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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2010 6:30am-7:00am PST

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> aye. >> aye. >> item 30. >> item, ornce ameing the planning code and an initiative code byng the ilusion are affordable housing progm is amends t ionary usingordinae in t wake othe decision f last year, also kes a nuer of planning sectio ie there is one sectionof th plning code that does need conforming changes but was omitted from thislegis. that stion 233 which ferencesthe special u.s. district. i have circated an amdmt toat section toelete the limitation ttonly 50% of the developer allocation -- cbconsistent.
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i wouldike to ask us o first adopt this amement and thenis to go backo ndend to the roper notice and procedures so we willave anotr conversatiohat time > ishat a motion to amend? >> yes. can weehat? thi -- given tt is iswithi50et of my house, i will haveo use the-- i will have to recuse myse. we have a motion to refer this back to land use.
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> can wetakethisithout objection? thk u. > em 31, ordie amendg pl cmissio tocodeo able the esblh r sharecontrols, noesidential us apply to all ningistrts >>e. > aye. >> aye. > aye. >>aye. > ay >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> this ordinaes passedon
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first read > can ycall item32-34? >> im 32 is an ordinance exceptg the vocable offer of property nd impronts -- the iran vocable offers a propty - theirrevocable offers of property alo portions ofchannel street and third street it 33, excepting the ieocab offer public ifrtructure improvements associated with mission bay self blocks. item 34,rdinance except indian irrevocable ofpublic
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associated with the storm war pump station. the moon passes. >> item 35,inanceameing the san francisco initiative code to increase t number of meers of the san francisco medica cabalis - cannbis task force. elsein isse next we if >>cane ove with cal vote at iakisamh
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item 36. >>item tion conrming the impoance of sten lee and naida ramire to the san frsco location peals ard. > sa house,same call. this motion is aroved. 37a ire ng is on passes. troducons.
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> iamurging senors boxer anfeinstein to support a young man and his efrtto emn the u.y introducina ivatebi. he is a 20-year-old city college udent in san francisco. i woullikehay clleaessupvisor's chiu, camp, andavas. eought that he was an an customs enfcement arrived at his home. e wasinrmed tt hewas immigration ju he w 14 ars d when he was deported from the west. e had atha was qui documente
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immigrants are rtf a faic of ourcommunity in san frano. we denounce his deportation and urge senators feinstein and xer to forward arivate binhibehalf. ecametthe u. wn he w 12th for l intentsnd puoshe grew up is par of our ciety. he aspires to be nurse. tere are nyw are he valedictorians, artists, doctors, in the future. wewould like to have a moratorium arnd to sporting isind ofstudents. thank you somuch for pporng this, colleagues. >> thank you, supervisormar. thatconcludes ll call for tructions.
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>> and do yonto recall item number 29? i have been advise that the city purchaser askfortwo wos to b mofiedn the legislatio wpasse. i wondered if we could rescind e te and go back to that item. >> supervisor duftyhasmade a motion to resnd our vote on iem number 29. can we do this thout objectn? > i wantto acknowdge and thank you for you co sponsorsp of ts measure dealing with hies and eiming llg vehi from our leet a reducing overall hnuer at we gh ha. i'veeceived a memoranm from -- d it indicat that t enenof alwhe modi the oped fitionf purchasen sectio 401 page
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crently thelanguage incles ewords "nt," oboow and under such conditions could t colhe vehle fleet. are you familwiths? amendments, th are not sutante. >> great. >> supvisor ftyha prop t amendments as descd. without objection, they will adopted. if we can n vote the underlying item as amended. >> aye. >>ay > a. >> aye. >> a.
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>aye. >>aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye >> ye. > ts ordinancesasonthe first reading as amendmt. we now move toeneral blic comme? >> the next item on the agenda is the opportunity for the publicto addrthe board on wiin thejurctofn its boardincluding those ims on adoptionithout reference. some havbeen committed -- considered by a board committee. speakers and needing assistae will be allowed trysting out of time. if you would like to disay a docunt n the overhead projec pleaseg ates a then leus now whene should urn to live covere. >>ac wi have up to two
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nutes le it is being translated intandditional >> [saking foreign uage]
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got -- god.ha youage] i have 12newspers that cash
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-- tha shows that hey're the rld chpions. w comehey are the worl chpis? because e obamafaly suorts us. orge bush used to support texas and took e teamdown iould like to show you some of the ewspapers that ve one we away. whathe that and tydi t fstne asking face-to- face mi w, significant of onto give he manager ofhe gian. coralaons from
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mr esid i is e me to prove yourself bsharing wi us ashingwhthe city. iam very glad tosee dufty wit his aughter sharing us yteayoside city hal tomorrow, we have oneb -and i'm no diffent than ne o uwa to makee hap how youface tomorrow a give temwelcand congtulations onmy bal haof alof theity. ital ryouy to a of on you to ear voice. i would like to see you thereto ll them welcome back. tank you. >>ithin hawe will
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be at e celebration. thk you. >> dd not accepmoney from the friends andfoundation of e blic library. its no accident that the public library has the hthtre- as the mostoun lti po egregiously thais was give toat at this r rce saye cosialls e have beeconsided a emocracy but a violation of the social values of the community
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thatllows us to ur. this is not a anomaly. his is all too typical of the library commison. thatreunlea wn you no you pretend youdon't buy edu. the librahas becomea private income stream. rivacy is what to thnors eect for their moy. ou aartof te rip-off. the at this coissionill take up the violatis for enforcement -- the ethics commiion wiltake up the violations. anyone who cares about democracand coitvalu means tobe there also, the oth part of democracy is voting. today is election day. i wanyour vote. in fact, voting is making sure
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thatemocracyese allies ct re thaem - the lies cost rean t money. > this isa williemays card fr971. last niwas soloud i could no sleep for anything becau -- lastnight, they we igas a kite. teywere cingn the moght daing in the oonlig, they were feeling ly rig itis the ants ie and they were dancing deeinto the gh they are goio see tlight
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theyillnotbar, th w no buy it rit,they willbe dancing in the moonligh -- ty llt bark, they ll t bite. et'sdanc let' sh shake your body down to the ground. nig a da ty willparty this is the on w we are the chaions ebrate and we will keep fighng today wearethe ampion
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ew --no tme forlosers, we are the city world champns f [applause] >> artoolwat. i am charlie r. i he totalkto about the obleon seleedthe missio the contctors and the human rights commissionhave crea an atmosere tt these the ntras come to san francisco and yp trucrirs $6anour.
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that isftractor a trailer. the truckersould le to go strike after a meeting last week because of uman rights commission. these are all african-american ucrs by d large. i havehad is e ov the yes. someing nes be one. somehow or anoer, e board of supervisorstheuman rits cmmission, an he uckers needet ogher. tere is truckeron $ anour. theityisdemaing what we need is somype of stization putdown te contractors.
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re a tainwag that has gone to beaid. we a asng t sothing has tobe or the major ontrto who bring truckers in and work for 65 or75 a hour. >> a teitert
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tad. maritsissionanwerecto rly esrate, but likeny cnstruction site, ay e equipment on tt job, u ha an hour the rental ra, and you have an ofer readerrent. thetogether re w establiss the prevailing- and youhave anoer great. he two together are what esblishes its three-yea-- esablishest. upon entry you facea nay of ejury with an eectni signat so there'noay we
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can pay $ an hour foa iv a actuallybied for 5. d we have hadan ongoing roblemout of san racco genel. idootkw if iis an underlng motive toputthem out ofusiness. t is no justthe black truckers. it is traight across the board in san fncco. wat stoldis athe urate r e operator is watty adopted. hey dotadopt the euipment ourly rates establishe ycaltra. icalle departmenof ustice in washito c., an instru uucted bsnia --
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>> thank you veryuch. next speaker. > iwasorandraised here. do ot get offended by what i am goinsave. who is in conol? i would like ow♪ ♪ askethe mayor u n care ♪ the brdf supeiss, some oyou are a bunch os.
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memes jusignoreae ♪ ♪ it ain't no mstery, take your history♪ ♪ ha is going dow ♪ ow they are goin task rryb ♪ ♪i re want wwho's in contl ♪
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♪wkoo's te terans day are, ad your pticipation would eatly appreated. plse do t forgetyour
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> are there anyother members of the public who wish to speak ingeneral plict? general comment is closed. >> it 38 thug will acte aingle te unless soone whe to coidered separate flav. >> woldnyone likeo sever any of es items? if not,e could taro call. [oll-cal
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he a 11 ayes. > those resolio are adopted. supervisormaxwell a commendatn. i do understa the party would likeo mmenis here, andi would ke to ask that we could suspend the boar rules so we can hear thatpecial oer rightnow. colleagues, cane do that? i we could do that without ojectiot should the maxll, the floor is yours. thankour ghe the food guardian proct is a group o uers point awaness advocate on food
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issues. twtäieraimil ou quliig hiry fmoolgochadolleed ä