i really feel in the 21st century of different types of technologies. i'm not going to make any pitches here. but bottom line is we are learning and this conference to me, and i know for many of us here, it was a great learning
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experience. thank you. >> awesome, thank you. (applause) >> thank you. all right. if we don't have any more questions, i'm going to give it over to drew to do his little sales pitch up there. or any announcements that need to be made. >> [speaker not understood]. >> okay, do you want the microphone? i'll hold it. i'm kidding. here you go. >> i'm obviously part of the nonprofit [speaker not understood], i have a products company. and for what it's worth, it hasn't gone to development yet. but we have a one-coat film that so far is working on traffic signs with unlimited cleanings. once it goes to market we'll let you know at the 2013 conference. we're not quite there yet, but it is close. the films can be difficult to apply on signs and very labor intensive, but the sign shops something you'll be able to apply yourself. when it comes to completion, all graffiti [speaker not understood] will get a sample. can (applause)
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* >> okay. so, we have a couple minutes. if there's no more questions, no more compliments, the panel, thank you so much for coming. (applause) >> it's been awesome. hopefully we'll be having another one next year somewhere in the world. ...
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good morning, everybody. welcome to city hall. i would like to invite all the family and now katie tang who is now supervisor. i would like to thank former mayor willie brown. he's graced us with his presence and thank me for not wearing the orange jacket this morning although i felt that i should because we got two people who i think represent world series types of
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personalities and contributions to the city. i would like to thank all the of the elected officials to our city attorney to the treasurer, department head, everyone you see before us that i think understand the importance of having both a colleague at the board. i have the pleasure on this momentous occasion of honoring of swearing in carmen and katie. congratulations. [ applause ] .
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>> as i said on many occasions it shouldn't surprise anyone in this city that women are helping me run this city in the most intelligent way, the smartest way and they both, carmen and katie have had a reputation, had decisions that they have made all through their professional career that put our residents first and foremost and demonstrated their love for this city, it's workings, for it's representation of the inclusion and for embracing all the policies that this city represents. i'm going to swear in carmen chu first because i have been reminded by my very smart staff that i have to create a vacancy to fill. if i may say a few words about
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carmen. all of us have enjoyed her leadership on the board. she will no doubt lead the office of the recorder with the same level budgetary, expertise that she has demonstrated throughout her career and particularly in the last few years i have had the pleasure of working with her in the board and getting her on the very department by department almost line item byline item view of all the things that we had to care about and being able to help me create the 2 year budget, close a serious financial gap. these were great demonstrations of her poweres and commitment and together demonstrated not only with the constituents of city hall but with labor, city advocates and
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how $2 year budget, close a serious financial gap. these were great demonstrations of her poweres and commitment and together demonstrated not only with the constituents of city hall but with labor, city advocates and how to spend 8.billion to go with the city of san francisco. every dollar is precious. she's going to help me collect more of it. but her exemplary skills are the talk of the town and they have benefited the entire city and her passion will be a great compliment to what has already been done. i want to thank andy zoon for this transition period. carmen shares my values and
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love for this city, policies of equity, of efficiencies and responsiveness for government that serves all san franciscoance. she's truly a leader and i'm so glad to perform this swearing in for carmen. so carmen, if you will, please raise your right hand and repeat after me. >> i carmen chu do solemnly a firm that i will support and defend constitution of the state of california against all enemies foreign and domestic that i will bare true faith in
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allegiance to the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california. that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter during such time as i hold the office of assess or recorder for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations, carmen. [ applause ]
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wow! now, we proceed to the supervisor. and i am proud to acknowledge my appointment of katie tang as districts 4 supervisor. [ applause ] katie has demonstrated hard work and diligence under supervisor legislative aid, working with budget. stream lining bureaucracy and pushing for advocacy for our neighborhood and mall businesses. just like carmen, katie shares my values of equity, of efficiency and responsiveness of government to serve all of our san francisco
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scans and knowledge to do so and she shares our job ethics and putting this city first. for getting small residents in small district 4, they ask for continuity, they ask for depend ability, integrity, honest, they ask for katie tang to be their supervisor because she represents all these things. [ applause ] and i'm confident and i know having talked to her colleagues on the board are supervisors who knows what it is to be a board of supervisor from the very beginning but has the heart of the district right there with her and she's got
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the vision of this whole city together with me. together with that, katie if you will please raise your right side and repeat after me. i katie tang do solemnly affirm that i support the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california against all enemies, foreign and domestic. that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution of the united states and to the constitution of the state of california. that i take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about
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to enter during such time as i hold office as a member of the board of supervisors and transportation authority for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations. [ applause ] my pleasure to present to you our new carmen chu and supervisor katie tang. [ applause ] thank you very much for all being here. i just want to keep
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my comments very brief. i think it's absolutely appropriate to thank everybody here who has come in attendance but especially to thank district 4 residents and the merchants who work with me and i see the prips principals, i see them back there. [ applause ] . to my labor partners, to department heads, to my colleagues on the board of supervisors especially, to my colleagues citywide elected. i just want to this you so much for the opportunity to serve alongside of you and how i'm humbled by the challenge and privilege everyday. i just want to thank you. to my staff that i will be joining soon and the assess or's office that we'll
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become the best county of the state of california and we'll do that together. to mayor lee, thank you so much for this opportunity. i look forward to bringing in the money and seeing how you all spend it. [ laughter ] and of course, to my staff, first off tammy black stone. she's right there. just a heart of gold. someone who cares so much about the district. i can't tell you how lucky i am to have gotten to know you, to have worked with you. anybody who knows her, loves her and i hope you will have the opportunity to know tammy as i do. she's terrific.
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my parents, they are sitting here. [ applause ] . they raised me in a small business. i worked with them when they were in a restaurant, helped wait tables, washed dishers. that lesson has been so valuable to see how you work. thank you for that great lesson and being such great parents. of course to my sister cindy who is here with me, my sister connie who is not here, i love you all to death. we are like the chinese charles angels and i love you all. my husband, my new husband. [ applause ] . sam and brian. scott is the handsomest guy ever and i'm so
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lucky. and of course katie, katie, katie, i can't tell you, today i'm not going to tear up. i'm not going to have the tears propel off my cheeks because i'm so happy. i have worked with katie from the time i was in the budget office to the board of supervisor, she's been with me all five years. to think and see her grow, be in this place where she's now the supervisor brings me so much happiness. it couldn't have happened to a better person. i think you will all get to know katie and you have see how hard she works for the district today. today we were wondering where she was before the swearing in and she is in my office sending the last newsletter. we are as a city so lucky. it couldn't have happened to a better person and i want to thank mr. and mrs.
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tang for raising a wonderful person and an allowing know work with her. i couldn't be happier. supervisor tang? [ applause ] >> thank you so much, carmen. i would like to thank everyone who is here and thanks for supporting me throughout my career. i'm so thrilled that a lot of my mentors i saw today have been able to join me today. a lot of what i learned i still bring with me and hold today. thank you for being here. i would like to thank my parents. my partner. i look forward to working with you, members of the board and i have to thank mayor lee forgiving me
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this incredible opportunity. i want to acknowledge tammy black stone, my dear colleague. and i can't look at carmen, i'm going to cry. i really have to thank carmen. someone said yesterday at her last board meeting. it really is a testament to carmen. the fact that she is able to mentor me. she set a really great example to me and someone i look up to in the highest regard. thank you carmen, assess or chu, thanks to everybody again. [ applause ] >> all right. let's go to work for the city of san francisco.
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thank you everybody. >> we came to seven straight about 10 years ago. -- 7th street about 10 years ago. the environment is huge. it is stronger than willpower. surrounding yourself with artists, being in a culture where artists are driving, and
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where a huge amount of them is a healthy environment. >> you are making it safer. push, push. that is better. when i start thinking, i see it actually -- sometimes, i do not see it, but when i do, it is usually from the inside out. it is like watching something being spawned. you go in, and you begin to work, excavate, play with the dancers, and then things began to emerge. you may have a plan that this is what i want to create. here are the ideas i want to play with, but then, you go into the room, and there maybe some fertile ideas that are becoming manifest that are more interesting than the idea you had initially set out to plan. so there has to be this openness
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for spontaneity. also, a sense that regardless of the deadline, that you have tons of time so the you can keep your creativity alive and not cut it off and just go into old habits. it is a lot like listening. really listening to watch what is going to emerge. i like this thing where you put your foot on his back. let's keep it. were your mind is is how you build your life. if you put it in steel or in failure, it works. that works. it is a commitment. for most artists, it is a vacation and a life that they have committed themselves to. there is this notion that artists continue to do their work because of some kind of the external financial support.
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if that was taken away, artists would still do their art. it is not like there is a prerequisite for these things to happen or i will not do it. how could that be? it is the relationship that you have committed to. it is the vocation. no matter how difficult it gets, you are going to need to produce your art. whether it is a large scale or very small scale. the need to create is going to happen, and you are going to have to fulfill it because that is your life.
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