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tv   [untitled]    July 9, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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bill has been reduced in half. i would like to see this put the into effect so everybody has that benefit. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> hello, commissioners, thank you for the opportunity to speak. my name is jeff hol son. i'm a resident here and represent an advocacy group. i would like to thank the staff. i see the 11.5 cent rate already in this resolution. great work. if we can set the
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rate below 11 that is affordable and competitive with pg & e which were two of the goals that were prescribed. in addition given the rapid changes in the renewable energy market and pricescious i would definitely advocate for staying aggressive on rate setting for going forward after the not the exceed rate. i think the labor issues that have come up are somewhat unrelated, that seems to be more in the implementation and build out. i believe everyone has the same good intentions. i wanted to point out this is in the puc's staff. the council is more organized than the puc is, that is going to result in more unionized jobs than pg & e jobs
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on net. i agree with supervisor campos that the cca provides a way for us to take care of ourselves going forward to eliminate the shell role and to reduce the recs component which is boent labor and environmental groups are not a huge fan of. you talked about the marine model and i think we should get to that renewable energy as quickly as possible. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hello. my name is theresa mcfarland. i support clean
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power sf. i'm very excited to opt in as soon as i can do that. i urge you to set this reasonable rate for this so we can move forward. thank you. >> thank you very much. before the next speaker i will read more cards. i believe the rates, it's my understanding that the rates will be a way to provide
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tangible evidence of what we can do with the build out and jobs in the future. i think that's the key in discussions moving forward. finally i believe this is an opportunity for san francisco to be a hero and the leader in the nation as far as climate action goes. so, thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioners. thank you for being here and for your hard work and for working diligently in the last few months for bringing this rate down and thank you for listening to san francisco consumers on that. i'm jess from the sierra club representing our 6,000 members in san francisco. the sierra club supports the no the to exceed rate of 11.5 cents
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today. all the community advocates for sf power encourage you to pass this rate for a hundred percent renewable electricity and the build out work which is the point of this program. we do not know how much money we have or the build out which means we don't know how many jobs we can create if we don't have this not to exceed rate. another person said this is an important context in labor negotiations, it is. we do not have that information. to pass that we need to pass the not to exceed rate today. in addition, if we pass the rate today we can launch next spring which means we can launch in a time when there is other options available. the only way we can
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launch with that energy is if we launch at a time that is excess available that others are not using which means we need to launch in the spring. this not to exceed rate has to be passed today. thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, again, my name is in monroe. i come to you in strong support of community choice aggregation primarily just as a citizen. i'm extremely concerned about global climate change and i think as it's been brought up already it's an urgent issue that every minute of delay actually makes a different. by then of the century, we can be looking at hundreds of millions climate refugees from floods,
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droughts, fires, sea level rise, potentially could be over 30 feet alone from green lands, antarctic ice melting. that puts san francisco in a very unlivable state. i'm looking at this that it's something as some of the best scientist are looking at as a real possibility if we don't change our course of avenlgs -- action. i think it's imperative, not just from my generation, all of us are looking at you and judging you on this issue today. this is not going to solve climate change, but it supports it in every direction. we are not going to get there in every second. so please take a vote today and i would be extremely excited to see that happen. >> thank you very much, next
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speaker, please. >> my name is rebecca evans. we support this and i hope you vote today. i think it's important that you are talking about energy independence here in other parts of the country that are not like san francisco, they are talking about having oil drilled and gas from this country. i think it's really good that under the leadership of the puc and lafco and the department of environment that you have come to this point and also working with the advocates to applaud the puc and lafco and i hope you vote today. thank you. >> good afternoon. i live and work in san francisco. i don't represent a group. i have worked with the local clean
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energy alliance. there is a lot of common ground. we want reliable energy supplying grid and reduce carbon in the atmosphere, we want clean air in san francisco neighborhoods and we want local benefits with jobs and reduce cost. that means local control of energy. and one thought you might keep in mind if there is going to be recs bought, let's by them in san francisco. i'm 57 years old. 40 years ago, i had gas miles. we had a lot of conservation and the energy is down. 14 years ago i was the president of my teachers local. we had plans to really cut our class sizes and improve our education system. that was about the time when we got theft of our money due to energy spikes and manipulation of the market and we lost
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teacher jobs. and that's a big impact on labor right there. it is time to bring home energy control. build local build out for energy efficiency is a very strong way to do that. look at building behind the meter and building in revenue stream in that manner. pg & e says 50 percent of this can be achieved. yes on this. thank you. >> thank you very much, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners, my name is may. i work in san francisco. i'm testifying against the clean four sf program because it is not culturally competent. i believe it will force my family who has never heard of this
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program to participate without their consent. this is automatic enrollment that requires those who are unwilling to participate to opt out. immigrants tend to not change their -- my family and other immigrant residents are likely to have to figure out how to opt out of a program they don't understand. this means that the automatic rolement requirement would force the residents to comply with a program they don't even understand. in short puc program will trap residents in the program. this is why i urge the program and urge puc to
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consider this program. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hello, commissioners. i'm a student resident here in san francisco. thank you for all the work that you have done on this project. it seems that a lot of project has gone into this in the last few months. i'm glad that this is happening in this city. i think it's incredible that we can do this together and really step the infrastructure to the way that pg & e has been running it. i would also like to make the point that i think it's necessary to pass the rate not to exceed today whether it be 11.9 or 11.5. i believe this is a serious matter. until it gets
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finally initiated here in the city. thank you so much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> any member of the public who would like to speak can line up here. >> i'm a citizen of san francisco. i guess i would just start by saying i think the issue of climate change lends some urgency to this and that will ultimately be my generation's problem. i also think this sets an important example of reversing the false paradigm of jobs versus environment and creating a solution at a forwards both jobs and environment. i also would just like to add that i think the competition is an extremely important part of this program. i know that the cca legislation was passed on the way that california crisis, not as a way to provide people with clean power, but as a way
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to give people an alternative to the monopolies that you have in power and to give communities literally a choice over not just the fossil fuel content of their power but also all other aspects. so with that said, i just would like to urge the commissioners to approve a rate today. i think it's a simple question. the program has already been approved. i would second that by saying encouraging the commissioners to second the proposal to pass 11.5 cent rate today. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. any other member of the public who would like to speak? okay, we'll close public comment. and we want to thank members of the
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representing your point of view on all sides. you are here watching this happen here and watching this process which is very important for us and make some decisions and we have had some great movement from puc staff to bring down the rates and making sure we have funding for financing for build out and making sure that we are as green as we can be under the current market. i think we are at a critical space right now of this program, we are not approving a contract. it's one step towards that in terms of a not to exceed rate for the green energy program and clean power sf. like members of the public and other clubs that these rates can beset and there still can be conversations with labor that
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will bring greater fruition to the collaboration and understanding of how we can work together to make a green program under the clean power sf. i'm hoping that we can come together particularly from the lafco side moving forward on a resolution supporting the not to exceed rates and if there are other commissions who would like to speak, leah pimentel. >> thank you. i would like to talk about the highlight of the program. do you happen to know the breakdown of the district and my second question was in term of the marketing for the program, how many different languages are the materials translated into? >> i will answer your question. kim malcolm director of the
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program. we don't have estimates of where the jobs would be created because we don't have a plan that is that glandular yet. the goal is to have as much as possible in the city. todd can answer the question about how many languages, i'm sorry, tyrone. >> the mailers will be done in similar to our last one, in english, chinese and spanish. in addition all the opt out notices prior to or afterwards will also be in those three languages. >> and so they said you mentioned that you do festivals and community meetings, are any of these meetings in the evening, i know many of them are in the daytime and many residents are unable to attend. are there meetings in the evening to get feedback. >> the majority of our outreach
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are in the evening. since september we have attended 35 meetings in the public for evening meetings or at events. so we were at sunday streets this past sunday and we've been out there trying to promote clean power sf. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. commissioner campos? >> thank you, mr. chair. a couple of points and i do want to make a motion. someone brought up the issue of how this is going to impact the immigrant community and there is a statement from an asian perspective that moving forward is not a good thing. i can tell you from my own experience as a latino man that i don't know that anyone can claim to have to represent the entire latino community and i doubt that anyone can claim to represent the entire asian community on this issue either. i do know,
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though that we have taken many steps to ensure that immigrants, the communities whether it's the asian community, the chinese community, the latino community, the african american community, that they have as much information as possible and they are able to opt out. we don't want to see anyone who doesn't want to be a part of this to be part of it. we have gone a long way to make that happen. i just want to make that very clear about that and as an immigrant about that i'm very well aware of these issues and my colleagues would not have supported this program if that action were taken. i also want to say what mr. stern has said that i believe there is more common ground than indifference here. i would urge staff in terms of moving
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forward in terms of looking at this size for the program, we talk about 20 omega watts. i wonder how much is heche power. how far can we push that and i think that's something that i hope we can have a follow up with labor and another folks add the advocates to make sure that's something that can be done. from lafco's perspective, i appreciate the puc has a different process perhaps, i do think it's important for us to move forward because i don't think that setting a not to exceed rate precludes the discussion from happening. it's in the spirit that i would make the motion for lafco that we approve the not to exceed rate of 11.5. >> that is a separate vote from
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the puc commission. we want to make the statement for lafco body to reduce the rates. from a lafco member, can we get a second. >> we have a lafco resolution recommending the puc adopt the not to exceed rates. >> thank you. that's when commissioner campos has motion to an approved. >> the motion from campos and second by commissioner breed and third by lafco. can we take that motion without objection? and so we have just passed that motion. >> commissioner vetore? >> thank you, i appreciate that and i recall last month and maybe it was two months ago our difficulties in trying to find a time for a joint meeting, but
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our real commitment to getting some clear directive from the lafco commission on how you would like us as a puc to proceed so that's been very encouraging to hear that you are urging us as the puc to adopt the 11.5 rate and today move forward with the not to exceed rate. i understand that we don't have a second for the motion for the 11.5 rate currently and i know that we have a puc meeting this afternoon and i don't know if it will be brought for a vote at that time, but i heard the overwhelming support for this. i understand there is not a whole resolution as the amended rate. i feel such a sense of urgency on this issue and i'm glad obama was brought into
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this room because we all know this is a national security and local security as well. i would be -- not to put a motion on the table. >> excuse me. lafco has to adjourn. >> lafco is adjourned. >> secretary, call the roll for the puc. >> you want a 5 minute break? >> all right. we'll do a 5 minute break and i want to say thank you to all of the lafco members that are here and the lafco staff i know has worked very hard and i have seen them work very hard. you have a great staff and thank you all
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very much for your considered and actions. >> we are in recess.
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