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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> and, and we will continue our efforts to be a healthier city. the affordable care act will extend health insurance to 35,000 san francisc and our department of public health and human services agency will implement our nation's health care reform. but on our streets there are still too many people, families without a place to call home. and that's why we are extending a dedicated emergency family shelter to provide year round services, adding 25 more units of family supportive housing and supporting a new approach to housing transitional aids youth and getting them connected to work. (applause) >> to offset the state's deep cuts to our school district, this proposed budget includes an unprecedented $110 million in education support over the
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next two years, and we are taking on additional responsibilities at our school districts where we will see new support from the private sector for middle schools, and new support with our federal partners with promised neighborhoods grants. and thanks to our city librarian, we will be extending library hours throughout our city. (applause) >> we are going to make san francisco an even safer city. we developed a six-year police staff and fire staffing plan to train san francisco's first responders. over the next two years ~ san francisco will hire 300 new sworn police officers with six new academy classes. and we will add 120 firefighters with three new fire academy classes. with with 35 construction
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cranes across our skyline, you can see public and private construction jobs being created every day. in fact, an estimated 223,000 jobs will be created over the happy new year, everybody. i love the fact that we are doing next 10 years from city projects alone. a tournament here at the center. for our part, we're making a sound investment of $25.1 billion in capital projects over the next 10 years through our city's ten-year capital plan. when i was in eighth grade i this proposed budget includes played on a basketball teechl. unprecedented levels of general fund sub poderth for these team. i have to admit i wasn't smart capital investments. ~ support very good at it. i always $72 million in year one and aspired to be an nba player. $105 million in year two. thank you, president david chiu, for your collaboration on our city's 10 year capital plan that will ensure we regardless of playing in strategically invest in our city's infrastructure. (applause) college or nexpect many of you have be leading us because of the leadership >> now, this budget will fully skills you are learning on
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fund the street repaving program to improve streets and sidewalks and continue construction and planning on critical projects such as the water and sewer system improvement programs, our new general hospital, the bayview opera house, and improvements to muni. and thanks to the 195 million dollar voter approved parks bond, we will continue to invest in our parks and open spaces. (applause) ~ >> last year, together with the support of voters, we passed the housing trust fund, a $1.5 billion stream of funding over the next 30 years for affordable housing and assistance to first-time home buyers. over the next two years we have budgeted $42.8 million for new affordable housing development for helping first-time homeowners including first responders with down payment assistance and preserving and
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stabilizing existing housing. here's a fact. every public dollar for new affordable housing development will be leveraged with two private dollars. all of these investments are needed to protect the housing stock in our city and to make sure san francisco can be affordable. and we are doing it smartly with some of the strongest tenant protectionses in place. the small businesses are at the heart and soul of our local economy. my proposed budget includes funding for an online business portal to cut through bureaucratic red tape and make it easier for an entrepreneur to start and operate a business in san francisco. this budget continues my invest in neighborhoods initiative that is creating customized plans in 25 different neighborhood commercial districts and providing job squad and providing a job squad that brings city hall to our neighborhood businesses.
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and because san francisco's truly a global city, we're going to build on the success of china s.f. and expand our outreach to latin america and asian market street, not just to attract businesses to come here, but i'd like for us to really begin to introduce "made in san francisco" products to these growing market street. (applause) ~ markets >> while the worst of the economic crisis may be behind us, we cannot deviate from our commitment to fiscal responsibility and reform. we will continue to invest in our neighborhoods, in our infrastructure, and most importantly, in our people. i want to recognize budget chair supervisor mark farrell again for leading the budget effort and making this a very collaborative process. i want to thank my staff led by steve kava, and to my budget
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office led by kate howard. and also a great thanks to ben rosenfield, our city controller and his staff, and then an anticipated thanks in advance to budget analyst harvey rose for his anticipated cooperation. [laughter] >> so, i know this is short, but i think you look at the budget. to me it's quite a sweet budget. so, let's roll up our sleeves. let's get this budget done collaboratively. and then let's spend our time making sure that we get 6,000 jobs for our youth this summer. thank you very much. (applause)
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>> we are here at j.c. plumbing. you are going to show was plumbing fixtures. >> yes, we are. very excited to have you. >> let's look at fixtures and faucets and accessories. it is going to be very exciting here. please join us for "bluilding sf." joining janessa and i today is andre. thanks for coming. we have had some great times in the past with some of these shows. you have been kitchen and bath
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in the past. >> i'm an architect. i do a lot of construction work. or >> do people look for when they do a bathroom remodels? >> that is a good question. kitchens are the ultimate and social room, while bathrooms are kind of the opposite. bathrooms, like kitchens, are part of homes and houses, so they are part of architecture, and they are opportunities for people to express themselves, to express their style. they are just an important element in the house is in san francisco. >> i think we can talk about how bathrooms had changed in san francisco. the old-style we're used to have a separate compartment for the bathtub, and now, we have a whole different concept. >> traditionally in san francisco bathrooms. a separate room for a toilet,
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and a second room for a tub. i have done literally dozens of projects where we try to combine them. the difference in today's baffin's is there is a lot more stuff. double vanities, soaking tub, showers, toilets, bedets, a lot more things going on. >> has this economic decline at the moment -- has that affected people's desire for complexity in stuff? have you seen a short-term move toward simplicity? >> yes and no. people still love their bathrooms. people think of them as an important room, as an investment for their home. yes, there is the gamut. some people are really just for function and utilitarian. some of them are large and lavish and everything in between. >> we are going to start looking we can talk about fixtures and
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use that as a springboard for questions for our audience and discussions from some of the manufacturers we have here. let's start by looking at one right back here. this is a really interesting one because this has some of the characteristics of a traditional san francisco building. it has this starting with the board, i think it is called, and it has both old-fashioned kind of pictures and real modern stuff. what do you see here? >> looking around, it has gone a soaking tub. >> it has little jets in a, so like a spot/hydrotherapy kind of thing? >> exactly. what people need to be mindful on for these types of tubs are two things -- number one, they have a motor, and you have to have an access panel on it. you have to be mindful of that. you cannot just stick it in there and hide the motor forever. it has waterjets here.
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really popular in these tubs is soaps and oils, and the water recycles them. sometimes the shampoos and oils clogged the system. an alternative to that is air jets. air jets do not do that. it has a pedestal sink and a matching toilet. it has a wonderful medicine cabinet here with a great feature now, so there is actually a locking compartment so you can put your medicines in there. >> there you go. excellent. and it has got its little shaving mirror or whatever. makeup mirror. normally, this would be recessed, right? >> yes, it would be pushed on the wall, so you have to be again mindful about that. when you are doing the construction, you have to leave a little opening for a period >> one of the big issues we always have is coordination and construction between the fixture's and the trade.
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the plumber might come along and put a vent pipe or some of the plumbing lines in the wall light real -- right where you want to resist the medicine cabinet, so we need to have the architect or someone coordinate between the contractor and the various subcontractors just to make sure that the homeowner gets what they had in mind when they designed it. >> absolutely. even in a bathroom, there is a lot going on. there is medicine cabinets. there is light sconces. you are going to have a light switch here, and our live here, so you want to be very thoughtful about where they placed them, and either a design professional or a good contractor will help you coordinate them. also, this is -- also, an alternative to a pedestal sink, this is very popular now, these are vessel sinks. this would be a basin, which is in a bowl shape that would sit on the counter. these are very popular. this is obviously very contemporary design for a very
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traditional design. i always tell the clients about worrying about cleaning and things like that. this bathtub also has a hand- held shower element, which is good forehand baiting and just for cleaning as well. >> i have some questions about these fixtures and fittings. they seem to oppose all kinds of plumbing issues. fortunately, we are here today with san francisco's chief plumbing inspector. i have a question for you. i'm concerned about the hand- held shower. i always hear about that flow prevention. if you were to drop the shower into the tub, you might contaminate the water supply. >> that is correct. that kind of installation on the bottom of that picture, you would actually have a vacuum they would install on the bottom where the host does connect to the faucet itself which would prevent any kind of back flow into the plumbing system. >> so it is isolating this from the water supply? >> is. the house itself, that line, it
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would contaminate it if you had it inside of the bathtub, but with the vacuum breaker, it would prevent any kind of water to get into the plumbing. >> so it you dropped it into dirty water, you not want that dirty water to enter and that flow and contaminated. >> that is 100% correct. >> what are the special requirements when you have a tub that has all kinds of special features and fittings like that? >> just the ones that we have here, like we said before, access to the motor is a key thing. a lot of people do forget to leave space or have access to those motors. >> where does that usually occur? >> three places i have seen that they have had those motors would be one in the backside where you could see the headrest would be. that would be one spot. on the paneling in the front, there sometimes is irremovable panel that we remove so we can get to that murder, and the
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backside where the actual cost is. at this time, there would actually be an access panel in the back. it all depends on how it lays out, again, coordination with the contractor himself or professional that wants to be responsible for the location of where that is going to be. also, you could actually have motors in other locations. they could be up in an attic space or somewhere else that would provide servicing for that picture. >> so it is a good requirement that there is to be an access panel for that murder. >> that's right. 100% for plumbing and electrical as well. >> every one of these has to be independently tested and approved. you cannot make your own fixture? you have to have enlisted piece of equipment. >> settings and fixtures need to be listing accordingly. definitely. >>:. the next thing we are going to do is answer the question that i received in an e-mail from ray, who wanted to know about what a
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saving features in toilets and sinks. look at all of these toilets. this is great. we have everything from soda a very traditional toiletries some of these have real newfangled contraptions built into them, but we want to start by talking about green features and things that can reduce water use in san francisco. can you tell us a little bit about that? she is a toilet expert, by the way. >> toilets have all different flows, but carli, you have to have a 1.6 gallon or less. -- currently. >> that is the state plumbing code minimum standard. >> that is going to save your water compared to what a lot of people still have in their bathrooms. they have 3.5 or 5 gallons. that is using a ton of water. >> the year there is a new city ordinance rereduem flow flesh? >> and a lot of manufacturers are real -- are already making those toilets. right here, we have a dual-flush
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toilet. this toilet uses 1.6 gallons on the full flush and 0.9 on the half less. >> what happened? >> it automatically opens. this is a fancy toilet. we can get to that later. >> this is the half loss, which is how many? >> 0.9. so it is very good toilet, water-saving. and then the other kind of toilet that saves water is and 1.28 gallons a flush. >> i know when people first started selling and installing the 1.6, there were problems with it
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