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tv   [untitled]    May 18, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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(clapping) >> thank you, very much i'm honored. it's a great pleasure to promote this award i selected this award for someone i'd like to thank the coordinator who couldn't stand by me by i was still standing next to here even though they e she injured her angle. we're here to show our asian pride felt community. some have never been in front of an audience i'd like to ask you to applaud these folks as they
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come up to the stage. let's welcome our brothers and sisters. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (clapping)
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>> darling stand by me offer stand by me oh, stand now. stand by me. if the sky that we look upon should be temple and fall or the mountain should crumble to the sea. i won't cry i won't cry no, i won't shed a tear just as along you stand stand by me. so darling, dazzling stand by me. oh.
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stand by me stand me. stand by me. ♪ ♪ ♪ in in (clapping) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wherever you're in trouble you can stand by me. woe stand by me.
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please, please. stand by me. stand by me. darling, dazzling stand by me. woe stand by me. oh, stand by me. stand by me. whenever you're in trouble won't you stand by me. oh, stand by me. oh, stand now. stand by me. stand by me. dazzling stand by me. please, please. stand by me.
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stand by me. stand by me. darling stand by me. stand by me. (clapping). ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (singing in another language)
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(clapping). so darling, darling stand by me. oh, stand by me. oh, stand now. stand by me. if the sky that we look upon shed tumble and fall and or mountain should crumble to the sea. i won't cry, i won't cry no, i wouldn't shed a tear just as long as you stand stand by me.
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so darling, darling stand by me. oh, stand by me. please, please. stand by me. stand by me. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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whenever your now believe you can stand by me. woe stand by me. please, please. stand by me. stand by me. darling, darling stand by me. woe stand by me oh, stand. stand by me. stand by me. whenever you're in trouble won't you stand by me. stand now stand by me. darling, darling stand by me.
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oh, stand by me. please, please. stand by me. stand by me. darling, darling, stand by me. oh. stand by me stand by me. (clapping) >> now what a great finale. thank you rose for putting together the entertainment and he tell everyone they can view this on channel 36. and this is the www dot sf and we'd like you to c
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fair. there will be wine and lots of music and crafts someone for everyone. on behalf of the committee congratulations to all our final lift. thanks again to all the sponsors who made tonight possible. and make sure to get our tickets before you leave, traffic save and i'll see you next yea
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future >> thank you everybody i'm daniel the chairman for the san francisco super bowl bid committee (clapping) we are thrilled and excited to announce today we've raised $30 million to bring super bowl 50 or 51 to the san francisco bay area. not only do we have the dollars
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but the companies that have stepped forward have come on board and we're announcing that $25 for every dollar we raise is going back into our community in the bay area. so with have is a program to get to but before i get started i need to thank a bunch of people. i'm going to start with the 49ers in the boston group hewitt packard and gibson dunn, virgin
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america and a bunch of companies in the back have contributed. we just gave the passage to the 49ers and it's all due to silver stein and they got in their hands. just to give you a quick timetable of what's happening we traffic to bovtd our committee will be there in full force and we have 15 minutes to tell folks y why san francisco will be the best place to host the super bowl. so it gives me great honor to
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call up mayor ed lee (clapping) >> thank you, danielle i know you mean that in jest for raising $30.25 percent is going to the youth that's an incredible message. i want to thank former mayor willie brown and board president chiu and i want to add my thanks to the entire committee. when we take a worldwide event a sport we all love we're been celebrating for many, many years and going after the super bowl 51 or 51 with the committees
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leadership has been respectful and reflexive of our valuables. i want to thank the corporations that h have helped. i know the nfl owners are going to do be thankful. we know that what we put together with the cooperation of mayor matthews and the whole region and the reason we're here today at the foot of market street is this is where the nfl starts happening and it works its way to moscone center with the it will be host.
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i celebrated with my daughters being in t bought them ipads. this is the technology in the city but we women this whole effort to use the sports games and technology calculation that's going on and we want to make sure that our hospitality leads the hotel and every restaurants between here and san jose that we know the excitement will be here. that's such an incredible history in the industry we know we're take care of issues of transportation and public safety
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i know the chiefs here with our corporate community. it's a signal that the flipping e floif groups will be here. i did not anticipate this so face but when people get excited whether it's the giant or the w49 we have so much to celebrate every tiger woods came out to celebrate. it inspires us to have our cooperate citizens to enjoy this
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event. thank you for all the corporate communities putting this together and the the entities working together to host the best super bowl we'll ever have. that he when he break the opening this super bowl they'll be more happening. so thank you very much. appreciate your leadership. >> the next speaker needs no introduction so i'm going to introduce pat our development chair. joe has been incredible. john amazing that were chris
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kelly, jim wonder man from the bay area. mary murphy from gibson dunn and neil thank you. charlotte the first people i went and spoke to. and robert anderson is here. now, one of our biggest cheerleaders mayor willie brown >> i am delighted to be part of the effort to make sure that san francisco is selected for either 50 or 51 preferably 50. nothing impressed me more when young mr. murphy rruited
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25 percent of all that's been raised from the gallagher and the rest of you will remain in the community for people who are in need. that 25 percent on-ramps into $8 million. obviously greatly in need based on all the numbers we see. and to have that happen around an font around the super bowl will be the mayor said it's just the threshold we will expand on a cooperative basis. i would guess there's no other region in this nation that can change so many minds and souls
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in terms of resources and in terms of talent and in terms of location and obviously as my i late friend herb came in said if you can't make heaven san francisco is our preference and clearly the rest of the world sees it that way >> so i congratulate you mayor you've loud all of us to be a part of a mission to improve the area including super bowl 50 or 51. we're going to have a ball. there's no way this passage is not going to be approved by the owners in boston believe me i've spoken to a couple of my friends
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(clapping) >> i asked him not to raise expectations. we have some of the best companies in the world behind this bid and one is hewitt packard. tom bradley is the vice president and he's here he representing all those companies that came together to represent us. so thank you for your commitment. >> thanks, danielle. i'm not sure what could be a larger challenge in following the mayor to speak. the documents of the first - they called out the need to make
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a contribution what our employees and workers live and work. and the companies they funded 75 years ago has made a great number of commitments and frankly a great commitment of money and passion to this community. we had the opportunity to bring the super bowl back to the area after a thirty year hiatus but but clearly we're not alone. we have folks in silicon valley who share this opportunity google and yahoo and all companies who's on history is woven into the fabric of argue
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country. the super bowl stands for the ultimate in competition and it's the most watched game in the world. and the city embodied all about this great event. it's a platform that reaches millions of people and can lift people up and give them the opportunity. and to this end we're proud to make super 50 the most charitable. we'll give children the opportunity to stand on their
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own feet to compete and win. so i thank my colleagues to bring it back to a this area and in doing so we can provided a certainty home advantage i'm happy with that too. thank you very much (clapping) so i left one person off jeff has been an incredible committee members too. so when we talked to marry lee we also knew we needed an ally on the committee. so mark thank you very much. thanks, danielle. i have to tell you as a kid who
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group watching the giants you'd never convince me i would be standing here. it's amazing how far the super bowl has - but the fact we're here, here having raised $30 million committing so much to the impoverished folks in our area. it speaks well of mayor ed lee and daniel thank you. and from my prospective on the board of supervisors this bid speaks to two things in particular one our continued commitment to those who are less
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fortunate. this is historic in the terms of where future money will go to but it speaks to our changing relationship to the it community we're together now partners going forward. businesses that are employees and put our folks to work in san francisco. as the mayor said we're one of the lowest unemployment places in california. and so we're grateful to our corporate sponsors as well. and i look forward to the board of supervisors looking to make sure this is one of the best events the super bowl has seen >> and the president of the
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board of supervisors david chiu. (clapping). >> good afternoon i apologize for being late it was you rushing from the airport because 4:00 a.m. this morning, i was in boston to wish my mother happy mother's day. i want to make sure that we make the right decision san francisco and the san francisco bay area we're experiencing a season of supporters magic. over the past we're we're hosting the america's cup. we were just in the super bowl ourselves. i see a couple of folks who were
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in the super bowl. but we're in a magic moment and it's appropriate we've come together. thank you to daniel and our mayor and thank you to all of you. we are the city that knows how to throw on a great sporting event we know how to entertain millionaires in the world and i welcome all to party with the diverse san francisco. >> i want to thank martha cowen and e 2, k and the gold rush girls from the 49ers.