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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2010 4:00am-4:30am PST

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what happens to existing residence is a big question and one we are taking extremely seriously. how the island gets built, how much open space, how much affordable housing, the entire entitlement cap coming before you. there are equally important issues as well, i think the mayor put forward names that would have qualifications and expertise in all those areas. supervisor campos: but you see how this looks, right? that you put forward the renomination of these individuals that have a lot to offer, but the one person you did not nominate is the one person that actually lives on the island. i'm trying to understand what the reasoning behind that is. >> the commitment is there to put forward a resident into the seventh seat. after november 15, you will have a nomination from the mayor for that. supervisor campos: again, is there any reasoning why that person was not renominated?
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>> i cannot speak to that particular person. supervisor campos: ok. supervisor mar. supervisor mar: i just wanted to also say i would like more of a clear explanation of why the current president, who is the resident on the tida board is not remaining, but i do hear from you that there is a commitment to as soon as possible after the november 15 deadline appoint a resident to the seven-member tida board, but it worries me a little bit that doug shoemaker, the one who has tremendous experience with various projects, housing projects for affordable housing, and also maintaining that residents have benefits and that in the development, that their concerns are being met. it is kind of like you are bumping up someone with tremendous experience in order to fill that seat, but you are
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going to appoint him as soon as possible right after november 15. is that correct? >> correct. and doug will certainly remain involved, and i think we have great expertise with mr. del carlo and mr. elberling on those issues as well. supervisor campos: thank you. why don't we open up for public comment? i have a number of cards. if you could please come forward when we call your name. [reading names] let's begin with those, and we have other people to call. >> good morning. i'm a business owner in san francisco. i represent about 750 small businesses, handle their
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employee benefits, but i really want to talk about the leadership we have an opportunity to have on that board that understands all of the stakeholders, whether it is the board of supervisors, whether it is low-income people, whether it is the environment. i think that we, like the san francisco giants winning the world series -- i think if we appointed the team that i see here -- larry mazzolo, linda richardson, claudine cheng, larry del carlo -- all these people understand what is at play here in san francisco. they understand the concerns of the members of the board of supervisors. they have a proven track record over and over again to do the right thing. these people -- they have a
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track record that speaks volumes. they have been in some respect in their old way the stewards of our city, making sure that they have been the conscience of our city, making sure that every stakeholder is represented. if we want, like the world series that we just got -- this would be in my mind -- these few individuals -- like having the world series, and to retain these people and add, like larry mazzola and larry del carlo, who manages approximately 1500 units of affordable housing that understands those stakeholders and know what that is all about -- they will make sure -- and i guarantee you -- [bell rings] supervisor campos: thank you. >> good morning, i'm president
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of neighbors of treasure island. we are a community group that focuses on quality of life issues. we seek to create a collegial atmosphere to move forward on this. we want to start by saying we support the renomination of clotting che -- claudine cheng, john elberling, and jean-paul samaha. bringing on new board members at this time would add to the strain of the transition and will put people with little or no history on the project into a position that will have a say over current residence. i keep hearing this will be a new neighborhood. we already have a neighborhood on the island.
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we already have relationships with the city, and we would like to see that go forward. given that mayor newsom is the lieutenant governor-elect, we feel it is the wrong time to lose the longtime president of the board and add members who do not have experience or a background with the community. we ask that you please maintain the members of the board until a new mayor is in office. supervisor alioto-pier: i'm curious just to know how many neighborhood organizations there are on treasure island. >> there is basically two. there is one on yerba buena island -- supervisor campos: if i may, i would ask people to turn off cell phones if the are in the chambers. thank you. supervisor alioto-pier: the
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other question i had was -- i know there is a board in the yacht harbor, correct? >> not officially. supervisor alioto-pier: do you include people who are boat owners in the yacht harbor? >> we have members who belong to the club who live on the island. the issue has never come up, but our policy is that if you are living on the island, that you have the eligibility to be a member of good neighbors. supervisor alioto-pier: ok, thank you. supervisor campos: next speaker please. >> good morning again, supervisors. this time i am officially representing san francisco green party and our city.
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the offline over e-mails for the last several months -- i have been communicating with a lot of representatives of neighborhood groups, environmental groups, and environmental justice groups that are all deeply concerned about many different problematic issues with the treasure island development height, density, the fact that parking is still one to one, whether or not this thing is as green as it is being played out to be, and whether it is going to create a lot of extra co2 releases. we are in holiday time. we are being given a 30-day clock to make these decisions. this is shaping up to be as controversial if not more than the shipyard issue, and it is contentious. this is the wrong time to be making these decisions.
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we would concur with supervisor daly, especially since the representative of district 6 was not well considered on this. i think the new board and new mayor in january can make these decisions with the liberation instead of rushing them through too quickly. we need more time on this. on specific appointments, linda richardson has been too supportive of lennar and not enough of the bay view community -- baby -- bayview community. we also need to wait until next year to see whether the trades are being cooperative on local hiring mandates. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. let me read a few more names. [reading names]
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>> supervisor campos, alioto- pier, and mar, walter. ♪ just in time reappoint jean-paul just in time there commission time is running low their treasure island bridges all were crossed know where to go -- nowhere to go now you are here and i know where jean-paul is going no more doubt and fear they will find their way because you came just in time rules committee, the mayor's office you came just in time and changed hourly city lives -- our
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lonely city lives and made a new city better day ♪ [applause] thank you. >> i hope i will not be asked to sing. good morning. i am a native san franciscan, born and raised here. i now have the good fortune of passing the halfway mark. i have passed the half-century mark, and i have only lived in one city my entire life, the city i was fortunate enough to be born in. i would like to ask for a point of information. i came here not knowing that there were so many great candidates before the committee. i did submit three different cards. is that going to be the way the committee accepts them? supervisor campos: i think you could speak about all agree at this point. >> let me start with
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commissioner linda richards and i have known for about 15 years, and i've had the good fortune of working with her on a number of occasions. we worked with each other when she was on the planning commission, and she was always very responsive. one of the things the committee always has to consider is those appointees that understand there is a time commitment -- i think that as a commissioner, the one thing you have to offer the city is the ability for the average citizen to reach our and speak with you -- reach out and speak with you, so i hope people will take into consideration her accessibility. she has a great collaborative spirit. she has always had the spirit of cooperation like most people i have known. again, i'm going to say she is one of the most accessible commissioners, and she has a proven track record. having served on the civil service commission, the planning commission, and the civil rights
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commission. she has a history of communication for this great city of ours. she has the ability to communicate effectively with all the real stakeholders. the one thing i have in common with -- supervisor campos: i know you wanted to say something about some of the other applicants. >> yes, mr. chairman. supervisor campos: my question would be what would you have to say about -- >> i would try to keep it down to a few words. in jean-paul's case, as a planner, i think he brings a great deal of expertise to the board. in the case of claudine, again, someone who has served the treasure island authority with distinction, and again, accessible. all three candidates, in my case, it is important you understand they have committed to jobs for local residents. they understand the issues because we have talked about it until blood runs out of the
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years, so i want to thank the committee for allowing me to speak on all three, and ask that you move their candidacies forward -- and i ask that you move their candidacies forward. thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm here to support the appointment of commissioner linda richardson. of course, i also support the reappointment of claudine cheng, but you already know about her, so i'm here to tell you what i know about commissioner richardson. commissioner richardson and i served on the human rights commission as commissioners for the last four years. she has earned my respect, my admiration, and my affection. she is passionate about human rights, justice, and equality.
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she is a good leader. she has a lot of leadership skills, but she can also work effectively as a member of a team. she has good business sense. she was co-chair of the local enterprise committee of the human rights commission. she also is very in love with her community. she has a strong relationship with the black community and asian community. she is a community activist. she has had an incredible amount of experience in working with the housing development, transportation, homelessness, education, and other issues that are important to the community.
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she is a very efficient and effective person. she can help move a project forward. i think she would be a great addition to the treasure island board of directors. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you very much. next speaker. commissioner, welcome back to the rules committee. >> feels like just yesterday i was before you on my appointment. i'm vice chair on the commission on the status of women. i wanted to briefly speak that i support the reappointment of the incumbents. treasure island has a near and dear place in my heart. i'm a fourth generation san franciscan. my mother was one of six children where they regularly visited treasure island. supervisor alioto-, your
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family might have spoken about that. my father was an immigrant from china. he was invited by the government because he was a graduate of the naval academy. they made a visit to treasure island in 1955 and that is where he met my mother's family. in 1959, he got married to my mother. i speak in appointment of linda richardson. i take note that it is important to have resident input. it sounds like there is enough resident in put and there will be a seat reserved for a resident. i have known her for at least a decade. she is a broad coalition builder. she has professional expertise and personal attributes of listening to people and being thoughtful and methodical, and moving things forward. it is important that the project not be stalled because of
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appointment concerns. i think treasure island will bring back economic vitality to the city in terms of recreation, housing, and opportunity for small business. linder richardson has served on the small business commission. our commission looks at the diversity and economic opportunity for women. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you, commissioner. next speaker? >> my name is kathy. i am the director of hunters point senior services. i am here to speak on behalf of linda richardson. i have worked with her for many years. she is a great leader. she has integrity. she has expertise and experience. what i would say if she is a coalition builder. it is very contentious in bayview hunters point. she is one of the people that polls people together.
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you have to compromise sometimes. that makes people unhappy on both ends, but it gets the job done. she has been willing to listen to everybody and move the agenda for. when we talk about the shipyard being a rush job, that is 12 years. that is a long time. we need to push things forward. we need to have development. she does that well. she has passion. she would be the only african- american on this commission. she would represent everyone. the other thing i know about her is she has a special spot for people who are homeless. there is energy around helping homeless people in san francisco. she would be a great advocate for them. i support her, and going forward. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. let me read a few more names for speakers. [reading names]
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go ahead, sir. >> good afternoon. my name is frank williams. i am here to support linda richardson. i want to speak on some of the things that have not been mentioned today. ms. richardson shows great leadership and has been an advocate and in the community for the past 20 years. she knows how to touch people. she is one of the chosen few who walks through communities, who actually stops people. she is out there. she has her sleeves rolled up. she knows how to talk to the youth. she knows what is important as far as community building. i am here to support her and her
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being a part of this project would be great for treasure island. we know the population of treasure island. we have women who have multiple children. we have single-parent thing going on. we have different organizations there. when we break down homelessness and other categories, alcohol and drugs, etc., lender richardson knows how to touch people. she listens to people. she is a good person for this position. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker? >> good morning. my name is martin. i am here to support linda richardson. as you will see today, she has a wide variety of people that are supporting her. they are going to talk about a lot of things that i could probably say, but i am just
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going to talk about her passion for the people of san francisco, and her passion for the community people. sometimes, you can have all of the expertise in the world, but if your heart is not in it, if you are not really looking to take care of the people and make decisions that will be best for all of san francisco, it has been my dealing with her, and i have seen her in difficult situations where you have two opposing sides, and i have always seen her come forward with one thing. what is best for all san francisco? i believe that a person in this position has to have that type of compassion and that type of knowledge to make the right decision. the people that are on this commission will make decisions that will ultimately affect all san francisco and some -- san franciscans.
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linda richardson as somebody who will make the right decision. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. welcome to the labor council. >> thank you, supervisors. i am the executive director of the san francisco labor council. i can see there is a lot of talent in reappointment and appointments that have been put forward. i am pleased. i am pleased to the mayor's office has said there will be a resident appointment foreshore. -- for sure. that being said, we have worked hard with linda richardson. larry del carlo has been a fixture in the housing community. from the point of organized labor, we really want to have the support of larry mazzola jr.
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he serves on the executive committee. he is a senior officer. i know the skills it takes and what is needed to do to run an organization like that with those budgets. we need someone from organized labor to represent us. i urge the appointment to move forward. supervisor campos: thank you, sir. next speaker? >> thank you. good to see you wall. you have some outstanding candidates here. i have known four of them for a long time. i am sold, i don't really know larry mazzola, but i know joe mazzola. all of these people do outstanding work. it is essential that a resident
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be on there. i stepped out to call a friend of mine. you'll probably hear his name. i told him to get an application in immediately. the young man has a family out there. that is essential. i don't think that is a good reason to hold these people up. some of these people have such a great experience. one of the things we have got to keep going in our commissions is that we keep continuity of people who have been on there, and some people have a connection to the history of this city, who has been disenfranchised, who needs help, who is in the most serious condition, and what problems do we need to tackle first. larry is interesting. he talked about urban renewal. i was invited to the mission to ask whether or not i think they should allow redevelopment of urban renewal come -- to come to
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the mission. i told them i cannot -- i told them in no uncertain terms that i cannot use now, and i love the mission district on saturday morning. we can make that happen for treasure island. approve these people. let's get a resident on there. let's make treasure island happen. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker, please? >> i will echo. i am here speaking on behalf of linda richardson. god said, "my people perish for lack of knowledge."
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mr. richardson has been blessed by god in my eyes as a voice from far away that has been given the education and the spirit of international affairs tied to africa, which is a vital point of connecting with this part of the world. dealing with homelessness, as i served as a board member, i know -- she knows how to deal with first class, second class, and no class, which is of vital point of our economy today. we need to support mrs. richardson right away because with the recent election across
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the nation, that will affect san francisco, we need to move forward as a city for individuals that know how to work on the state, federal, and the local and international levels. this will be very critical to fund the the city -- to fund the city and county of san francisco. it is not what you know. it is who you know. "can you pick the phone up and call and be there? thank you very much. supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker. >> mr. chairman, rules committee members, i am a senior pastor in bayview hunters point. i am representing the tabernacle community development group.
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i am also representing african- americans. there are ministers in bay view -- bayview. i am representing today linda richardson and larry del carlo and joe mazzola. these are outstanding personalities. if you notice the people who spoke in reference to linda -- this city is known for its diversity. it is concerned about -- i think that gradualism won't work. these people are qualified. we have no time to waste.


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