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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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is not and where we are heading. everything you're asking for, we are doing. it just may not beginning to you as quickly as he won. : commissioner if -- commissioner: you refer to a task force, and we would like to think that everyone is a member of the task force. we have been trying to come up, and it is very similar to what officer mathias brought up, and we're trying to move this along accurately and efficiently. we are trying to come up with the best practices. things like the card reader ideas. officer mathias made a good
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point. we were a big believer that if we had card readers and video cameras, people would be a differently. now, i have to say, we talked about this today. there are even some criticisms with this. there are some who do not want to be identified. my boss is the lead on this. hot -- there are some industry stakeholders, and we hope to bring it to you in the near future. president roja: i never ate, it commissioner's comments and questions.
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seeing none, we will move to item no. 9, new business request for future agenda items. commissioner: just to get the card reader in at a date. are we ever going to read a celebration for the departure of commissioner alan -- have a celebration? >> i guess i can answer. given the level of work that he continues to generate, it is hard. it may be september though, unfortunately. we are required to do that.
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president roja: anybody else? seeing none, that concludes the tuesday, august 10, meeting of the entertainment commission. i have never been here before. i just want to say ♪ thanks and i hope that all of your i
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tems turn out right everyone is going to be dancing in the fullman light -- full mooonlight everyone is going to be dancing. i hope your items turnout right. dancing in the moonlight everyone is going to be feeling right. everyone is dancing in the city tonight and i do not want to see any nightclub fighting, fighting in the night, and i hope it turns out right
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in the full moonlight tonight. thank you. president bus \ / \ -- president roja: thank you. vdot >> the only one i have for that. president roja: is there a sound check in the house?
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>> yes, we can hear you. >> my name is timothy, a former deputy city attorney. i am a member of the board of directors. i just wanted to thank you. thank you of the report that resulted in the creation of the entertainment commission. thank you for the commission itself. thank you for a power in me and my partners -- four in powering
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-- for empowering me, and think you for being a great new friend. on january 8, 2009, i sent you an email. the abc regulations, the outcome of which could significantly have an effect. the mayor was as follows. i did not ask if i could read this, but this is me to you. cannot thank you enough. prior to my abc compelled involvement in this matter, i have only heard your name. -- had only heard your name. i think you on behalf of the tens of dozens of those whose lives you are attempting to enriched -- i thank you. thank you for the kind words.
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i remember how much the san francisco music scene meant for me as a young and confused guy who was gay, and you have not let it slip away. you have been, and you remain, a tireless and passionate advocate for music and life in san francisco, and you do it despite criticisms and despite a list of unfair attacks. the times may be changing, with the help of officer mathias and others, i will do my best to
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work with you. many of you and your email with a thoughtful ". this is from alice walker. "activism is the brand i pay for living on this planet -- the brand i pay." on behalf of the board members -- the rent i pay." on behalf of the board members and others, thank you. thank you for paying the rent. good luck and enjoy your retirement." president roja: thank you. that was very well be -- very nice. anybody else? [bell] >> mr. president, commissioners,
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i just wanted to add a little color to that, because i was involved, as far back as two years before the commission was founded. we were sitting in a room with people, and looking at the grand jury report and try to figure out how we korea a functioning city agency, and i had watched -- how we create a functioning city agency, and i watched work 50 hours for free. i was getting paid, most of the time. at least back then, i was getting paid, but terence was doing it for free. there were many unwarranted attacks in my estimation, and is sort of a payback for his activism. i cannot even talk today.
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earlier on, and he got a tactic in the press and got attacked everywhere. really, what i have seen him do is deal with hundreds of my clients. he called meetings. he helped out. i cannot tell you how many times he has saved the business, at least one dozen that were going down in flames, and these were people that had $100,000 on the line and trying to do a good thing. he has not just helped the commission and helped a lot of people. i just want to thank you, because it was amazing what you did. thank you, terrance. president roja: thank you.
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>> before a take time out to tell you what i came here tonight, i first want to say that it is a great sadness. gay pride has just as many people if not more. what can we do to make it happen there? i cannot think of any other place. there are four stories on the internet already. i cannot think of a better place. i think the police just like to cry wolf. we are not germany. i urge you to make this happen. police. this is what makes san francisco the greatest in the country. the next issue note -- issue,
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the press mention these nine clubs that are close, and i ask you to look at this when these incidents happen. they were saying, "we did not say it, we did not say it." the press were trying to make a big deal of it. i am ashamed that they went that far. 63çí;is a picture w country, in i am alone disturbed by that. at any rate, i have 1.5 minutes, and we are losing a wonderful gentleman, a star, and somebody who actually led the vision of this commission. " he took -- he took the vision and transformed it into what the entertainment commission is today. he asked a lot of questions.
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he did a lot of homework. he challenged a lot of people in order to make sure that everybody got their fair shake before this commission, and i think it is only fair, so on behalf of the greeters in this area, he understands what that means, i wish you luck. maybe will develop your acting career. navy will develop purely and relationships, but, anyway -- maybe you will develop your landlord relationships. the person who replaces you will have very difficult shoes to fill, and i hope we give very good scrutiny to this individual, because this person should at least be able to be representative to know what patrons want in clubs, how patrons at certain venues and in certain environments, in order to be able to bring life to what is really going on and not to blame the clubs for what is
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going on in society today. .society has created these problems, and terrance has shown -- [bell] do not blame the nightclubs. present -- president roja: thank you. anymore public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. i forgot to call the roll. >> [reading roll] commissioner roja is absent, and commissioner perez is also
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gone. president newlin: item to the deputy director. >> item 3 in your bynum.-- binder. we have been here about the same time. i will always remember that day, running around posting 13 locations with a big yellow posters -- with a big yellow posters -- with big, yellow posters, so here we are, and i
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hope we see you may be out there -- maybe out there, and thanks very muchim. we appreciate it. all right, i want to bring the commissioners of to speed of something she may have heard about on the day of our last meeting, tuesday, august 10, during the day. the mayor's office. that we can prior, we did have some violence, in particular at union square. venue operators to come to city hall and talk within which it with him about what could be done, so approximately 12 new operators talked to the mayor, members of the staff and myself and mr. crenshaw. this was a reaction to the weekends incidents, -- weekend's incidents, and we talked about
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how to further professionalize the industry and avoid these things in the future. it has been a tough summer, as you know, and the mayor showed a commitment, i think, to this by spending more than 1.5 hours reaching for his cell phone at all and was completely attentive, discussing best practices and ways in which the city, including the police department, the entertainment commission, and his office, could step up to promote a safer night live, in general. the mayor asked for a draft document of best practices by the first of september, and a small group of us, including myself and some members of the command staff and a few industry representatives it, have been meeting to create that draft, as well as a short list of what
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they are calling recommended security-related conditions that they intend to present to you at the entertainment commission for your possible discussion and action. -- for your discussion and possible action. i might suggest to the commission that we probably hold a hearing or do something more than just internal discussion, but everything we do will be obviously sunshine and in the record, and as a follow-up to that operators meeting, an additional meeting was held on wednesday, august 18, by the entertainment commission. again, commander crenshaw and the mayor's office, but is focused primarily on the promoters. as we know, there is a pattern of>x the incidents of violence d the use of promoters in our permanent spaces and in some
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about 70 attended the meeting, and it filled room 201 to the breaking point, and the promoters, including those who had been involved in the el rincon incident as well as the one on mason st., and there were conversations about the need to bring night life safety to san francisco into professionalized what is considered to be the promotions industry. there was a discussion of a promoter registry, which is how we are beginning to talk about any legislation moving forward as opposed to a permit. we are beginning to talk about it in has gotten a much more positive response across the board, and there was a lot of questioning, so we obviously intended it to be a first step, note -- first step, and i hope to get more
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confirmation in late september, and i will keep you apprised, because we expect to have it in introduced by supervisords chiu related to a registration process. overall, a promoter is working in san francisco would like to continue to do so. which i said were ivcnqáxgçrdajñ=o3'3i%e incidences, came to city hall to show their faces to be in a room with each other to say it is time to do something different, and i felt really good about that. ok. so, again, i just wanted to reiterate that our issue remain sort of outstanding. with respect your materials being given to you, in terms of asking the city attorney about how we can use an internet base
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or a web based document processing system, and i do not have a final, final answer, but they are investigating as to whether we can move documents that may or may not be -- anything like privacy concerns are issues that might be related to that, wrote so any impact has been small enough, and we will keep you informed as we go forward. iñie now, he will begin when he returns, and i am still excited about it, even though it seems like a little thing.
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corrective actions on items. we, as you know, are trying to be responsive to in particular as it pdj of security plan review or limited suspensions, and thankfully, i have not had to do any of those, but -- it some reports around that issue. i never did get a police report. there continues to be an open investigation. methodically and nexis, i was not able to -- nexus -- i also
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took the opportunity to give them an updated sections. the permit on folsom predates the entertainment commission, so it was clear to me that none of them had a good sense of all of the changes that could be made. we also had a meeting in the office for broadway, which is sutra, and there was a large fight involving numerous patrons at the venue, so we, again, requested a meeting with the owner and manager of sutra, and that happened last friday, the 20th. mostly, this was to determine the status of the management
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agreement that is on file in the future of the club at the location, as it came to our attention that there are term ending in august, 31, so we gathered information in shared everything we had with central station, including the use of the promoters and the security staffing for last weekend and this weekend, and as i said, it is our understanding that the least they hold is up, -- the lease. staff is not aware of any problems at that location last weekend. officer mathias can tell me if i am right or wrong. and lastly, there is a meeting scheduled for thursday this week with club malibu, on mission street. ingalls side station as reported something at this location.
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i have not seen the report, but they have asked that we come to the station, and they will have the club boehner and hopefully security staff there. we come the entertainment commission, and did, in fact, at issue a notice of violation tw weeks ago for sound. and we are just planning to go over this again -- two weeks ago. this will remind them of the good neighbor policy and take what ever leave the police have in making sure that they are korea mediated. an update on the citation issuance procedure. after the last meeting and show
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in the form, we feel pretty confident that we can begin to use that form. so we expect to use it, if we have to, obviously. it is something i do not want to use of i do not have to. mr. granelli returns on monday, and we would just go in and give it a go, and i will work with them to make sure that they know this form will be coming to them, whenever copy we decide. and lastly, as you know, seat number two, which is the seat of terrance alan will be vacant after it tonight, and we will be down to six commissioners. i will let the commission know when we get more information.
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" director -- commissioner newlin: thank you. fathank you, deputy director. the police department, the mayor's office, and the industry. >> well, i understand your idea that the neighbors should be involved in some capacity. commissioner meko: who represents the neighborhood. rfwiyou're asking me a question- >> you are asking a question?
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commissioner meko: ié÷ think the are all issues that can be brought before mayor newsom, commissioner chiu, chief gascon, but i have not been able to sit fdown and have a conversation with them. i waited six weeks for an appointment schedules with chief gascon only to have it canceled the day before i was supposed to meet with him, and i have yet to hear back from his office, so can pass along the next item involving them that the neighborhoods would like to be at the table, as well? >> i will do that. commissioner meko: thank you.