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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2010 1:00am-1:30am PST

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eaier, and in ing theright thing. thank yo supervisor maxwell: thankyou very much. absote right. anyfurther puicomment seeinge, ubccoent is closed >> maybe we ul ake a mont to address the issue of iosods comped to the res of ts. the liquidtreatme side was most cently upgradedn the 1980's. the proposals to e improvem m are replacingoxygen- prin units upgrading eectrical and ctrs. we aotebuilding heho liquid side of thela is relyt of rateso make it visually mprove liaband containe otersnd improvethe over
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tment, so it nooking tredingot sides
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. pease s se snd by
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pasestand pleasetaby
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please standby please standby te t ordinanc designating 00 mason street
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noh acbranbrary a lama. supervisor maxwell: someon from plannin on ite two and three ok. then-- ohplni superso -- they are not here ye hy don't -- oh, good. be caed ite two a three togeer. >> great. tara llanromthe plni department my co-rkers wille joining me. they are inthe overflow room. gooaf i had repad prentations or both libraes
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sately, but the historic pservatio commsion had tame vo fo bothwe as he same criria, o i will y to coolidate them. supeisor maxwell: you not have to ecessaly. you castart with item two. wejust ad emtogeth for publiccomment. >> the histo reservatio mmisinitiate deation of he libraryo ocr7, 29. hey h reqsted that the tireibra system tha architectu rm be looked t and reewed as a poible histor distric since attim onlyth nor ac liary and marine obr library ould be designated as invidualanarks -e marina brch library orthe arina branchlibrary, thcommsionrecommended approval on 1ofhis year.
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the historreservio commission uses thecarnia sthioric resoues whg whether a bnguaess an individual landmark under article . with mari ara library, itconructedi 1954- with themarina ary. it was eligle b otwo criteria itwas designed an cstructed duri a time of unprecedented committ thelocal,state, andederalvetowards t developmt ofa publibrary system. the mara branch liary nveys the broatrenof he social and cultural shif in st-war a ry rogramming desi, and it presents the cy's ea capi eendirein the ci inthe ibry merniza movement unr seriao architecture theh found at thdesn embody pncips of mid-20thcenryliary
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design. that is elig has a significanaritectu firm san anciscd a building thatsesigarstic valu e builngsign expresses a resideialcharacter ansce at draws from iorl annaanrchitectural gnsuch asscale,ce anning, use natullight a crafman ch cor,an ure faterls. the libraryitlfwas rehalite i and res its integrity. theefinin atures outlined n the stic eservaon'smoon daju . the pcvoted4-3 orecommend approv oth ldin individual lanar i willtop the, an can o 3 afteard. i'm here for questions. supervisor chiiasjt going see ithe
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are other presentas related to the marinaranch liary. i have a coue of cmo beforehe rth h liary. >> go afternoon, supeisor deputy city librarian. i'm here obehaof tliary. san francisco blic lry su theesnaonof ndmark status forthemarine a branch library. it was origilly designedby aleandl rtr i 1963, as you heard, wasrenovated with small additi ithe front entrance-- originally designed byappletonand woolfor e agreeit safunctiol layon a sgle level, which is impoant, has nural ight providedby andant tter vertical windowsit is accessible a micay pded andemonstratesa laonshipwithheadjacent pa on which it issituated witame lascapg and onnon inside roughhe windows. is outdoor area
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adjacent to a rgchildren's plground it hasea be upgrad, enovate and expanded wi the volvement of the community, and we agree with the recommendationas a land war. supervisor axwe: -- as a landmark. supervisor maxwell do you ha any piures of it? >ido thishows the engine lel withhe aladdit in th fr -- this shs trce isho th windows that are lookg er alarg pa that adjacent tplayground with the ndaping as ll survisor maxwell: that is i thck otsid >>t to tside and back of theliary. supeisor maxwell: thankou aymorepiures, or i that it? >th iit formarina. supervisor maxwe:tnk you.
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survisorchiu:nless there areany oercity presentations, i would like to make a coupl of prefacing remarks befoi sk the cy depaments tomak preseatns wit regard to the north beach library. i ow therere many peoplein this ro ha bee orking lo aard on thessue o the north beac ibrary andi wa to thank the staff and city oflanning, of ofth ibrar d of rec andparkfor all the work you ha done. ials tthk communit in the nth beach ar forinus move forward to address - to fina solution to address the libraryneeds for our nghrhood. belve every ng o of yocares dely about thepast, resent, future of north beach library, d gardlessof your pinion, i wa t tnk yor ing he today. with at,'d ke to nvite ackgainlainstf,
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who willrenthehpc's case and followthatwith presentations omhe library and om ecpark -- rand park >> heiscpreseron commissinitiated degnatio ontobe7, 2009. oseptember 1 of ts year, they commde rowith te43o designate to the north beach ary. ain st toreiterate for e ord, the historic prer comssion uses alifora registerof iscasourcescrer hey evaluateilngor istoric dictor inusio inartle 10. they did so herewith t nor each library. ey that orthch iryin paarwas elibunderwo separate criteria. the fit ng eves and t
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sendinchitecre thenortheaclibryw desi a onsted ring a ti of unprecedented committ locastaan deral vel to ent of a blic liy system. the h achibryconys oatrend of socl an cultural shifts in the poswram nciotsen nr moth t odieshe incies of mid-ctury merican pubc librysign. i gible der this criteriaoth ashe workof a snintrchitecte irm an as a ilng at ssesses high artisc lue. the uildg design expressesa residentia teand scale at drawsm s
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forma scandinavn architecre . silacedanni, useo tul lig ctomip colo d use of terials - crafmap corand usef natural teal er been fe ultus-- fe alteratio ce illing -uilding. io not know i you wantor detail supervisor chiu: colagues, quesons? thank u ryuc f icould now ask if wesul hear fromthlibrary on your perspectiv thank youpervisors. the libronglyopposes the historic preservatio commission's commdation o lark torthacbranch
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library. fraseb thenorth bchbrch lt in 1959isleast presentave an mt ckg in architectural aracterists ofthe sty. it lacks the single-level sting,wdow patterns lik an oess, andcctions atane at ma pt sibrahe t mara or partde the marirpasidebranches. the design doe tembrace t pae,ner a sfic prescebutineaeares larg ank wallsfing
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the reetanparks t photograph aua h[iible] n the side acin thtenn a se drops opposed mara branch at you see xt to i the histoc preseation mmison debated this potentialandmarking t e meetin between jul and seembe20vod thr times befoorwardinth recommendatio oa splite of 4-3 he yopposed ndmark status on numouground as you just heardthe orth east region nortbeach branch does nmerit plan marks at is based onhictural ality the buiin or ofthe library will operate. urecond reason is the nor acneigorodneeds an expanded and improvedlibry shtud
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v sngtheng and asi coanceith ameca isilitiet. due t cstraintsth tend lacf spac on eadjaceygrod,he rahe revawas tranchabe edor pimattw yeaouve yieldan uaor lamountp spe than t ispubli brar commy mat cl wanteder library wit mo spabos, ompute seatts, and agr rneth o t mmunity ci withreeseedfordultand ti uden ä oary te r studenamilsd redun inersor
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tionaly the ibra would t bl he commun the librwo closely with ou architetodevel and cons numouopti fo vati oe existi di. ouprojt arch aia eow with gre amoun of experi, anshe ise answer speci queions mayve. we lookeum s. the o-story ption. the imct t librar fctio a duction in pgram oms, eneas, also l i undergun wh e naturall, and inms of unconality, the creases brary stfing costsiner toro scesn o l. a. neanas orthernswasexamin
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thisecsis thate adtion wouldontinue wnward. reing even melels t the budiccessiblethr lif or elevs. eas expansion wraps aroun the nniscourts and dilaces e exisng childr's playground. creates an l-shap library, and iis sti on fo lels. o pject ahicts e if you ve any questions from e rspeive of t liary, eh of these options has e effect exerbating probms o existin building, resulting from th extreme nstricon of t site ane exe grt change. r a busy library moving thousands of items and peopl veryday, these ctional layout isss are verynd have full-- very impactful.
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he cost of orang services mtiple levelwould eate a rect impact on the services weanprove the comty. the indingthat the building has historicntegrity in t report means it has notbee changed orrenovated it is impornt toote that the reon it ha not b renovated is becau rovation would yield aubset of library and negativempace ounding arks whichleads to ur fourth reason for opposing a landmark stat. ery expaion oponal impacts the the maggio plgroundn whh the lrary is located. -- the joe ioplayed groundn which the library located. that important that eate a plan at benefits e commuty yimprovg bothhe library and e these were the pje goals. to this en the library an creation and parks departmen
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entered to a sixmonthmaste planning pross tt examine a numb oflocions configurations it heliary andlaygun public mtings were held in may,july and august 9, 008 and resued ecommendation ple newibry on the triangular arcel to accommodate a new 00 850square-foot ibraand to degn the ayground tnot only retain all thamenitieof th playground but en the layoutimprove the plot and childr's playground, andat 12,000 squarfeet of openspace and grry. to achieve pn,the existing library would be demolished anremoved. master pn recommendatio wer discuss again in plic heangsthmissions voted unanimously to suppt the recommendepl iseptember 2008. ourpartnerfrom the recreation
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and parks partment is heres well >> oodafternoo supervisors. just have a couple of tngs i want to aut in regards the needor the parin ts particular ommunity. our resources inthe north beach and joe dimaggio neiborhoo areery limited. the community enged a seral-yearplic plan processut fth aaste anic by relocatingt ary, pvides for abger, bett, organized fraud th thousands ofeet of adonal open space, algeplayou dr, morvie layout ofacilits. the commuties communi's fo ospace very snificant just wto highlight some of the aspectof the ighbhood. northachcesiden haveoy 5% of t on space of other neigorhoods an
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francisc eyhave1 5 acres fo10 resis coared o a ciwide erage of 9cres fo1000 esidents. its one of thedsest ighborho toury erea ove 3500 eople low e povertyline wita half mileadius of the pa and liary, and wknow from ying tway for users use eir par t people of lower income are more ly tuse their local parts then travel to another are e jothe test and annnl hoehold incoof $630904. it is r thesereasons at this neighborhood and this project quafies to ptentiallyreceiv miion stendintohe rk erare ttle or ack yards fo hoingin orth beach/chinatown nehborhood.
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th isne of the ojects where wean start to make rth beach ahitown bett for open sce so there are many adages fisplan which the general nager willisin a couple of mines thanyou. > uoncompngthe master planning pce, the epartment's initiated with the pament a major environmental analysis division in full enviental impact eview procs late in 2008, a tt is our fifth reasoropposing t landmark ecommeatiofor noh be this is eeir e raft library and parks plan is being studied ian exhaustive rossthat looksat the extiactstrfic, ctelin, arcctural resource and the historic sources the ein building aswell asot coerio ese are weigdagainste bef the project wh
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are many in eof a e, functional libry, acssible st statethat our iary, beautifulrestor rk, safe accessible layground, and tmeous incrse in openspace greenery the lianpas departments havecoisntly ard overwing communit srt or thiplan tha presents t divsity oage use, a culture ofan raisco anobeh. we fha lamarking the cuent building sult used as a meanofelevatg the hisc ct so that it s mo weight than what isbest for the commity. >ood afternoon i cannot help ibut i' srtwh- though, the gi - giants. i'm heretoallyeitete and re the comethat ha aea beede.
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t does bear peatg-- first ofllwe areveryproud of naging the library imovenprogm. wee impressed withot only t hallmark of he liy improvement progm which is thatwengageheommutyi a llnd fully bedded pcess for each o thepcts,and the north beach project i ceptio-- full andully rocess each of e the ary participated in very xhaustive master planning proceswith many communy megso t nortbeach neigorhood sintstrulyhad a voe in whawould hapn to the future it neibod libr a it is nttic sees amazing t intheeof the ecause it ows the commitmentfm residenthat uly want a ste of t art liary. th beegoingn 5-psyears, and is ong
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overe. nort chs very diverse communy. t servesmo 30, resint whate hearud alear wa the needovide the coitwitha rst class ib, wi fu ceibily for patrons in are that would be dedicated tohildre teenagersshelf spac to vi a diversendge mtilingualecon chlogy upgrades ani kn some ofyou have been beficiaries ofthe wonderful revaons and ne buildgs yneigorhoods. we wt the samething to apn in henorach community. te communityxplored nurous optionsluding renotion an oer altertivet th very dense urban neigodthe bry services they rv inn