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tv   [untitled]    May 28, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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tonight and i would like to have them introduce themselves and i wanted to get hoover down here but he would not come. [ applause ] hoover, is the sort of the soul of this organization. and i just want to recognize his important participation in san francisco achievers. [ applause ] so, with that, let me have our students introduce themselves. >> hi everyone, my name is antoio and i am a senior at gateway high school and i will be attending san francisco state university. >> hello, my name is (inaudible) and i go to gateway high school and we will be graduating this saturday and in the fall i will be attending
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saint mary's college of california. [ applause ] >> hello, i'm (inaudible) and a tend walenburg high school and i will be graduating on friday and attending (inaudible) college. [ applause ] >> hi i'm jamar spears and i just graduated from isa high school and attending san francisco city college [ applause ] >> my name is emad and i graduated from (inaudible) academy today and attending the san francisco state university [ applause ] good evening my name is isreal (inaudible) and i just graduated from (inaudible) and i will be attending (inaudible) [ applause ] >> good evening, my name is (inaudible) harrison and i go
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to balboa high and i will be attending clark university. >> i do go to george washington high school and i will be going to ccsf san francisco city college in the fall. >> and thank you very much. >> thank you. >> doctor... (inaudible) henry? >> we want to say on behalf of the board and the staff that you were generation about the comments with all of us but we want to thank you for the dedication to them. this is your legacy my friend and thank you very much.
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>> >> all right. we will now move on to the united administrators of san francisco. >> good evening i'm richard (inaudible) the proud president of the united administrators of san francisco. president norton and commissioners and superintendent carranza, i am happy to announce that usf is here to present 9 scholarships
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four from uasf and actually five from uasf and we had a tie, and four from sue shider in honor of her twin sister kathleen and i would like to call (inaudible) to the microphone to announce the awards. >> along with us we have jenny horn and also our vice president (inaudible). >> good evening, president, i mean superintendent carranza and president norton and board members. and we are very proud every year we give united administrators gives $8,000 in scholarships. we usually give four $2,000 scholarships but this year we had one that was so close and it was a tie. so we are giving 3, $2,000 and 2 $1,000 and sue, administer
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her scholarship and she is giving four people $1,000 and another $5 on 0 and another $250. >> we did have grad you lacings going on so not all of the students are here and so i would like to read the names but she will give out the checks to the people that are here. and shara. >> and come up here and just say where you are going. >> and school and where you are going. >> i am graduate froming mission high school and i am going to uc berkeley next fall. >> up here and sidney lynn. and kelsey from walenburg and we have anna ma from galeleo. >> and we do have regina, and the scholarships and cathy scholarship winner.
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and come on up here this is regina romera. >> hi, everyone. i am attending lowell high school and i will be attending uc santa barbara as well. >> also winners are rosie perez, and she is going to san francisco state. lorena from mission high school and briana taylor from cal state north ridge, thank you very much. >> >> all right. and finally, but certainly not least, we have the united educators of san francisco.
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>> good evening before we get into our scholarships we have one other presentation that we would like to make first. >> we do have good evening. i am happy to say that we have certificates for the 2 student delegates for their thoughtful and determined service, as student members of the san francisco board of education. [ applause ] >> so you can see that wendy is here, windy ly and what should we do with megan wong? >> give it to justin right there. >> okay.
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thank you. >> thank you. >> the united educators of san francisco had a ceremony in our office last friday, where we honored the following students, some of them cannot be here with us tonight as we understand. but if any of you are here they are welcome to come forward and be recognized now. >> we have chelsey from walen buger and windy ly and (inaudible) ly and poly, and mirium from burton and mark young from lowell, and kelsey stewart also from walen buger and so you can see that we agreed with the administrators on one of the twins but we thoughs to go for both of the stewart twins. our scholarships are largely named for our past leaders and
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jim for mitchell and because of the areas of interest of those three leaders and the students are asked to write about them in different, in different areas, so thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you, and on behalf of the board, congratulations to all of the students. lata is here. okay great. and so the latin american teachers association. hold the button. okay. thank you i apologize for being late. my name is laura (inaudible) and i am the president and i am happy to announce, the following winners, they were given anything from $1,000 to $2,000 scholarship to go to either 2-year college or a 4-year university, allison
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sanchez from mission high school and (inaudible) hill top high school and angel la (inaudible) downtown high school. and jacaline (inaudible) downtown high school. and karina marquez from the academy of arts and sciences. (inaudible) from san francisco international high. marshal, and (inaudible) john o'connell high school, and sharon (inaudible) mission high school. william (inaudible) balboa, high school and william (inaudible) mission high school. and those are the recipients of the 2012, 2013 latin american teachers association. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you. we will now move on to our
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student delegates' report. >> megan cannot join us due to graduation. there is nothing to report out but i would like to recognize the newly elected delegate cooper logan. [ applause ] >> okay, you know there was a question miss ly about where you are going to college next year. >> i will be going to california state university sacramento. [ applause ] >> congratulations. >> all right. >> we will now move on to the parent advisory council report. and after the pac report if i don't hear any objection from the board i also would like to
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move up the pack or the special order of business to the pack of appointments we will do that after the pac report, thank you. >> good evening, superintendent, president norton and commissioners, district staff, this is a very brief pac report, about the description of how we did our pac recruitment and also or commitment to maintaining a diverse parent body for the advisory council. this evening, the pac is recommending 6 parents to the parent advisory council. and two-year term, starting next school year. we are excited about our nominee this evening. we believe that there they are bringing new perspective and new voice and a new or a broader perspective of community networks to the council. we are very committed to
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maintaining a diverse population, and reaching out to the diverse communities, of different representing different neighborhoods and communities d ethnicity and cultures and experience and we believe that the experience and expertise and ties will strengthen the work that the pac has been doing and it will take our work into a new direction. so we have a few of the members here tonight and we realize that we still have an under represented community and so with that in mind, we left another seat open to the intentional recruitment in the fall to have the community represented on our bod yso we have a few of the members of the nominees here this evening. >> i think that i want to do and we need a formal motion and a second to consider the nominations and so let's do that and then we will do a roll call and there will be a number. >> okay. >> yes. >> so should i read the actual
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requested actions? >> after the motion. >> after the motion. >> so, i heard a motion and i need a second. >> second. >> thank you. >> so now, would you please read the recommendation into the record. >> with great pleasure, president norton. i'm really actually quite delighted to be able to do this. the requested action is that the board of education appoint to the parent advisory council five regular members and one alternate member who will serve a two-year term starting july 2013 this summer and the members are angela (inaudible) and (inaudible) and donna fisher and margaret wilson and warren wong and some of them are here so is this a good time to introduce themselves?
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>> well, my name is margaret wilson and i have four kids, all attending the san francisco unified school district and i have one graduating from sc carmichael middle school going to (inaudible) high school next year and i have one that is graduating fifth great and going from bessy elementary to the middle school campus as a fourth going into fifth and i have a preschooler that goes to (inaudible) and she is transferring to sammy (inaudible) next year. >> hi, (inaudible) and good evening everyone my name is angela and (inaudible) i have two kids. (inaudible) one is in 8th grade in san francisco middle school.
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[ speaking in a foreign language ] >> and a second one in garfield elementary school. >> and first grade, thank you. >> warren wo ng. [ speaking in a foreign language ] . >> i have a kid who are attending... spring valley elementary school second grade. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> okay. and everybody in. >> i have no public speakers on this item, are there any comments from the board?
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nets vote and we can welcome them. >> seeing no other requests for comments or questions from the board i think that we should do roll call. >> ly >> yes. >> fewer. >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. >> mendoza, dr. murase? >> aye. >> wynns and nor? >> aye. >> on behalf of the board of education and particularly commissioner maufas but everybody, welcome to the council and we are pleased to have you. [ applause ] are there any other current pac members that you would like to introduce? >> no, there was one more who was on her way and she has not made it.
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>> hello, thank you, my name is (inaudible) fisher, thank you. >> my son is second grader at lake shore elementary, thank you. >> great. >> congratulations everyone. so, now we have request to move up actually item i. so unless there is an objection from the board members i will hand it over to vice president fewer, urging the san francisco unified school district to assist undocumented students file for deferred action. >> thank you, president norton i was honored that the student advisory council asked me to author this resolution and it
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would honor me to have me read it into the record. since this is a joint resolution between the youth commission and our own student advisory council, student delegate windy ly will read the first half and commissioner lick las perski will read the second half. would you mind coming up to the desk, please? >> whereas back of the program that allows for the discretionary determination to defer the removal of the action as an act of prosecutor discretion in providing eligible for the authorization for youth under the age of 31 as of june, 15, 2012 and whereas the docket program offers deferred action for the undocumented youth who were brought to the united states as children and who have met the specific requirements as indicated on the us citizenship
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and immigration services and whereas the members of the san francisco youth commission have reached out, and the student advisory council and to work to support the eligible students, and whereas, the youth commission and immigrant rights commission have also adopted a joint resolution on supporting the eligible students at the regular meetings of friday, february 19th, 2013 and march 11, 2013. and therefore, be it resolved that the student advisory council and the youth commission for starting the resources web page on its sight that includes a overview of the daca and process. information on the local community organizations that provide free legal assistance to undocumented students and families interested in applying for it. the web platform where the applicants can apply for the transcripts and enrollment on-line with the fees waived and providing said information
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on both span sxish chinese. be it further resolved that the student council urging them to support the office of civil engagement and immigrant affairs and (inaudible) with the grant funded organizations providing legal and application for the exclusive service for daca as well as assist the organization with the out reach efforts. and further be it resolved that the student advisory council and youth commission urges the san francisco school district to continue to create a centralized process that of the san francisco district to stream line it for the students applying for the program. and the student advisory commission (inaudible) urging the san francisco school district to up hold the information and further be it resolved that the student advisory council and youth
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commission urges the transcript office to continue to wave all fees associated with daca in light of the $400 and 65 application fees and provide the information on the website and further resolved that the commission urges the san francisco board of supervisors and mayor to work together with the san francisco unified school district to do whatever possible to support the undocumented students and traditionally aged youth. >> and i don't have any public speakers signed up for this item. are there any comments from the board or the superintendents? >> commissioner maufas? >> with the permission of the authors, would i like to know if my colleagues will be able to sign on as well. >> i defer to the student delegates neshe is nodding our head yes. >> thank you very much >> and thank you for bringing
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this resolution forward, thank you. >> delegates, thank you. >> any other comments? >> yes. and so shall we pass the resolution in support of this process earlier. and this one is really just specifically to cooperate working with toot he and so that is... and we don't think that it is going to require us to do anything, and i mean what i want to do is make sure that we are already doing all of the things that we want the district to do. right? and just for the public record i think that it is important. >> i see a nod from wong who has answered all of the questions in a e-mail to the commissioners. >> thank you. >> mr. persky. i just want to thank you guys for supporting the student advisory council and the youth commission throughout the past few months in this process and i wanted to thank the superintendent and his office and especially wong who has
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been a champion and we hope that this continued collaboration between the youth commission representing you know the san francisco city and county and also the school district will continue to happen and just to kind of give you guys an idea the youth commission, me and a couple others are thinking about a daca day on an august to celebrate the one-year anniversary of deferred action when it started. and this will kind of you know reengage interest about the program. because there was you know a very high spike in interest of the beginning of the program but since then, we have seen the number of applications go dramatically down due to a variety of factors that were mentioned in the resolution, so we hope that we can, you know, reengage that excitement and i want to thank you guys for your support throughout this process. >> superintendent and then vice president fewer? >> thank you, to the youth commission, and thank you to all of our students and i think
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that this say wonderful, wonderful resolution. and to the youth commissioner and i also want to thank you you for your philentropic measures and thank you very much for your donation to our schools. >> i believe president we are prepared for a vote now. thank you. >> thank you. >> ly. >> yes. >> fewer in >> yes. >> hany >> yes. >> mendoza, murase. >> aye. >> wynns. >> norton. >> six ayes. congratulations. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> thank you for bringing this to us. >> all right. we will move back to item f on the agenda which is public comment on consent items. i actually have one speaker who
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called ahead, langin decosta omy pro system woulds like to address the board on 132-... >> you can take the mic and you have two minutes. >> thank you, my name is (inaudible) and ceo of (inaudible) assistants based in san francisco a local company, we have been doing business with the school district since 2007. providing all of the hp, desk topps and laptops and services and doing that with very much a pride and distinction and i have been made to understand that they want to move in another direction. so all that i am asking is to give me a fair chance as to why because no reason was given after all of the effort that we have put into the district for providing same day service and some of the people here might
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know our company. and so that was the reason that i wanted to address all of you and see if i could be given a hearing. i have a meeting with the cio on june 14th, at 11 with the hp staff. and so i wanted to see if you guys could give me a good hearing after almost 7 years of working with the district. you know i think that they are trying to fix something that is not broken. but so that is from my side. so that is what i want to ask you request all of you to do that. >> did i take my two minutes? >> okay. >> we get special pricing from hp, what we call big deal pricing, which is lower than the retail pricing like the computer land which is what the cio had emailed me saying that he did not give me any explanation as to why, but he
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said that they want to move in another direction and i believe that they are looking at is based in los angeles and we are local, and certified by the san francisco (inaudible) commission as a small minority business and i believe that the district gets some sort of points for using a local business. because we are (inaudible) from every school in the district. and we are based right there in the (inaudible) post office and i have been there for almost 20 years. >> thank you, >> thank you very much >> thank you and have a great evening. >> all right. we will move now to item g, the consent calendar, my i hear a motion and a second >> moved. >> i second. >> thank you. >> are there any items withdrawn or correct by the superintendent? >> thank you, commissioner norton. there are two, they are
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corrections to 135-28, k48. this is on page 148. and 149. the bottom of the page states richmond district neighborhood center, 178,586. this total should be corrected to read 17,586. >> i am sure that they were so happy to read the original. >> quite sure. >> also. commissioners please remove from the agenda item 2 e, this is on page 15. item number 1 35-28 b5. and this should be removed from the agenda. withdrawn from the agenda this evening. >> remove it, completely withdrawing. >> yes. okay. >> thank you, dr. crawford. >> and are there any items removed for first reading by
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the board? >> all right. and any items severed by the board or superintendent for discussion and vote tonight? >> can i... >> yeah. >> thank you, president norton. i would like to have further discussion on the item that was just spoken to for public comment. so it is 2 f135-28 b6. >> okay. so we will sever that for discussion. roll call vote will take place under section o. >> all right. item h. we have superintendent proposal and approval of material revision to the life learning academy charter petition and to reflect the change of governor ans structure, may i have a reading of the recommendation please? >> good