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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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the current space is not welcoming or inviting. in the past a permanent location gave the families a sense of community and a plays to go and have immediate access to academic sport in the educational setting. however, with all this in mind soft our successes we've accomplished we offered directly tutoring sires for family science night and have to 2 week summer program. we provide family nights with cultural fun themes. we have an active committee that helps to determine the goals and objectives of the program biensz or based on the data. we have our student elected
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representative. provide expanded educational stunt with college tours to stanford and u.s. santa cruz. support parents and guardians to understand the positive and campfire them to help with the agriculture needs. and to help with the educational language. collaborates annual event and the wisdom of moving forward event >> and our dancipowwow. we collaborator with the american indian community to support the youth and families.
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we received consultant oppose at the schools. >> thank you very much. so along with our successes our changes are the indian education program which are a nonpriority and challenge is to have a permanent location. we need to set up our libraries and a sf d staff to access as well as other resources. the district needs to republic a report that identifies all the current list of american indian students. we have only the information that identifies them but we need all identifies. we need the support the distribution for those students
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who are identified as primary or secondary. the parents want to help with the outreach but access is limited to district employees only. there is a need to educate number one indian students and practices to continue in city hall's. it's still taught by columbus discovered america in texas books. plus schools don't show us in our physical features. support of the identity of our youth and challenged by their myths into the different democracy and lack u67 of
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sensitive it. my family had to travel to get to the american indian day and we notified them in advance and we had to get our counselor evolved to get the negative reserves. we need to integrate this into the educational system from preschool up to high school. now to change our changes into successes the indian education advisory committee requests the priority strips to support the indian program. provide a permanent location specifically in the mission district. support the distribution of those who are identifying
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themselves as indian. and to capture the number of indian students and the missed turn out formula grants. it should provide all the applications in the indian education act. from a report synergy is catch all students who have identified themselves as indians and provide the names to the indian coordinator. by the core curriculum to have the indian education program library materials. those are materials provide an educational opportunity for number one native indian
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students to learn and to hear their stories reflected back to them. on behalf of the indian education program we would like to thank the board for listening to our presentation. thank you. >> thank you. we have a number of public speakers signed up for this item. let me find myocarditis. so we'll hear public system first and go ahead with board commits and questions.
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(calling names) (laughter) you were very eager to speak. so if you would like to give public comment you have two minutes per person. you may approach the mike. first speaker, please >> good evening. i'm mary traveling sister hell i'm a grandmother. i've been involved that the indian education program here since it was title 4. my children went to it. i've been listening to a lot of complimentary about funding opportunity that are missed. you know, needing to come and see our location. come to our cafeteria and see
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what we have for our meeting place. this has been going on this is has been 20 years. we need - i mean, there's a federal obligation american indians are awards of this government. the opportunity of the 506 form that's something that's an obligation for everybody who identifies themselves as a secondary indian. that's funding you're missing. we need to educate our educators. my granddaughter talked about the challenge we had during a federal indian holiday. it was - you know, i hesitate
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here but i want to do this. you know, do you know when american indians were granted citizenship to this country. 18924. that's not been it's ridiculous. that goes back to the point of columbus dloefr american here in the bay area. alcatraz. 1972 couldn't knee. i get it my time is running out. but all those things about hollywood images we need to establish a location to build what we need for your community to educate our students and educate the educators. you want to tub diversity we need to show that by example and
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we ask for your support. thank you. >> good evening members. i'm georgia williams. i was a student who bend from interest program that were i have two children that are in the program. i want to emphasize the importance of findings a location. we've been uprooted and had to restart over. it's been frustrating and disheartening to have our materials boxed up and put in the girls locker room. and to us as families as part of the district i think your families deserve something better than that. i encourage you to come to the cafeteria the next pack meeting
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to see what it is like for family engagement to walk into that our family nights are there. it's not very welcoming and warm environment. i want to stress our finding a location. and that's where our community meets and congregates to have community events. i want to thank you to kevin chavez to come to our pack meeting and introduce yourself as the new leadership. we really appreciate the support of the presentation you came and gave and we in support of us. we welcome anytime somebody can come by and we really expand the
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opportunities for district teachers and lisp to incorporate invite literature into their curriculum. thank you. (clapping.) >> hi, i'm angela. my daughter is sitting here she's a third grader. i won't tucking take up much time i will echo the need for permanent space and educate staff from the prospective. of native people and a recognition and celebration that november is native heritage month you'll see special programs in school honoring our community. thank you.
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>> good evening superintendents and commissioner. i'm gloria i'm a parent and have two children. that are sitting over here. i'm going to be actively talking about for a parent that couldn't be here. for ruth. please let the board know how much we need the title vii in the education program. now more than ever the oversights that the title vii program wouldn't be a successful without the support innovation and accountability. we as parents wouldn't feel look the goals ever our children would be possible. we'll only be statistics and
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lost. thank you for your consideration and thank you for your total devocation. your replacement has big shoes to fill i'm sad to see you go i and the baby have the flu so, please send our words. sincerely. so that's on behalf of ms. mchenry. thank you. so time i'm gloria and i'm talking i'm a parent of the district of the former coordinator program. it was a challenge and difficult for me to advocate as a person who is also working inform the district payroll now that i'm no
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longer the 0 quieter i encourage the district to look at the needs of the american indian families and how space is really important and for anybody who moves and you run a program and don't have the support from the district you're having to do everything it's difficult. we've created a program that as you see it very successful and if needed, however, i feel that a lack - because of the lack of support i couldn't reach out to the students that needed the support. that's invited and i'm really grateful for the department it exists now that's going to support the program coordinator and the program coordinator doesn't have to do the mail outs
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and the creating of the flyers and none of the clerical. it's important to be there for the students and a parents. i'm glad the department is there. i want to mention the pack night is november 17, '89 from 6:30 to 8:30ish and we'll have a dancing with features and that's november 18th. the former program director last year there happy trails >> okay. yes dr. >> i feel we're very fortunate to have an indian program and you have a lot to offer we need
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to take advantage of that. i have attended two of our family nights and felt welcome my classmate. the second time i came i came to a recent board program to rename an early education center because retrieved brown the governor of california was anti african-american and wanted to exterminate the indian americans. we had a deep discussion about the diversity.
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my question is about location. i am interested to know what would be the do i have location for folks. it was mentioned in the mission district but it is it a library or cafeteria. i want some that would save the vibrant cult center that would be a further resource to the district. i'd like to address that because way back when my kids wore growing up. we had a bungalow. the coordinator was jim and we had so much there that we were able to go to as a community, you know, resource and outreach. so we need to have the stability of having a place.
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if you have shared space it's disrupt you you know your moving in and out. i want to say that relocation has not been easy for the american indian. to revelocity that time and time again, it's just not healthy. so we need the stability of a location doyle in the midgets. where people have access to it. >> i would say space in such enough to house the resource center to have computers for kids to come and hang out and parents can do workshops. so a location that's not just a cafe terror but a dedicated
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speculation i space like a place near transportation that would be accessible parking, you know. i know those are the main things i would definitely look for in a new space >> commissioner - commissioner haney. >> i want to thank you for your report and to say first of all, that the request that you have here are anonymous reasonable and very straightforward but meaningful and essential. rd them we're sometimes asked as a district it would be nice if we could do that but it's hard to shift through but i hope we
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can follow-up quickly on and we can work with you on that. the space thing seems so critical of how you can support a community if you have that srl around space. i'm interested in how to identify american indian students we should be able to do that. if there's more we can do to push that or sort of running the information or synergy i'd like to know. yesterday to help you with that and support you in doing that i hope we can do that. this is something on the curriculum i'm interested if i agree often the way that american indian are portrayed is
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ridiculous and in san francisco we shouldn't be perpetually that. the office of curriculum reduction is working on that. are they drawing on you as a resource to insure that is happening and who we should be talking to and love to hear our thoughts on that. >> one of the things about the e pc we've been working with the director and he was able to get a form a change of ethnicity form. we have 4 hundred and 65 people identified as indians, however, some are not american indian
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there are from india. they're to do the outreaching and running the program. so one of the things if you're enrolling in the district if you would get a form in order for you to yes you're identifying this is what we need in order for you to identify is that - yeah. so that would be a helpful thing; right? so we would be - >> i want to address that and let the board know we were planning to meet to set up a formal process to take place. >> yes. the change the ethniccy form you can do it to e-mail
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instead of coming to the e pc office. the second with the curriculum is something the parents have wanted to be part of. this is something that's still in the works. >> commissioner. >> can i just say in terms of the curriculum those resources are sitting in the storage unit that's not assessable so even if we wanted to get the materials we've got to get them out of that unit. we need the support from the district staff and we've been told we can't get in there. >> whoever said that you will get in there tomorrow. that's credible we couldn't have access to that you will get that
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information >> thank you. commissioner >> can i explain the reason why is we were located at caesar chavez and at the end of the year there was the move so everything we had moved into the bungalow to relocate it they would only take the mingle thanks or things this year and we were put into the cafeteria with a school coordinator so we're going sharing a space until may until our materials a can be released. >> so that's because of the construction; right? >> yes. >> this is because they don't have a permit space of their own
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that were it's part of construction whatever no, it's because they don't have a permanent space that's itself issue here. >> at the. thank you. so i'm thinking i want to move forward on that. in terms of looking for space so are most of your students and families on this side of town does the population go to specific schools >> so it's. >> nights the mission excelsior bayview. >> so you're looking for the equivalent of a clamor. >> i want some clarity because i know that space is harden our
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after school programs p are sharing space so that's the mission in other spaces. are you on to other spaces i know it has to be have not of convenient for the families to come to >> as a parent advisory committee we have not talked about anything other than the mission area. >> so i'd like to have staff or someone just kind of think about where we have space speaking to the principle at that school and take into account and i'm looking dave who's nodding at me to take a look at any further construction. i don't think what we're currently doing where rap was
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located and we're now the san francisco where the fund was located there was a lot of space there. there's some other places that are not a school site but the bayview is a little bit different but dollars some spaces where the town center is going to be over there. we've kind of talked about a variety of different things being over there but there might be some centrally located sites that we could potential consider. it would be helpful to get a clear finding how regularly it would be used and how many people he'll e you'll need square footage wise. and can then present you with
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some potential options. >> so one of the things it or is that specifically why wore looking for the mission between valencia and cap street those are where the american indian health center are located. and the urn trails program. but so the reason is that the program - the children s are not located in one location their dispersed throughout the area. we've done we've begun outside of the box and a gone to the locations where the children are at at the valencia where the children are located and it's proved to be successful. if we move across town and provide a tutoring service no
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one is going to be there. it would be helpful if we start to think about what's possible >> within the agencies within the mission. >> commissioner mendosa mcdonald. do you think we could put this on the bill's and grounds agenda and maybe speak to our partners at the city college to see if we could swap some space that's a new facility that's centrally relocated so it might be a chance we could are we talking about a space with them >> that's actually a good idea they may have a program like