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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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respond to someone -- i am not going to say you can't. the sunshine report says members of the commission have every right to do so. what i am saying is what i said at the time. if i am going to get up and make public comment and someone else is going to be allowed to speak and in some degree refute that comment, i should be given an extra chance to say i respectfully disagree, rather than what i had to do in this case, which is white an entire week and talk to a completely different audience as far as any members of the public who might have been here. i think that when it is not done in that way, what you do is you throw doubts as to whether or not the statistics are honest. if you get up and present statistics and someone raises a question and you simply say, "that is not true," it says that somebody raised the question and we simply removed it. president marshall: further general public comments?
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seeing none, thank you. please call item 3. >> item 3 is reports to the commission -- the chiefs report, the occ director's report, and the commission reports. >> year to date, we continue to be at a 9% reduction. but the numbers are 2952 cases this year to date. that is a reduction of 262 violent crimes and other minor crimes. for the last weeks, we had an increase in violent crime of 7%. that was a difference of 520 crimes to the prior four weeks. there were a total of 37 additional crimes. property crimes were down 16%.
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that is 2721 for a reduction of 426. our total crimes reduction is a pro% reduction -- is a 12% reduction. a total reduction of 389 crimes. i will be travelling tomorrow. i have the annual -- the biannual meeting for major city chiefs of police conference. that is also the same time that i will be meeting with our semiannual meeting for perf. i am a member of the board and there will be the town hall meeting held once a year. there will be the national association of chief of police
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meeting. i will be tied up in meetings for approximately five days, starting friday, and will be back here wednesday night. concerning a few other items, as i mentioned to you we have been selected to be part of a system to do with leadership. we're participating in two different groups. one of those groups is going to be working in the development of business models for future police organization. that is a three-year program. we are one of the few that was selected for that. the other one is also funded by the bureau of justice assistance, and it has to do with the development of leaders in the future. we are working now with the university of san francisco. we believe there will be a partner on this issue. we will resolve leadership training for police officers that will begin at the entry level, and it will continue
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training for each rank. there will be also additional training that will be rank specific. sergeants would get training, and captains and above. an exciting opportunity for us. we're going to be partaking in this with the new orleans police department and the manchester police department in the u.k. the justice department is basically funding mess with the intention of creating model blueprints for police leaders around the country. i think it is a tremendous opportunity for the san francisco police to permit to be at the cutting edge in the development of personnel training. that is a year and a half program. at the end of the process of those two particular projects real been selected, i think we're going to have an incredibly -- an incredible opportunity to move forward with
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training at the san francisco police department. it is very exciting. president marshall: if i may, can i sidebar? the meeting with the international plan -- the international chief of police? i've never been to an international meeting, but having been to several national ones, it was really great being in the room with other chiefs of police to get sort of a national perspective on things. if you could when you come back just give us what you have seen in trends. i know it was great for me to be here and talk to different chiefs of police and their perspectives with regard to crime and crime statistics. i would appreciate any flavor you can bring back about the bigger picture. >> absolutely. it would be a pleasure. now that you brought this up, in january, i think most members
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were here when i went to a selection process and i talked about being part of the kennedy school of executive sessions. that was a three year program. the paper -- i worked with one of the researchers, and it will be published later this year. it has to do with the affordability of policing anythings we are going to have to look for as we develop a business model that would quite frankly not break the bank. there will be a presentation in january at the harbor of my paper as well as others, or the paper work with another person on. if any of the commissioners are interested in traveling, i can get you the dates. it would be wonderful if you are able to come. i think that will be a wonderful opportunity for you not only to see the project i have been engaged in, but that several other people. i think if you are interested. president marshall: everybody is
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writing it down. i think you may have a quorum there. >> you are welcome. go out there. [laughter] you're permitted to have a quorum anywhere in the world. >> will be warmer? >> it will be a little cold. it will be intellectually stimulating. commissioner chan: thank you for the presentation. president marshall: she does not get the inside track just because. >> it would be a pleasure if any of you could join us. i will give you the dates. i will have assistant chief sawyer get you the dates later today. president marshall: thank you. commissioner dejesus: this leadership training -- is it putting together the model program, or will be institute leadership training for the year and a half you're talking about? >> it will be both. what we are going to be doing is we -- frankly, i am going to
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look at this with the commission. we are going to put working groups together and we are going to work with university of san francisco to develop curriculum. the goal is that our people will start going through the training. absolutely. it will be both. it will be the development of curriculum but also the implementation. and the advantage of us is we are going to be able to try another thing. we are going to be able to have sort of a head start. the other goals here that i personally discussed with the university of san francisco i think is we want to make our training regional. even in our piece, we will be making that available to other police agencies in the bay area and have them also be a partner in this. the reason for the selection of
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the university is because i was hoping to elevate the whole art of leadership, because it is an art as well as a science, and i wanted to have the ability -- rather than having police officers teach police officers, i wanted to be able to bring in the social scientists and psychologists and tap into the resources of the university to have the broad based leadership development training. that will be eventually a requirement for people to go to advanced officer training and start supervisory training for promotion. the other part -- i know some of you are aware of this. we have now been working for a year developing a new testing process. this is all going to be integrated. the first test that we will be integrating is going to be a test of a different set of skills. it will be the captain's test that is coming up on the bulletin. every other civil service promotional exams in the future will hopefully be much more relevant to the function.
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so there are a lot of things that are slowly moving together. there will be correlated. certainly, any of these areas that any commissioner wants to be part of, you are clearly welcome. commissioner dejesus: thanks. that is important. i think commissioner lee was following the testing. i would not mind following on that and finding out where you are. >> we will make sure that we let you know. tom, can you do so please? commissioner dejesus: that would be great. i do not know if you were going to mention it, but your community police advisory board -- i went to it. i stayed for the morning session and i was really impressed. i wanted to mention it. >> i forgot, so i am glad you mentioned it. i would be interested to hear where you had to say.
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both of you could talk about the meeting together. commissioner dejesus: i was there for the morning session and was impressed with how it was organized and the idea of pulling community groups together to talk about common goals. that was interesting. what was good was that i saw a presentation by one of the community board's that is really in the forefront. the have people on their board who have thought about things and have put a council together. the trademark in name. they are putting up a website. it is a trademark name of one of the commission boards. the share this information of how they did it. they have great working members, generous working members, who have put together these pamphlets that police officers can distribute about how to be safe, how to protect yourself, night clubs safety. it was an area of the city where the having not of nightclubs.
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-- where they have a lot of night clubs. a lot of owners for their talking about working out disputes, keeping alley's safe, and businesses safe, and how the corporate with police. other communities, not all, have nightclubs in their area. they asked a lot of questions. can you share the pamphlet? can you share some information? where can i get the phone number? one group, a group i heard, seemed out in front of all of the others, but they had the same combination. it was good to share that information so they could get on the same page. it was impressive how for the southern station community advisory board is out. the work out a lot of basic problems. this year, they're going to work on fund-raising service can continue projects. they're going to decide on projects for the coming year, which will always be around 60. it is interesting that the more meetings they have the more issues and priorities and goals
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as well. i was impressed. >> absolutely. i do not know if commissioner kingley would like to speak about the second half. commissioner kingsley: i was very impressed with the meeting and the folks were participating and they're coming together to share their ideas on what was working and what they could do better. i was impressed with the collaboration on all levels with the people that live in the area, and various community leaders, police officers, knowing captains and police officers. i think it is an opportunity for us as commissioners to feel the pulse of what is happening in the various areas of the city by perhaps attending some of the regional meetings ourselves. doing some of reach to these groups -- outreach to these
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groups to get their feedback at commission meetings. very impressive. >> commissioner dejesus mentioned southern did the first presentation and they are extremely well organized. no. did a presentation which also was very impressive. -- northern did a presentation which was also very impressive. i am not easy to blow away. i have been in business too long. they involve school children of various ages. they wanted to do the campaign. they did a contest where kids would come to the station for several weeks and fate developed -- basically, they designed a drawing that would become the pamphlet to advertise the crime prevention process. and they involve all these kids. the kids were going back and talking to their parents.
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they actually have a winning design that they are now going to use on a flyer that is going to be distributed about how to stop [unintelligible] was clever was not only the fact that kids were involved. by the time this process ended, these kids were talking about crime prevention and how to only problem, and how to deal with safety in their community. i have never seen it done to that level and i was very impressed. frankly, i mentioned it to the other captains that i would hope that we include similar processes. commissioner kingsley suggested bringing the teachers on board. that is something i think all made a good deal of sense. the other part of it was redistributed a manual, a governing document for the police advisory boards for everybody to provide feedback. the goal obviously is to
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continue to institutionalize this process of community policing in all the 10 stations. i have to tell you that initially was scheduled this about six months ago, and we have been working on it really hard. i mentioned to president marshall months ago. initially, i was going to bring lapd in because i did not think we're ready to pull it off. when i looked at the work southern and northern were doing, i backed out, because we already had these incredible examples. our captains and communities are being creative. one of the kids really blew me away. >> thank you. president marshall: before we move on to the communications, let me check in. >> how are phone calls going? president marshall: all right
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then. >> we have a medal of valor that is going to be issued to the family -- the purple heart certificate -- to officer charles king, who died on june 7, 1931. his wife released the details of the event. >> if i may. commissioner, members of the commission, you may recall that we had a similar presentation to this a number of months ago. this comes from the fact that in 2000 for the police commission authorized the posthumous award to all officers who had given their lives in the line of duty in the history of the san francisco police department, a posthumous award
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of the san francisco police department's purple heart. at that time, there were able to organize a ceremony and locate family members of officers who its lives were lost as far back as 1955. more recently, we were in contact with the family of an officer who died in of duty in 1937. -- who died in the line of duty in 1937. the officer, charles king, we learned that his great-grandson surge with the police department to this day. the department records are a little sketchy going back that far. however, we know that officer charles w. king was born march 17, 1880 in san francisco. he was appointed to the san francisco police department on october 18, 1906, six months after the great earthquake and
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fire. he served for 22 years until june 7, 1931, when he was killed directing traffic, as the family tells us, as he was directing a group of children across the street. he was on traffic duty when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver. we know that his -- he had four children, the youngest of which was his 16-year-old daughter of virginia -- dauaghter virginia. virginia king is the mother of heather hart, who is the grandmother of our officer jack hart. so we are pleased this evening
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to have the two grand children of charles w. king, have their heart and jim macleod -- heather hart and jim macleod, and grandson john hart. i would be pleased if they would join us at the podium. >> president marshall, would you like to join us here? i have to say that it is an incredible moment for me to be able to be here and share the sense of history. i think the hallmark of a great organization is a sense of history. the san francisco police department has an incredible tradition. quite frankly, i am humbled by the fact that we are here honoring someone that died in of duty so many years ago that we have a family member -- another member of the family
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that continues in his position. i am very honored by it. president marshall: i guess i will read this. it is a great picture. this is from the san francisco police department purple heart award. the san francisco police department purpleheart award is awarded to officer charles w. king, who died in of duty on june 7, 1931 -- who died in the line of dugty on june 7, 1931. the department is proud to present a certificate and a purple heart medal to his family. why don't we start with the metal? -- medal? [applause]
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>> thank you so much, chief, members of the police commission. my family is very grateful. i am glad to be following in the footsteps, if i can possibly tillich's shoes. he was with the mounted unit. i am about 400 ways away -- 400 names away. he was born on st. patrick's day. he always went on is some patrick's de horse. the pictures were always so far away you could not tell who he was. he would always tell his head to the left with a very tall hat so the kids could always pick out which one was he. in fact, he could not swim, but he rode his horse to save someone's life who was drowned and offer the tale of his horse. if he had gotten off the horse, he would have drowned and there
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would have been to casualties. i would like to thank the widows and orphans and everybody who looks after the family members of those who were killed in the line of duty. it was a powerful political figure in san francisco who was driving under the influence of alcohol and struck and killed my great-grandfather. the kind of swept it under the rug and did not take care of the family and did not offer the pension to the family. in fact, he is buried at holy cross in an unmarked grave, which i am rectifying myself. that being said, for all the families that are taken care of today, thank you so much for all of them. can't you very much. -- thank you very much. [applause] >> before we move on, and to the commissioners have anything else to say? i would like to add one thing for the heart family. -- hart family. . you have turned out to be an excellent police officer.
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i have four to two throughout your career. who would have thought his great-grandson would become a member of the police department, and an excellent lawyer. i have worked with you. you have honored his history and make your family proud. thank you. [applause] president marshall: do you have anything else for us cheat? >> that concludes my report. president marshall: a great note to conclude on. the directors' report. >> as we discussed last week, since the quarterly report is on the consent calendar, in the future i would like the opportunity to provide you with remarks on the quarterly report. other than that report, no
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recent developments. >> i agree. i was a little surprised to see you on the consent calendar. i usually wait for you to point out certain things for me. i realized that had changed. i would actually prefer you to make your presentation on that so we can ask questions. president marshall: we decided last week to put it on the consent calendar. >> i was not here last week. president marshall: that is how it happened. commission reports, i have nothing. do you have anything? >> i do. following up on this presentation we just had on sunday morning, i attended the guardians of the city museum and memorial. it opened in a temporary home on of street. -- on oak street. the museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the
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san francisco police department, fofire department, paramedics, d 911. there was a ribbon cutting. it is an old fire station on oak street, very old. it was in the 1906 earthquake. it was built just before the earthquake. anyway, they have all this wonderful memory again and items in a museum. in 2000, they lost their space. it was all in storage and they have a temporary space but are looking for park and rec to give them a permanent space and looking for support in this area. i would like to draft a resolution to support this could cause. we really should have a museum dedicated to the people who protect and serve the city. the resolution hopefully would urge the department to find them a permanent space.
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if that is all we can do, we should do it. they had an old fire hat there, and it must have been a peanut had. it was made out of weather and they had an eagle on it to break windows. it was leather and it came down the back to prevent the hot water and ash to go back -- to go down the back of the neck. it was so tiny no one could put it on their head. it was interesting. a lot of officers are buying memorabilia on ebay. they have a stash, but they are looking for more donations and stuff. i think commissioner chan and i also attended the latino police officer association dinner, and the chief did as well. the rays scholarship money for kids to go to school. that was on october 9. then we attended the association
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dinner in this friday night for asian officers. that was well attended. it was a lot of fun. it is good to see the good work that both of these officers' associations are doing and how they are supporting the community and giving money and time back. commissioner chan: both were awarding scholarships to high- school students, which is wonderful. it was good to see the chief there. i also want to thank you for inviting us to your table. >> i just wanted to say that was a great weekend. it was very fall. -- full. vice president mazzucco: on thursday, i attended with the chief of presentation at city hall about crime statistics. i think the chief for his hard work and the mayor for having the foresight to bring in a chief that could try new things. the report is an excellent report. it was an excellent
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presentation. i attended on thursday the medal of valor awards committee at the hall of justice, where we reviewed the great efforts of many of our police officers and there was a voting process that took place. that was excellent. i was very proud to be there. more on that later when we hit the line item. i will try to be bland about this. i have spoken to two commissioners about this issue. during a pre teleconference in a commission matter, an issue was presented, and we will ask for city attorney help. everything is confidential because it was a closed proceeding. it came to my attention that there was a need to file a motion because the particular attorney had learned through another organization that a potential witness in the case may have [unintelligible] if this information had been disclosed -- i was concerned that ts


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