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tv   [untitled]    August 31, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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california support associate services and mental consulting and maybe a little bit of mass age can actually open up somebody's heart and mind and want to take care of themselves. this is what happens in our city when you combine the technology companies and you combine them with the hearts that have been there with the associate programs and departments and, yes i'm going to continue to expand those programs. i understand that as we create for shelter it has to have ongoing services and we're concentrating on those services. people have to be able to change their minds about things and they can't do that with too much
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challenge. and this level of comfort likewise us to have that conversations and it's with you the volunteers we get this special opportunity to do that. i want to say from the bottom of my heart and as the representative for all san francisco thank you, thank you, thank you for all you're great work, bring forgot the love of this city and make sure we continue with generations of other people we've got to continue being helpful and this is what san francisco is all about. thank you for being great san franciscans (clapping) >> as we think of our 50th event we think about what the mayor said this is a city of compassion.
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there have been 23 though volunteers that help the needs of the homeless in this city. 3 thousand. if you do the math that's 1 out of every san franciscan has been involved and have been involved with the homeless in our community. that is something that no other city can boost and that comes from the top down. when we think about what our city has to over one of the you biggest things we have is people who are ill maybe they're on the street from diabetes. last week, i saw a man who said i've worked for 20 years he hurt his back and now he's addicted to his painkillers and living on the street.
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i said let's work together by we've he got to get you healthy first. and the way we can do that is by using the health department services. what can we do for the most vulnerable person. it's not just the medical it's creating a relationship with the client and with the patient so they know they can trust their doctor and come in and he not be judged and comfortable with their medical director and that's because of the director ms. garcia. and that's the spirit we embody so today thank you barbara garcia and the rest of the council for all they've done. we wouldn't be here you think
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back 50 times ago and it was pretty much the staff that said we want to do more and that's the leadership of barbara garcia. so thank you barbara (clapping) we had a special teacher we'd like to give to barbara and is mark here as well? oh, there you are (clapping) so hopefully mark and barbara marseille is the director of community height programs and it daily support. any time we have a need she points us to the right person.
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it's that type of leadership that appraise services but we don't just stop at medical we know you need showers and hair cuts so thank you to dp h (clapping) the next person i'd like to introduce is janet oh, sorry there you are. i just met her today and i think we're going to be faster friends anybody who wants to help the homeless is precious. she's respond who tom is also here. whether you shield has been here from the beginning and how many of you are here from blue shield today? look at all us.
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i have blue shield as my required that i think my dr. is downstairs. thank you so much. (clapping) >> good morning you i'm jan it chd for blue shields. wire at the corner of market and belly. we take our commitment to our fellow county members at heart. it's core to our mission. i i'm here to mark the 50th service event and mayor lee we want to thank you for your ongoing support for your compassion. we're proud to be your neighborhood and partner.
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we want to thank the staff at the homeless connect and all of you who are taking our time to be here. we really appreciate it. so as a california based san francisco not-for-profit our mission is to make sure all san franciscans have quality care. i'm thrilled you're happy with the rates of the city and county of san francisco (laughter) i'm equally thrilled we've been here. since 2004 we've attributed about $4,000 and we're very proud of that (clapping) >> and frankly the only thing i'm more proud of is that today, we have more than 1 hundred blue
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shield employees here volunteering their time (clapping) so with that thank guys four being here today (clapping). >> thank you janet we also have sprint with us. they have been with us from the beginning. we have every single event people who haven't talked with their loved one that these sometimes, people come in and haven't talked to their loved ones for years and so we want to thank you for bringing our wonderful volunteers and for coming ageism event so people can connect with their loved
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once. >> good morning this is a rally so let's hear interest. i'm chris and i'm so exist to be standing here at the public and private sector for the magic of homeless connect. i want to take the opportunity to thank mayor lee. as it's been said sprint has been here providing a phone bank and allowing people to connect. this is not my first time here. i'm also recommended of people who connect through volunteers like you or people connecting on the phone i only feel uplift.
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also those fire department's are not just about the events but about people. there are two people at sprint that work for us that's matt and another gentleman. please stand up (clapping) between the two of them they've been at every single event and set up the phone bank and rallied the sprint volunteers. and a i have i didn't takes the phones home to make sure this things happen. so thank you i have i didn't and a matt (clapping) before i hand off to my peer i want to say where why i think
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the wireless is important. i see many heartwarming things but theirs people who don't get to talk with folks. so we'll continue on an ongoing basis to make sure those people connect and the wisely make sure that people stay connected outside of project connect. so jane (clapping) >> thank you chris. it's terrific to be here. i want to thank mayor lee and one of our staff and it's the reason we're available in california. i'm jane wallace and we're thrilled to be here.
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i've heard a saying that engineers built the 81 tank but sprint build the arc. so this is important so imperative yourselves a hand. assurance wireless is a woreless way to stay connected. we've got services for the homeless 83 and a phone is finding out about a space and a shelter and findings out about social services and being reminded about decreases appointment. people apply and we have the gentleman from new jersey. we've got david and heather and robin and we're here to help
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people apply for the wireless he phone. it's not a smallest phone it lets you pick up the phone and call and send and receive text messages. all we want to do is make people feel more connected. i just wanted to say we're going to work with all of you to explain what the necessary paperwork is to show they're eligible if they're on some form of public assistance or medicaid something like that their likely going to be eligible for assurance wireless it's simple. and we're thrilled to be here today (clapping) >> again, when we talk about the leadership of our community and it's exciting to think that people are busy but still come
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today. and one of the people is david campos from district 9. >> thank you. i'll be brief. good morning, everyone this is a pretty good-looking crowd. mr. mayor thank you for being here. we're lucky as a city we've got people he heading the departments you have the staff and the public and different commentary partners. in is an event in many relevance is about what san francisco is about as a city. we're the city of st. francis and the tradition of st. francis we take care of our own. there's a lot of great prosperity but there are people who are struggling. we as a city are only as strung
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as the person who has the least. and by that measure this is an important event. and you the people what take time to be here and help other people. and not only the other services but connect with them on a human level. those phone calls are not used to be treated with respect and the fact you're doing that can be life changing p i'm proud to be part of this event. i want to thank you you're making san francisco the city of hope for so many people. so thank you >> thank you supervisor campos. you know, i've been taught your blessed whether argue blessing. today, we're blessed when we see people giving up their day so thank you to you guys.
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let's give ourselves a round of applause for coming out today. i have have list of people i want to thank but one of the first, we have the ceo and forgive me if i'm saying your name wrong. thank you so much for participating today they'll helped us expand our mental and dental team so people can get the best services as they move into permanent housing so thank you. i want to thank alex. he's been obviously from the beginning that. one of the founders. anytime i need something i say we need a little bit of extra
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money for socks. all the things you do thank you sf city for snanlt helping. one of the things it sf city is it doing for us is anything who joins us on facebook or tweeter weight receive one dollar for each new follower for people who like us on facebook. we have 1 thousand volunteers if he each of you like us on facebook that's $1,000 we can ice toward dentures. i beg you i have 68 followers nobody knows any. some of you have thousands of followers so tweet today.
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you might ask why it's important. well each day people come in and say i need a pair of socks. small business last week got her wheelchair stolen. she walked in the doors and said that and we put it outthink tweeter and a couple of hours latter someone pulled it out of the garage. i promise you, we, use your resources. we have a lot of people to thank. who's here from the advanced english academy. we want to thank. there's some people (clapping) yeah. again thank you blue shield for
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being here from the beginning and other companies and project 20 and sf travel association u.s. bank and walgreen's. so that's a lot of people. thank you. we want to thank sarah today. they said we want to you got their lunch. so thank you. we have an extra special lunch today. so enjoy and thank you. i also want to show. today, we're doing something special we've got our 50 event t-shirts. this is kit i don't know how many of you have met her she's replaced randell and says he misses us but this is our new
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volunteer coordinator >> so the artists explained to me and said that pen begins huddle together when it's cold so pen begins are a good mascot. and on the back we have all the people we've serviced at the event so pick one up after the rally (clapping) >> we also want to thank joe at dp h and the behavioral director and the imminent. we couldn't do what we do. it takes health you providers and they provided decreases that give their day to be here.
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a couple of weeks ago you can make those connections. so we're excited to say thank you to that. we want to thank the people who voted for the t-shirts. one of the things we're going to be doing this christmas is holiday cards. we'll have a few volunteers who want to use their art for something. we're going to have cards that are directed the imagines will be from the clients so if you want to buy holiday cards buy them in october from us. most of everybody we want to thank those folks for divorcing the coffee. and the dog pet sitters.
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and last but not least the health commission. we really want to make sure that everybody who comes here today feels appreciated. so if i don't get a change to come up to everyone please know that i care. each one of us counts. so, now that you're here you're part of us. welcome. and have a wonderful day (clapping) we have a new project that's just newly started and then we're going to go right into the volunteer training. so hand up connect is a new project and i'm going to let rose blooming explain this. it's a new technology used to connected with clients. so as we continue to be innovative we're participating
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with other. go ahead rose >> thanks. so you won't be surprised to here like all of you i'm here to help our community. but i'm here to a launch my start up so here's the launch. yeah. (clapping) >> hand up is a new hand up program it lets you sdmoot directly to folks using a text message and it can only be used for food and clothing through project connect (clapping) so we're going to be signing up about 70 people today and you can invite their profiles it's hand up dot us our website.
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i'd like to thank mr. dusty and the mayor's office of innovation and the mayor thank you. i want to thank our start up inincubator and, of course, project homeless connection our partners and people who are putting together this incredible event so give an applause for them too. thanks guys check us out on line. who wants the shirts >> thank you all go ahead and stay seated for the volunteer training. i'll be here so stop by and say hi, and invest us on facebook ♪
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♪ at 62942 working with together we can support your children. it's been my dream to start is a valley school since i was a little girl. i'm having a lot of fun with it (clapping) the biggest thing we really want the kids to have fun. a lot of times parents say that valley schools have a lot of problems but we want them to
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follow directions but we want them to have a wonderful time and be an affordable time so the kids will go to school here. we hold the classes to no longer 12 and there's 23 teachers. i go around and i watch each class and there's certain children i watched from babies and it's exciting to see them after today. the children learn how to follow directions and it ends up helping them in their regular schooling. they get self-confidents and
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today, we had a residual and a lot of time go on stage and i hope they get the bug and want to dance for the rest of their >> a few years ago, i attended
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a public event at sfaliason, i don't know if you were there but it had a huge impact on me. i went to hear alaferalaison speak and instead a heard a neuro biologist and a snow flake scientist and tj clark who is an arc historian. it was amazing, it was the most amazing night. and we have actually modeled our public programs off of that event ever since. we like at the arts commission to broad a broader dialogue around the works that we show. not just having the artists themselves present, but to present different ways of thinking about their work, different ways of thinking about contemporary art in general. and leaving you thinking, as you leave. so, tonight we have someone from young and we have a photographer who is not in the
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show, alongside of our current existing artists. if you like this program, you will like other things that we do in terms of our public programs. tonight, we will hear our featured artists and then from the invited guests who i will introduce. if there is time i will direct a couple of questions in their direction. there will be no q, and a, tonight this program was not designed as a dialogue and we hope that you will attend before it closes. we are going to start with the artists. brenda, snosa who is in the blue shirt, he works in amsterdam and received his ba and his ma in 2005 from the frank mart institute in holland. he has exhibited in tipai, pa
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ris, and many others and now san francisco. last mobsinger he opened his first large scale solo expedition at land of tomorrow in kentucky, which i didn't know about. i encourage you to look up that institution. it is an incredible, incredible space. and program. his work resides in the sachi and smithsonian and others. he has written about in art publications his work was recognized by time magazine as one of the top ten inventions of 2012. it is represented by lonkini gallery in london and now i would like to have him come up and speak. [ applause ]