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tv   [untitled]    May 20, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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you've loud all of us to be a part of a mission to improve the area including super bowl 50 or 51. we're going to have a ball. there's no way this passage is not going to be approved by the owners in boston believe me i've spoken to a couple of my friends (clapping) >> i asked him not to raise expectations. we have some of the best companies in the world behind this bid and one is hewitt packard. tom bradley is the vice president and he's here he
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representing all those companies that came together to represent us. so thank you for your commitment. >> thanks, danielle. i'm not sure what could be a larger challenge in following the mayor to speak. the documents of the first - they called out the need to make a contribution what our employees and workers live and work. and the companies they funded 75 years ago has made a great number of commitments and frankly a great commitment of money and passion to this community. we had the opportunity to bring the super bowl back to the area
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after a thirty year hiatus but but clearly we're not alone. we have folks in silicon valley who share this opportunity google and yahoo and all companies who's on history is woven into the fabric of argue country. the super bowl stands for the ultimate in competition and it's the most watched game in the world. and the city embodied all about this great event.
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it's a platform that reaches millions of people and can lift people up and give them the opportunity. and to this end we're proud to make super 50 the most charitable. we'll give children the opportunity to stand on their own feet to compete and win. so i thank my colleagues to bring it back to a this area and in doing so we can provided a certainty home advantage i'm happy with that too. thank you very much (clapping)
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so i left one person off jeff has been an incredible committee members too. so when we talked to marry lee we also knew we needed an ally on the committee. so mark thank you very much. thanks, danielle. i have to tell you as a kid who group watching the giants you'd never convince me i would be standing here. it's amazing how far the super bowl has - but the fact we're
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here, here having raised $30 million committing so much to the impoverished folks in our area. it speaks well of mayor ed lee and daniel thank you. and from my prospective on the board of supervisors this bid speaks to two things in particular one our continued commitment to those who are less fortunate. this is historic in the terms of where future money will go to but it speaks to our changing relationship to the it community we're together now partners going forward. businesses that are employees and put our folks to work in san francisco. as the mayor said we're one of
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the lowest unemployment places in california. and so we're grateful to our corporate sponsors as well. and i look forward to the board of supervisors looking to make sure this is one of the best events the super bowl has seen >> and the president of the board of supervisors david chiu. (clapping). >> good afternoon i apologize for being late it was you rushing from the airport because 4:00 a.m. this morning, i was in boston to wish my mother happy mother's day. i want to make sure that we make
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the right decision san francisco and the san francisco bay area we're experiencing a season of supporters magic. over the past we're we're hosting the america's cup. we were just in the super bowl ourselves. i see a couple of folks who were in the super bowl. but we're in a magic moment and it's appropriate we've come together. thank you to daniel and our mayor and thank you to all of you. we are the city that knows how to throw on a great sporting event we know how to entertain
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millionaires in the world and i welcome all to party with the diverse san francisco. >> i want to thank martha cowen and e 2, k and the gold rush girls from the 49ers. i know that p j have been incredible thank you for doing all of this. i want to let everybody, you know, though grateful we are we're going to do boston we're going to put our best foot forward and bring back super
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bowl 50 or 51 and we're proud to represent this region and thank you and have a great dayout to someone special. welcome to corona height located in the height of the cast strow district the eye kong bay bridge and on towards the east bay. cone oi shakes park is one the city's best kept secrets on lake twin peaks it's hardly crowded on a day any day you will run into a new lolls and hop on a bus to get there without any parking worries and lolls bring
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freely with other dogs and a small touch of grass for the small dogs and wild flowers carpet the grasslands keep on the look out nor hawks and ot
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take pictures of the view of the city that you soon went forgot. our first look out and at buena vista park san francisco heavily forested hill with couples and doing walkers it's as old as the near neighbor golden gate park and both have a coast live oak forest and fresh in retreat from urban life and meanders under a canopy of oaks yup lipid u.s. and chill out in this pleasant and quiet environment and you might see butter nice, and dandelion and is squirrels hundred dollaring for their next meal and buena vista park is 88 >> bonnie banks.
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bonnie banks. my definition of noise is uncontrolled music. without format. pretty simple affair. pancakes, and you're -- people get up on sundays around noon, weekends or whatever. should not be too hard to walk into place. have your audio alarm clock go off for two hours waking your up while you are eating breakfast with many interesting visuals once in a while. improvisation. listening or not to the person you're playing up against or people or machines.
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trying to get as many different people in as possible. different genres, experimental noise, electronics, dissonance some drums.a tiny bit of ambient -- the first noise pancake shows, 1999, the first waffle noise, 2001. god-waffle noise, noise pancake came out of cubist art, place on mission street, brutallo, where the church -- opened up his house and saturday morning
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cartoons. a big space. you can have everybody set up and barely move equipment around; small room for an audience to move around, walkover and get pancakes without getting burned up in the kitchen. there's like people in their hard-core gabber; people into really fast death metal; black metal. people who don't listen to music at all. guy like larnie bock (sounds like) set up huge, motor driven harp. i don't know how to explain it. 40 foot of motors that he had
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running over strings and wires. and then played each string individually with the mixer. there is a feeling of euphoria when somebody's really good at what they do. experiencing a buffer, pushing your bowels out your rear. different. a lot of noise. you don't play clubs with a cleaning schedule, a guy coming in the morning emptying the beer bottles. you play the warehouse. if you travel around you will see the exact same kind of weirdos doing their own thing. it is like in the bay area it's even more absurd. there seems to be more people
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that in a place like new york or tokyo. we did a show in new york, i didn't think that anyone was at hardly, and people come up and said i saw the show. i wish they had some kind of breakfast noise going on over there. i think a lot of people were being, walking out of the shows. that was incredible. i can't believe it's over already, after two hours. if you are reluctant to enjoy something like this it will probably take a mass of peers to sell you on it. it's fine if you stay away. most of the people that come to the shows are pretty happy to be here. you may not be one of them.
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which is fine. >> the garden contains plants referred to by william shakespeare's plays and poems. located near the academy of sciences, shakespeare's garden was designed in 1928 by the california spring and wild flower association. here is a truly enchanting and tranquil little garden tucked behind the path of a charming rot iron gate with romantic magic. the overarching cherry trees, the gorgeous big walkway and brick wall, the benches, the rustic sun dial. the pack picnic, lovely bench, enjoy the sunshine and soft breeze and let the
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>> you're watching quick bite, the show that has san francisco. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we're here at one of the many food centric districts of san francisco, the 18th street corridor which locals have affectionately dubbed the castro. a cross between castro and gastronomic. the bakery, pizza, and dolores park cafe, there is no end in sight for the mouth watering food options here. adding to the culinary delights is the family of business he which includes skylight creamery, skylight and the 18
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raisin. >> skylight market has been here since 1940. it's been in the family since 1964. his father and uncle bought the market and ran it through sam taking it over in 1998. at that point sam revamped the market. he installed a kitchen in the center of the market and really made it a place where chefs look forward to come. he created community through food. so, we designed our community as having three parts we like to draw as a triangle where it's comprised of our producers that make the food, our staff, those who sell it, and our guests who come and buy and eat the food. and we really feel that we wouldn't exist if it weren't for all three of those components who really support each other. and that's kind of what we work
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towards every day. >> valley creamery was opened in 2006. the two pastry chefs who started it, chris hoover and walker who is sam's wife, supplied all the pastries and bakeries for the market. they found a space on the block to do that and the ice cream kind of came as an afterthought. they realized the desire for ice cream and we now have lines around the corner. so, that's been a huge success. in 2008, sam started 18 reasons, which is our community and event space where we do five events a week all around the idea of bringling people closer to where the food comes from and closer to each other in that process. >> 18 reasons was started almost four years ago as an educational arm of their work. and we would have dinners and a few classes and we understood there what momentum that people wanted this type of engagement and education in a way that
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allowed for a more in-depth conversation. we grew and now we offer -- i think we had nine, we have a series where adults learned home cooking and we did a teacher training workshop where san francisco unified public school teachers came and learned to use cooking for the core standards. we range all over the place. we really want everyone to feel like they can be included in the conversation. a lot of organizations i think which say we're going to teach cooking or we're going to teach gardening, or we're going to get in the policy side of the food from conversation. we say all of that is connected and we want to provide a place that feels really community oriented where you can be interested in multiple of those things or one of those things and have an entree point to meet people. we want to build community and we're using food as a means to that end. >> we have a wonderful organization to be involved with obviously coming from ueat
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coming into 18 reasons which even more community focused is such a treat. we have these events in the evening and we really try and bring people together. people come in in groups, meet friends that they didn't even know they had before. our whole set up is focused on communal table. you can sit across from someone and start a conversation. we're excited about that. >> i never worked in catering or food service before. it's been really fun learning about where things are coming from, where things are served from. >> it is getting really popular. she's a wonderful teacher and i think it is a perfect match for us. it is not about home cooking. it's really about how to facilitate your ease in the kitchen so you can just cook. >> i have always loved eating food. for me, i love that it brings me into contact with so many wonderful people. ultimately all of my work that i do intersects at the place where food and community is.
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classes or cooking dinner for someone or writing about food. it always come down to empowering people and giving them a wonderful experience. empower their want to be around people and all the values and reasons the commitment, community and places, we're offering a whole spectrum of offerings and other really wide range of places to show that good food is not only for wealthy people and they are super committed to accessibility and to giving people a glimpse of the beauty that really is available to all of us that sometimes we forget in our day to day running around. >> we have such a philosophical mission around bringing people together around food. it's so natural for me to come here. >> we want them to walk away feeling like they have the
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tools to make change in their lives. whether that change is voting on an issue in a way that they will really confident about, or that change is how to understand why it is important to support our small farmers. each class has a different purpose, but what we hope is that when people leave here they understand how to achieve that goal and feel that they have the resources necessary to do that. >> are you inspired? maybe you want to learn how to have a patch in your backyard or cook better with fresh ingredients . or grab a quick bite with organic goodies. find out more about 18 reasons by going to 18 and learn about buy right market and creamery by going to buy right and don't forget to check out our blog for more info on many of our episodes at sf quick until next time, may the fork be with you.
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♪ ♪ >> so chocolaty. mm. ♪ >> oh, this is awesome. oh, sorry. i thought we were done rolling. ♪ ♪ with its elegant rotunda, the reflecting waters of the sub rounding lagoon and fraying rant eucalyptus trees, special dates and memorable proposals. it is the perfect picnic spot to relax with that special someone by listening to water and fountain in the lagoon and gazing as the swans go gracefully by. beautiful to view from many
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locations along the lagoon and inside the columns is an ideal place to walk around with your loved one. the palace of fine arts is the most popular location in the city arts system. reservations for weddings and other events a >> you're watching quick bites, the show that is san francisco. and today you're in for a real treat. oh, my! food inspired by the mediterranean and middle east with a twist so unique you can only find it in one place in san francisco. we're at the 55th annual armenian festival and bizarre. this is extra special not only because i happen to be armenian, but there is so much delicious food here. and i can't wait to share it with all of you. let's go.