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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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himself mark levine the tenth district and assemblyman from the 22 district and from the 19 and assembly member from the 25th (clapping) >> now mayor brown made a very i think prospective statement when he talked about the bay area wanted a bridge that expresses the daring the human innut and symbols the splendor of oakland and the ante bay. as the other speakers who stood before you this is what we're
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inaugurateing today. the other thing i recall that's been mentioned. my first memory was the 57 quake that was centered if san mateo. and, of course, i've lived through every other quake including the 89 and i'll tell you what a huge relieve for me to know that i and everyone else who uses the bridge will no longer have to be in the fear of their lives. now we can drive across that with the assurance we're not risking our lives. we thank everyone who built it today and we're so glad that quake didn't happen yet. i think we're all proud it is a span that will withstand
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centuries and will be with us so long as the large place in yosemite and which our firefighters are currently fighting to protect from the rim fire. i also want to take this opportunity to thank the workers for their incredible work on this stand (clapping) a year ago i had the privilege as a guest of california trans to bring many folks from building trade to look and take a tour of the new span and also to go to the very top of the tower and it was breath i taking. and we're so, so pleased that labor used their blood, sweat
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and tears and going got good jobs and will continue to get good jobs and they remove the industry. and i'll introduce my colleague from the other side of the span senator mark (clapping) >> thank you essentially woman it's a great pleasure to be here. fellow elected colleagues and distinguished guests i want to over my heartfelt thanks to the contractors and workers and m t c, caltrans, california transportation mission and, of course, the voters who have done what was necessary to get us to this day.
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it's been said woven a web the dreams into a web of steel. what a better time to remember the 83 hundred workers. those men who tirelessly told you to make sure that a madman's dream was realized. and that madman was bernard who back in 1872 imagined a bridge connecting oakland to san francisco but that the armies should arrest the folks for failing to make this happen. different from the chain cutting when the bay celebrated on time and under biscuit engineering marvel we can take pride that
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not a single human life was lost in the construction of this 21st century san francisco bay bridge (clapping) let's humbly remember the 28 lives lost in 1923 to 26 and, yes in the upcoming public hearings in the senate we'll review and learn from our mistakes so the economic costs will not remedying repeat itself. but public sentiment today would never have tolerated such loss of life no matter how great the project. safety has and also will be tape priority for the bridge. it now carries 2 hundred and 80
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thousand vehicles everyday. compare it to 9 million vehicles the first year the bay bridge was in service. we have been collective blessed in this borrowed time taken us to arrive at this historic day that no other tragedy has resulted. but that concern is now behind us as and enjoy the beauty and the safety of this extraordinary imply bridge. i personally will remember the bridge i saw the first day it was 1967. the occasion was my first of many viewings of the congratulate r graduate. i was seduced by the magic of
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san francisco bay and, of course, that spider convertible i was hooked. that took that 16-year-old boy to get here but i've never looked back. i love i san francisco bay area and i love you san francisco bay bridge. as we say in the jewish language should you life to 1 hundred and 20 years it's my honor to introduce the colleague next. prevailing wages and i ask you to help me in welcoming the council of california mr. robby hunter
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(clapping) >> >> the state building construction trade represents 4 hundred and 80 thousand workers. i myself am a member of the structural and workers and spent almost thirty years building skyscrapers and bridges thought california. as we stand here today in the shadow of two of the most historic bridges built over 80 years ago on this labor day i decade those words to all the workers even the ones that are gone. construction of thousands of bridges those historic spans -
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those - of historic bridges spanning the great national divides this will allow our nation to grow. part of the new deal to lift us up from the great depression the construction of this bridge one of the greatest employment for our nation. the jobs this bridge provided during this time helped many families to get through the did the times. a bridge of this type of is one of the most dangerous of the
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construction folks. over 1 hundred million hours were worked with no loss of life. i would like to thank american bridge for for caring about our workers. caltrans for insuring that every procedure that would be deployed was put in during the process but most of all i'd like to thank the workers from all the trades that worked hard, utilizing their you training and sack fixing time from their family. on this labor day we can find no finer contribute than to be standing here in the presence of
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this bridge with pride and dignity >> thank you. >> i'll read off some of the list the iron workers local 377 and 78 the operating engineering and the local 34 are the carpenter local 22. the labors 2 61 the cement masonry and i b w locals. all right. brothers. with that i'd like to introduce want and ceo of american bridge joint venture and mike i do thank you for taking care of of our workers (clapping) >> this is a tiff act to fellow
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thank god i'm not last. good afternoon it's a pleasure to be here. the bridge is kind of like my little girl. before i started on this job i moved here from the east coast and it's changed my lifelike many of you. the bridge itself build a lot of partnerships. the bridge facilitator the unique marriage of partners not only with reporter to those partnership certainly the design with t y listen and on the owner side with the partnership that involved the ct c and, of
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course, caltrans. the early days of the job the sas project we had a meeting here in oakland and the department oversight committee delivered the message to get the last key piece done as opposed to. and roar the san francisco bay bridge to seismic safety before the economy could be devastated. the message became a singular focus for all the stakeholder that went on to forge a lot of no relationships. and through the strength of that
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common goal we have seen things insewer mountable. the finish le is in sight. in a matter of hours we'll win the race and open the new bridge. i'd like to thank the department for all it's support and partnership. the tall oversight committee for its leadership and vision of this stunning new bridge. and believe me it's stunning. but no matter how great that vision and how complete that plan it still has to be executed by people, skilled craftsman and designers from all over the world literally many millions of man-hours to bring together the
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plans of the designers. to our key supplies who have traveled here from china, from south korea, from japan the japan steelworks and from the uk we welcome you to oakland. it's a privilege to share this moment and we're grateful for our many contributions >> let us be mindful of several other contractors who are responsible for the skyway, the function foundation and such. flatiron west and manson construction and cc myers and california engineers and contractors, silver construction
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and west by a builders and granite construction and many, many more subcontractors who played a key role. i want to be a little bit selfish and thank you. the men and women for their spiert and their pride of performance in executing this structure. you have set a new standard in bridge building and without question and i can say this with 40 years experience your the best team i've ever had the privilege to lead and i miss you all greatly. so as long last we can cross
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this bridge and marvel at the beauty. please remember the dedicated workers to whom the spotlight along these to honor the contributions of all. thank you (clapping) >> thank you both mike and robby. i'd like to a nouns the arrival of the lieutenant governor you're welcome to join us in here and swelterer. he's a smart guy who will stand in the doorway. another sobering aspect is the time it took to complete it.
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babies born in 1989 are annoy adult. in the nearly 24 years since the shaking stopped we've lost people who worked on our bridge. at this time i'd like to acknowledge some of the people who helped with the design and the construction of this bridge who we've lost. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ . the last name you saw on the screen was the single fatality that day in loma.
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i'm honored to introduce you to someone who helped rescue that young man's brother from that vehicle. he's retired since. doug can you stand and be recognized? right there (clapping) . i now have the pleasure to introduce my chairperson so prepare for another truly set of remarks. amy become chair a little bit over a year ago and this was prebolts and i'm sure figured there might be more of a straight line but she's held up like a trooper and been a great
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leader through a difficult time in this project. loophole join me in welcoming my chair amy worth (clapping) >> thank you, very much. steve i'm honored to be here to welcome i all and to say what a great a day and congratulations to everyone. it really is a glorious day. being around the eastern span one of the things you may have noticed it that construction is not an old boy's club anymore. it's something that video news man mark john noticed when he was documenting the bridge. so he's done more than 20 oral histories. and he comprised a short video precisely some of the women who
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have transcribed to the ante span. please join me >> i work in san francisco my mother worked on the new bridge and my brother. my mom worked on the first and second phase with me for another one of the contractors that were out here. and my grandfather worked on the original span but it's been fun. >> it's one of those projects that's come in a lifetime. >> it's seeing it take a look take shape. when i finish our work you see something >> i work for the superintendent of the project. so no days even the same. it's interesting like i said in high school i'm going to work
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and build bridges (clapping) thank you mark for our outstanding work documenting the women who are breaking barriers in the infrastructure. and also for for or against a pathway for our daughters and our granddaughter's interest thank you (clapping) >> as m t c and commissioner and as commission chair it's been a privilege to have the opportunity over the years to get so close to the bridge project even in the last 6 months and now to know the men
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and women who have brought this bridge to life. i'd like to thank my colleagues into past and present who's vision led to this magnificent bridge and to a our independent panel of folks. i'd like to extend a special thanks to our highway administration and to thank all the toll payers who made this possible. i'd like to a thank all the people to tell this story through their words and photographs and videos and personal stories from engineers to administrative staff, xarptsd and painters and iron rngz and
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boat captains and project managers and every other job there is. the people on this project have been truly exceptional not just professional and hardworking but happy to be doing the work they do and happy to talk about it and to share their problematic on this incredible project. i remember coming out to the island in the previous day labor day closing and being fascinate by carrying out staff. the whole island was abuzz. it was the buzz of commitment. i'll never forgot the dynamic as watching the engineers that evening as we watched the crew
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at the time sit out the hypocritical jacks and they move forward the 3 hundred and 50 foot new bridge pass by inch by inch. there was only two inches even if space on that 3 hundred and 50 innovate section. this bridge is made of a lot more of cement and steel it's made of pride. pride in the creation and pride in the prevention and the achievement and the challenges faced and overcome and pride in making a splendid location not just that's beautiful today but truly spectacular for generations to come. some will look at the bridge and see a road and other will see art and other will see science.
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all of those is true yet i will effort look at this beautiful span and see the people together who bridged road, art and science and made them soar >> thank you (clapping) and now in keeping of the theme of the great people who have contributed to this bridge i'll introduce my great friend chair of the california transportation commission (clapping). >> thank you amy as chairman of the transportation commission it's a real honor to be here today. i'll to take this moment to
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recognize and honor all my fellow commissioner who are present today starting with bob bob bobby. commissioner lucy and fran, commissioner joe (clapping) >> i'd like to honor two of our past commissioners x commissioner jerry, and ex-commissioner phil. (clapping). >> i'd like to acknowledge our current and past directors and their staff in keeping this project moving forward. the ct c has plated a big role as established be by the legislature in july 2005. we've been