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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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back and forth across the region, to ensure we are working in concert with other policies that exist in the bay area. projects using state or federal funds -- this is an issue which could come up around the doyle drive project, where we have federal money. that would be carved out. it would not be counted toward our local hiring goals. it would be local funds that are eligible for local hiring. one of the issues around this legislation is that there are out of state workers that are still able to work on local construction projects because the constitution of the united states allows for the inflow of interstate commerce. to put up a block of anyone working from out of the state would be against the constitution. this legislation would assure that we would count out of state
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workers who are working our local construction projects. we would create incentives, non- financial incentives, for contractors and subcontractors to receive local hiring incentives, to ensure there will get a benefit from reaching the goals. we will make sure we have resources to meet the requirement. will require referral services identified by the office of economic and work force development if a pre-existing method of hiring does not allow a contractor to meet the local requirements. we want to assess the qualification of workers and clarify this does not harm the capacity to assess potential local hires. contractors would still have that ability. work-force development -- we want to make sure with this legislation that we authorize
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the office of economic workforce development to engage community- based partners in the work force development system to assist in compliance and recruitment. we know that if we are not making investments in our local work force development programs that we are not going to be successful. we will make sure we are in powering the office of economic and work-force development to do that work. it would have penalties for contractors that are not meeting the floor. the penalties could be -- they could be ducking them hours on german level for not meeting where their hours are short -- they could be ducking them hours on journeyman level for not meeting where their hours are short. they could hire an apprentice, does not incurring a penalty. for penalty funds that come in,
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they would be distributed into compliance programs as well as work force development programs. monitoring -- the office of economic and work-force development would be the entity to monitor the project, making sure that our meeting the work force higher goals. -- hire goals. in cases of conflict between the terms of the policy and agreements entered into by a contractor, subcontractor, or department after the effective date of the policy, the terms of the policy shall govern. those are the main amendments that are part of this legislation. the legislation also will be before us on november 22. we have copies in my office and will make sure that this will be passed out to members of the community. i do want to go on to public comment to hear community members and stakeholders concerned about this legislation. if there are other questions
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from the committee, we can move on to public comment. i do have some more a number of cards, a good stack of cards. i will call people in this order. if you hear your name, please come forward. aspin all of -- espinola jackson, quinlan from quinlan company, faye yee chen. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i want to just make a small statement here. i support what you are doing. i would like to say that in the '70s there was a man, and he introduced legislation and they said it would not work. the legislation at that time passed. it is still in effect. i would like to see in all of
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this and a that each department would have to spell out when they are asking for local hirings what the mandate is. it is not up to the supervisors, but the prime contractor -- it should be in writing, concerning local hiring. also, the subcontractor should have it in writing. there would not be anyone to say that we did not know. i have experienced over 40 years a good-faith effort based in hunters point. we have always had to say there was nothing good to come out of it. i am glad to see there is no more good faith in this project to our getting through. we are talking about mandating that people in san francisco, all of san francisco, will be able to work where they live. when you work, you spend money.
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i am tired of people not even buying a lunch here in san francisco, but they are taking my taxpayer money. it is the homeowners in this city and county that is making it possible for people to get all the money they are receiving. we do not want to see you working here in san francisco. it should be a crime. anyone that does not do that should be penalized. then those funds would go into more training for the people here in san francisco. thank you very much. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is patrick quinlan. i am a licensed general contractors since 1978 and have done a number of public works jobs. and i like the idea that you are going to have voluntary
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compliance. to mandate compliance will require enforcement, and during the month of july, august, and september this year, i was the main person monitoring prevailing wages on projects with the san francisco unified school district. they have $800 million worth of construction on school buildings, where they are repairing and modernizing buildings. with one main person visiting 30 job sites to check all the workers and contractors, i would like to say that the enforcement was thin. i am film. -- am thin. [laughter] the employment of the contractors and subcontractors on this project -- out of city contractors have out of city subs, by and large. out a city sub's mostly brought
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workers from where they came from, from outside the city. the racial patterns -- a number of asian contractors had one major contracts. it was about 40% asian, 30% black, maybe 25% white, and 1% black on the work force. when i asked my boss if we could keep statistics on the local hires, she said no way. the prevailing wage enforcement was light. rarely, after hours or on weekends, was there any enforcement. check them all the way around. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, madam chair, supervisors. my name is macy lions.
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i am a resident of bayview hunters point and have been for the last 27 years. i represent the osiris coalition from the southeast community. i am here in support of local hire. i myself in the past have worked in construction, but i got out of the trains because of the lack of work. i do different work now, but i know plenty of people who have not been able to do that. they have not had the opportunity. they have not been blessed to transition. this is not about pitting worker against worker. for some unions to say that citybuild or ycd or abu are taking all the jobs from them is totally untrue and false. the fact is that because of the
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reports ms. lester did, 80% of the work is going to people outside of san francisco. that is not fair. we are talking about a fair distribution of the work between san francisco construction workers -- construction workers between san francisco and those who live outside of the city. this would make all of the difference in the world for our construction work force. i know plenty of people that are out of work, and journeymen and apprentices. we really support this. i think it will make a big difference for the people in bayview hunters point who suffer from the highest unemployment in the city, i believe. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> supervisors, how are you.
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i am a member of the chinese president association. my husband is a plumber right now. he is unemployed. each month, he has only a few days of work. this is not just limited to him. his friends are also like that. when people do not have work, they have to move to another city. some of them even had to move back to turn up. -- move back to china. the chinese progressive association main goal is to pursue back wages for workers.
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in the past few years, there are a very small amount of workers coming to our association to ask for back wages. but recently, there are more construction workers to come to complain to us. some of the bosses hold their workers from $5,000 to tens of thousands of dollars. do you know why they continue to do that? it is because they do not have any job opportunities and they have to work for unconscionable employers. so these employers continue to deprive them of their wages and
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also their opportunity to work. to provide employment opportunities for local workers is reasonable and logical, because it local citizens do not have any work, the government would not have any tax revenue. also, the citizens would not have money to consume, and then the economic opportunity for the whole city would be deprived.
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to hire local workers can help local workers' livelihood and increase the local city revenue , and decrease government subsidies. it can also promote local economic prosperity, and also provides local workers at a stable home. although hiring local construction workers is the first step, this hopefully will bring other trades to have that kind of opportunity. i hope this legislation will implement quickly and that local people would have job
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opportunities and take care of their families. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is ace wash. i am a longtime advocate along with the media. i only have two minutes. i am so glad that you have put this together. i have been in the construction game 20 years ago. i had to fight adversity with my agent brothers. in the western addition, we could not get a job. i had to go to jail. i have been in jail three or four times trying to get jobs for our community, for us african americans. i am glad you have this year. this is no news to san francisco we have been discriminated against. i am surprised city hall and all these community people in city government seems so surprised at what you should have been doing years ago. i am happy. my hat is off to you. but i am here to regulate.
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i am going to make sure the unions cooperate with us and everyone else. the key plan is to have all -- i will start right here. this used to be the central location of jobs. we used to call it the black city hall. gordon died, and then here comes the community opportunities. the took everything away from us redevelopment. it looks like a graveyard now. they are bringing in high-tech people in the jobs community with one stop and all this. that needs to be examined. we need to plan what is going on here. i am going to talk to you when i have time. all these agencies need to sit down and find out how we are going to work this out. this is nothing new. this has been going on for years. i am ashamed that city hall acts like it is a big surprise. check your records. we have been discriminated against for some years. i am glad. i am so happy we have reached an
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age now that it is quick to be illegal for those people to do that. i will not have to go to jail any more to do that. supervisor avalos: i am going to call a few more cards. dorothy peterson, will hall -- >> that is me. chairperson maxwelmy name is wi. i am a contractor in the bayview, near san francisco. i have had a business here since 1993. i am happy that the city is putting forth this requirement. i think it is going to be a good thing for the residents and the citizens here in the city. i also want to make a point. you had mentioned about hiring apprentices. that is a part of this requirement. i think there might need to be some special consideration for
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requiring contractors to hire apprentices, because what i have noticed is that there have been times when we have wanted to hire new apprentices in the communities where we are doing these projects, and then the union would come in and say we cannot bring in new apprentices. that creates a problem, because we then have to try to bring them in as a journeymaen when they are really apprentices. i think that in making this mandatory, we need to look at how this thing is going to work out for the contractors who are required to hire. i think it is a good thing for the community. i always try to hire community, local first. but we need to have the unions work with us so that when we bring on new apprentices they will put them in the union as
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apprentices, and not require us to move them to journeyman when they are not qualified. we have to pay them at that scale, yet they do not have the experience. i want to put some language in there or look at how the unions are going to work with this requirement so that when we bring on new apprentices they can actually get training for this. i think you'll and appreciate it. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. chairman maxwell, supervisors, my name is dorothy peterson. i am the president of shoreview residents' association. i approve even the hearing, even though there will be no action after the hearing. but this is well needed. as i said, i am the president of
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shoreview residents' association. supervisor avalos, you are aware of what we went through in 2007 and 2008 because there was no mandate or even oversight over first source hiring. the black and brown brothers had to literally come together to shut down the properties in order to make them do right. there was extortion of the latino brothers' checks. there was explication. there was one african american journeymen who was hired as a laborer, or so he was told, but on paper he was being paid as a journeyman carpenter. i agree with ms. jackson. there has to be tremendous diligent oversight.
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i was not even aware of some of the games that were going on. and when i found out, there was nowhere for the men or women to go. i had nowhere to go. we just resorted to shutting down the property to get the attention. and i think chairman maxwell then for having a hearing on what was going on. if we can get some action on that hearing, i would be greatly appreciative. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good evening. thank you, supervisors and all of the other guests who spoke before me. i have been working in the bay view hunters point community since 2003.
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i want to preface by saying prior to starting my work out there i worked for 26 years as a peace officer, working with many of the residents from that area who were transitioning back into the community, and incarcerated setting. i am here -- a transition back into the community from an incarcerated setting. i am here to thank you for the bill you proposed, but i want to focus a little bit. as many of us know -- i have not brought statistics with meat -- but a lot of what is happening in terms of the incarceration and recidivism is a direct result of people being unemployed and not knowing how that are going to survive and feed their families. i am grateful for this opportunity, starting out at 30%, and then the increment of 10% for the following years.
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but i hope that given the consideration that many of the people who are transitioning from an incarcerated the setting may not have the apprenticeship training, that there can be a real look at the general labour part so that many of the people who come out to do not have that specialized training can work their way through the system as general labor and work their way up, as you mentioned, so they can qualify to hopefully stay out of jail, become self- sufficient, and become a contributing citizen to their community. thank all of you. i hope our organization can work with citybuild. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors.
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i am a san francisco resident living in the valley. i am speaking today to support mandatory local hiring legislation. the support it for the following two reasons. first of all, it is reasonable to pass mandatory local hiring legislation. as san francisco residents, we live in san francisco. we spend money in san francisco
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and pay taxes in san francisco. so we should have the right to get these local jobs. secondly, it is necessary to pass mandatory local hiring legislation because a lot of san francisco workers are out of jobs right now. right now, it is too difficult to find a job in san francisco. for example, myself a journeyman carpenter, i have been out of a job for three months. i have been trying very hard to find a job, but there has been no luck with many job applications.
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i have three kids in my family that need me to support them. every month, i need to pay off my home loans and also the auto loans. with only one job from my wife, it is impossible for me to support a family of five. i really need a job. therefore, i urge the board of supervisors to pass the mandatory local hiring legislation so i can find a job to support my family. thank you. supervisor avalos: thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> good afternoon. my name is wu chau chang. i am a member of the chinese progressive association. i used to work in a restaurant. i have been unemployed for five months. i do not even have unemployment benefits. my husband is a construction
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worker. he is the head of the household. his work ability is very insecure. right now he is unemployed. every month, he has only a few days of work. being the head of the family, he has to bear a lot of stress and depression. we need his few days of work to support the whole family. this is very difficult. because of the stress and pressure, he is very irritable. he has become very unhealthy.
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we are not the only family that is experiencing this in the chinese community. there are many families like us. they do not have work. they do not have the ability to carry on their life. they need government subsidies. they are a burden on the government. we do not want to depend on the government to support us. we want to support ourselves. we need work. i hope this party hiring of i hope this party hiring of local people