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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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i anticipate the project to be something that opens a dialogue to public interest in these ideas. so the work is really made to be seen in this environment. it's been show in museum, in gallery, but never in a public setting. and it's kind of ideal for both myself and the works to have this real dialogue with the public not only in san francisco but people coming from all over the world. >> since the dawn of electricity, that light is something that people feel connected to and inspired by. personally, there is space to keep that alive, just finding balance. the key is to find some balance. president roja: good evening.
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gentlemen -- ladies on our commission here. today is tuesday, september 14 at 6:30 meeting of the entertainment commission. call the roll, please. >> commissioner joseph? >> here. >> commissioner meko? >> here. >> commissioner perez? >> present. >> president newlin? >> here. >> commissioner cavellini had to work related issue, excused absence. and commissioner roja as well has an excused absence. we do have a quorum. >> good. ok. item number one, public comment. this is members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter of the jurisdiction of the commission with respect to the agenda, items, members of the public may address the commission for up to three minutes at the time such item is called.
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so, in other words, this is for items not on the calendar. >> my name is stephano cosolotto and like to speak on open comment of 1268 grand avenue which is the king of tide cha-cha. it went through the entertainment commission with a 7-0 unanimous vote. it also went through the conditional use process with the 403 vote. just got notice from the telegraph hill dwellers association that they are going to appeal it so it will be appealed to the board of supervisors and just wanted it part of the record so people are following that can stay tuned. thank you. vice chair joseph: does anyone else wish to have public comment? seeing none, i'll close the item and go to item 2 review and approve the minutes of may 25, june 22 and august 10. because of the shortage of members here, we will continue
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the june 22 and august 10 minutes so that leaves us with may 25. have a motion on those minutes? >> a point of order, since only four commissioners were present and one of them is no longer a member of the commission, three members can approve the minutes. >> that's what we're told. >> ok. so i'd like to move to approve the minutes. vice chair joseph: is there a second? >> second. vice chair joseph: thank you. want to call the roll. commissioner joseph? sorry. commissioner meko? >> aye. >> commissioner perez? >> aye. >> commissioner newlin? >> aye. >> the minutes from may 25 have been approved. number 3, report of the acting director. >> good evening, commissioners. hope you're all well after our
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holiday. i know i'm doing well. i have, again, hopefully everyone is following along in their binders. i love our binders. item 3 is my director's report and i'm going to start with an item that is behind the memo which is the introduction of a piece of legislation that came to this commission on september 3 but was introduced before the break of the board of supervisors august 10 and what it is in short is that amendment to the planning code to require conditional use authorization for other entertainment uses which are pretty much defined as places of entertainment. on the venice avenue special use district, that district is roughly -- venice avenue
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between golden gate all the way to broadway and mostly those parcels in front of van ness which transmitted to staff by the clerk of the land use and economic development committee for informational purposes only and i say that to you because they did not ask for this commission to hear the items. they just wanted to make sure they knew about it. it will be heard in committee most likely this month. that committee meets every monday afternoon. however, it hadn't appeared specific on an agenda yet and i don't have a date specific for you. what i included doesn't indicate any motivation for this legislation and before you ask the question of why, the answers i don't know. ened -- and just for the purposes of clarity, the conditional use authorization process is a planning process that can take months and months
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and is something that often is discouraged people opening new businesses. it's a very involved process. and not to dispirage it but the length of time that's problematic and encourages lots of community involvement in uses and what we'll probably see is less and less new entertainment uses on the van ness avenue corridor. again, i'm not disparaging the review process, i am suggesting that rather than the 90-day goal that i know the planning department has, the reality right now is it's about a six-month wait for those and it makes it very hard. so i'm happy to certainly hear commissioner meko's comments but i wanted to let you know that if you want me to finish everything, or do you want to tell me now? commissioner meko: a couple points.
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i don't think everyone involved with land use and planning would disparage the conditional use process. >> i agree. commissioner meko: conditional use is an opportunity for the neighbors of every project to be able to be guaranteed a hearing and be abe to suggest conditions which would make the project more amenable and successful in the location. unfortunately, it does involve some delay and it does generally involve some expense, the more controversial the project is, the more likely it adds considerable expense to the applicant. the less controversial it is or the more groundwork that the applicant does prior to submitting an application the less expensive it is. so from a neighborhood standpoint, i think most would agree it's a good process, but
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i am concerned if this legislation is not being referred to this commission as well as the small business commission. i don't know if that's a hard and fast rule that legislation that impacts our jurisdiction should have to be referred to us. it's probably simply a courtesy. and it's not very courteous to not refer this to the entertainment commission. >> here, here. >> ok. moving on. as i reported to this commission on august 24, a meeting was held on august 18 in city hall by the entertainment commission, the sfpd and the mayor's office focused on promoters and although we have very little notice at that time, about 70 promoters attended and listened to commander crenshaw, vaj
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again ellie and myself to discuss night life safety. so a following meeting was planned at that time and we put it on the books and it's planned for thursday of this week september 16 and we're hopeful to get more promoters to that meeting than we did with the first because we obviously had a good list from the last one to discuss further safety related issues, legislation procedures, and other relevant topics that are going to move us closer to as much nighttime safety, health and vitality we can get so we're really looking forward to that and i wanted to let you know that was happening. the staff and office update, this meeting includes the fact that staff motor with san francisco fire marshal barbara shultice last friday and she actually reached out after the
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mason street incident that was very unfortunate and we got together to talk about a couple things including new changes in the state fire code and to begin discussions of how to identify and educate people who run and own spaces that hold place of assembly which are issued by the fire department but do not hold entertainment permits on how to safely hold an event. because in the case of mason street, in fact i don't even believe there was an assembly permit at that location. but ultimately the discussion goes to how do we identify those underground, if you will, places that don't have proper permits and make sure those people, if they are to engage in events know how to safely do that and which permits they should have. so we obtained a really useful list of all the places of assembly from the fire department. i got it this week in a format
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that we can shuffle around online to sort in ways that will be real useful in that capacity. and then we also discuss the possibility of producing a tv special for sgtv for maybe wider consumption on the topic of throwing a safe event in san francisco. probably won't be like an hbo special but that will be fine, too, actually. >> i love that idea. that's great. >> we'll see if we have the resources. i got in touch with sgtv and they do obviously charge money for services for production services so if we can find a way to muster up a couple bucks we may be able to do something or maybe the fire department is richer than we are. let's hope. >> can i ask a question on that? >> yes. >> can we do a production that sfgtv will air that they do not
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produce? >> i didn't necessarily want to go there until i knew we had a facility to do that but obviously you're good at production. as long as i get a makeup and hair thing going on, i'm all good. the fleet vehicle update i keep on bringing up because i remain pleased as punch about it is that inspector glenn ellie -- inspector grenellie did inspection on the vehicles and will use his c.m.g. honda and will fin to do that and can answer any questions about that project and we did have a brief discussion that makes it a little less stealth but yet effective so we're glad that's happening. i think gladly there were no corrective actions needed on permits between the last meeting and this one and i am keeping my fingers crossed we
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continue to have mostly violence free weekends and certainly really, you know, violence overall regarding nightclubs. it's been quiet is really what i wanted to say. and lastly, the citation issuance procedure is this close. we are at reproduction right now and we will, as soon as those triplicate copies come back from reproduction, hopefully friday, mr. granelli will be out there with paper flying around issuing citations from the entertainment commission. unless, of course, the entertainment venues are all in compliance and therefore there will be no citations issued. with that i will hand it over to mr. granelli to update us on his activities. i don't know when he started
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last. are you on? >> i don't think so. yes. >> go ahead. >> commissioners? >> no. >> come up here, i've got an extra mike. >> go up there. >> yeah. >> sit next to me. scared? >> well, now i'm up here. >> sweet. >> commissioners, we're talking to you up here. as in your binder you'll see the sheets i provided. i'll just go over it very quickly, 11 items. there have been no new sound complaints about the beauty bar, the changes that were done by management to the front door and speaker systems have obviously been a success and we've had no complaints over the last few weeks. su it, ron broadway is still open.
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the management of the club is working with the owners of the building. as this commission knows we reported before sutra to our knowledge was to be closed by september 1 but they have now negotiated an extension for the lease so sutra continues to be open and operate. we don't know how long it will last but they are still open. cigar bar has had no complaints from neighbors. i checked in on cigar bar taking sound readings and sound great, no problems. so i'll continue to report on that every few months to check up on just a follow-up for you. i've been working with the planning department continually on the sound problems at trigger on market street. the commission know this is club, we brought it up before you several times. that has not been resolved still. and what we've done is jocelyn or ms. cane, instead of taking
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the lead, planning is charging full ahead and we've been acting as the investigative body for planning so we've been doing the report, sound testing and follow-up work, floor planning for their ongoing case against trigger. trigger at this point has accumulated a pretty hefty amount of fines and planning is talking about possible revocation. we'll continue to update you on that but we've been working with them pretty extensively. >> excuse me? >> yeah. >> planning's interest in this would be conditional use? >> correct. >> ok. so they're looking at revoking the conditional use that was granted to that location? >> correct. >> one more reason why conditional use is a worthwhile thing. >> point well taken. >> i am looking at the information we received about hotels in the bay area working without a p.o.e. now, this is just reports we've gotten from the few different sources talking about piano
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bars which is kind of minor, really, but it's more events or private parties or booking out banquet rooms, so forth and so on. whereas in the past this was kind of low on our priority list. it has definitely moved up over the last in june, july, some of the violence we saw citywide, if not -- if it didn't occur directly in a hotel, it came from that hotel altercations that started at the hotel event and then ended up somewhere else. so this is something we're starting to look at much more closely. so we've got some information. i'll continue to report to the commission on what we find but there's a lot of hotels in the city so we're closely working from hotel to hotel to see who has a p.o.e. and who does not and who is doing events. been continuing to check sound levels at manor west. as commissioner meko knows, we've still been getting
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reports from a resident there so far since manor west has done its soundproofing to its sky lights and recalibrated its system, i, myself and talking to southern station have yet to find them in violation. but we will continue to kind of monitor that situation so if something does change we'll know about it. also i've been checking into the sound complaint against club six, a recent complaint about their smoking section. so far i haven't been able to verify the complaint but we'll continue to look. >> again, i did receive the video which i forwarded to staff of something going on outside of the club in the alley. and i spoke with jim airs who had the apartment directly above that door, and he was open at the time.
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so i know you're getting reports to the contrary. >> yeah, i'm getting reports unfortunately from both the owner, which obviously it's in their best interest to say they were closed. >> of course. >> but also other people in the area that the club was closed. and having seened video, i have to say knowing club 6 operational procedures pretty well-being as we help this -- this commission helped basically write them, it was definitely -- whatever was going on in that video definitely does not fit their standard operating procedures. doesn't mean the club wasn't open but what we saw in the video is definitely not what we normally see on a day-to-day basis there. so we're continuing to look at that. again, that's why in this report i'm trying to verify it and i've got no concrete evidence one way or the other so far. so i just wanted to keep you updated on that. and last as i reported many times to this commission, we're continuing to just work with karaoke bar as we find them and as they come in to bring them
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into compliance. jocelyn and myself have been, you know, via phone, via foot, via hand, via carrier pigeon and anything else we can use as a source, we've been reaching out to as many karaoke establishments as we can to let them know the change in the law and they need to come in and get a p.o.e. and become compliant. finally, we have the following new complaints, these came in the last few weeks which is 222 hyde for sound. b.o.c. which is old but we've gotten a new round of neighbors decision to the old. line for sound and crowd control for their sunday brunch. seller, sound control. that's an old complaint but we've gotten a new batch of residents complaining and sapphire lounge for sound and crowd control and no p.o.e. which is a brand-new one to us.
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on a side note, having -- checking in on sapphire lounge this weekend it was closed but the irish bar right down the street was open having a deejay so i talked to them and took care of that. below that you'll see an incident list, this commissioner requested we list the incidents as minor and major incidents. so you'll see the minor list which you have atmosphere 440 broadway, ambassador, salon bar and condoer. all of those are -- after reading the narrative and talking with the sfpd, i would determine that as more of a minor incident, people didn't get sent to the hospital, no one was badly injured, so forth. under major incidents you'll see impala which is more as an address, the assault actually happened on the corner of broadway and kearney and wasn't tied to the club except it was directly in front.
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blue macabre which a fight started and led to two police reports, one on the actual incident that warranted the police arriving on scene and two, someone starting another fight while the first fight was being broken up off to the side. both -- we also have official, a bar on mission street, an assault with a deadly weapon, a deadly weapon being machete. 4 unblock the broadway someone was hurt badly and sent to the hospital. we had an incident at 556 green, a fighting and disturbing the peace, club sutra and club slide. suit a -- sutra, we've had trouble this commission knows in the past, nothing major. club slide, we've never had issues of violence or anything at all. so this was kind of a first for them. on this particular incident, i've reached out to the management of club slide and
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we're expecting an incident report from them and hopefully is sitting on my email when i get back from this meeting and that's all i have. >> questions? vice chair joseph: has anyone ever spoken to trigger about the fact they simply have too much sound in that room, they have too many speakers? >> yes. vice chair joseph: and their response was? >> we'll take care of. vice chair joseph: they still have the same amount of speakers? >> as far as i know. vice chair joseph: the holtzes, all the hotels in the city? awesome. and club slide, it was my only other question, the aggravated assault with a weapon. >> the weapon was a bottle. vice chair joseph: ok. thank you. p >> getting back to the hotel p.o.e. issue. what about museums like the museum of modern art and asian art museum? i know they do events as well.
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>> most of those museums are not on -- under our jurisdiction because they're on park property. so like the museums in golden gate park, they are under park and rec's jurisdiction so they don't have to get a p.o.e. from us. the asian art museum are under our jurisdiction and do have a p.o.e. as far as i know. >> modern art? >> modern art also has a p.o.e. so the few museums that are really directly in our jurisdiction we have checked and they do have p.o. e's. are can't say at this minute if the p.o.e.'s are current but have had them in the past. >> just out of curiosity, does the buck tavern currently have a p.o.e.? >> no, buck. >> commissioner, the buck tavern does not do entertainment, that i know of, though they may have, i'd have
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to check, maybe a billiard parlor or something to that effect. >> they have a pool. >> pool table. >> and maybe a c.d. machine. >> ok, thanks. >> i can follow up on that. >> just curiosity. >> where is the buck tavern >> on market street across from zuni pretty much. >> the one supervisor daley is negotiating to buy. >> is that why you asked? >> oh, then we'll definitely follow up. >> does it mean you'll be cracking down on nordstrom with their grand piano? >> ok. thank you, inspector granelli. next item, hearing and possible reaction regarding application for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission, a, sahid amin, 4724 gary, place of entertainment and extended hours. jocelyn? >> commissioners, we're back with casa huka.
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it's a location that is on approximate 11th avenue and geary street. small 49-person restaurant had originally applied to this commission for place of entertainment and extended hour permits. throughout that process we determined from the planning process the place of entertainment permit was required a 312 notification, a planning process that needed to be completed so however the extended hours services was a permitted use so the applicant requested to move forward at the last meeting on the extended hours permit. at last week there was some conversation -- not last week but last meeting, an indication from richmond station that they were in opposition to the extended hours permit and to date they remain so behind my
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memo should be not only the recommendation from the last meeting but an additional email sent from the permit officer indicating their continued opposition to the extended hours premises permit related primarily to community outreach and opposition from business and residential communities according to them. so just for process, this item was heard by this commission on august 24 and was continued to the call of the chair. at the request of the applicant so they could further meet with sfpd and try to complete that planning process. i was under the impression we wouldn't see them as quickly as we are today but they got back in touch with staff and asked that they be placed on calendar for this evening and so they are here again in front of you on only the extended hours
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premises portion of the application. and again, i believe that richmond station representatives are -- i think we have the captain tonight. yea. with us to speak on it and in front of you is the applicant and his representative. >> ok. >> mr. president, commissioners, mark renni with my client here. this matter in -- i had conversations before the hearing was capped, the captain from richmond station, captain korea, and he has indicated to us that there's a lot of community opposition, given the fact we do not have a full complement of supervisors tonight and haven't had a chance to contact those community people, we would request that the matter be again put over to the call of