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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2010 9:00am-9:30am PST

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>> there is an owner with a letter of intent. we're not making this public but they cannot sign the lease until they know that they can be located there. they would just be there selling prepackaged foods and coffee. >> commissioner? commissioner sugaya: there is news of the golds gym franchises severing ties to the organization, that is contributing money to causes not favorable to san francisco. >> to our interests. >> moore?
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commissioner moore: the community is in support of this. i have spoken to the neighborhood organizations and they believe that they are stepping out of their corporate structure because of these reasons -- >> commissioners -- >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> the motion passes, 6-0. which puts us on item 14, 2009- 0278c, for 1814-1816 anza
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street. >> is there nobody here? >> let's -- forgive me. this is a staff -- the staff is not present. >> let's hold this and move to 15. >> item 15, 2010.0039c. for 185 berry street, the conditional use authorization. >> starting to listen to the game. >> it's not on yet. >> yes, it is. >> 4:37.
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>> have you seen the recommendation? >> would you like to move to the next one? >> i can do no. 16. >> the case before you is number 2010.0039c, the proposal for three new panel incentives for part of the wireless transmission network, operated by verizon. this complies with the applicable requirements of these policies, and the facility's guidelines. we recommend that you approve
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the request with conditions. and i have the speaker card. >> the project sponsor? >> good afternoon, commissioners. we concur with all the staff recommendations and if you have any questions i will be happy to address them. >> and is there any public comment on this item? if not, public comment has been closed. commissioner borden? >> i will move to approve. >> on that motion -- >> borden? >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> so moved, that motion passes 5-0. this is item 17, 20100788u.
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file number 10-1094 for the child care feasibility study. >> the ordnances before you requires a city agency or private developer to produce funds for the development project for the building site for child care. as you go into the specifics of this, it would be better to let you know that the department and others are concerned about this. the supervisors set up a working group with members from the department of children and families and youth, as well as the office of work force and economic development and planning department, and together we worked on modifications that they would be sponsoring and the supervisor has agreed to.
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the modifications would be to not apply this requirement to the people with funding, but just to the people with projects. and this would focus that the city is a leader in providing child care. penny new needs, and the cost of providing these services should be known, and budgeted out. the department of children use and families would provide all of the information for the feasibility study that is related to child care needs and it was held up the sponsoring city agency. and i have a statement that supervisor dufty was wanting to have read. this is actually from his aide, for the supervisor. we're asking for you to support this with the modifications before you.
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>> and is there any public comment on this item? if not, public comment has been closed. >> i was wanting to ask some questions, about what project that this would apply to? >> i am going into the full explanation. >> can you give me the examples, with the leasing of space? >> this would apply to when the city was going to purchase this space in excess of more than 25,000 square feet. >> i am just trying to think. >> when the planning department moved their offices, -- we have a stable lease. this is when they are looking to relocate with the new offices. >> i do not have anything against this legislation, but it seems that we have a much larger
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issue related to child care and not that many opportunities with the city is leasing the new space. and it seems like -- >> we do currently have the child care -- and we have the hotel developments to add more than 50,000 square feet. they will have to pay into this for the child care. the feasibility study that is required to be submitted, opera that we're looking at right here. we are looking into how much this would cost to provide child care to the employees. we will look at the architectural space, for all the information about the existing deficit of child care, and if there is need for this agency. if the board is approving the funding. this was not in the original legislation. this will give you a control,
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and the board can say that this is a reasonable amount of money for you to provide and we would like for you to add this into your budget. all you can say that the burden is too high, and we will approve the budget without the child care. but it will bring this into the dialogue and it will make certain that this happens. >> this is trying to create parity with what we expect. >> the planning code applies to everybody, except the federal government and the redevelopment agency. this may also apply. this is a very low impact fee. >> that would have the impact the and the feasibility as well. but there is nothing to take into account, moving forward within the impact? >> you can decide to actually provide child care so if they did this do not have to pay the impact fee. >> thank you.
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>> commissioner? >> i think in terms i am -- in principle, i am in support of this ordinance. my concern is that we very recently had a very large develop -- rebel the project being developed under the development agreement, with treasure island and hunter's point. and the more remote location of these projects, including the hotel and the office space of significant size, my question is whether these projects would fall under this provision, based on what you are saying, that the redevelopment project -- that this would be concerned that we are leaving a very large hole in these areas. >> we do not have jurisdiction in these areas. we do not have the ability to place specific controls on these or the federal government, as
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much as we may want for them to participate we do not have the jurisdiction. >> but those projects have child care as part of the plan? >> this is part of the development. i know that the federal government building is a joint venture between the government and private development with a very large child care facility. and the federal government is quite aware of what it takes. >> commissioner sugaya? commissioner sugaya: can you tell me what this means? >> this is part of the concerns that were raised in the other agencies, because this was not defined. this is with the feasibility studies and we were wondering if the study would run between 5- $20,000. there is a small amount of city
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funding. this is one reason we recommended the modification. >> it says that after the study, with the provision of job care not being given to the working group legislation being modified, if this is not required, then why are you doing this? >> we did recommend adding -- >> this is just a political football pin it will never be landing. >> it can go up to the discretion of the decision makers, and they always did a very good job with these bodies. >> thank you very much. >> we had some questions that may have been asked already. the modifications and the staff modifications would be applied only to the city occupied projects.
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we will bring this up to 50,000 which is in requirements of these projects and we would vote to approve the modified projects. it sounds like this makes sense to me and i would move to approve. do we have any public comment on this? >> there has been public comment. is this seconded? >> this is the staff proposal, with the modifications to specifically talk about the occupied projects only, and the projects a 50,000 or more square feet, and the other modifications of the staff are included.
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commissioners, there is a motion to approve, would staff modifications. -- with staff modifications. >> aye. >> aye. >> sugaya? >> maybe. >> that's a no. >> aye. >> so moved. it passes 6-0. we now have staff for item 14, case 2009.02780c at 1814-1816 anza street. >> i am sorry for my tardiness. this is for the conditional use of authorization to turned pet building into a church.
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this is on the north side of anza street in the richmond neighborhood. the planning code requires additional use authorization, for religious institutions in this zoning district. had this requires conditional approval for the loss of a couple of dwelling units. this would create a church called king lutheran church, for 120. minor changes are proposed for the front facade. and there the significant alterations. there is no parking required were proposed. this does not meet the desirable finding in session 303 because this would remove the park -- the living units and this is in conflict with the desire to maintain existing housing.
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and having this adjacent to one another would create a noise impact but that does not currently exist with these congregations sharing space. the department is recommending disapproval. >> the project sponsor? >> good afternoon. i am the sponsor of the project. i am the architect of this project. in september 2008, we went to the office to remodel the building at 1814 and 1816 anza for church use.
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this could be the modification for the church on the space it shared with the zion lutheran church. this would include 4000 square feet, for the residential building. this is for the facade of the existing building that has been maintained, with minimal changes. the first is for a couple of handicapped units, in the lobby and a reception area. bible study and a couple of staircases. this would provide men and women's restrooms, and a bible study room. the third floor would consist of a sanctuary for 120, and a conference room. the existing building is three stories tall, and we would be adding on to the extra story.
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we were discouraged by the planning department to keep the building as low as possible. the existing building can be converted and made to be compatible with the church, and they may improve the community service for the community. the church provides community services, such as language services and computer education service, for the senior persons. all these programs need privacy and facilities. this lasted for 30 years, at the present location next door. on october 28, 1995, the lutheran church decided to have the church in a separate location because of space and the inadequate space. many residents of san francisco
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and congregation members are happy with the work that has been done with the local communities and the valuable services that were provided at no cost to the city or other agencies. in 2001, they purchased before star theater -- parcel on dominion street. they waited five years until the lease expires to their surprise. they could not back it for the church use because of a moratorium requiring neighborhoods for other uses. as a result they lost seven, eight years of time and opportunity to serve the community with this much-needed property. the property at 1814 to 1816 anza street was vacant for many years. when owners of the building approached the church and offered to purchase the property, knowing that the church needed the facility and meeting place in the home for a
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long time. regarding the parking in the facility i would like to mention the site of the lutheran -- zion lutheran church school appears much larger because it accommodates church and school. the school operates only during weekdays. therefore, there's less demand for parking on sundays. it accommodates 120 people. as a matter of fact, the planning code states when capacity is less than 200 persons in the sanctuary parking lot requires to be provided. in this case this church's only proposed 120 persons. on sunday morning when the congregation comes by public transportation from the neighborhood or by car pooling. the planning department has granted a memento categorical assumption of the proposed project as designed. the building would become completely soundproofed which
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insulation and all walks will be insulated to safeguard against some transmitting through the walls. the church would like an opportunity to improve the ministry in such close proximity to the existing location. its members are grateful for the planning commission's approval of this project for which the church has been waiting and praying for a long time. they need your help for their dreams to become a reality today. thank you very much for your support. >> thank you. lincoln lu, david -- you spoke already, excuse me.
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>> good afternoon. good afternoon, public commissioners. i started my work as an ordained minister in hong kong in 1959. by 1974 we built our own church. in 1980 i received the calling to work as a minister for the zion lutheran church of san francisco. and at that time the chinese minister has been -- has offered 15 years. upon mutual agreement the
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chinese minister of zion lutheran church becomes canaan lutheran church, as a new entity registered unto the state of california on november 3rd, 1995. over the past 15 years we tried to raise money and make offer to purchase a new church building for our home. after seven attempts, we successfully purchased a property for the mother church at 1840 to 1860.
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this property has been vacant for the past ten years and the owner of the house passed away in the year 2008. for the past three decades we have been there providing many community services as well as spiritual leaders with a rich history continuously. we don't have a house of worship of our own. i simplify feel like a mother
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with her children without hope. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon honorable commissioners. my name is patty lu, 89 years old, one of the longtime members of canaan lutheran church located at 495 nige avenue in san francisco, owned by zion lutheran church. for the past two decades our church has been paying rent to the owner for sharing the usage of the premises because it is fine but renting cannot last forever. we need our church to be on our own property. our church members are very
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close to each other. it's like brothers and sisters. we enjoy having a spiritual family. our church is very popular among the residents far and near. this has a lot to do with our pastor who visits the members who are sick or in distress whenever he can. he is really one of the best sons of god. we all adore him. in all of these years with the intention to build a new church of our own, our pastor has made different plans and in different ways to raise money. finally, with god's blessing and the donation from all of the members and their families and friends, two years ago we were able to buy the building next to
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our church. an architect has already drawn up the plan to convert the building to a church, and we did apply for the city permit over a year ago. now we are here trying to explain the reason why we need the new church and hope we can get your commissioners' approval in issuing us the permit. i keep praying to god to let me live long enough to attend the new church. thank you very much. thank you very much, commissioners, and god bless you. commissioner sugaya: thank you. >> honorable commissioners, i'm 86 years old. i became a member of canaan
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lutheran church after emigrating to the states in 1986. our church has fellowship that provide for the shares of daily life and have lunch together. they use a car to drop off senior members since they are weak and unable to travel for themselves. thanks to god during the fellowship i got to know an 87-year-old sister. we became good friends during the fellowship. she lives by herself and one day when she was trying to get up from bed, she fell onto the ground and fainted and the pastor just happened to visit her. when no one answered the doorbell, the pastor was sure
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she wouldn't go out by herself at that time. so he looked for the building manager to open her door. then they immediately send her to the hospital. it was just in time that she was saved. after that, this old sister always thanks god for them every time she got a chance. in 2002 i had lung surgery because of lung cancer. i had no registry here in the u.s., and this sister, who i mentioned about, kept me accompanied in the hospital every day as well as all of the brothers and sisters of canaan to turn to visit me. the pastor also went to the hospital to pray for me every day, which makes me feel cared for. thank you, my lord, i