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tv   [untitled]    September 28, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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commissioners to come by last
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week to pick up their binders in advance of the meeting, but nobody did that, note so i am going to remind you guys again, until we find another way of using secure technology, you will have to find a way to come by the office to get it so you have time to review your materials in advance of the meeting. the first thing i want to do is talk to you under the heading of legislative and policy of detente. supervisor chiu introduce legislation, which i gave you a copy of, including the press release, to register voters. he introduced this on september 21. as you know, most legislation introduced sits under a 30-day world, so we are in a period of time, and we will be scheduled
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for a hearing at the public safety committee as early as november 1. that is the earliest it could come. it may push forward a bit. it is not likely to be passed and signed until early early next year note -- until very early next year, depending, of course, on how those meetings go. supervisor chiu's office has asked us to act. two years ago, when legislation regarding promoters was introduced, the entertainment commission held a hearing. alternatively, the president may choose to create a short-term ad hoc committee to examine the legislation and to bring comments back to the full body, and so staff at the end of this report will ask for direction in that regard.
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on the same subject more or less, i wanted to report that in that followed a meeting with promoters that i told you about in advance last time, september 16, ec staff, may your personnel, fire department personnel, the mayor himself, and others were in attendance -- mayoral personnel. there was a call to organize and professionalize the nightclub industry. the above mentioned legislation was sent to all of the promoters when we got in on the 21st, who gazed of content information from both of the city hall meetings that we had. it is my hope that they take the opportunity to comment on the proposal, eager to us directly, depending on how we proceed to examine it, or the supervisors, the public safety committee. initial reaction was positive in
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spirit, but they did not have the actual piece of legislation until after that meeting. just to stay on track, the legislation i talked about last meeting, there was a conditional use authorization. it has not yet been scheduled for the supervisors' land use committee, and when it gets there, i will let you know. last time, mr. granelli made some comments, and some are working towards compliance for their membership, which would cover the security best practices and other things. there is no date set yet. there is a possible agenda and list of topics with the hotel
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council, and we are waiting for them to tell us what your schedule looks like so we can get that moving forward. but you what their schedule looks like. we are happy to have found -- we are waiting for them to tell us what their schedule looks like. similar to last year, staff is working with sfpd command staff, and there are event happening over how the weekend 22. this year, halloween is on a sunday night. however, there are many things that will take place on friday and saturday night throughout the city. there will be no event on castro. .-- in castro. we want to have as few nighttime surprises as possible. we will be adding this to a growing list of the events as we
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get up to that friday. i know that command staff is here, as well, if you want to speak to them. there is a cultural association that is planning a compliance workshop. for the venue owners, on the october 20, at the regency center, before the house of the weekend, again focusing on having a halloween weekend, -- before the halloween weekend. coach compliance, security best practices again, and hopefully -- code compliance. lastly, under this heading, as most of you know, and oracle corp. had a super duper or large
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open world conference last week in san francisco. this event included an additional st. closure on mason street. there was also the java conference. providing sound for various events, including the largest that has taken place on charger i have been for the last few years. some of you may remember, the 2009 event got numerous complaints from island residents and even further away than treasure island. this year however, staff is extremely pleased to report that there were virtually no sound complaints from a party for 20,000 people on the island that went until 1:00 in the morning staff believes this was due to the very hard work of inspector granelli, who did sound checks
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earlier and then was on scene during the event. there were also outreach efforts to the residents. the studios did great work. this down vendors to keep the sound directional and reasonable throughout the evening. -- the sound of vendors. -- sound vendors. five calls came in on one line throughout the whole evening, and most of them were concerned with traffic issues. this has brought a lot of money to the city in many ways, not just of the ski event of treasure island. -- not just obviously the event on treasure island. it is really important. we expected the worst, and it turned out great, so we are
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happy about that. on the citation issuance procedure, continuing to keep the commission informed, we almost had it right, and then we had a little glitch with the production department, and they were printed but with some errors, so we had to send them back, and we expect a report by the end of the week so that mr. granelli can work with that -- we expect a reprint. there are the number of one time permits that we issue. a lot of you know about what the issue because you work with applicants all of the time. we do a tremendous amount of work in the office with a loudspeaker permits, one-time event permits on a regular and ongoing basis. i gave you a little chart, and as we move through the balance
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of the year with less resources with three of us in the office, as you know, and most of the time there is two of us in the office and bogged down in the field, timely and efficient, and most clients are very happy with the service they get. i just gave you the list of january through october so far, a huge jump in september. we expect the same thing to continue in october as outdoor events are a big deal in september and october here in san francisco, and then we go into new year's eve. but lastly, there were no corrective actions on permits. since the last meeting. and, again, i am pleased to report this, because we have had quite a few weekends in a wrote -- in a row with no substantial violence with a nightclub where we have done any kind of
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corrective action, and that makes me very happy acting director, so with that, i want to turn it over to mr. granelli. >> go ahead. >> first, we have mentioned one it to you a few times in the past. my feeling in the feeling of the staff is that go after continuing warnings, we have yet to see any real control of their sound, and we are recommending that, one, this commission answer questions on why they can no longer or have not been able to control their sound, and two, which are also looking at the
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ground, whether we have the legal grounds to serve them with a seven-day suspension for the violation of the sound. the deputy director kane and i are trying to make sure that we fit those very padilla the guidelines and move forward from here. .this has been an ongoing problem. it has definitely gotten worse and worse and worse lately. sutra on broadway, the ongoing saga of sutra, we are not sure what their future is. we are still getting complaints from those residents. there are complaints we are
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working with the residents to take care of that. safire was a land that we reported on last meeting. they do have a poe, and it is an older poe, and they do even as very, very rarely. their next event will be able to get in some more real-time sound readings and check and observe how they are doing their events so we can bring them into compliance and also get ahead of impossible problems down the road to deal with that particular venue. also, we have trigger. we have been working with the planning department on the problems with trigger. basically, deputy director kane
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and myself, we have been acting as their investigative body, going out and doing things. another place is still a problem. after being warned it repeatedly, we are still having trouble with them and their sound. if that does not change soon, we might be reporting about them being cited or some kind of suspension. finally, just on or oh, -- on or " -- on oracle, they were very helpful to us. they gave us full access, even at one time driving us around in
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a golf cart so i could take sound checks, and we were able to get a very complete sound check. not only at this side but almost into the northern residents of the island, so we got a good, broad spectrum of sound readings -- not only at this site. there should not have been any real sound issues, and it turns out there was not, so it was very good work. finally, just a few recaps. we are looking into complaints. sound and crowd control. sound and no poe. we have not seen a recurrence.
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4218 mission st., which we are looking at for possible abc issues. it is basically a church that is readying itself out over -- for events. there is no control. we have been working with sfpd and the people and working with the people themselves. there is theho hookah. you will see that there are two minor incidences. there was a drug offense, but that happened outside.
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because this was venue related, it does follow technically under our per year note. the actual offense happened outside. we had another one at the parlor. the report was a little dubious. somebody was sent to the hospital. it looked like it did not happen there and it may have happened at a different location. and that is about it unless there are any questions. president newlin: thank you. >> you guys have done this
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before. we have never done it for a hotel. and also, this has gotten a lot of legislation lately, whether it is the alcohol mitigation or other legislation or whenever, i would like its staff could formulate a memo or a request and take it to the comptroller's office, because i think this commission should have an economic analysis of entertainment and night life in this down, and its three -- in regard to the senses, that should be easy. with regard to the demographics and how much revenue is brought in and how much employment that industry has and no benefits the city, so instead approved
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keeping on beating up, could staff do that? >> we can send in a request letter. >> ok, good, thank you. president newlin: commissioner meko? commissioner meko: how is that moving forward? >> we were almost there, and then the box of citations were printed poorly, and they are in reprint right now, so we are ever so close. we expect to see them in the next two days. so this weekend. keep your fingers crossed. commissioner meko: remember, i am a printer.
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i totally understand. you issued citations -- i am sorry, notices of violation rather than citations. would any of these have merit to be a citation? -- to the citation? >> these are all pretty minor. operating without a permit, and medici would probably get one for not having to note -- not being able to produce a permit when asked. andy hookas -- and the hooka dream lounge -- >> and ad hoc committee to oversee the promoter to report
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back to the commission. commissioner meko: and i think i will talk to staff so we can arrange a hearing for the promoters and anyone else would like to weigh in on this, so we can bring that information back to the full commission, so i will talk to you about that. >> ok. president newlin: ok, is there any public comment on the report of the acting director? ok, c&o -- seeing none, which will move on to item number four, the police recommendation of the new additional mandated conditions for all permits issued by the entertainment commission for venues and events with an anticipated occupancy capacity of over 100 individuals. >> so, commissioners, i would just give you a little framework.
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this is part of a lot of work that we have been doing in the office and with the sfpd, and it is part of a larger thing that i would like to call a night life initiative. i would like to use those words, because i feel that supervisor chiu's legislation, with the work of the mayor's office with us and the promoters, it all comes kind of under this heading of the night life initiative for the purposes of public safety and obviously vibrant nighttime the economy, so with that, we to ask mr. crenshaw to go over the
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documents hopefully in front of you off -- in front of you, and then we have a few more speakers behind him. >> i just wanted to give you a brief history of how we got to this point. a originally, this came from meetings from director bob davis and subsequent meetings with the commissioner joseph and an interim director kane, but, basically, i knew there was a need for us to address several issues in regard to violence at several different venues throughout the city, since the beginning of this year, several homicides, shootings. i thought it best that we convene another summit. i attended one personally in 2003, i believe, and i found to be pretty impactful, editor
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hopefully steered us in the right direction. i believe we got away from that, so after speaking with commissioner joseph, some discussions with her, she gave me some tips on some real keen industry people. she introduced me to some people, wrote and these are people who have been in the industry for several years and are very knowledgeable. and we had an expert bring this proposal to you as you see it in this. basically, this was a proposal that was put together as a combined effort to rid the city of dangerous and i felt
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counterproductive individuals and clubs that were causing us a great deal of strife and problems, and causing me a great deal of overtime to police, and this is what this is really about, about a coming together and working with the eu -- ec and the industry. the commission itself, commissioner joseph an interim director kane are part of this. this is nothing that was done outside of the commission's realm, but there was great enthusiasm and effort on behalf of the industry professionals, so i'm going to ask the inspector to go over a brief
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overview of the items. i do not think we need to address every one of them at this point. ? -- at this point. i think it is only were the that we go over these issues in detail, so, inspector? >> good evening takoma commissioners, vice chair joseph, president. -- good evening. this was a collaborative effort between the police department, the commission, as well as people recognized as industry leaders, and we came together with the goal of how we can make clubs safer, and i am just going to do a brief overview so we do not belabor the light note -- night. we