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tv   [untitled]    July 16, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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>> board of directors, the parking authority commission. please call the roll. >> director brinkman. >> present. >> director ramos. >> present. >> director rubke -- for your information other directors will absent from the meeting. please be advised that use of sound producing devices are prohibited at the meeting. one maybe asked to leave the room if one off. cell phones create interference and request they're in the off position. >> is there a motion on the minutes. >> motion to approve. >> is there a second? any
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further discussion. all in favor say aye. thank you very much. >> of the five directors of i know of know. next item unfinished business by the board. >> none. okay thank you. >> none. next item director's report. >> none. >>i think that is my report. >> that's right. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. members of the board and public and staff. we're going to start off by recognizing a couple of our employees and i would like them to come forward and tell you about some exceptional inspectors. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon chairman nolan, members of the board, director reiskin. it gives me great honor and pleasure to be here today to acknowledge two of
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our fare inspectors who really are just nothing short of heroes in the incident that i'm about to read you. on july 2, 2013 at approximately 1915 hours transit inspectors cheryl garrison and justin were on duty at powell street station and heard someone screaming from the platform. they ran to the source of the noise and discovered that a patron had fallen on to the track way in his wheelchair. the inspectors jumped onto the tracks to assist the patron. as they began their rescue effort fare inspector observed an lrv approaching from the in bound direction. with no regard for their own safety they remained on the track way. fare inspector garisson assisted to assist the patron while the
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other inspector signaled the lrv to stop with his flashlight. after it was stopped within a safe distance they assisted the patron onto the platform floor and with his cheryl cheer. he requested the incident and requested support for the patron. the patron was transferred to san francisco general hospital and rail service continued. fare inspectors like these were truly heroic and reflect great credit upon themselves and the unit and the sfmta. the agency is proud to recognize them for their actions and i could not be prouder of them. [applause]
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>> congratulations. ms. garisson, the board and the entire city ask you and mr. mogabo thank you very much. we know you have family members with you. we would like to meet them. >> thank you very much. to first with [inaudible] a hero. we did what we were supposed to do for the city and county of san francisco. that's what we are known for and i believe my co-inspectors would have done the same thing if they were there. before i say anything i want my commander lee to come over here with me. [applause]
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i want to thank each and every one of you with trust in me [inaudible] and ed reiskin for making one of the best choices i have seen in mta. i could not have been prouder with them being here with me. when i first met her and first introduced -- somebody wanted to introduce me. she said "no, i know him. he's justice" and continued and [inaudible] the atmosphere at the job was so low but when she came the the moral was so high. in a scale of 10 to one we're now eight to nine. i want to thank you so much for making that good choice and also the deputy here chris, my best partner cheryl garisson and
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inspectors [inaudible] >> justice, introduce your wife. [applause] let me say something more. when mta ed reiskin appointed her to be the head of us there were two things she said that caught my attention. she said "i am here not to micro manage this department. i'm over here as a sister, as a mother, and anything that you need that she would be there for us. she said two things that caught my eye. she said "i don't want [inaudible] i don't want people bickering. if you work so hard
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your rewarded and she kept her promise. she used her own personal money to give us a gift when any of the inspectors achieved the goal she wanted by giving us a 50-dollar card for you to do whatever you wanted to do, so we have the mta, ed reiskin, board members and thank you very much. [applause] >> congratulations. >> i like to say i am honored to receive this and like justice said i wouldn't have had it any other way. it's a natural intircht that i had and we jumped in and did what we had to do and thank you everyone, fare inspectors and my husband to support me, dave morgan. [applause] , my daughter anita garisson,
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my daughter. [applause] thank you. >> thank you. your jobs are so difficult, so important. really thank you for going way above and beyond job description. thank you. director reiskin. >> yeah, i would echo the job of the fare inspector is a very difficult one. it's one that often doesn't receive a lot of gratitude but they do their job extremely well everyday and not surprising given this circumstance two of them would jump in and act the way they did, so thanks to the whole crew and your leadership for the great work that you all do. another great crew was celebrated last week at the 50th muni car cable bell ringing contest in union square. we were happy to have the vice chair and director lee on hand
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and the board of supervisors and members of the public. i missed it. apparently the 49er's cheerleaders were there. i would have gotten in trouble if i was there but it was a great day, the fifth annual, tradition for the department, for muni, for the cable car division. the way it works there are the professionals and there are the amateurs and the amateur division third place went to kimmy taylor, second place to pillar [inaudible] and first place of scotty of cbs local media, all of them really outstanding performances. the mistress of ceremonies were debbie durst, the comedian and entertaining and funny and there was music by the slot blades and a cable car band -- i guess a
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muni band, very talented group of folks that keep it lively, but the real excitement is when the professionals, the cable car conductors and grips got up and i think i wasn't a judge but i think the judges had a difficult time because all of them were really outstanding, so please do announce that the third place went to joseph sue, second place ken lain regardy, and the first place winner, defender champion, held on to the championship was trit whitaker and he's here with us. he's been with muni for 13 years and cable car for 11 years and worked as both a grip and a conductor and second time in a row winning so we would like to call him up and congratulate him and maybe we can entice him to give us a little --
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[applause] >> i just want to say once again to the fare inspectors you all do a great job and i appreciate -- i interact with them very little but i have seen them in action and they have patience and i want to say thank you to you all. [applause] once again i am here in front of you. i am still nervous but now i'm feeling like you guys are family so thank you again for having me. it's a privilege and honor to be in front of you today. >> congratulations mr. whitaker. outstanding job. >> oh i have a beautiful wife too. [applause] and i want to recognize her co-workers which is her boss and nadia sinca and anthony -- i don't know where he is and i
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wanted to acknowledge them too. >> so we're going to have a little demonstration. >> yes. >> oh good. >> [inaudible] (bells ringing demonstration).
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[applause] champion cable car ringer. thank you and congratulations again. moving on i wanted to acknowledge part of -- you know our strategic plan for safety is the number one goal. we also have another goal in the plan is to strengthen the work force. the way we're trying to bring those two together and reinforce and strengthen the culture of safety in the department is by acknowledging and rewarding those parts of the organization for their safe performance, so at some point last year gerald williams, the head of industrial safety started a maintenance safety award and he looks at the safety statistics of all the
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different maintenance divisions in the mta and each quarter. whoever does best gets the award and this quarter's award goes to the scott center maintenance team which is lead by rich von seka and this is kind of behind the scenes operation. the scott center is where we maintain the non revenue vehicles so all of the vehicles that support the muni support and the rest of the mta are maintained by the scott division and they were chosen because of their reduction of lost time injuries, their demonstration of leadership in safety, monthly inspections compliance, safety employee commitment and active of safety within the work place. they work in the scott garage -- it's kind of across the street from animal care and control and an old facility not really designed for the purpose that it's being used so safety is all the more important so we just want to
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recognize rich and his team. i'm not sure if they're here and recognize the team for their great work to keep his employees safe and congratulate them, and finally i just wanted to give you i guess a quick report out on the bart strike, especially since we may need to dust off the plans again. we had as you know -- not only did we have the strike that lasted for about four and a half days, but it came real on the heels of the supreme court rulings and the celebrations, pride weekend. we had the holiday of course in there, july fourth. we had america's cup and shortly thereafter we had the plane crash and the assistance there, so there was a lot of activities happening in july already, and then we have obviously the bart strike come in. it was a pretty significant challenge for the transportation agencies in the
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bay area. we worked very closely through mtc and coordinating throughout the region. there were 25 agencies that came together to try to fill the gap that bart left, so just some highlights. our ridership -- we had put more service on the mission corridor in particular where we could pick up people that normally would come in through daly city, balboa, glen park and the part stations and our peak ridership was up 10, 15% each day during the strike so we were able to absorb some of that. the other kind of main part of our operation was traffic management. we had a lot more people driving into downtown than would normally do so. the pco's did a phenomenal job of trying to keep the traffic moving dealing with the very, very heavy rush hours. we did
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coordination with casual carpool, charter buses and folks on the sustainable street side were working trying to manage all of that. we did a lot of outreach. we had 80,000 fliers distributed in three languages. we used 511, the website, a lot of social media, press releases, employee newsletters. we actually deputized a bunch of non operational employees to be ambassadors and fan out to bart stations and other places to direct people to alternative modes of getting around so the agency really came together. there was great leadership from john daly and his team and others and particularly scarlet lamb and my great hire apparently lee mill teleo at the helm