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tv   [untitled]    October 22, 2010 9:00am-9:30am PST

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the u.s. geological service. i would prefer tojr see a review by experts from the agency. nihaving reviewed those comments in whatever way they give it to us, you have the heart and you have the wings. the heart. then you get a first opinion, a second opinion, a third opinion. when we have amendments of the last moment, it is processed. this is the city and county of san francisco. we have certain laws for transparency incorporate -- and
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incorporating these amendments to those who will participate so second, they can check. thirdly, the to give qualified input -- they can give qualified input. not everybody has the ability to give qualified input at the last commissioners, you are fully aware that a lot of the deliberations on the bonds and how we spend our money are taken to certain bodies. i have known mr. jensen for a long time. he brings some qualified information here. he not only represents ha as general manager. he also worked diligently for us.
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-- for the water apartment. this is the city and county of san francisco. it is not just the city of san francisco like the city of hillsborough. this is the city and county of san francisco. we need to get qualified input from the citizens. deliberations should not be done at the last moment. i know the matter will be revisited. i hope the commissioners here will be here for that so they do not have to reinvent the wheel and new commissioners be educated on this very vital issue. thank you very much. u=t[tone!] >>. jensart jensen.
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it is an important project. i realize there have been tremendous challenges for staff and the community. i applaud the way your staff has applied itself to both of those. nvóit is a good project. i hope it moves forward. >> commissioners, now that we are towards the end of these three items, i wanted to make a couple of general statements. most agencies would be working hard to get one or two of these through in the year. !tntto think that we're running three eir's for the commission in one day is pretty stunning for most agencies to be able to do that. it does not just&2(t() magic. i want to thank the folks we have been working closely with that skyline stables and hillsborough. they have helped us out. they've come together to make sure this works. i appreciate that. i also want to thank the staff
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and all the people who worked on thissc to put these projects together. that includes the city planning staff and the consultants. they made sure we have been burma to impact statements and reports that were appropriate, detailed, and complete to make this work. -- the environmental impact app. last but not least, steve ritchie, davewxgiñi briggs folko are operating the system and have done such a good job the believe they can still operate the system and make it work for all of our customers. oa!7?rwsóñiii want.
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thank you for your consideration. it is a big day for the puc. we should not let that go by. thank you all. ifáe should give a round of applause to everyone on this day. [applause] >> there are some attorneys. no offense taken, but there have been in number of attorneys who have worked long hours with your these issues and bring the link the resolutions -- link --
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hopefully, we will not be asked to do three of these in a row again. public comments? hearing and seeing none, i will the long- term improvements project. >> so moved. commissioner crowley:2" all thoe in favor, please signify. the ayes have it. so ordered. [applause] >> the only other item on calendar is if any commissioner has any new business item they may wish to bring up at this1:ki >> i do. i think we should all say "go, giants!" [applause] [laughter] commissioner crowley: that has been moved and seconded.
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i know there is no debate. sorry to the phillies fans. no further business, i will entertain a motion to close the special meeting of october 14. >> so moved. commissioner crowley: all those in favor. the ayes have it. go, giants. >> sfgtv, san francisco government television. ♪
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of new recreation classification, the administration of five civil service exams, the selection of candidates, and the processing of new employees in the city of hr's system. the unit played a crucial role
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in the management of our successful labor-management collaboration with sciu. all told, with in the space of only eight months, the h.r. staff created a classified -- three new classifications. they resurrected one former class and expanded the use of two other classes. the staff has reviewed over 500 applications for these classifications. we have processed over 240 new employees. in particular, i would like to recognize the work of our two recruitment analysts. the current and recent head of our processing unit, jonathan nellie and linda martinez, and our two labour relation analysts. last but certainly not least, i would like to recognize ken,
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the division pose a manager. i would like to say a few quick words about ken. he was absolutely stellar throughout this process, providing the leadership, of dr, and the know-how in this incredibly complicated process. he is deeply conscientious, task-oriented. he kept us all on the path. he was really able to keep his dedicated staff motivated through a process that was very onerous and we were under really tight deadlines. i commend him and his staff for all of the work they did in implementing the new recreation model. >> thank you. [applause]
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>> do you like them? >> i like them, but not that. >> ready? 1, 2, 3. congratulations. >> who brought all this candy? margaret? who do we owe this candy to?
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>> can we have the overhead? yes. we will dive into this. i just wanted to congratulate the winners of our employee recognition award. this is one of our most talented gardners. i can vouch for the incredible competence and leadership of the hr staff, without which all of the instrumental changes for rejuvenating our recreation program, and also things like the apprenticeship program, it would not have happened without the talented staff. finally, the giants are fond of saying there is magic inside. we thought we would do our toes to the giants. there is also magic outside in the parks.
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if you do not have this done quickly, we will be late for the magic. >> wow. >> that is a conservatory of flowers, which is now warned. our clock in conservatory valley. >> wow. >> civics center plaza. the straw is also orange, if you want to hold that up, and my time. "giants. >> thank you very much. commissioner lee? >> congratulations to the staff for the award. katie, great job. i received an e-mail from a
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couple members of the public asking about a grant that recreation park gave to botanical gardens for $400,000. i was wondering, what is the source of the funds for that? >> a deed you want to come up and comment? this is this -- did you want to come up and comment? this is on our botanical society program. >> the source of the funds for the grant is actually the revenue that is going to be generated by the garden. the entrance fee to the garden. we think we will generate $600,000 from the fee in the current fiscal year. that will generate $250,000 in pure revenue for the department. the remaining $400,000 would be granted back to the society for their costs associated with
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running the entrance program. >> it is actually not a grant. it is revenues they have generated. >> it is a financial instrument we are using. we have to have a contractual relationship with them in order to give them money back. >> it is revenue generated from the collection. >> that is correct. >> commissioner bonilla? ? >> -- >> we will be using the center for -- tomorrow also, for the shelter? >> correct. >> i just wanted to make sure. >> it will be progress of this week. >> it will be used for the next two days. it is short-term. is that correct? through saturday? through saturday afternoon. >> it will be available for use next week. >> correct. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment
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under the general managers' report? public comment is closed. we are an item number four, general public comment. members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission and that do not appear on the agenda, with respect to agenda items. this portion of public comment will be up to 15 minutes. we have catherine howard, eve vanderschmidth, and rachel stat on and ross moody. >> i am here to talk about the old car picnic. last year, the pyknic caused lung damage and cars were parked close to tree trunks. this festival this year was much
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more controlled with lines delineating parking. there was security on site. in some areas, trees were parked too close to the tree trunks. overall, the festival seemed more respectful of the park and we appreciate your efforts to do this. we recommend that cars be part even further away from trees and out from under the canopy, which is the primary development area. we have a report with general photos of the festival and some photos from last year showing the difference and also showing cars parked again. unfortunately, very close to some of the specimen trees and the roots. we did not see the same amount of damage. security was very high. there were many park rangers and police. i think the security element is a very good, preventive thing. once again, i would like to make a simple comment that the concept is tree, canopy, car.
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thank you very much. >> thank you. i want to thank commissioner harrison for negotiating some of the improvements of that operation. it took some time and effort. thank you. >> eve, then barbara, then rachel, ross, and ernestine. >> hello. i would like to comment on the food concessions in delores park. i am a resident of the mission. i operate a small business in the mission. i spent time in delores' park regularly. i took time out from my work to represent the silent voice of the mission, who support having food concessions. i have been looking forward to the food concessions in our park for almost two years. i have been following your process on posts and word of
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mouth. i have been bragging to friends and family in new york that we will have great local food and drink in our parks, just like they do. san francisco will be the new capital of the u.s. i have been aware of the loud voices of opposition led by the local cafes. this was predictable. with the withdrawal of blue bottle, i am struck that the commission is listening to the loudest few voices. you're letting those of us in the silent majority down. those of us patiently waiting for your process to complete have been run by bullies, and you have condoned it. i am truly saddened by this turn of events. thanks for letting me speak. >> thank you. i should comment that the commission did not deny that permit. the applicant withdrew it. >> i understand. >>


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