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tv   [untitled]    May 23, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> ladies and gentlemen, let's give a warm welcome to district 10 supervisor and acting mayor malia cohen. cheers cheers >> mayor's education advisor and school board member hydra mendoza, san francisco unified school district superintendent richard carenza. united educators of san francisco president dennis kelly. and the mayor's 23rd team teacher of the award winners who are joining us tonight. and now please welcome superintendent carenza. >> thank you, anel. you are such a leader in our
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community. and thank you to the san francisco giants and to all of you for your support of our fabulous teachers. cheers cheers >> although our mayor, mayor lee could not be here tonight to celebrate and honor our very special awardees, i'd like to thank him for being such a great partner and advocate for our teachers and students. i also want to thank all of our amazing sponsors and supporters and the 300 plus teachers in the stands for joining us tonight to honor the mayor's teacher of the year award winners. [cheers] >> it is my distinct pleasure to honor and acknowledge the dedication of our superb public school teachers in san francisco. the five teachers honored tonight were nominated by parents, students, peers and community members who understand the value of an excellent teacher. these teachers standing here have exceeded all standards. they have dedicated themselves to creating a classroom
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environment that fosters learning, diversity, and character development. they have one of the most important jobs in america. and this award is a symbol of our immense gratitude for all of their tireless work. they represent the best in san francisco. in collaboration with the san francisco education funds bank thank a teacher campaign, it is my privilege and honor to present this year's teacher of award winners to all of you, the best baseball fans in america. (applause) >> so, i'd like to ask the acting mayor, supervisor malia cohen, to help me in congratulating our teachers of the year from the presidio early education school, andrew young. [cheers] >> for marshal elementary
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school, andreas tobar. (applause) >> from el dorado elementary school, jennifer mullis. (applause) >> from roosevelt middle school, mr. joe austin. (applause) >> and from woodside learning center, constance walker. (applause) >> congratulations to our teachers of the year. and at this time i'd like to turn the mic over to the president of the united educators of san francisco, president dennis kelly. (applause) >> thank you. these five teachers standing on the field with us today are incredible. they are dedicated. they are hard working. they are innovative. they are exactly what we need
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in every classroom. i am privileged and proud to be here and to honor them tonight. to the teachers who are with us in the crowd, all 300 of you, to all of our hard working san francisco unified school district teachers and paraprofessionals, we thank you for your dedication to san francisco and to our young people. on behalf of the united educators of san francisco, all of the teachers, all of the paraprofessionals in san francisco, thank you to the giants, and to all of you for your support of the students and our schools. go giants! (applause) >> thank you all so much. ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause as we celebrate our teachers tonight. thank you. congratulations again. ♪ ♪
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>> good morning, everyone. on behalf of the mayor, i want to welcome you and most particularly the mayor and his wonderful delegation >> also, we have a supervisor he took a long vacation and part of the delegation. we're delighted to have celebrate this day barring lesson is our 18 city. and mayor we understand you like bicycling.
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and also know you're a golfer so we will put in the report for golfing. mayor lee when he became mayor and the protocol and i went in to talk to the mayor about his goals and our sister cities we the consulates were a part of the city we we are very proud of them their represent the computescy of this great city. the mayor said he wants to support ourcy city and respect them and pay a great deal of
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attention. and the mayor has come through of what he's done. may i present mayor ed lee >> i know charlotte is incredibly overjoyed with this wherever we have to greet and visit our cities and others mayors we immediately within minutes can appreciate the change and there's so much going on with this city. the commissioner looked at two relaxed during the invest. and barring also known as comments us. i want to thank you for your
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visit here. although he's been here before this is his first official visit. his commencemee emt our staff c together and challenge great information about technology. health care, transportation are changing industrial areas like we've done in mission bay. literally we're looking at how we have progressed and at the same time paying great respect to our roles as environmental leaders in the world. i know san francisco and barring also known as are joining many other international cities as we
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deal with global warming across the world. barring also known as are a robust city they have high-speed rail coming into their city. we're looking at the this we're linked to an infrastructure. i want to thank the council general and being here and have such great service i want to thank the deputy chief and the fire folks and i want to say they have some great deputy mayors.
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of course, i'm wanting my deputy mayor. you can hear the enthusiasm as they approach san francisco. you know, we are all been looking at europe as a whole continent. and i believe that the investments this barring also known as are doing now are so cutting-edge. they know that 21st century - we can't rest on that being the only thing we do. similar to san francisco we're a beautiful city but we have got
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to deal and create a public relationship. i know they're working with any silicon valley and san francisco-based companies to evolve this city. i know that the colleague is a medical doctor. you you know what we're doing in mission bay people's approach sometimes and oftentimes reflect their professional out along on things. i want to acknowledge that his push the ability to blend and create biotechnology campuss involve smart city approaches to know. we're going to sit down our staffs and talk about all those
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topics on zero waste. i'm so glad we have this opportunity that while the sister city agreement we've worked hard on needs to be extended and renewed and we do this on the mayors trip to san francisco so we can have the quality time for our communities to work together and make sure the city's represent the leadership they need. so with that if i may bring to the podium the mayor from barring also known as (clapping) >> mr. mayor lee as a wholly want to thank you for your
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hospitality. it's true i'm a physician. i work many years to build a national health system. barring also known as we have our cultural i'm proud to be here in san francisco. i have to say i feel at home here because san francisco share the same cultural innovation. we have cities with a great
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quality of life and lifestyles. i'm very proud to foster this new chapter in our friendship with this agreement. we march a step forward with our calculation efforts. it will help with the cultural development, technologies and transport mobility. we are creating an establishment between san francisco and barring also known as that's very important to us (clapping) >> i have to say this is the most appropriate time to
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increase argue relationships. we have a position of the south mediterranean. we have a city with many assets and we have innovation we have an emphasis on people's well-being and quality of life. i'm promoting the technology, electric and medication. we are many of you know the venue of the world congress and we're chosen as the world capital 2018. this is the promotion of the use of the international basis in
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our commitment. we're doing this with the sobriety. we're working together with the city's to plan the city of the future based on our experience and the challenge of knowledge and technology. this is the expo and where the congress helped barring also known as in 2011. i'm delighted to visit you to participate in the congress next november. i'm sure there are many things we can learn from each other. and while as many other things we can create together. mayor lee you can be sure that b.a. also known as is looking forward to cooperate in those
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areas. i want to give you two things we we have very, very important football. the barring also known as football. (clapping) >> oh, my god. >> that's the best player. >> and i know one also important thing. we have in this moment the most important in the world. this book to you. >> oh, my gosh thank you. thank you very much (clapping)
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>> give you something to do. thank you >> thank you we would like to present a print of a wood cut that reminds you thought - of the beautiful city. (clappin (clapping). >> thank you, mayor. they're talking golf here. did that invitation protocol has
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to go first, i'm taking the council general with me. as he said earlier we're that proud that barring also known as is our new it one. and the sister cities are only as strong as the lisp so the mayor has set the tone. and there's one colleague who was helped a lot. >> barring also known as excellent (speaking another languag language). historical mayors distinguished
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guests. 6 years ago this was a vision when we started the new york city. the memorandum was equivalent signed and we're here looking forward to a good relationship. i'm pleased to announce that we've been able to accomplish projects. in the area of projects in 2011 the best chef in the world was given a proclamation before more than 12 hundred guests. i'm hoping - the opera
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co- production has been performing here in san francisco this summer at the opera house. the san francisco students visited the area and they were received at the city hall. and they met would folks in the san francisco area. we have this as a yearly event. we have been forcing entreprene entrepreneurship between the two cities on a yearly basis. they learn from barring also known as how to integrate biking. we have shared our best practices and have been learning
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more about barring also known as to have a taxi system and booking system. we both have exchanges on the mobile to see what integration works best and today, the mayor will be signing a memorandum. san francisco and barring also known as we support economical development in cultural tougher than that life sciences. they will share information about the open data and transportation by sharing experience in the districts with coordinates.
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they'll share information electric vehicles, electric programs and both will share information an develop different programs. they'll actively support the airports innovations between the san francisco and other international airports. i would like to offer my sincere thanks to the board members (calling names) without they're hard work and dedication none t of this would be possible. and thanks to those folks (calling names)
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and his team for their continued support. our team looks forward to constantly gaenl for many years to come. thank you (clapping) >> well, that committee has been busy so, please join us for the mayor signing the m l u. >>. (clappin
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(clapping). >> now will you please join our mayors and delegation we invite you to join us for the reception and we'll all look forward to going to barring also known as with the mayor in the fire
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