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tv   [untitled]    September 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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he or she has achieved. the final lift in the lifetime achievement category are robert, the team of john (calling names) this recipient of the lifetime achievement word is people's.
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>> i've prepared a speech i'm glad i'm going to be using it so i want to thank the asian pacific community and this year's for their dedication of the heritage month celebration.
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my gratitude goes out for the panel of judges for relating me. i admire the folks here today. behind the success of every person is a village of supporters mine is my family headed by my mother. mom. she taught me to love unconditional. my son anticipate and my
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beautiful daughter there's the reasons for my living my friends who keep me well-balanced with the happy hours and thousands of students who have inspired me to be a better person and lately my god and safer who guided me everyday. i'm very grateful for this recognition >> (clapping) and congratulations and thank you to all say judges and congratulations for the
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recipient for their important work and contribution on behalf of our community. (clapping). now because of the special theme of honoring choechlts the committee has decided to present a special recognition award. let's role the video. all right. let me just act to out. help, help, help. ♪ ♪ redefining ailing entertainment.
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live concerts and events the hottest music videos original shows. and - tv. and comedy mixed tv redefining asian americans entertainment. >> okay. (clapping) >> for the longtime time peep kept getting me confused with a guy on lost. i actually saw whatever reason people cuff with me with - i don't know if i should be a - congratulations to super star
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ron lee pr i let the cat out of the bag okay. wow. >> we are the supply - so because of this - but it was a good show. so this community slide is about opportunity to promote the arts and really looking at if they want to be on the stage they're given that opportunity. we look at all the young people who were watching tv and looking at the videos it didn't take us long to understand that this is the cable networking in the
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country that carries all content it focused on asian arts and we appreciate the work so i want to invite the general manager of mixed city. thank you for your work >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you for this amazing honor. mixed tv has grown so much over the year and 10 millions of
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household and chicago but san francisco has a special place in our hearts. and she works with me on mixed tv. we had our first major launch on 2009. we also had our first major event that won lots of awards but san francisco is where we start mixed tv so basically thank you to the city of san francisco. the bay area apa committee for your support and we hope to continue wreaking down barriers for the asian communicate. thank you so much.
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(clapping) >> so i want to name my two amazing co- chairs i know that they were here. once you're part of us you never get to leave. i want to thank all of them. we have actually over 70 or 80 volunteers but they're all over at city hall for us to get there. some of us are sitting in front of commuter with facebook and twittering but once in a while a
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lot of the responsibilities i wish who's going to do all the work? this reminds me ever a celebration and i'm sure our co- chairs feel it, too coming together and doing what they can to make it happen. somebody asked about us the asian pacific american families and for us coming from us volunteers we have thought about one person came to mind over the years - i mean, i have worried about every little detail and over the years i've learned that people will take care of this and i learned i can trust this person so this evening we want to thank for all your years of
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contribution ron (clappin (clapping). improvision ron (laughter) we got the call for the next 9 years; right? >> thank you. it's been a real pleasure working with this lady and i really like to organization and i've been helping here for 9 years and it's a pleasure every year to see all you porters who
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come out to work with this program. i hope this program carries on and on for many years and with clau this lady's leadership how can we lose? (clapping). i don't want to go back. (clapping) >> sorry. i was thinking this was the last time i would be invited here.
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so at the newly opened jazz center they've been working to make this innocent a misconduct as well as a surprise and he needs to be recognized for a job well done. let's give them is an award. as part of this annual tradition it's always folded by a reception. i'm told there are modern 15 restaurants to oversee the foods for sampling. city hall is a short 3 block walk if you choose to walk off
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all the calories. the buffet will be waiting for you. oh, yeah, go in style. it's waiting across the street from the jazz center and it's ramp softball. if you're walking we'll have escorts wait for you. they can only intercity hall from the entrance and there will be a red carpet waiting for you. once you enter city hall you'll be required to go through security. and annoy a finale john has been an educateor he has been
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performing at the washington, d.c. on may 9th. ladies and gentlemen, the gentleman john james. >> i have to perform two pizza lovers song and you'll never walk alone it pays contribute attribute to my family to my grandparents and daughter four generates but to the immigrants and american born. so i'm going to begin with the
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butterfly love song. long before shakespeare wrote this there's a famous chinese leniently who are forces to separate and die of traffic circumstances and return to life as butterflies. from that legion there's a chinese melody that originated from all the women in 1923 and that chinese melody later became the theme for the butterflies violin concerto. i honor this from china representing the generation of my grand parents who were chinese immigrants in the united
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states. i trofrm this in an expression of my own. >> don't confuse me. (clapping). ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ in ma ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in (clapping) >> after my father died in a two airplane collision over the grand canyon my mom had to singularly raise my sister and me and rogers and hammer stevens
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you'll never walk alone it has carried me throughout my whole life. i recovered the meaning of you'll never what can alone when i was for church services at a black church. the first time the black congregation sank thomas a doris sister take my hand precious lord i heard the lyric through the symptom and i connected the words when you walk through is a storm. i how were you this song you'll never walk alone the the soft united states representing the generation of my parents, my
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father a chooindz immigrant who became a united states citizen and my moth an american-born chinese and i take this american song and transform is to my own expression this is dedicated to my 17 year-old dauth daughter who's from chinese and one the 3 victims who died at the marathon boston bombings on may 15th. little listing is a what a 22 years old female student from china who attended the boston university and she loved music and she loved to play the piano
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you'll never walk alone. ♪ ♪ ♪
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