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tv   [untitled]    November 14, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> i'd like to welcome everyone back to san francisco's planning commission for thursday november 14, 2013. i'll to remind the public that the commission does not permit any disruption and when speaking before the commission if you
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care to please state your name for the record. commissioners you left off under your regular calendar for case x and z request for downtown zoning administration and they will consider a request for a vaurngs >> i'm kevin with planning staff. the request before you today is to amend a project in november intuitively the commission approved a demolition and have a new story believe for the mechanical enclosure and 2 hundred and 400 off street parking spaces donation to other
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facilities. the planning code requirements from the supply of the driveway the width of the entry of the driveway. it is to add 4 additional floors containing dwelling opt and with a roof height 0 of 4 hundred and 60 feet and it would there the dwelling count. as you know no additional parking is from the previous approval. aside from the proposed height there the basic form and do you see this person in court of the building wouldn't change, however, it triggers the remit that the commission los angeles county the separation of towers my ground level and bulk limitations. the revisions need to have the
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dwelling empower looked at. i'll be happy to discuss the variance in further daily but in conclusion the staff recommends this. the goals and objectives to concentrate dense urban context with the walking area. it's consistent with the overall transit center plan. we've received no communications or objections to this entitlement. that concludes my presentation and i'm available for questions >> thank you. project sponsor please. good evening good afternoon, commissioners i'm bob and i'm veil we're here on behalf of the
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reality. and we've got an architect here and our attorney >> i need to speak into this one. thank you in your packets there are things in your packets that i'll briefly review. sometimes it's good with the end in mind. this gives an image of 3 hundred and 50 feet and the nylon u underground parking shown and the red is our locations and the yellowish i am sorry are the new housing and the green is parkland and green is the new housing development. this is in the surrounding development as we know that today. what's been approved is under
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construction that you are this is a bird's-eye view of the project and you'll see how it intrathsd including our plaza when we designed r with t m g architects. just some detail on the ground floor and the detail and some of the bike parking and how the bike parking is assessable and, of course, this is how the site looks today. this is the way we hope the site will look in 2 and a half years. this is a rendering of the building as we see it fitting into some of the larger towers are the approved in the neighborhood. i'll turn it over >> it's a pleasure to be here
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again, it was 50 weeks we stood here before to print the building. to present 41 we presented it was a 31 story designed by our architect. this residential tower along with the plazas we integrated into the park was unanimously approved by all of you. today, we're here to seek approval of the same building and plaza only with an additional 4 floors when takes the building from 3 hundred and 8 feet to 3 hundred and thirty feet to 3 hundred and 98 units. you can see the original building on the left in green. and on the right is the 3 hundred and 60 feet building.
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i hope i ago the building on the right is more elegant. i'd like to give you a little bit of background how we came theory the second time. bob and i starting working on this project many years ago and times have changed for san francisco. when we originally designed our believe we were advised by our community that the market size supported a smaller building. this was the alley and it was accommodated by the bay bridge off-ramps. since this time the building has been transformed by oscar park macro this a very, very desirable residential location.
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the market conditions have also changed. i'm amazed when i walk around the neighborhood and realize there are 5 major office towers under construction within a 5 minute walk of this site. putting more jobs near this site is a good idea. we apologize we had a i different view >> commissioners we reviewed our design with members of the staff everyone agreed that this is a more attractive design and a better project albeit it they wish he'd done that in the beginning. including all the environmental issue reviews we took no
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shortcuts. only thing that has changed is the height. this is the bicycle park it's the same and white blood cell this increases the number of housing and increase in on site housing commissioners everything you liked l about this is the same it's just a little bit taller. >> a quay has been raised who will build this promise. we've been in discussion where various developers who have the track record to complete this. we're in an initial agreement with an organization who we have
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confidence in. i'd like to read a message from bernard 0 who couldn't be here today and he writes the following quote the proposed design increases the building from 31 to 35 as far as they are concerned, for the design of the facade was originally articulated to articulate the tower and divide the facade into smaller components. the addition of the 4 floors enhance the facade and improves the promotions of the different elements of the building and creates a stronger contrast between the vertical and the horizontal elements. we believe that the additional height of the building enhances the original design goals
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unquote. we have additional signs from your packet such as the varies elevation. we're happy to answer any questions you may have. we believe this is a better project and ask for your support and approval today >> if there's nothing further i'll open this up to public comment i have one speaker card. paul >> thank you. good afternoon paul with hines. it's a full service office. we recently into entered into an agreement to purchase 41. our investment partner is a very
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substantial global manager and advisory for institutional capita. their extreme e extremely enthusiastical we think that will be a terrific edition to the skylight. it's walk able to the trait and restaurants and so many other napts and once we complete our due diligence we're looking forward to commenceing construction on the project that's before you today as soon as possible. we couldn't get this done quickly enough. so we thufk support in project >> thank you. thank you
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>> good afternoon. i'm april and i'm with supervisor kim's office she were unable to attend the meeting. i wanted to talk about some comments. the supervisor was able to be in touch with the project sponsor this monday evening but they wanted to express her concerns not necessarily specific to this process but adding the new height when the project was at a different height. as the presenter just mentioned market conditions are changing and what does that mean for what the zoning likewise. we want to be thought of of what that will look like as well as when the market conditions change and may not be as strong as now does that mean we're going to not see the promises
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that are originally entitled. i think one other comment wee she wanted to make as a project entitlements move from various investors they retain the level of thoughtfulness as when we came before the commission. thank you very much >> thank you. >> sue hester. i think you've done more projects on the south pardon me as an attorney not as a builder. over the past thirty years than most people the alley pattern south of market is difficult.
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in the late 90s when you were approving all the work buildings there were 6 story buildings that came through. and i went to law school at golden gate. we don't have a really good circulation or empower we have wider streets and use of the sky from the people that are in them on mission and howard and folsom and clara. so at certain level oh, the